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Published at 18th of September 2020 10:16:46 AM
Chapter 618
ER – Chapter 618: Imperial Flower Pavilion

In the blink of the eye, it was already several days since the major martial contest .

This year’s major martial contest had much more commotions than before .

Firstly, it was Shangguan Yu surpassing Hu Yuanfeng and becoming the no . 1 disciple of the Black Emperor Guild . Furthermore, she already had the strength of a low-class combat emperor .

Secondly, it was Li Fuchen, the outsider who actually defeated Hu Yuanfeng . Furthermore, he used various amazing sword moves to defeat Hu Yuanfeng and the commotion he caused was even more significant than Shangguan Yu . After all, it was the first time that the Black Emperor Guild disciples saw anyone with such brilliant combat skills and it was a huge influence for them .

On one of the main peaks, the silver-haired elder said, “This Li Fuchen truly has astonishing talent . If Lass Yu can form a union with him, it will be great for the Black Emperor Guild, it is a pity that the Black Emperor is a stubborn old man and probably wouldn’t agree . ”

The higher the cultivation realm of a martial artist, the harder it was to produce a descendant .

It was already hard for Battle Spirit Realm masters to have descendants, therefore, it was even harder for Primary Sea Realm monarchs .

As for Law Phase Realm emperors, it was ridiculously difficult to produce descendants .

If those emperors didn’t manage to have more children when they were weak, most of the time, they would only have one child after progressing to the Law Phase Realm .

In fact, there were a few of those Law Phase Realm emperors who didn’t have any children for their entire lives .

Shangguan Yu was the only daughter that the Black Emperor had when he was 800 years old .

That’s why the Black Emperor had great expectations towards Shangguan Yu . He hoped that Shangguan Yu could get married later and put all her efforts into the martial dao .

Even if she was going to get married, she would have to form a union with someone that possessed a saint’s bloodline . Only by doing so, it would make the later generations have overwhelming innate talents and each generation would be stronger than the previous one .

Previously, there were countless people who tried to pursue Shangguan Yu, but the Black Emperor didn’t agree, but it was mainly because Shangguan Yu didn’t fancy them either .

Even one of the Red Moon Emperor’s two sons who had the most outstanding talents, the Red Moon Monarch had also pursued Shangguan Yu, but was rejected by the Black Emperor .

The Black Emperor put out a very harsh condition: Unless someone was able to progress to the Law Phase Realm before the age of 100 or possessed the saint’s bloodline, he would never agree .

To reach the Law Phase Realm before the age of 100, it was simply inhumanly difficult . Even in the history of the Emperor Sky Continent, no one had ever reached the Law Phase Realm before the age of 100 . Even the Soul Emperor who had terrifying and insane innate talents, could only reach the Law Phase Realm when he was over 100 years old .

Li Fuchen had already progressed to the Primary Sea Realm slightly over the age of 30 and it seemed like he had the chance to progress to the Law Phase Realm before the age of 100 .

However, the cultivation of the martial dao wasn’t calculated like this .

The later the cultivation realm, the harder it was to progress . Most of the people would use up their potential during the earlier cultivation realms and could only rely on precious resources to slowly advance .

Everyone in the Emperor Sky Continent knew that only 9-star bone frames were able to break through to the Law Phase Realm before the age of 100 . It was definitely impossible for 8-star bone frames .

As for the saint’s bloodline, it was a precondition that wasn’t up to the individual, it was up to the ancestors .

An individual would only have the saint’s bloodline if there was a saint among their ancestors .

Furthermore, it had to be within nine generations . After nine generations, the saint’s bloodline would vanish and the clan would become ordinary people again .

Nine generations might be a long time to produce plenty of descendants, however, those with the saint’s bloodline would have extreme difficulty producing descendants even when they were weak . Basically, each generation would only produce one or two descendants, as such, there weren’t a lot of descendants with the saint’s bloodline .

