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Chapter 631
ER – Chapter 631: Wang Halberd Battle Formation

Soon enough, Young Master Wuchou, Mo Wuchou arrived at the scene .

Mo Wuchou wasn’t considered handsome, but he had a pair of eyes that gave off an indescribable power of deterrence . Those with weak willpower and spirit wouldn’t be able to look at him directly .

“What happened?” Mo Wuchou asked .

Wang Yuan cupped his fist while facing Mo Wuchou and said, “Brother Mo, I am Wang Clan’s Wang Yuan . These two individuals offended me and even killed my old servant, Wang Si . I am not able to let things end for this matter, I hope to have Brother Mo’s forgiveness . ”

After hearing the response, Mo Wuchou frowned . If it was just a conflict, he was able to control it, but the other party killed Wang Yuan’s old servant . This matter wasn’t that simple anymore and if he forcefully stopped it, he would be offending Wang Yuan and the Wang Clan .

Mo Wuchou didn’t care about the other party but he was rather concerned with Wang Yuan, after all, the Wang Clan Head seemed to have a higher position than his Mo Clan Head .

“How dare you actually kill a member of our eight major emperor-class clans . ”

Beside Mo Wuchou was a robust youth with a dark face . His qi presence was even stronger than Wang Yuan and was obviously a mid-class combat emperor .

“Brother Long, you are here too . ” After seeing the dark-faced youth, Wang Yuan was delighted .

The dark-faced youth was called Long Qingmu and was the Long Clan’s descendant who was also part of the eight major emperor-class clans . The Long Clan and the Wang Clan had always been on good terms and had plenty of union marriages . Wang Yuan’s older female cousin was one who had married to the Long Clan .

“Brother Long, please offer me some assistance . ”

Wang Yuan didn’t have a way to make Mo Wuchou make a move, but if Long Qingmu could help, it should be enough .

Most of the Long Clan members were body refinement martial artists and Long Qingmu was a body refinement monarch with the strength of a mid-class combat emperor .

“Kid, surrender now while you have the chance . ” Long Qingmu stepped forward and released a powerful qi spirit to envelop Li Fuchen .

Looking at the circumstances, Mo Wuchou didn’t interfere . In fact, even if Long Qingmu didn’t step in, he would do so .

Mo Wuchou didn’t care who was the one that caused the trouble . If someone killed at his trade fair, it meant that the person was disrespecting him and this was something he couldn’t tolerate .

“You are still not qualified . ”

Li Fuchen sighed silently . He was already keeping low, but there were times when keeping low was useless . There were some that would continuously challenge your bottomline .

He didn’t wish for trouble, but he wasn’t afraid of trouble either .

In this world, apart from Law Phase Realm emperors, there was nothing that he was afraid of .

“Die!” Long Qingmu didn’t move from his place and executed a fist strike .


There was a high-pitched dragon roar .

A colorful and gorgeous dragon-shaped qi spirit was rushing at Li Fuchen .

In the face of this dragon-shaped qi spirit, the bystanders felt that their breaths weren’t smooth and they felt dizzy . There were some whose hearts were racing and felt like they were going to explode .

“Such horrific force dao law!” Everyone was appalled .

There were hundreds to thousands of force dao laws . The force dao law contained in Long Qingmu’s first actually affected their qi blood . They felt that if they had to confront this fist, before the fist force smashed into their bodies, their hearts would explode first and they would die due to the rupture of qi blood .

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When facing Long Qingmu’s domineering fist, Li Fuchen looked calm .

If it was a few months ago, Li Fuchen wouldn’t be able to withstand this fist . After all, this was a mid-class combat emperor’s fist and it was a qi power attack too .

However, the current him could even contest with high-class combat emperors, let alone a mid-class combat emperor .

Li Fuchen drew the Joint-Heaven Sword and executed the Flowing Merciless Edge . There were streaks of scarlet sword threads that intersected and sliced across the dragon-shaped qi spirit .


The dragon-shaped qi spirit was dissected while Long Qingmu’s body appeared with a few bloodied sword wounds .

A single sword move had defeated Long Qingmu .

“Impossible!” Long Qingmu stared at Li Fuchen and didn’t dare to believe that he had lost so easily .

“Long Qingmu isn’t a match too?”

