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Chapter 626
ER – Chapter 626: Sword Intent’s Prowess

In just a few days, Li Fuchen’s strength had increased drastically . His attack power had already reached the mid-class combat emperor’s level .

His overall combat strength might not be comparable with high-class combat emperors, after all, the difference between mid-class and high-class combat emperors was extremely huge . A high-class combat emperor’s attack power was already enough to suppress mid-class combat emperors, and it didn’t matter if the mid-class combat emperor had comprehensive abilities . However, Li Fuchen wasn’t afraid if he had to fight with a high-class combat emperor as his abilities weren’t just simply comprehensive, it was entirely proficient . He had comprehended five heaven class mid-tier sword moves and with his other methods, he might just be able to contest with a high-class combat emperor .

Unknowingly, the duo arrived at a plaza with a pavilion .

It was obvious that this plaza was used as a place for the saint to admire the flowers and drink tea .

However, the plaza wasn’t peaceful right now and it was rather treacherous . Lü Luo, Zi Yi, and the Evil Monarch were trapped in this place . Surrounding them, there were the Spirit Feet Monarch and a few other high-level monarchs that had collapsed on the ground . Their bodies were swollen and rotting . There were around a hundred thousand Soul Seize Bees that were swarming them from all directions .

Previously, hundreds of Soul Seize Bees were enough to overwhelm Li Fuchen . He was only able to neutralize those Soul Seize Bees with the help of Shangguan Yu’s qi power attack .

Now that Li Fuchen’s strength had improved greatly, he required just a single sword slash to deal with hundreds of Soul Seize Bees .

But now, it wasn’t just a hundreds of Soul Seize Bees, it was a hundred thousand Soul Seize Bees . There was actually more Soul Seize Bees rushing over .

After seeing Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu, Lü Luo, Zi Yi, and the Evil Monarch were delighted as they quickly asked for help .

In fact, the duo had no choice but to help too, because some of the Soul Seize Bees were already flying towards them .

“Let’s go over and rendezvous with them!” Shangguan Yu put up her qi power barrier .

Cling Cling Clang Clang .

The Soul Seize Bees’ only flaw was qi power . If Shangguan Yu put up a qi barrier instead, she would already be penetrated hundreds of times . If it was a qi power barrier, she was able to resist for a period of time .

“Lü Luo, I can’t hold on anymore . ” Beside Lü Luo, Zi Yi’s head was covered with sweat .

Her strength was only a peak-class half-emperor and was much weaker than Lü Luo . Furthermore, her cultivation was one level lower than Lü Luo and was only at the 6th level of Primary Sea Realm .

“Zi Yi, withstand a little longer . ”

Lü Luo’s weapon was a ribbon that was emitting chilling air and when she brandished the ribbon, the surrounding Soul Seize Bees would either be sent flying or fell off with frozen bodies . Her strength was obviously a low-class combat emperor .

The Evil Monarch who was a few dozen feet away from them had a much easier time than Zi Yi and was even much more relaxed than Lü Luo .

He was able to resist until now because he possessed heaven class low-tier gloves and a heaven class low-tier artifact armor, he also had a heaven class low-tier defense artifact and a heaven class low-tier offense artifact .

With his overall strength, he didn’t fear anyone . Of course, there were just too many Soul Seize Bees and his qi capacity had a limit . Once his qi was exhausted, he would still die .

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Buzz Buzz Buzz…

The Soul Seize Bees might not have good spiritual wisdom, but after such a long battle, they were still able to differentiate which enemy was weaker and which enemy was stronger . There was a slightly larger Soul Seize Bee who led at least ten thousand Soul Seize Bees to rush at Zi Yi . Even Lü Luo couldn’t stop it .

During the crucial moment, the Evil Monarch shifted a few steps closer to Zi Yi and activated his heaven class low-tier defense artifact to protect Zi Yi .

“Many thanks . ” Zi Yi thanked gratefully while still feeling a lingering fear .

The Evil Monarch didn’t respond, he didn’t protect Zi Yi out of kindness . If Zi Yi was to perish, the Soul Seize Bees would have one lesser target and his pressure would increase . That’s why, no matter what, they had to be united right now .

