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Published at 18th of September 2020 10:16:46 AM
Chapter 617
ER – Chapter 617: Emperor Shocked

Lü Tian’s strength was indeed formidable and was almost at the high-class half-emperor level . Of course, it was mainly due to the heaven class rod in his hand .

If a regular monarch obtained a heaven class weapon, they wouldn’t dare to expose it . However, it was different for half-emperors . Apart from Law Phase Realm emperors and combat emperors, there were only a few individuals who would dare to steal from them .

Li Fuchen didn’t try to be complacent . He sheathed the Red Lotus Sword and drew his Joint-Heaven Sword to contest with his opponent .

In just ten swords, Li Fuchen defeated Lü Tian .

Even if the two of them had comparable strength, Li Fuchen would still be able to defeat Lü Tian with ease, let alone the fact that Lü Tian was now inferior to Li Fuchen .

After Lü Tian was defeated, none of the Black Emperor Guild disciples were a match for Li Fuchen, apart from Shangguan Yu and Hu Yuanfeng .

“He has the strength of a high-class half-emperor at the 3rd level of Primary Sea Realm?” The silver-haired elder stroked his beard and nodded .

To be honest, when Shangguan Yu suddenly brought a friend back, the entire Black Emperor Guild was rather concerned . As the Black Emperor Guild”s Supreme Elder, he naturally wanted to test Li Fuchen’s strength .

Looking from this initial performance, Li Fuchen was very outstanding .

But it was useless to just be outstanding, as the Guild Patriarch was most particular about bloodlines . If Li Fuchen didn’t have the bloodlines of a saint, then it was impossible for him to be in union with Shangguan Yu .

“Li Fuchen, I, Hu Yuanfeng will try your skills . ”

After being defeated by Shangguan Yu, Hu Yuanfeng was extremely sullen . However, Shangguan Yu was a disciple of the Black Emperor Guild and also the daughter of the Guild Patriarch, therefore, it wasn’t very humiliating to be defeated by her . But if he didn’t make a move to defeat Li Fuchen, then it would truly be humiliating . No matter what, before this major martial contest, he was the no . 1 disciple of the Black Emperor Guild .

“Sure . ”

The silver-haired elder didn’t expect Li Fuchen to accept Hu Yuanfeng’s challenge .

It was a match between a peak-class half-emperor and a high-class half-emperor . Logically, there shouldn’t be any suspense in the outcome .

After all, a casual move from a peak-class half-emperor was already too much for a high-class half-emperor to handle . Was there even a need to fight?

Hu Yuanfeng immediately executed the Black Emperor Fist .

The Black Emperor Fist didn’t have any attributes, just like Li Fuchen’s Sky Ring Sword Art .

A black river surged out and it was the materialized fist force and fist intent . Anyone below the half-emperor level would be shattered into pieces after making contact with the river .

Heaven class martial arts had always been so tyrannical .

“Flowing Merciless Edge . ”

When Li Fuchen slashed with his sword, a scarlet thread slashed out too .

As compared to before, the Flowing Merciless Edge was much more perfect and ferocious .

Li Fuchen had already comprehended the heaven class sword move, Flowing Merciless Edge when he was at the Battle Spirit Realm . Right now, he was already at the 3rd level of Primary Sea Realm and if the Flowing Merciless Edge didn’t get better, it wasn’t really reasonable .

This was the difference between a self-created martial art and a learned martial art .

For self-created martial arts, it would be improved at any moment . As for learned martial arts, it was generally very difficult to break through the shackle of the creator and to push the martial arts to a new tier .

The greatly enhanced Flowing Merciless Edge was much stronger than most heaven class low-tier sword arts . The scarlet thread felt as though it could split heaven and earth, the yin and yang . A single slash had split the black river into two .


Within the black river, a black figure executed a fist to extinguish the scarlet thread .

“It is still lacking a little . ” Li Fuchen didn’t really mind .

