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Published at 29th of September 2020 09:40:51 AM
Chapter 623
ER – Chapter 623: Man-Eating Plants

After dealing with the Void Snake, Li Fuchen successfully harvested the Rootless Flower .

This Rootless Flower was already 600-year-old . The previous Rootless Flower that Li Fuchen obtained was only around 300 or 400-year-old .

With this Rootless Flower, Li Fuchen reckoned that his dantian’s limit should be able to reach the 5th or 6th level of Primary Sea Realm .

Of course, this was a problem that only Li Fuchen and a rare few individuals had . Regular monarchs didn’t even have to worry about the limit of the dantian, because they would need several years to increase their cultivation level by one level . If Li Fuchen was given enough time, his dantian would already be nourished by his sword energy to the highest level .

As for those prodigy monarchs with top-notch innate talents, they didn’t have to worry about the limits of their dantian either . A 7-star bone frame’s dantian limit was at the Primary Sea Realm, while an 8-star bone frame’s dantian limit was at the Law Phase Realm . As for the legendary 9-star bone frames, their dantian limit was in the saint’s realm . Li Fuchen’s bone frame was still too inferior, even if Li Fuchen could continue upgrading his bone frame, an acquired bone frame was still inferior to an innate bone frame .

Li Fuchen then consumed the Rootless Flower with a single mouth .

In the next moment, the Rootless Flower turned into a stream of qi that fused into the dantian and quickly nourished it .

“If there is a chance, I will be able to advance to the 4th level or even the 5th level of Primary Sea Realm . ”

With the peak-grade spirit stone, it was too easy for Li Fuchen to advance his cultivation .

If there wasn’t the problem of his dantian limit and the need to worry about attracting attention, Li Fuchen felt that he could reach the high levels of Primary Sea Realm within a short period of time .

A peak-grade spirit stone was definitely a priceless treasure to Primary Sea Realm monarchs, but it was also a significant treasure to the Law Phase Realm emperors .

“Be careful . ” Li Fuchen suddenly warned Shangguan Yu by the side of a path .


There were massive plants at the side of the path and they were spread out by around 100 over meters between each plant . The top of the plants were like giant scallops and the openings were filled with sharp spikes . Just a moment earlier, one of the scallop plants rushed out . The roots that were hidden in the soil were 100 meters long and the scallop top that was filled with spikes were clamping at Shangguan Yu .

“Black Jade Shade . ”

During the crucial moment, Shangguan Yu activated the qi power barrier .

Creak .

The qi power barrier distorted and a few of the spikes actually penetrated the barrier .

“Flowing Merciless Edge!”

Li Fuchen leaped up and slashed with his sword . A scarlet thread slashed across the slender roots of the man-eating plant .


The roots didn’t get severed and were only half split open . A large amount of dark green fluid was splattered .

“Five Forms Emperor Fist: Cyan Luan Dance . ”

At the same moment, Shangguan Yu executed her fist strike and a huge cyan avian soared into the sky and sent the man-eating plant flying .

“Five Forms Emperor Fist: Champosaurus Kill!”

Shangguan Yu was enraged as she continuously attacked with her fist to kill the man-eating plant .

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If Li Fuchen didn’t dare her, she might have become food for the man-eating plant . She was so embarrassed that she was enraged .

The man-eating plants had great strong points and flaws . When facing Shangguan Yu’s ruthless counterattack, they couldn’t even fight back and were spraying the fluids everywhere due to the fist force .  

However, this man-eating plant obviously possessed a high class law, the undying dao laws .

It didn’t matter how ferocious Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu’s attacks were as the injuries would quickly recover .

It was fortunate that the undying dao laws weren’t invincible . As long as the undying dao laws were at the extremity, it was impossible to be truly undying . After 15 minutes, this man-eating plant was utterly destroyed by Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu .

“Help me!”

The duo could hear a faint call for help .

They looked towards the source of the voice and a few hundred meters away, there was a man-eating plant that was constantly shaking . It seemed like it contained something inside the scallop-shaped head .

“It is the Iron Hand Monarch . ”

When Li Fuchen entered with his spiritual awareness, he noticed the Iron Hand Monarch whose flesh was already corroded into a mess .

