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Chapter 629
ER – Chapter 629: Trade Fair

“Invisibility incantation!”

In the courtyard, Li Fuchen formed a seal with both hands and gradually vanished .

The invisible Li Fuchen walked through the courtyard’s array, through the walls, and finally through the inn’s outer walls before arriving on the main street .

There were plenty of people walking on the main street but no one noticed Li Fuchen . There were some who even walked past Li Fuchen as though they were from different worlds .

On the main street, Li Fuchen had a trace of shock on his face .

The Invisibility incantation might not have any offensive power, but its function was simply impossible to measure .

The Invisibility incantation wasn’t just altering the refraction of light . In fact, the refraction of light was the most shallow function of the Invisibility incantation .

The Invisibility incantation made use of the laws to isolate the user . Unless the enemy’s law comprehension had reached an extremely high level, it was impossible to detect the user’s existence . At most, they could only sense the user .

“It is a pity that it isn’t possible to execute martial arts during the Invisibility incantation, otherwise, it would be rather useful as an assassination method . ”

Li Fuchen returned to his courtyard and continued to study the incantations .

“Li Fuchen, three days later, there will be a trade fair in the Void Garden . Let’s go and take a look . We might be able to exchange for the Rootless Flowers . ”

On this day, Shangguan Yu came to Li Fuchen’s courtyard .

“Trade Fair? Who is hosting it?”

The Rootless Flower was very important to Li Fuchen . He only obtained one stalk of Rootless Flower at the Sant Garden and he reckoned that it would only allow him to cultivate until the 6th level of Primary Sea Realm . It was also very possible that he could only reach the 5th level of Primary Sea Realm .

Shangguan Yu said, “It is hosted by one of the Four Young Masters, Young Master Solitude . He is the no . 1 prodigy from the Mo Clan . The trade fairs that he hosts are always the best among the Primary Sea Realm . ”

“Young Master Solitude!”

Li Fuchen knew who Young Master Solitude was .

The Soul Sky Empire had the Four Young Masters and they were all top-notch prodigy monarchs . All of them were basically high-class combat emperors and they had shocking backgrounds . Young Master Solitude had the Mo Clan as his backer and they were an emperor-class clan in the Soul Sky Empire . The Mo Clan Head was also the follower of the Soul Emperor, allowing him to have great authority . In the Soul Sky Empire, he was probably just inferior to a few but above everyone else .

Three days later, Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu arrived at the Void Garden .

There was a board on the entrance of the Void Graden stating that only those above the mid-levels of Primary Sea Realm could enter .

After entering the Void Garden, Li Fuchen noticed there would be a large table every few hundred meters . The large table would be filled with fruits and refreshments . There were also servants serving tea and wine . Some of the Primary Sea Realm monarchs were drinking one cup after the other as though they were drinking water .

Li Fuchen reckoned that the hosting of this trade fair would need to spend at least a million mid-grade spirit stones .

There was a trading screen where Li Fuchen saw the contents for the trades .

“I have one stalk of Thunder Calamity Herb and want to trade it for a 800-year-old Rootless Flower . Trading location will be pavilion 330 . ”

“Heaven class low-tier claws, Beast Wolf Claws, willing to trade for items of the same value . Trading location will be pavilion 351 . ”

“Three ancient talismans, willing to trade for items of the same value . Trading location will be pavilion 301 . ”

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After looking through the list of trades on the trading screen, Li Fuchen found three trades that were looking to trade Rootless Flowers .

These three trades were trading Rootless Flowers that were 700-year-old, 500-year-old, and 400-year-old .

Li Fuchen immediately gave up on the 700-year-old Rootless Flower as he didn’t have anything that the other party wanted .

Li Fuchen placed his targets on the latter two Rootless Flowers .

“You can carry on with your things, we will arrange to meet again through the communication token . ” Shangguan Yu stated .

“Okay . ” Li Fuchen nodded and headed for pavilion 343 .

