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Chapter 624
ER – Chapter 624: Spirit Soul Evolving Again (Part 1)

Pieces of high-grade spirit stones started to crack open, while Li Fuchen’s qi presence was gradually getting stronger .

10 pieces… 20 pieces… 30 pieces…

After absorbing spirit qi from 30 pieces of high-grade spirit stones, Li Fuchen felt his body swelling up and this was a misconception that was caused by the overwhelming amount of sword energy .

40 pieces… 50 pieces… 60 pieces…

The sword energy accumulated in the body was getting more…


It was unknown how much time had passed by . Li Fuchen’s body felt very light and immediately after, a formidable power filled his entire body .

4th level of Primary Sea Realm .

Li Fuchen opened his eyes and exhaled a turbid breath while saying to himself, ‘100 high-grade spirit stones are enough to break through by one level . It is much lesser than I imagined . ’

He took a glance at Shangguan Yu and noticed that she was seemingly at a crucial point . The qi power waves from her body had formed a rather concentrated black halo .

“She is probably going to break through soon . ”

With a doubt, Shangguan Yu was definitely a prodigy with the best innate perception he had ever seen .

When Li Fuchen cultivated his body refinement dao, there were almost no bottlenecks, as long as he had enough resources . Once he broke through a body refinement realm, he would be able to reach the extremity of that body refinement realm . Shangguan Yu was definitely having the same conditions as him .

This might be related to the concealed bloodline that she possessed .

Li Fuchen read from ancient books that once a martial artist reached the saint’s realm, their bloodline would contain the law power . Within nine generations, this bloodline wouldn’t disperse . Those who possessed the saint’s bloodline would have almost no bottlenecks as long as they were on the correct path . They would only be stuck at major realm breakthroughs for a short moment .

One hour later…

A horrifying qi spirit expanded outwards .

When facing this formidable qi spirit, Li Fuchen felt he was extremely miniscule . He understood that this was the difference between the level of vitality .

The lifespan of a body refinement martial artist and a qi cultivation martial artist was the same and this was the limits of the world .

However, the vitality of a body refinement martial artist was definitely ten times or dozens of times more exuberant than qi cultivation martial artist .

If they both suffered severe injuries, the qi cultivation martial artist would need a very long time to recover without relying on anything . However, a body refinement martial artist would only need one or two days .

The qi spirit was getting denser and Li Fuchen could see a vague figure standing in the air . It was standing in the sky of the Saint Garden . The pair of eyes were like the sun and moon which emitted luminous divine light .

“Saint’s bloodline!”

Li Fuchen could only guess previously, but now, he was certain that Shangguan Yu’s body contained a saint’s bloodline .

Only a person with a saint’s bloodline would cause such a huge commotion during breakthrough .

The figure flashed and vanished . Subsequently, Shangguan Yu opened her eyes .

“I finally broke through!”

Shangguan Yu revealed her true appearance, her absolutely beautiful face was filled with a smile .

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Now that her body refinement had reached the completion level of Primary Sea Realm, she was confident that she would be able to fight evenly with the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor, even without Li Fuchen’s help .

“You have also broken through?” Shangguan Yu looked at Li Fuchen and was astonished .

She had never seen a person advancing from the 1st to the 4th level of Primary Sea Realm in just a few months .

She was able to advance so quickly because she possessed the 8th generation saint’s bloodline .

Her ancestor was a saint called the Black Saint .

When the Black Saint was alive, the Shangguan Clan ruled plenty of continents . They were the top ranked clan in this boundless world .

However, there was a horrifying saint’s war and the Black Saint vanished while the Shangguan Clan gradually declined .

Could Li Fuchen also have the saint’s bloodline?

“It is just luck . ” Li Fuchen laughed .

He was able to break through this time mainly due to the Purple Fire Flower .

Even though it was a heaven class low-tier herb, the Purple Fire Flower wasn’t as precious as the Thunder Calamity Herb, however, it was much more valuable than the Wind Thunder Herb .

