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Chapter 630
ER – Chapter 630: Offending Wang Yuan

Pavilion 397 .  

“Apologies, these two stalks of Rootless Flower can only be traded with the Heaven Mind Herb . ”

Wu Huan rejected another trade offer .

The Heaven Mind Herb allowed the consumer to comprehend the heaven and earth laws within a short period of time . Its rarity was above the Rootless Flower . It was fortunate that he had two stalks of Rootless Flower and they should be enough to trade for the Heaven Mind Herb .

“I have the Heaven Mind Herb . ” Li Fuchen walked over .

Earlier on, Li Fuchen was still worried if Wang Yuan would reach here first and take the Rootless Flower . It seemed like he was worried for nothing .

Wang Yuan probably went to trade for that 700-year-old Rootless Flower .

“You have the Heaven Mind Herb?” Wu Huan asked with a pleasantly surprised tone .

Wu Huan wasn’t an ordinary person and had the strength of a low-class combat emperor . He was given the title of Joyless Combat Emperor and was rather famous .

However, he knew clearly without any chance encounters, his strength could only reach the low-class combat emperor’s level at the Primary Sea Realm . It was impossible for him to reach the level of a mid-class combat emperor .

After all, he wasn’t a descendant of an emperor-class faction and was merely a disciple of a low-level emperor .

A solitary Law Phase Realm emperor and an emperor-class faction was entirely different in terms of martial dao inheritance and resources .

Of course, with a Law Phase Realm emperor’s guidance, one wouldn’t have to take too many detours .

However, one year ago, his master was killed by two Law Phase Realm emperors . Right now, his only objective was to increase his strength and hoped that he could take revenge for his master one day .

“Of course . ” Li Fuchen took out a Heaven Mind Herb .

“Alright, I will trade with you . ” Wu Huan nodded .

“It seems like you didn’t pay attention to my words and still dare to remain in the Void Garden . ” A cold voice echoed .

It was none other than Wang Yuan .

Li Fuchen frowned . “Do you really think I am afraid of you? You are overestimating yourself . ”

After getting provoked again and again, Li Fuchen was also rather annoyed .

There was a surge of murderous aura as Wang Yuan said in a deep tone, “Great courage . I will give you a chance to sever one arm, otherwise, this day shall be the day you die . ”

Void City didn’t allow any violence, but it depended on who made the move .

His Wang Clan was one of the eight major emperor-class clans in the Soul Sky Empire while their Clan Head was the Soul Emperor’s follower . Killing someone who offended him was just a trivial matter .

“Do you still want to trade?” Wu Huan to a glance at Wang Yuan before saying to Li Fuchen .

“Of course . ”

Li Fuchen was rather astonished as he thought that this trade was going to fail again, after all, he couldn’t force Wu Huan to trade . If Wu Huan was afraid of Wang Yuan, he would probably trade with Wang Yuan .

“I want these two stalks of Rootless Flowers, name your price!” After hearing Wu Huan’s question, Wang Yuan withdrew his murderous aura slightly and looked at Wu Huan .

Wu Huan shook his head, “I have already made a deal with him, how can I go back on my words . ”

“Sell this favor to me, Wang Yuan . Don’t worry, I will not let you suffer a loss . ” Wang Yuan squinted his eyes and said .

Wu Huan couldn’t be bothered with Wang Yuan and tossed two jade boxes to Li Fuchen .

The instant Li Fuchen received the jade boxes, he tossed over the jade box containing the Heaven Mind Herb in return .

“I finally got it . ” Li Fuchen heaved a sigh of relief and felt relaxed .

Wang Yuan’s face was extremely awful . His murderous aura was like lava that boiled in his body .

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“Good, very good . Since that is the case, the two of you shall die!” Wang Yuan blasted his fist at Wu Huan and Li Fuchen with a sinister expression .


Wu Huan blocked Wang Yuan’s attack .

“Aren’t you a little too overbearing?” Wu Huan’s voice sounded rather deep .

“Low-class combat emperor . Interesting, let’s see how many fists you can block . ”

Wang Yuan blasted multiple fists on Wu Huan .

Similar to Wu Huan, Wang Yuan’s strength was also a low-class combat emperor . Wang Yuan was confident that he could defeat Wu Huan within 20 moves and could severely injure Wu Huan within 30 moves .