Hu Yuanfeng’s strength was definitely at the peak-class half-emperor’s level and was on par with the Monochrome Parasol Lady . While Li Fuchen was inferior to either of them .

Of course, for a battle between monarchs, as long as the attack power wasn’t too drastically apart, it was hard to determine the outcome .

Especially for Li Fuchen . As long as the enemy wasn’t able to injure him in a single move, Li Fuchen was confident he could use his martial strength to defeat his enemy .

The precondition was that the enemy couldn’t injure him in a single move . If Hu Yuanfeng’s fist force was slightly stronger, then Li Fuchen would suffer slight injuries . It meant that Li Fuchen had to rely on his superiority in other aspects to defeat Hu Yuanfeng .

“Divine Wind Raging Howl!”

Li Fuchen leaped up high and brandished his sword downwards . Boundless and violent wind was blasted at Hu Yuanfeng .

This boundless and violent wind was actually boundless sword qi, but the sword qi contained the Grand Wind Sword Intent .

After reaching the Primary Sea Realm, Li Fuchen used the Grand Wind Sword Art as a base to create a heaven class low-tier sword move, Divine Wind Raging Howl .

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Right now, Li Fuchen had a total of six heaven class low-tier sword moves and a heaven class low-tier sword art .


Hu Yuanfeng frowned and took multiple steps back while executing fist strikes to repel the violent wind sword qi .

His strength might be at the peak-class half-emperor’s level, but his defense wasn’t . Let alone Li Fuchen, even a mid-class or low-class half-emperor would be able to injure him if he was careless .

The sword qi was really like a violent wind and was attacking Hu Yuanfeng from all directions . Furthermore, the sword qi didn’t attack in a straight trajectory, it had all sorts of trajectory . The most terrifying thing was that the sword intent would remain even after the sword qi was neutralized . As long as the sword intent was there, the dispersed sword qi would automatically converge with other sword qi and continue attacking Hu Yuanfeng .

One could say that there was only the most powerful move and no flawless move .

Every move had its own purpose for existing .

The Divine Wind Raging Howl might not be as powerful as the Flowing Merciless Edge and Meteor Fall, but it was difficult to neutralize . Unless there was a huge difference in strength, otherwise, the Divine Wind Raging Howl would be able to restrain the opponent, until the opponent was exhausted .

“Incineration Sword . ”

After the Divine Wind Raging Howl, Li Fuchen executed the heaven class low-tier sword move, Incineration Sword which was based on the Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration .

Once the Incineration Sword was executed, the temperature increased drastically as though they were in a hell of lava .

Boom Boom!

When the Divine Wind Raging Howl met with the Incineration Sword, there wasn’t any conflict, instead, there was a wonderful reaction . The fire borrowed the influence of the wind, while the wind increased the strength of the fire . Hu Yuanfeng was instantly engulfed by a wave of flames .

“He actually possesses so many heaven class sword moves . Yuanfeng might lose!” The silver-haired elder was extremely astonished .

He thought that Li Fuchen was just a high-class half-emperor . He didn’t expect Li Fuchen to actually be a peak-class half-emperor .

To determine the strength level, there were two main points to judge, the attack power and the all-rounded abilities .

If Hu Yuanfeng’s attack power was powerful enough, then Li Fuchen was all-rounded enough .

Hu Yuanfeng was able to use one type of heaven class martial art, but Li Fuchen had several and each of them had their own distinct speciality and various effects . Unless one was able to completely suppress an all-rounded person, it was impossible to defeat them . An all-rounded individual would have different kinds of methods to neutralize your moves and search for your flaws .

“World Engulf!”

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Inside the sea of flames, Hu Yuanfeng yelled out and executed a fist strike . A black whirlpool was produced and had dispersed the sea of flames .

With traces of char on his body, Hu Yuanfeng had a rather unpleasant expression . It was fine if he was defeated by Shangguan Yu, but he wouldn’t tolerate it if he was defeated by Li Fuchen .