There were over a thousand pavilions in the Void Garden and each of the pavilions were huge . It was called a pavilion but it was actually a complex of pavilions .

When Li Fuchen arrived at pavilion 343, there were already plenty of people here to trade .

“I already said that this Rootless Flower is worth at least 500,000 mid-grade spirit stones to me . You have to bring out herbs of the same value or 800,000 mid-grade spirit stones, otherwise, there is no need to negotiate . ”

Inside the pavilion, there was a middle-aged man who had a cloth bun on his head . He was speaking in a decisive and firm tone .

“At least 500,000 mid-grade spirit stones? Your Rootless Flower is only 500-year-old, it is only worth 300,000 or 400,000 at most . ” There was an unhappy person who spoke loudly .

In response, the rest of the people nodded .

800,000 mid-grade spirit stones wasn’t a small sum . A regular monarch would only have a few tens of thousand of mid-grade spirit stones . 800,000 mid-grade spirit stones was already the entire wealth of a mid-level monarch .

The middle-aged man grunted, “If you wish to trade then do it, if not go away!”

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He too knew that this price was a little high, but for people who needed it, 800,000 wasn’t expensive .

“Alright, I would like to see who is willing to trade with you . ”

Those people didn’t leave as they wanted to see the middle-aged man make a fool out of himself . The Rootless Flower was only useful for people whose cultivation speed was extremely fast and it wasn’t very effective for them .

Of course, it was still a little effective, otherwise, they wouldn’t come over here .

“800,000 mid-grade spirit stones, I’ll take it . ” After hearing everyone’s statements, Li Fuchen walked over and spoke .

“What, there is really someone willing to trade?”

“I’ll be damned . ”

Everyone was discussing and gossiping .

“Are you sure?” The middle-aged man was rather suspicious .

He made the offer of 800,000 but it was because he wanted some buffer for negotiation . His bottomline was actually 650,000 .

“That’s right, here are 800,000 mid-grade spirit stones . Give me your Rootless Flower . ” Li Fuchen took out a storage bag and tossed it to the middle-aged man .

“Alright . ” The middle-aged man was delighted and just as he was going to hand over the Rootless Flower…

“Hold on, I, Wang Yuan want this Rootless Flower . ”

No far away, there was a youth with authoritative qi presence that walked over .

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“It is Wang Clan’s Wang Yuan!”

Everyone identified this youth .  

The Soul Emperor had dozens of followers and among these dozens of emperors, there were eight which had their own clans . They were also the Soul Sky Empire’s eight major emperor-class clans . The Mo and Wang Clans were part of the eight major emperor-class clans .

“This!” The middle-aged man was frozen stiff .

If it was someone else, he wouldn’t bother, after all, a person should act with integrity, but the person contesting with Li Fuchen had to Wang Yuan . Even if the middle-aged man had overwhelming courage, he wouldn’t dare to hand over the Rootless Flower to Li Fuchen .

“Take back your 800,000 mid-grade spirit stones and quickly leave!” The middle-aged man returned the storage bag to Li Fuchen and gave a kind warning .

Li Fuchen frowned and said, “Why? Are you going back on your words?”

As compared to offending Wang Yuan, Li Fuchen cared for the Rootless Flower more .

“I am not going back on my words . Aiya, why can’t you comprehend the situation . ” The middle-aged man thought that Li Fuchen was a fool and said in a rather rude tone .

“800,000 mid-grade spirit stones, I will take it . ”

Wang Yuan tossed a storage bag to the middle-aged man and took the jade box which contained the Rootless Flower .

Before leaving, Wang Yuan glared at Li Fuchen, “Don’t let me see you again . You better get lost while I am still in a good mood . ”

After speaking, Wang Yuan turned and left .

Li Fuchen naturally didn’t leave as he headed straight for another pavilion . As for Wang Yuan’s words, he had simply ignored them .

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