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Chapter 622
ER – Chapter 622: Saint Garden

The miserable scream had caused the Goat of Ashes to open one eye . The eye was reddish gold in color and it was apathetic and ruthless .

The Goat of Ashes then opened its mouth and exhaled a breath consciously .


There was a terrifying surge of heat wave and at least half the monarchs were turned into ashes .


Li Fuchen immediately crushed the speed up talisman . He turned into a stream of light and achieved a shocking speed . In just a blink of the eye, Li Fuchen caught up to the front .

However, the speed of the heat wave was obviously faster and it was getting closer to the front group .

There were miserable screams as a few more individuals were burned into ashes .

Seeing that the heat wave was catching up, Li Fuchen formed a seal with both hands .

“Phantom Substitute incantation!”

There was a switch and a phantom substituted Li Fuchen . Immediately after, the heat wave drowned the phantom and a huge number of monarchs .

Finally, Li Fuchen rushed to the end of the canyon . There was an opening there and Li Fuchen instantly dove in .

What appeared in his eyes were a patch of boundless sea of flowers . When he took a closer look, the sea of flowers was actually filled with herbs . Most of them were yellow class herbs, mystic class herbs, and earth class herbs, however, their number was tremendous and there were at least a few hundred billion stalks .

In any case, it was impossible to count them . Most of these herbs were already extinct, but there were countless of them here .

“So many heaven class herbs . ” Li Fuchen glanced through and noticed plenty of heaven class herbs .

There were Blue Ice Herbs, Heaven Essence Herbs, Seven Absolution Flowers, Three-Eyed Flowers, Purple Fire Flowers everywhere . There were even plenty of Rootless Flowers .

“Li Fuchen, you are here!” 

In the sea of flowers, there were around a dozen people there and Lü Luo, Zi Yi, Evil Monarch, and Shangguan Yu were also there . It was Shangguan Yu who called out to him .

Li Fuchen nodded and swept a glance at the Evil Monarch .

After seeing the Evil Monarch, Li Fuchen was already used to it . If he didn’t guess it wrongly, the Evil Monarch must have obtained an incredible inheritance and his body probably had some hidden talent . With both factors in place, it created the current Evil Monarch .

As such, Li Fuchen must not treat the Evil Monarch as a regular 4th level monarch . Even if the Evil Monarch wasn’t as powerful as him, the difference wasn’t that significant . Since the Evil Monarch obtained an incredible inheritance, then he must also have plenty of incredible methods, like how to increase his speed .

Among the group, there was a burly man who sideburns had covered the side of his face . He grinned and said, “The Saint Garden is incredible indeed . Just this sea of flowers is probably worth more than the personal wealth of a Law Phase Realm emperor . ”
(TL note: I changed saint’s garden to Saint Garden)

Lü Luo said, “A saint is a great existence that stands at the pinnacle of this world . There are some saints that even control multiple continents . Their wealth is calculated by continents, how can an emperor compare with them?”

“I don’t care how great the saints are . Since we are in the Saint Garden, I, the Spirit Feet Monarch will not return empty handed . ” A thin middle-aged man with incredibly long legs had eyes that were sparkling . He wished he could rush into the sea of flowers and harvest all the herbs .

The sea of flowers had too many herbs, let alone Primary Sea Realm monarchs like them, even Law Phase Realm emperors would go crazy here . It was a pity that both the Wind Thunder Abyss and the Void Grand Canyon placed an extreme restriction on Law Phase Realm emperors . No one knew what kind of restriction it was, as those emperors would enter the Void Grand Canyon alone, no one would know if they went missing or not .

“This sea of flowers isn’t simple . It is better to be cautious . ” Li Fuchen transmitted a message to Shangguan Yu .

Shangguan Yu nodded . “The Saint Garden is naturally not simple . There might not be any array, but there must be some other kind of danger . ”


The Spirit Feet Monarch was the first to rush into the sea of flowers . Since he had the title of Spirit Feet Monarch, his speed was definitely the fastest among the group here . In just one blink of the eye, he vanished from everyone’s eyes .

“Haha, it is a 500-year-old Rootless Flower . ” The Spirit Feet Monarch’s voice echoed across the sea of flowers .