The surrounding spectators inhaled deep cold breaths . They weren’t certain before, but they were very certain now . Li Fuchen definitely had the strength of a high-class combat emperor and was the same level as the Four Young Masters .

Such a person was already standing on the pinnacle of the Primary Sea Realm and if Law Phase Realm emperors didn’t appear, they were considered unparalleled .

Wang Yuan’s face was rather awful while his heart surged with intense murderous intent .

The stronger Li Fuchen was, the greater the threat . He had to be eliminated as quickly as possible . If Li Fuchen was allowed to continue growing, it definitely wasn’t a good thing .

“This brother, we better leave as soon as possible!” Wu Huan transmitted a message to Li Fuchen .

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Li Fuchen shook his head and responded, “It is too late . ”

Several breaths later, a group of Primary Sea Realm monarchs appeared behind Wang Yuan . They were all from the Wang Clan .

As one of the eight major emperor-class clans in the Soul Sky Empire, the Wang Clan had at least 800 monarchs, if not a thousand . Normally, there were around a few dozen monarchs stationed in the Void City, after all, it was close to the Void Grand Canyon and was a rather special location .

“They are truly fast to react . ” Wu Huan had a grave expression .

In normal situations, Wu Huan wasn’t afraid of a group of regular monarchs . However, this was a group of monarchs that were proficient in battle formations . It was no longer a simple addition of numbers .

Battle formations could gather the strength of all the members and burst out with lethal power that was ten times or dozens of times more powerful . Furthermore, they weren’t Battle Spirit Realm masters and were Primary Sea Realm monarchs who already comprehended the quintessence of the battle formations, allowing them to exhibit the highest power of the battle formations .

“Form the Wang Halberd Battle Formation!” Wang Yuan yelled out .

Behind Wang Yuan, 31 individuals soared into the sky and formed a halberd-shaped battle formation .

When the battle formation was formed, a baleful qi spread out and everyone couldn’t help but tremble .


It wasn’t the end yet, Wang Yuan soared into the sky and positioned himself at the front of the halberd battle formation, becoming the tip of the halberd . At the same time, the battle formation emitted a baleful qi that was more than ten times as strong . The concentrated baleful qi materialized and was like black qi waves that spread out in all directions .

“This is the Wang Clan’s Wang Halberd Battle Formation . This person is dead . ” One of the spectators shook his head .

The Wang Clan’s Wang Halberd Battle Formation was extremely domineering and was formed by 32 mid-level monarchs, and it was already enough to kill half-emperors . If it was formed by 32 high-level monarchs, it was enough to kill combat emperors .

Apart from Wang Yuan, the rest of the 31 members didn’t have identical cultivation levels . There were low-level monarchs, there were mid-level monarchs, and only two high-level monarchs .

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If Wang Yuan wasn’t here, this Wang Halberd Battle Formation would only be able to kill half-emperors and it would be hard to contest with combat emperors .

However, Wang Yuan was also a low-level combat emperor and with the enhancement of the battle formation, his strength would at least grow by two times .

“If you kneel down and surrender, I can give you a complete corpse . Otherwise, you shall die without a burial ground . ” A large halberd appeared which was revolving with living baleful qi as Wang Yuan said in a deep tone .

“Come on then . ” Li Fuchen wasn’t afraid at all .

Back at the Red Copper Continent, when he was at the Battle Spirit Realm, he had fought 100-men battle formations . He was now at the Primary Sea Realm, why did he have to fear to fight a 32-men battle formation?

Even though he knew that those people on the Red Copper Continent didn’t fully comprehend the battle formation and couldn’t exhibit its full strength .

“Die!” Wang Yuan’s eyes were bursting with murderous intent as he blasted his halberd at Li Fuchen .

The halberd was just like a halberd from the heavenly god . It contained extremely horrific battle formation power and also Wang Yuan’s comprehended laws .

When the halberd was brandished, the Void Garden’s spatial zone felt like it was going to be ripped apart . The flower of qi gathered into a tornado and blocked off all of Li Fuchen’s route of retreat .

With the qi intent’s guidance, Li Fuchen wouldn’t be able to dodge this halberd attack .

Did Li Fuchen even need to escape?

Of course not .

Li Fuchen lifted his head and suddenly brandished his sword . A blazing sword qi current turned the entire place into burning hell .  

Heaven class mid-tier sword move, Incineration Sword .

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