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Chapter 637
ER – Chapter 637: Clairvoyance

Blood Toad Mountain, Blood Toad Cavern .

“Blood Toad King, you shall be experiencing a disaster of blood today . Hurry up and release this old one and others, you might still be able to survive . ”

Inside a cavern, there was a group of white foxes knelt down . The leader had fur that was already going bald, it made the leader look like a doddering elderly .

Seated at the host seat of the cavern was a stalwart and burly figure with blood-colored skin and face filled with bumps .

He lifted a wine barrel and drank half the barrel in a single gulp before speaking with a thunderous voice, “I am going to experience a disaster of blood? Haha, I am a Blood Toad . I am the one that gives others the disaster of blood . ”

The old white fox shook the head and looked as though there was nothing else it could say .


The Blood Toad Mountain shook and there were shards of rocks falling in the cavern .

“Great King, not good, someone is attacking us . ” A demonic beast general rushed inside .

The Blood Toad King tossed away the wine barrel and asked with rage, “It is that bastard, Blue Snake King?”

The demonic beast general shook the head frantically and said, “Great King, it isn’t the Blue Snake King, it is a human monarch . His strength is extremely powerful and many of the demonic beast kings were slammed to dead by him . ”

The Blood Toad Mountain had one great demonic beast king and around one hundred demonic beast kings . Their faction was ranked top three within the nearby region and since they developed to this state, no one had ever attacked them . Today was the first time .

The Blood Toad King was enraged in response . “He is courting death!”

While speaking, he rushed out of the cavern .

Once the Blood Toad King rushed out of the cavern, he revealed his true form and it was a blood-colored toad that was over a dozen miles in size . Its entire body was filled with bumps that were the size of houses and it made him look particularly sinister .

“Who seeks death!” The Blood Toad King swept a glance and noticed Li Fuchen and the white fox .


The sky turned dao and a giant blood hand descended to smash on the Blood Toad King . There was a ‘pfft’ sound and the supposedly formidable Blood Toad King was instantly turned into a blood pulp of mash . He was utterly dead and even the demonic beast spirit was extinguished .

“The Blood Toad King died just like that?” The two-tailed white fox was flabbergasted .

“Ignore your elders at your own peril, not right, ignore your elders and give your life away . ” The elderly white fox led the race members out of the cavern while shaking the head .

“Chieftess . ” When the white fox saw the elderly white fox and her race members, she rushed over while filled with joy .

“Let’s go then!”

The Ancient Desolate Mountains were the territory of the demonic beasts and Li Fuchen didn’t wish to conduct a massacre, therefore, he allowed the rest of the demonic beast kings to escape from the Blood Toad Mountain .

“Young Master, please wait . ”

The white fox rushed into the Blood Toad Mountain and came back out after 15 minutes . She handed over a storage bag to Li Fuchen and said, “Young Master, inside the bag are the heaven class herbs from the Blood Toad Mountain . They should be useful to you . ”

“Then I shall kindly accept . ”

When Li Fuchen received the storage bag, he noticed that the white fox was hesitant to say something . He couldn’t help but ask, “What is wrong?”

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The white fox said, “I only have that storage bag . ”

Li Fuchen let out an awkward smile and took out a high-class storage bag before handing it to the white fox . “This storage bag is better . ”

“Thank you Young Master . ” When the white fox opened up the storage bag to take a look, she involuntarily revealed a delighted expression .

She had never ventured outside of the Ancient Desolate Mountains and that storage bag was something she found . The space inside that storage bag wasn’t even a hundredth of this storage bag given by Li Fuchen .

The White Fox Race’s cavern was underground .

When inside the cavern that was filled with stalactite, the White Fox Race members started to change their forms .

The elderly white fox was a doddering old lady . She was holding a walking stick and had a crooked back . From the looks of it, she was just a little over one meter in height .

The two-tailed white fox turned into a remarkably beautiful woman whose facial features weren’t inferior to Qi Junjun . She had that additional charm that was rather arousing .

The rest of the race members were also handsome men and beautiful women, but there were more women .

