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Chapter 627
ER – Chapter 627: Devour King Bee, Soul Herb

10,000… 50,000… 100,000…

The Soul Seize Bees were very formidable, but they were rather helpless against a swordsman like Li Fuchen who could attack and defend at the same time . Half a day later, the number of Soul Seize Bees’ corpses had already accumulated to more than 100,000 . They formed a pile of black mass .


There was an ear-piercing and trembling sound as three dark gold Soul Seize Bees flashed out from the swarm of bees and crashed into the Sky Ring Sword Armor .

Pfff Tss .

The sword intent was instantly penetrated and at the crucial moment, Li Fuchen quickly put on three more layers of sword intent, then a fourth and fifth…

Li Fuchen set up over a dozen sword intents at one go . This was already his limit and if he had to put up more, his mind might not be able to withstand it .

Shangguan Yu exclaimed, “This is the Devour King Bee, it is the species with the purest bloodline of the class 7 Soul Seize Bees . ”

The Devour King Bee had the purest bloodline among the class 7 Soul Seize Bees, while the Devour Ruler Bee had the purest bloodline among the class 8 Soul Seize Bees .

Be it the Devour King Bee or the Devour Ruler Bee, their strength was significantly stronger than the Soul Seize Bees of the same class and they had absurdly tough bodies .

Li Fuchen’s sword intent was able to resist an all-out attack from mid-class combat emperors, but it was penetrated by the Devour King Bee .

It was said that the Devour King Bee’s attack had reached the high-class combat emperor’s level . If it was capable of ranged attacks, three Devour King Bees were enough to instantly kill five of them .

Layers of sword intent were penetrated . The attacks from three Devour King Bees were actually more horrifying than hundreds of thousands of Soul Seize Bees .

Once the Devour King Bee got to a close range, not even Li Fuchen would escape unscathed .

“Five Forms Emperor Fist: Cyan Luan Dance!” Shangguan Yu executed her kill move at the Devour King Bees .

Boom Bang!

The Devour King Bees were sent flying, but quickly returned without a scar on the bodies .

Clang Clang Clang!

Sparks burst out as Li Fuchen’s sword thread sliced on the bodies of the Devour King Bees . However, the indestructible sword thread was only able to leave some faint marks on the bodies of the Devour King Bees . It was still lacking a lot if he wished to slice open the surface of the bodies .

“Incineration Sword!”

The Flowing Merciless Edge was ineffective, therefore, Li Fuchen instantly used the Incineration Sword .

When the Incineration Sword was executed, there was a horrifyingly high temperature that expanded out .

It wasn’t merely high temperature, it contained terrifying fire dao laws . Furthermore, the fire dao laws could directly affect the insides of the enemy and vaporize the moisture and vitality from within .

One could visibly see that the Devour King Bees’ body had shrunk down .

Moisture and vitality had been silently vaporized while their bodies were fuming with smoke .

The Devour King Bee’s spiritual wisdom and could feel its moisture and vitality decreasing . It used a needle syringe at the buttocks which vigorously stabbed one of the Soul Seize Bees by the side and absorbed the moisture and vitality .

When the Soul Seize Bee’s moisture and vitality was absorbed, it instantly dried up and was dead .

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“The Incineration Sword is effective?” Li Fuchen’s eyes lit up as he continued to execute the Incineration Sword several times at the Devour King Bees .

The Incineration Sword had an extremely big attack range and apart from the Devour King Bees, there were many other Soul Seize Bees that were affected by it too .

Without any resistance, those Soul Seize Bees’ moisture and vitality were vaporized and they perished silently .

As time elapsed, the Devour King Bees were also feeling the pain .

Li Fuchen’s Incineration Sword was too powerful and it was simply the bane of all life .

It didn’t matter if the body was tough, when the body’s moisture and vitality were vaporized, one would still die .

The Devour King Bee only had close range attack power and body toughness that reached the high-class combat emperor’s level . The rest of the aspects were much weaker .

“Two different sword moves?”

After seeing Li Fuchen executing another formidable sword move, Lü Luo, Zi Yi, and the Evil Monarch were truly shocked . How could they not see that Li Fuchen’s sword skill was already comparable with a Law Phase Realm emperor . He was just lacking in cultivation level and realm .