After hearing the statement, even the burly man with the huge sideburns and a few of the other high-level monarchs wouldn’t withstand anymore . They started to rush into the sea of flowers one after the other .

They obviously knew that the Saint Garden was very dangerous and things weren’t as simple as what it looked like . However, they painstakingly entered the Saint Garden not just to admire the flowers . Even if there was danger, they had disregarded it .

It was unknown when the Evil Monarch had also rushed into the sea of flowers . Right now, there was only Lü Luo, Zi Yi, Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu who had yet to enter .

“This young master, if we manage to go out alive, please allow me to be the host in Void City . ” Lü Luo turned to speak with Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen said, “Let’s talk after we get out alive . ”

“Okay . ” Lü Luo and Zi Yu entered the sea of flowers .

“Hey, she has taken a fancy for you . ” Shangguan Yu smiled and said .

Li Fuchen said, “Do you think it is possible?”

Shangguan sized up Li Fuchen carefully and said honestly, “It is really possible . ”

Li Fuchen’s looks weren’t considered especially handsome, he was just a little elegant . However, the aura that he emitted was extraordinary and had a trace of feeling that it looked down on the world . His pair of unfathomable eyes seemed as though they could see through all secrets .

Shangguan Yu had encountered plenty of young elites like the Red Moon Emperor’s son, Red Moon Monarch, or the Celestial Eye Emperor’s disciple, Tri-Eyed Monarch .

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Those people had status and strength that were currently far more superior to Li Fuchen . However, the feeling that they gave to Shangguan Yu was more like a peacock . They might look amazing, but that was it, there wasn’t anything much to look forward to .

Li Fuchen smiled and said, “Let’s enter too . ”

“Alright . ” Shangguan Yu followed behind .

There were countless paths in the sea of flowers and on the side of the paths, it was covered densely with herbs .

Of course, most of them were yellow class, mystic class, and earth class herbs .

The Saint Garden was just a garden and it was a place where the saint admired flowers .

Beside one of the paths, Li Fuchen noticed a stalk flower that was like a purple flame .

The Purple Fire Flower was a heaven class low-tier herb that contained medicinal effects with fire dao laws . It was great nourishment for martial artists that cultivated fire dao qi and could strengthen their foundation .

Li Fuchen didn’t reserve himself and harvested the Purple Fire Flower before keeping it into the spatial zone in the wrist protector .

“With this Dragon Scale Herb, I have a greater confidence in breaking through to the completion level of Primary Sea Realm . ”

From the side, Shangguan Yu had also obtained the Dragon Scale Herb that was already unavailable in the outside world .

The Dragon Scale Herb contained a trace of bloodline from a Colossal Dragon .

The Colossal Dragon was a demonic beast overlord by nature and it was several times stronger than the Goat of Ashes .

The duo continued to advance .

Buzz Buzz Buzz…

The duo could hear a faint ear-piercing vibration in the air . Subsequently, dozens of fist-sized greenish black bees flew at the two of them .

“Be careful, those are the Soul Seize Bees . Their bodies contain the bloodline of the ancient Murder Bee Overlord . ” Shangguan Yu was rather knowledgeable and quickly informed Li Fuchen .

“Murder Bee Overlord?”

Just by hearing the name, Li Fuchen knew that the Murder Bee Overlord was an extremely horrific existence . It was probably able to devour a saint .

As for the Soul Seize Bee that had the bloodline of the Murder Bee Overlord, it was imaginable that it inherited the traits from its ancestor .

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Li Fuchen drew his Joint-Heaven Sword and executed the Heaven and Earth Extermination .

Clang Clang Clang Clang…

Sparks burst out in the sky and Li Fuchen was surprised that his sword move didn’t kill any of the Soul Seize Bees . He merely severed their wings .

Swish Swish Swish Swish…

Without any wings, the Soul Seize Bees launched themselves off the ground like small cannonballs blasting at Li Fuchen .

“Incineration Sword!”

Li Fuchen brandished his sword and there were countless scarlet blisters that enveloped the Soul Seize Bees .

When the blisters exploded, the Soul Seize Bees dropped on the ground like rain drops .

Immediately after, there were some slightly charred Soul Seize Bees that continued their trajectory towards Li Fuchen and caused Li Fuchen to feel some trouble .