No matter the kind of herb, the first usage of the herb would have the greatest effect . The second use would decline the effects by half . He might be able to use the Purple Fire Flower to break through his cultivation level this time, but it was going to be very difficult next time .

The Saint Garden had countless herbs . For the next week, Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu harvested over a dozen heaven class low-tier herbs .

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It was a pity that they couldn’t find any heaven class mid-tier herbs .

It was understandable . Heaven class mid-tier herbs and heaven class low-tier herbs might only have a difference in one tier, but their value was ten times or dozens of times different . If heaven class low-tier herbs were treated as regular monarchs, then heaven class mid-tier herbs were peak-class monarchs . The difference wasn’t just one or two points .

“High-grade soul herb!” While looking at this high-grade soul herb, Li Fuchen was rather curious .

In terms of value, high-grade soul herbs were comparable with heaven class mid-tier herbs . However, Li Fuchen didn’t understand why people would be addicted to it .

Li Fuchen was confident that he wouldn’t become so easily addicted with the golden amulet and the pale purple spirit soul .

Li Fuchen plucked off a piece of leaf and put it into his mouth .

In an instant, a refreshing qi presence flowered over his entire body and immediately headed the spirit soul in his mind .

Li Fuchen immediately felt his thought processing speed increasing and countless inspirations flashed through his mind .

When Shangguan Yu saw Li Fuchen eating a piece of the soul herb’s leaves, she said, “You better not try so many times . There are plenty of people who are confident with themselves and think they wouldn’t be addicted, however, they end up getting addicted . Once the addiction for the soul herb acts up and you don’t have the soul herb or the soul elixir to consume, you wouldn’t just feel unbearable pain, you will even lose your rationality . There was a person whose addiction acted up and he killed his wife and children . After he sobered up, he killed himself due to guilt . ”

“Don’t worry, a single piece of leaf should be fine . ”

Li Fuchen was already very cautious . If it was someone else with the golden amulet and the pale purple spirit soul, they probably wouldn’t even care about the soul herb’s addiction .

When the refreshing qi presence vanished, Li Fuchen looked inside with his spiritual awareness to observe the changes to his spirit soul .


Li Fuchen was surprised when he noticed that his spirit soul which was 40% purple was now 50% purple .

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“The soul herb is able to increase the speed of the spirit soul’s evolution?” Li Fuchen said to himself .

“Not, if the soul herb is able to evolve the spirit soul, it is impossible that others wouldn’t know . ”

In order to verify it, Li Fuchen consumed another high-grade soul herb’s leaf .

This time, his spiritual awareness was constantly observing the changes to his spirit soul .

When Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness was observing inside, he could see a surge of refreshing qi presence entering the spirit soul, but this refreshing spirit soul didn’t get absorbed by the spirit soul directly . It was absorbed by the golden amulet first before the golden amulet spat out even purer qi presence into the spirit soul .

“So that is what happened . ” Li Fuchen was enlightened .

The golden amulet had this filtration effect that could filter out the impurities in the soul herb that would make the consumer addicted . It would then produce a purified qi presence that nourished the spirit soul .

It meant that even if the soul herb could make a person addicted, Li Fuchen wasn’t afraid .

Li Fuchen was delighted at this discovery .

When his spirit soul evolved into a pale purple color, Li Fuchen noticed that the spirit soul’s evolution speed was getting slower . If there wasn’t any interference from the external forces, the spirit soul would probably need a few years to evolve from pale purple to purple . Right now, a single piece of the soul herb’s leaf could evolve his spirit soul by 10%, it was truly significant .

While Shangguan Yu didn’t notice, Li Fuchen consumed the rest of the high-grade soul herb .

In the blink of the eye, there was an indescribably wonderful feeling that assaulted the spirit soul .

70%… 80%… 90%… 99%…

A single stalk of high-grade soul herb allowed Li Fuchen’s spirit soul to evolve from 40% purple to 99% purple . He was just one step away from evolving his spirit soul .

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