The Devour King Bees were obviously much smarter than the Soul Seize Bees . Smart creatures would always know when to give up . Therefore, the three Devour King Bees simply left .

After seeing the three Devour King Bees leaving, the Soul Seize Bees followed the lead and had left too, leaving behind a ground filled with Soul Seize Bee’s corpses .

“Li Fuchen, we are rich!” 

A ground full of Soul Seize Bee’s corpses meant a ground filled with honey . Shangguan Yu’s eyes were filled with radiance .

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Lü Luo and the others obviously knew that the Soul Seize Bee’s honey was great stuff, but their lives were just saved by Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu, therefore, they didn’t dare to take much . They only harvested 1000 portions of honey each, while Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu split up the rest of the hundred over thousand portions of honey evenly .

70 thousand portions of quail egg-sized honey were harvested and they filled up seven large barrels, with 10 thousand portions in each barrel .

Li Fuchen reckoned that these seven barrels of honey was enough for him to use for several years .

The effect of the honey was truly brilliant . After consuming one portion of honey, Li Fuchen felt his spirit essence getting invigorated . If he consumed it for a long term, it was hard not to cultivate at a faster pace .

After harvesting the honey, everyone started to look at the herbs by the sides of the plaza .

The herbs here were filled with the most beautiful and unique herbs .

Their grade might not be high, but they were definitely very rare .

Li Fuchen was attracted by a small patch of soul herbs and it was all high-grade soul herbs .

“I want this patch of soul herbs, all you can deal with the rest . ” Li Fuchen said immediately .

Towards this, Lü Luo, Zi Yi, and the Evil Monarch naturally didn’t have any opinion .

Putting aside the fact if they had the authority to decide the distribution, even if they had the authority, they wouldn’t really bother about the high-grade soul herbs .

In the Soul Sky Empire, anyone who had a little status would know that the soul herb would make a person addicted . Most of the people might not mind and felt that a mere addiction couldn’t be compared with the martial dao . They felt that if the addiction kicked in, they would just consume some soul elixirs since low-grade and mid-grade soul elixirs were readily available .

However, Lü Luo, Zi Yi, and the Evil Monarch weren’t ordinary people . Unless it was absolutely necessary, they wouldn’t consume the soul herbs or the soul elixirs .

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Even if the high-grade soul herbs were in their hands, they would use it to exchange for other items or to auction them off .

There were a total of 13 stalks of high-grade soul herbs . When Li Fuchen consumed the two stalks of high-grade soul herbs previously, his spirit soul didn’t just evolve into the purple spirit soul, there was one streak of pale red color .

This streak of pale red color was just like the dawn in the darkness . It might not be dazzling, but it was extremely striking .

“A stalk of high-grade soul herb only created one streak of pale red color . I wonder how much will evolve with 13 stalks . ” Li Fuchen consumed the first stalk of the high-grade soul herb .

Right now, there were three streaks of pale red in the purple spirit soul . It also meant that one stalk of high-grade soul herb was able to create two streaks of pale red spirit soul .

Without hesitation, Li Fuchen consumed the rest of the high-grade soul herbs .  

5% .

Ultimately, around 5% of the purple spirit soul had turned into pale red permanently .

Only 5% of the spirit soul was pale red but this pale red spirit soul gave off an indescribable and awe-inspiring feeling . It was just like the sun in the sky and had this eternal qi presence . It was just like the gods and demons that looked down on all lives .

“After the purple spirit soul, it is the red spirit soul . I wonder what is the next color of the spirit soul after red . ”

Li Fuchen was very curious, he wanted to know what was the ultimate color of the spirit soul . He also wanted to know what kind godly grade artifact was the golden amulet .

After everyone harvested their own herbs, the void of the Saint Garden suddenly fluctuated .

“The Saint Garden is going to shift . ” Lü Luo stated .

Just as Lü Luo’s statement ended, Li Fuchen and the others felt the spatial zone transforming . The surroundings were blurry and just like a paste . When the surroundings became clear, they were no longer in the Saint Garden as they were presented with nothing but barren islands .

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