The elderly white fox said, “This old one is Hu Hongxiu and I am the Chieftess of this White Fox Race . In the outside world, we always show people our white fox form and don’t wish to invite any trouble . ”

The fox race had always been handsome and beautiful . They were always lusted after by other demonic beasts .

Li Fuchen nodded as a sign that he understood .

“Young Master, this lady is Hu Ling’er . ” The white fox bowed to Li Fuchen .

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“Li Fuchen . ” Li Fuchen responded with a cupped fist .

“Young Master Li is a heavenly prodigy and is able to achieve such strength when you are just slightly over 30 . It is truly rare in the Emperor Sky Continent . ” Hu Hongxiu’s wise eyes scanned across Li Fuchen while she said at a slow pace .

Li Fuchen wasn’t really concerned, but this elderly white fox had a profound and vast qi presence, she didn’t look as simple as her appearance . Li Fuchen had this vague feeling that the elderly white fox came from another world and another time space .

‘Is it the time law or the void law? Or both?’

Class 5 demonic beasts would normally awaken their innate abilities, this elderly white fox’s innate ability was probably related to time or void .

“Chieftess Hu is the one that is hiding your abilities . Even without me, your White Fox Race will also be fine . ” Li Fuchen stated .

Hu Hongxiu shook her head and said, “This old one isn’t adept in combat and is only adept at some clairvoyance technique . Since Young Master rescued my White Fox Race, I am willing to see into Young Master’s future for this time . ”

She had foreseen that someone would rescue her White Fox Race, therefore, she wasn’t anxious at all .

Hearing the offer, Li Fuchen raised his brows . To be honest, he wasn’t interested about the future . If the future was already destined, then everything would be dull . However, he was rather interested in the innate ability of clairvoyance .

“Alright . ” Li Fuchen nodded .

The conversation between the duo had attracted the attention of Hu Ling’er and the other White Fox Race members .

They had witnessed the Chieftess’s innate ability before and it was extremely wonderful . Every time one of them was going out, the Chieftess would foresee their future and it would be very accurate .

It was rumored that when the Chieftess was young, she foreseen the future of a demonic beast ruler . Afterwards, that demonic beast ruler left the Emperor Sky Continent . If the demonic beast ruler didn’t leave, the White Fox Race wouldn’t be in this state .

However, as long as the Chieftess was still around, they firmly believed that the White Fox Race would become prosperous .

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“Young Master Li, please relax yourself . ”

While speaking, Hu Hongxiu’s eyes turned into crystal eyes and they looked just like kaleidoscopes . They were emitting resplendent colors that enveloped Li Fuchen .

Normally speaking, the resplendent colors would gradually reveal Li Fuchen’s future . If Li Fuchen had a weak cultivation, more of the future would be revealed, if his cultivation was stronger, less of the future would be revealed .

As long as Li Fuchen wasn’t at the saint’s realm, Hu Hongxiu was confident she could foresee some of the segments . Furthermore, Li Fuchen was only at the Primary Sea Realm .

But as time elapsed, Hu Hongxiu was flabbergasted . The resplendent colors didn’t reveal anything .

‘Could it be that the Chieftess is too old?’ Hu Ling’er doubted in her heart .

Just as Hu Hongxiu was going to give up, the resplendent colors produced a scene where a sword light that moved around in the universe . Immediately after, the resplendent colors scattered .


Hu Hongxiu vomited a mouthful of fresh blood and collapsed on the ground .

“Chieftess!” Hu Ling’er quickly went over to support Hu Hongxiu .

Hu Hongxiu’s eyes revealed a trace of fear . “Young Master is truly a heavenly prodigy . This old one is too reckless . ”

Earlier on, it seemed as though she foreseen the sword light, but it was actually the owner of the sword light that detected someone attempting to foresee him . As such, it rebounded and that sword light was the gaze of the owner .

Hu Hongxiu couldn’t imagine Li Fuchen’s future achievements . Back when she foreseen the demonic beast ruler’s future, it was extremely horrifying and it was a demonic beast overlord . However, that demonic beast overlord in the future didn’t rebound .

Furthermore, there was something that the White Fox Race members didn’t know . The Chieftess wasn’t a class 7 demonic beast king, she was a class 8 demonic beast ruler, but due to different reasons, she had to hide her cultivation .

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