Soon enough, Shangguan Yu and Li Fuchen rushed over .

Shangguan Yu already had the strength of a mid-class combat emperor and coupled with the fact that her qi power could counter the Soul Seize Bees, when she executed a fist strike, a large colony of bees would burst into pieces .

As compared to Shangguan Yu, Li Fuchen wasn’t inferior at all . He executed the Flowing Merciless Edge and filled the air with sword threads . A large colony of Soul Seize Bees were all severed into two halves .

“Such strength . ” Lü Luo and the others were shocked .

They took a long time just to kill some of the Soul Seize Bees, but when Shangguan Yu and Li Fuchen arrived, they instantly killed thousands of Soul Seize Bees . Their strength difference was truly too much .

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“This sword art?” The Evil Monarch was also shocked by Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen’s sword was definitely a heaven class low-tier weapon, but his attack power was so overwhelming because of his sword art . As compared to Li Fuchen, the Evil Monarch was much inferior apart from having more artifacts .

“He is indeed worthy for being my no . 1 target!” The Evil Monarch was actually rather young and only around 50 over years old . Among the monarchs, a 50 years old individual was considered young, after all, the monarchs had a lifespan of 1000 years .

All along, he was very confident and believed that his innate perception was top-notch . Now that his bone frame was at the 7-star grade, his innate perception was actually comparable with some 8-star bone frames .

Together with the chance encounter that allowed him to obtain the incredible inheritance and large amount of precious resources, Li Fuchen was only his no . 1 target and not his ultimate goal .

But from the looks of things, he would still need a period of time to surpass Li Fuchen . He wasn’t worried if he could surpass Li Fuchen or not, as no one knew how insane the inheritance he had obtained was .

Right now, the only things that he lacked was time and some specific resources .

With the addition of Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu, the trio received much less pressure . But when facing the huge swarm of bees, they didn’t relax yet .

There were just too many Soul Seize Bees here, their number was at least 800 thousand, if not one million .

Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu might be able to eliminate a thousand Soul Seize Bees with each attack, but they would also receive attacks from large numbers of Soul Seize Bees . After all, the Soul Seize Bees weren’t staying still and allowing the enemies to kill them easily .

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As the battle prolonged, the Evil Monarch and Shangguan Yu would feel rather strenuous .

The Evil Monarch’s defense artifact was called the Fixed Ray Board . When activated with a monarch’s qi, it was able to resist attacks from a combat emperor . However, it exhausted a lot of qi to activate the Fixed Ray Board, resisting the attacks from countless Soul Seize Bees would also use a lot of qi . He was at the 4th level of Primary Sea Realm and it was already not easy for him to withstand until this moment . Had it not been for the qi replenishment elixirs he had, his qi would have been exhausted .

When Li Fuchen detected that the Evil Monarch and Shangguan Yu were having a hard time, he thought with his mind and surrounded the five of them with his sword intent .

The Sky Ring Sword Armor was a defense sword intent and when at the heaven class low-tier, it was only able to resist attacks from a half-emperor . Right now, it was able to resist attacks from combat emperors .

This sword intent was formed with laws, therefore, it would automatically absorb the sword dao energy in the air to maintain itself . Within a short period of time, it was hard for the Soul Seize Bees to break the defense .

Furthermore, even if the Soul Seize Bees broke it, Li Fuchen could produce another one .

The intent had an exaggerating limit and up until now, no one heard of anyone exhausting their martial intent or sword intent . There was only the case of the mental energy being exhausted and being unable to release the sword intent .

“Defense sword intent?” Lü Luo’s eyes lit up .

Lü Luo had never seen a sword intent as strong as Li Fuchen’s sword intent at the Primary Sea Realm . The others were strong in their cultivation while Li Fuchen was strong in his sword intent . There wasn’t a need to do a comparison as the latter would catch up with the cultivation level and the strength would be extraordinary .

Just like that, Li Fuchen would create a Sky Ring Sword Armor to protect everyone after every 15 minutes and would continue the cycle .

With Li Fuchen’s sword intent, Lü Luo and the others felt almost no pressure .

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