“Li Fuchen, let’s go . Void Grand Canyon is about to open . We need to purchase some void keys first . ” On this day, Shangguan Yu returned from outside and said to Li Fuchen .

The Void Grand Canyon might be a dangerous place, but it was actually considered a hidden domain .

It was said when the two saints battled, one of the saints was proficient in void dao laws . That saint used a single move to slice open a spatial zone on the Emperor Sky Continent . This spatial zone then gradually transformed into a hidden domain, the Void Grand Canyon .

The Void Grand Canyon would only open once every five years and before it opened, it would spit out plenty of void keys . Only those with the void keys were able to enter the Void Grand Canyon .

Half a month later, Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu arrived at the vicinity of the Void Grand Canyon, the Void City .

The Void City was bustling with liveliness . It might not be a main city, but it was much more prosperous than a main city .

During the recent days, the Void City would be hosting plenty of auctions and the main auction items would be the void keys .

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To obtain the void keys, one would need to rely on their luck .

There were some who were able to pick up a void key even when they were on a stroll, there were some whose storage bags suddenly appeared with a void key .

In short, the appearance of the void keys were filled with mystery .

While walking on the main street, Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu weren’t too conspicuous .

It was due to the fact that there were too many monarchs in the Void City . There were monarchs in all places .

All of a sudden, the main street that wasn’t very noisy had a huge commotion and clamor .  

Li Fuchen followed the noise and noticed there were two ladies in the middle of the main street .

One of the ladies was wearing green clothes while the other was wearing purple clothes . They were both extremely beautiful, they were at least top ten among all the ladies that Li Fuchen had seen before .

It was nothing much if it was merely their beautiful appearance, but these two ladies had an extraordinary aura that was hard to find from ordinary people . Within their auras, there were traces of extremely subtle charm intent . The charm intent was crucial and helped the two ladies’ charm factor to increase significantly . While they were walking, be it monarchs or ordinary martial artists, all of them were enchanted or charmed . Even those monarchs with firm minds found it hard to shift their eyes away .

“Who are those two?” Li Fuchen asked with a surprised voice .

Shangguan Yu twitched her mouth and said, “They are from the Imperial Flower Pavilion . If I didn’t guess wrongly, the two of them should be from the 36 Famed Flowers in the Imperial Flower Pavilion . ”

“Imperial Flower Pavilion?” Li Fuchen was curious .

Shangguan Yu explained, “The Imperial Flower Pavilion might not be one of the seven major emperor-class factions in the Emperor Sky Continent, but they are the most terrifying emperor-class faction in the entire continent . ”

“The Imperial Flower Pavilion is specialized in searching and nurturing those ladies with exceptional bone frames and appearances . Afterwards, those ladies would be associated with experts from various factions . All the seven major emperor-class factions in the Emperor Sky Continent are directly or indirectly associated with the Imperial Flower Pavilion . Just like the wife of the Red Moon Emperor, who is also one of the Imperial Flowers . The Soul Emperor also has a concubine who is one of the Imperial Flowers . In the Emperor Sky Continent, any of the factions could be offended, but not the Imperial Flower Pavilion . Otherwise, there will not be a place for you to stay in the entire Emperor Sky Continent . ”

Li Fuchen nodded . The Imperial Flower Pavilion’s overall strength wasn’t formidable, but they had too many connections with those powerful factions . If a person offended the Soul Emperor or the Red Moon Emperor, that person would only be chased down by one faction . But if a person offended the Imperial Flower Pavilion, factions from the entire continent would be chasing that person down .

