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Chapter 625
ER – Chapter 625: Spirit Soul Evolving Again (Part 2)

Li Fuchen was very excited to know that his spirit soul was evolving soon .

Before evolving, his perception was already comparable to Law Phase Realm emperors . Even 8-star bone frames were inferior to him . Perhaps, only legendary 9-star bone frames could compare with him, those elite 9-star bone frames might be able to surpass him .

However, the current situation . If his spirit soul evolved again, his perception would reach an unprecedented stage .

“The precondition is to find the second stalk of high-grade soul herb . ” Li Fuchen suppressed his emotional feelings and said to himself .

For the next few days, Li Fuchen didn’t find a second stalk of high-grade soul herb, but he did find three stalks of mid-grade soul herbs .

However, the effects of a mid-grade soul herb was less than a hundredth of a high-grade soul herb . It was basically useless .

“There is no need to be impatient . I just need a small advancement to evolve . Even if I don’t consume the soul herb, it wouldn’t need a lot of time . ”

As time elapsed, Li Fuchen wasn’t impatient anymore . It was unknown if the heavens were trying to joke with Li Fuchen . When he wasn’t in a hurry anymore, the second stalk of high-grade soul herb appeared .

His originally composed feelings were now excited again .

In this world, the only things that could make him excited were the golden amulet and his spirit soul . After all, those were the foundations that allowed him to advance so far .

Without any hesitation, Li Fuchen secretly consumed the entire high-grade soul herb .

In a split moment, a concentrated refreshing qi presence was absorbed by the golden amulet . It was turned into a purified qi presence which fused into the spirit soul .

That last trace of pale purple was rapidly turning purple .

When the last hint of pale purple turned purple, Li Fuchen felt his head getting numb . Millions of purple electricity currents burst out and broke down countless obstructions, and ideas that had reached a dead end . It was as if his entire existence had been promoted to the next level .

“The spirit soul is the real root of a human body . ” Li Fuchen comprehended this logic .

The stronger the spirit soul, a person would be able to solve problems from a different angle . It was only by doing so, would one be able to reach the true pinnacle . Otherwise, if one used a regular person’s mind to try and solve a problem, it would be impossible . A regular person was destined to be ordinary for a lifetime .

By the side, Shangguan Yu didn’t notice anything abnormal with Li Fuchen, but the saint’s bloodline in her body was resonating and she was rather perplexed by it .

‘So this move can actually be utilized in this way . ’

Now that Li Fuchen’s spirit soul had evolved into the purple spirit soul, Li Fuchen’s ability to derive sword art in his mind was much better . In a single thought, he was able to derive countless possibilities of the same sword move . From the countless possibilities, he was able to find several crucial points .

In just one day, Li Fuchen felt that several sword arts and sword moves that he had already mastered, all had signs of breakthrough .

The sword arts and sword moves he was using currently were all heaven class low-tier . Once there was a breakthrough, they would be heaven class mid-tier .

Even the weakest move among the heaven class mid-tier was something that heaven class low-tier couldn’t compare with .

It was the same as a comparison between a weak adult and a child .

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  Apart from that, Li Fuchen looked at the incantations from a different angle too .

If he was having blurred vision while learning the incantation dao previously, right now, the blurred vision had vanished and he would see clearer now . He was only lacking in practice .

‘So this is the purple spirit soul huh?”

Li Fuchen took a deep breath while he used his spiritual awareness to look at the golden amulet within the purple spirit soul .

Up until now, Li Fuchen didn’t have any clue of where the golden amulet came from .

At the beginning, he thought that the golden amulet was a certain top-notch artifact .

Right now, he was suspecting if the golden amulet was even a thing from this world .

Not even saints would be able to create this golden amulet .


On the side of the path, there was a man-eating plant that was hidden deep in the sea of flowers and it suddenly lunged at Li Fuchen .

There was a scarlet sword thread that flashed by and severed the man-eating plant .

“Sword thread?” Shangguan Yu looked at Li Fuchen with astonishment .