“Black Snake Drill!”

Seeing the situation, Shangguan Yu executed a fist strike . Countless black snake qi power were blasted on the Soul Seize Bees .

In an instant, the Soul Seize Bees’ bodies burst open and fell onto the ground . They might not be dead, but they could only barely climb back up .

Looking at the ground that was covered with Soul Seize Bees, Shangguan Yu said, “The Soul Seize Bee’s only weakness is qi power attacks . However, the Soul Seize Bees are also separated by classes . The more aged it is, the harder the body . In the outside world, there are some emperors that breed Soul Seize Bees, but they are all hybrid Soul Seize Bees and are not as formidable . Of course, I am talking about class 7 Soul Seize Bees, if these are class 8 Soul Seize Bees, we will not be able to deal with them . Even Law Phase Realm emperors would have a hard time . ”

“That’s right, the honey of the Soul Seize Bees are rare treasures . Not only can it neutralize hundreds of poisons, it can strengthen the spirit essence, and can also beautify a person . It is said that a long-term consumption of the Soul Seize Bee’s honey can maintain one’s looks and will never age . ”

While speaking, Shangguan Yu hurriedly harvested the Soul Seize Bees’ honey .

The Soul Seize Bee’s honey was a kind of dark golden gelatinous substance . Each of the Soul Seize Bees would have honey that was around the size of a pigeon egg . After harvesting dozens of honey pieces, Shangguan Yu was in a very good mood and even tossed a few pieces to Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen smiled . It seemed like all women cared a lot about their appearance, even though Shangguan Yu wasn’t going to age at least in the next few hundred years .

The Saint Garden was too big and after walking for half a day, Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu had yet to encounter anyone else .

During this period of time Shangguan Yu harvested a few batches of Soul Seize Bee’s honey .

“Rootless Flower!”

After half a day, Li Fuchen found the first Rootless Flower .

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Before entering the sea of flowers, Li Fuchen might have seen a Rootless Flower too, but that Rootless Flower was constantly drifting and it was unknown where it was drifting to .

This Rootless Flower was guarded by a large translucent snake . This time, Li Fuchen didn’t need to Shangguan Yu to inform him about the species of this large snake .

It was an ancient, mutated Void Snake . The Void Snake, the Soul Seize Bee, and the Murder Bee Overlord were all mutated beasts .

They were called mutated because they were demonic beasts that had formidable strength but didn’t have much spirit wisdom .  

Of course, when mutated beasts reached class 9, they would be at the overlord class and should possess spirit wisdom .  

When the Void Snake noticed Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu, it launched the first attack .

Its body suddenly vanished and when it reappeared, it was already behind Li Fuchen’s head . It opened up its fangs and bit at Li Fuchen’s nape .

Li Fuchen didn’t dare to get bitten by it . It was as though there was a pair of eyes on the back of his head as he drew the Joint-Heaven Sword and slashed behind him .

The Void Snake’s attack missed and it vanished again . Li Fuchen’s Joint-Heaven Sword didn’t even manage to touch the snake’s shadow .

“Void dao law . ”

Li Fuchen could see that the Void Snake knew the method to shift within the void .

It was a pity . The Void Snake knew the void dao laws, Li Fuchen knew it too . Apart from that, Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness was able to detect the snake’s presence with ease .

With the execution of the Heaven and Earth Extermination, the Void Snake was split in several pieces .

All of a sudden, the several pieces of the Void Snake had grown their own heads and tails . Subsequently, a single Void Snake was turned into several Void Snakes .

“Let’s see how many times you can split up . ”

Li Fuchen narrowed his eyes and enveloped the place with the Heaven and Earth Extermination .

Two times, three times .

After splitting for the third time, the Void Snake couldn’t split anymore and gradually died .

Shangguan Yu said, “The Void Snake’s innate abilities are the Void Shift and Splitting . It is fortunate that your sword art can counter it . ”

If she was the one to deal with the Void Snake, the Void Snake might not be able to harm her, but she wouldn’t be able to harm the Void Snake too . Once the battle dragged on, she was afraid she might be in danger .

In this world, there was always one thing that countered another . There were times when strength didn’t matter .

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