Shangguan Yu continued explaining, “The Imperial Flower Pavilion has the Four Imperial Flowers and 36 Famed Flowers . In terms of innate talent and perception, the Imperial Flowers aren’t inferior to any top-notch prodigies . People who could interest them would only be those great emperors . Furthermore, those great emperors who are rather old might not interest them too . As for those people below the great emperor’s level, only those unprecedented prodigies with shocking talents would interest them . The Famed Flowers might not be as good as Imperial Flowers, but it is only a comparison between the best . There are still plenty of Law Phase Realm emperors who wish to marry Famed Flowers as wives . In this world, apart from the Soul Emperor who has one Imperial Flower and two Famed Flowers, the rest of the people could only have one . Even the Red Moon Emperor and the other great emperors aren’t exceptions . ”

Shangguan Yu took a glance at Li Fuchen and said, “Of course, with your innate talent and perception, if others know of it, you will probably be fancied by one of the Famed Flowers . ”

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Li Fuchen was definitely an absolute prodigy and if he could continue developing, he might become a great emperor .

“Me? Forget it . ” Li Fuchen chuckled .

It wasn’t because he was looking down on himself, he just wasn’t interested in the Imperial Flower Pavilion .

It wasn’t shameful to borrow influence, but if one’s target was to obtain influence, then it was disgraceful .

After becoming the focal point of everyone, Lü Luo and Zi Yi didn’t really bother . They were already numbed and used to such situations .
(TL note: Their names are Lü Luo = Green Radish, Zi Yi = Purple Clothes)

Lü Luo swept across before noticing Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu .

Shangguan Yu was currently disguised as a man . She had a handsome appearance and outstanding aura .

At first glance, Li Fuchen was only slightly handsome, but after careful observations, she was able to see that he had a similar aura to them but it was even more exceptional .

Such an aura was truly increasingly stunning as she continued observing .

Ladies from the Imperial Flower Pavilion didn’t just have outstanding aura, but also viciously discerning eyes .

They were able to see through subtle areas to observe how exceptional a person was . This was one of the basic skills they relied on to survive .

“Lü Luo, what are you looking at?” Zi Yi looked at Lü Luo with a confused expression .

Lü Luo said, “Those two individuals seem a little different . ”

Zi Yi looked over in response to Lü Luo’s statement .

“They are indeed a little different . That one is very handsome and there aren’t many men with such great looks . ” Zi Yi nodded .

Lü Luo said, “The other one is even more different . ”

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“The other one?” Zi Yi looked at Li Fuchen carefully .

Zi Yi’s discerning eyes were a little inferior to Lü Luo as the latter was the senior .

However, after some careful observations, she was still able to see why Li Fuchen was extraordinary .

A crane in a flock of chicken was a description that was used for people with extraordinary aura .

However, there were many times that such a description was misused .

Right now, Zi Yi’s mind actually flashed with this description .

“Let’s go . ”

Li Fuchen merely took a glance at Lü Luo and Zi Yi before withdrawing his gaze . His eyes didn’t have any emotions at all .

Shangguan Yu was rather astonished by Li Fuchen’s unwavered mind, but after thinking through, she found it reasonable .

The Imperial Flowers and Famed Flowers of the Imperial Flower Pavilion were indeed human world fairies, but those unprecedented prodigies were still acting independently and wouldn’t be easily influenced .

Those people that were easily influenced meant that their willpower weren’t strong enough and they would naturally have limited accomplishments .

As for the Red Moon Emperor and the Soul Emperor, instead of saying that they were attracted by the Imperial Flowers, it was better to say that they were taking what they each required . After all, they were great emperors and none of them were simple individuals . The Soul Emperor was especially overwhelming to marry one Imperial Flower and two Famed Flowers . This was his imposing presence as the Emperor Sky Continent’s no . 1 expert . Even the Imperial Flower Pavilion wouldn’t dare to offend him easily .

After entering an auction hall, Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu sat down .

Shortly after, the auction started .

The bidding for the void keys were very intense, but with their abundance of wealth, they each spent a few million mid-grade spirit stones to purchase a void key .

As luck would have it, Lü Luo and Zi Yi had also appeared in the auction hall . They too obtained a void key each .

Li Fuchen might have given them a very deep impression, but as members of the Imperial Flower Pavilion, they had to mind their dignity and wouldn’t take the initiative to know Li Fuchen . They allowed everything to go with fate .

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