No wonder the man-eating plant at the side didn’t help even with such a huge commotion . It turned out that the man-eating plant was digesting the Iron Hand Monarch .

The Iron Hand Monarch was dead for a long time and the voice was actually from his true spirit .

However, this man-eating plant was terrifyingly bizarre, it was actually able to imprison and slowly absorb the true spirit .

“Rest in peace . ”

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Li Fuchen shot a spiritual awareness attack towards the Iron Hand Monarch’s true spirit .


There was a sound and Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness attack was neutralized .

“So that is the case . ” Li Fuchen realized something .

This man-eating plant had an innate spiritual awareness field . The spiritual awareness field could be used for defense and also used to imprison true spirit and illusory power . As such, anything that entered its mouth would turn into its nutrients, including the true spirit .

Li Fuchen shook his head and ignored the Iron Hand Monarch’s true spirit .

“Li Fuchen, why don’t we regine the herbs here and increase our strengths . ” Shangguan Yu obtained quite a number of Dragon Scale Herbs . Along with the Soul Seize Bee’s honey, she was certain she could break through to the completion level of Primary Sea Realm .

Once her body refinement reached the completion level of Primary Sea Realm, her strength would be at the level of a mid-class combat emperor .

The gap between different classes of combat emperors was extreme . The gap between low-class and mid-class combat emperors was huge, but the gap between mid-class and high-class combat emperors was even larger . The gap between high-class and peak-class combat emperors was so immense that a single move was enough to settle the fight .

Therefore, mid-class combat emperors were definitely the most formidable individuals below the Law Phase Realm . As for high-class combat emperors and peak-class combat emperors, they would either be busy making preparations to break through to the Law Phase Realm or have already started the breakthrough . They wouldn’t have time to venture around on the outside .

“That is fine too . ”

Li Fuchen nodded . He decided to try if he could make use of the Purple Fire Flower and the high-grade spirit stones to advance by one cultivation level .

The paths in the sea of flowers were as wide as 100 meters . The duo immediately sat down cross-legged .

The Purple Fire Flower was just like a purple flame . It was so limpid and emitting an indescribable heat and qi presence .

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After splitting it into two portions, Li Fuchen devoured the Purple Fire Flower .


In just a split moment, Li Fuchen’s body was burning with purple flames and the crackling sound was constantly echoing in his ears .

This was the sound of the sword energy’s impurities getting burned .

The Purple Fire Flower’s main effects were to burn off the cultivation impurities . When the cultivation was purified to the extremity, it was hard to even hold back the advancement .

But there was a precondition, the consumer must be a cultivator of fire dao qi or something that was leaning towards fire dao qi . Otherwise, the fire dao laws in the Purple Fire Flower would burn the essence of the cultivation .

If a water dao qi cultivator was to consume the Purple Fire Flower . Not only would the impurities get burned, the water dao qi essence would also be burned . If one’s cultivation wasn’t competent, an entire lifetime of cultivation might be incinerated .

As the divine flame sword energy was getting purified, Li Fuchen felt the bottleneck of his cultivation getting loosened .

“Let me try . ”

Li Fuchen took out a pile of high-grade spirit stones and started to absorb the spirit qi .

High-grade spirit stones were definitely the most luxurious cultivation resource for Primary Sea Realm monarchs . Normally, only Law Phase Realm emperors would have enough high-grade spirit stones to cultivate . Most of the monarchs would only have a few pieces or a few dozen pieces of high-grade spirit stones . It was very uncommon for monarchs to possess a few thousand pieces of high-grade spirit stones .

Previously, Li Fuchen had been using the peak-grade spirit stone to cultivate, therefore, he still had over 5000 high-grade spirit stones . It was already enough for him to cultivate until the 9th level of Primary Sea Realm .

If possible, Li Fuchen wished to rely on high-grade spirit stones to break through instead . The spirit qi in the peak-grade spirit stone might be overflowing like the sea, but it would be used up sooner or later . It was also too luxurious to use the peak-grade spirit stone to cultivate during the Primary Sea Realm .

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