Boom Boom Boom .

Qi forces were pouring out in all directions .

It was fortunate that the pavilions were engraved with restrictions and were indestructible, otherwise, they would have been turned into dust .

After around seven exchanges of moves, the duo shifted to the empty land outside the pavilion .

“Heaven and Earth Rend!” Wang Yuan executed the Wang Clan’s signature martial art .

“Soaring Eagle!” Wu Huan used his palms as blades and cleaved at the fist forces .

Wang Yuan was surprised as he felt he had underestimated Wu Huan .

“Stop it . ”

The commotion over here had attracted a lot of people and it included Young Master Solitude’s subordinates .

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(TL note: I changed Young Master Wuchou to Young Master Solitude as it is a title . I already changed it in the previously chapter)

When Wang Yuan and Wu Huan clashed hard with a move, they were both sent back . Wang Yuan then said to one of Young Master Solitude’s subordinates, “I am Wang Clan’s Wang Yuan . This person offended me and I must kill him . When Brother Mo comes later, I will personally apologize . ”

After speaking, Wang Yuan charged at Wu Huan again .

He had to personally kill Wu Huan with so many witnesses now, otherwise, he would lose his reputation .

“Wang Clan’s Wang Yuan?” Young Master Solitude’s subordinates looked at each other with dismay .

Wang Clan and Mo Clan were part of the eight major emperor-class clans in the Soul Sky Empire, therefore, these subordinates wouldn’t dare to obstruct Wang Yuan . Furthermore, they weren’t able to do it with their strength .

“Hurry up and notify the Young Master . ” The leader quickly instructed .

In this situation, only Young Master Solitude would be able to stop it .

“Young Master . ”

Just as Young Master Solitude’s subordinate went to report, a stern-looking elder arrived .

“Wang Si, kill him for me . ” Wang Yuan said to the stern elder .

Wang Yuan would need to exchange over a hundred moves with Wu Huan before deciding the victory . During this period of time, if Li Fuchen escaped, Wang Yuan wouldn’t be able to do anything . It was fortunate that his old servant, Wang Si arrived in time .

Wang Si was also a low-class combat emperor like Wang Yuan and killing Li Fuchen shouldn’t be a problem .

“Little bastard, prepare to die . ” When Wang Si looked at Li Fuchen, he revealed a sinister smile . With a flash, he clawed at Li Fuchen .

The void appeared with a sinister sharp claw’s image that was visible to the eyes . It seemed like this sharp claw was able to rip the spatial zone and had this indescribably ferocious qi presence .

Everyone shook their heads silently and could already see the scene of a bloodied Li Fuchen .

A low-class emperor couldn’t be dealt with just anyone . In the entire Soul Sky Empire, once a person’s strength was at the combat emperor’s level, it was hard to find any superior opponents .

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After all, mid-class, high-class, and peak-class combat emperors were too rare . The Soul Sky Empire was huge and it was hard to meet one .

“One who kills should also be prepared to be killed . ”

Li Fuchen’s Joint-Heaven Sword was unsheathed and with a flash, it returned back into the sheathe .


A head flew up into the sky .

The head was Wang Si’s head and until he died, he didn’t dare to believe what had happened . It was why his eyes were wide open while he died with remaining grievance .

“What!?” Everyone was shocked .

Li Fuchen took just one sword move to kill Wang Si . Could he be a mid-class combat emperor? No, even a mid-class combat emperor couldn’t kill a low-class combat emperor in a single move .

“I reckon that Wang Si is too careless . ” 

“Even if Wang Si is careless, this person’s strength is at least the same as a mid-class combat emperor . ”

Everyone was in heated discussion .

“You dare kill Wang Si?” Wang Yuan was shocked but it immediately turned into rage .

He admitted that he underestimated Li Fuchen, but so what? After killing someone from his Wang Clan, it must be compensated with blood and no other way .

“So what if I kill him?” Li Fuchen said indifferently .

“You are dead . ”

Wang Yuan and Wu Huan set a distance between them . Wu Huan didn’t chase over as he felt that this matter was already out of control .

A communication token appeared in Wang Yuan’s hand before he crushed it .

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