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Turning the sword into a thread of was something that only Law Phase Realm swordsmen could achieve . How did Li Fuchen suddenly master it?

Previously, Li Fuchen might also be able turn his sword into a thread, but that was only a change in form, while there wasn’t any change in characteristic .

A true sword thread was indestructible and even against a stronger foe, when struck by the sword thread, it would result in instant injuries and it was impossible to defend against .

Furthermore, the sword thread was one of the methods to deal with body refinement martial artists .

Shangguan Yu was suspicious but she knew that everyone had their own secrets and there wasn’t a need for her to seek the truth .

‘This is the strength of the heaven class mid-tier Flowing Merciless Edge?’

Earlier on, Li Fuchen had naturally executed the sword move, Flowing Merciless Edge . He had also naturally improved the Flowing Merciless Edge to the heaven class mid-tier .

Perhaps, it was still rather weak among the other heaven class low-tier moves, but it was significantly stronger than the previous Flowing Merciless Edge .

Buzz Buzz Buzz Buzz…

A colony of Soul Seize Bees attacked . Li Fuchen’s sword thread formed a net and with a crash, the Soul Seize Bees in the sky had dropped down like a rain .

The Soul Seize Bees were originally difficult to kill, but when using the Flowing Merciless Edge, the bees were now fragile like tofu .

Shangguan Yu couldn’t help it anymore . “Li Fuchen, your current attack power is almost at the strength of a mid-class combat emperor . How did you do it?”

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Li Fuchen overall strength might be a peak-class half-emperor previously, but his attack power should be around a high-class half-emperor . However, because he was rather comprehensive in abilities, that’s why he was able to defeat Hu Yuandao who was a peak-class half-emperor .

It had only been a short period of time and he was actually able to break through by three classes . His attack power improved from high-class half-emperor to mid-class combat emperor . It was truly shocking .

Li Fuchen couldn’t possibly talk about his spirit soul evolving . He explained, “After I broke through my cultivation level, there are plenty of things that I figured out . You should also try to comprehend the problems from another angle, you will be able to lower the difficulty significantly . ”

Shangguan Yu laughed and said, “Solving a problem by changing the angle might have wonderful effects, but it is only when solving normal problems . When figuring out the martial dao, it isn’t that easy . Do you think everyone is like you?”

Shangguan Yu finally realized that Li Fuchen was definitely a martial dao prodigy that was probably rare even in every thousand years . He was the kind of person who viewed problems from a different angle than ordinary people and could always switch an angle with ease .

For the next few days, Li Fuchen improved the rest of his sword moves to the heaven class mid-tier .

The heaven class mid-tier Incineration Sword wasn’t just powerful, the sword field could even vaporize the moisture in the air . It was truly terrifying especially against the man-eating plants . Li Fuchen’s sword was able to vaporize the moisture within the plants and eliminate all vitality . Even the plant’s undying dao laws weren’t effective .

The heaven class mid-tier Sky Ring Sword Armor was now rounder and smoother . As long as Li Fuchen thought in his mind, a layer of formless sword intent would envelop his body and he didn’t even need to unsheathe his sword .

The heaven class mid-tier Divine Wind Raging Howl and Sword of Impermanence had also reached a new level . The former had achieved the ability to make the wind into sword and the sword into wind . The latter’s sword intent was extremely bizarre, even Li Fuchen was unable to fathom what angle the next sword slash would use and he could only do his best to guide it .

The only sword move and sword art he couldn’t improve were the Meteor Fall and the Absolute Heaven Sword Art .

The Meteor Fall had a simple concept, but due to its simplicity, it actually contained deeper profundity . Li Fuchen required more time to derive and break through this move .

As for the Absolute Heaven Sword Art, it contained void dao laws and Li Fuchen didn’t comprehend a lot of void dao laws . If he wanted to achieve a breakthrough, it wasn’t just a problem of time . In short, it was impossible to improve it to the heaven class mid-tier any time soon .

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