“He isn’t a peak-class half-emperor for no reason . ”

Li Fuchen didn’t think that he would be able to defeat Hu Yuanfeng in a few moves . It wasn’t realistic and was also impossible .

“Sword of Impermanence . ”

All of a sudden, the contest stage appeared with multiple Li Fuchen and just by taking a rough glance, there were at least a few dozen of Li Fuchen .

The dozens of Li Fuchen brandished their swords and attacked Hu Yuanfeng in a frenzied assault .

The Sword of Impermanence was a heaven class low-tier sword move created based on the Impermanence Sword Art .

This move was extremely crafty . The sword intent could instantly turn Li Fuchen’s figure into a phantom and produce a cloning effect .

“Another heaven class sword move?” The silver-haired elder was shocked .

With his discerning eyes, how could he not see that Li Fuchen’s sword moves had strength and profundity that were comparable with regular heaven class low-tier sword arts . However, the sword intents weren’t that prominent and it was obvious that they weren’t learned sword moves, and were self-created sword moves .

To be able to self-create a heaven class sword move would require terrifying perception . To self-create two heaven class sword moves, only insane prodigies were able to do it . To self-create four different heaven class sword moves, it was simply outrageous .

When dozens of Li Fuchen attacked at the same time, Hu Yuanfeng panicked .

He wasn’t able to differentiate which was an illusion and which was the true body . Every single Li Fuchen looked so real and so formidable, because every Li Fuchen was enveloped in a layer of bizarre sword intent .

Without a choice, Hu Yuanfeng could only execute the Black Emperor Fist’s World Engulf again to carry out a wide range attack .

A circle of black streams burst out and there was only one Li Fuchen left . However, this Li FUchen was already too much for Hu Yuanfeng to handle . The Joint-Heaven Sword pierced through the river and penetrated Hu Yuanfeng’s qi protection!


There was a burst of sparks as Hu Yuanfeng was sent flying .

It was fortunate that Hu Yuanfeng only suffered a light injury and it wouldn’t affect his combat strength .

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“Meteor Fall!”

Right at this moment, Li Fuchen brandished his sword and burst out with a dazzling sword light . The time on the contest stage instantly slowed down and the only thing that didn’t slow down was Li Fuchen’s sword .

“Five different heaven class sword moves . ” The silver-haired elder had wide opened eyes .

“Damn it!” Hu Yuanfeng exerted his full strength with his fists to block this sword .


The sword light grazed over Hu Yuanfeng’s fists and left a sword scar on Hu Yuanfeng’s shoulder .

In less than ten moves, Li Fuchen held the absolute advantage and it was something that no one expected . Everyone of the audience couldn’t help but hold their breaths as they stared at the fight without blinking their eyes . They were afraid they might miss out on the most exciting scenes of the fight .

“Uncle Fan is wrong, I am also wrong . His innate talent and perception on the sword dao isn’t inferior to the incantation dao at all . It might even be superior . ” Shangguan Yu took a deep breath .

Li Fuchen’s sword dao was too spiritual . Those were obviously different types of sword moves, but he was able to put them together flawlessly . From the looks of the current situation, it was impossible for Hu Yuanfeng to reverse the outcome, because Li Fuchen’s sword moves were integrated into an entire set and didn’t exist by themselves .

Hu Yuanfeng could obviously see this point too . He burst out with his strength and wanted to break Li Fuchen’s rhythm and regain his own rhythm .

“Heaven and Earth Extermination . ”

Finally, Li Fuchen brought out his trump card .

All the sword moves at the front were to set up for this final sword move, because this sword move was a near perfect .

But no matter how perfect it was, it was still impossible to defeat Hu Yuanfeng in a single sword . Only by holding the absolute advantage, was Li Fuchen able to defeat Hu Yuanfeng with this sword move .

It looked as though the void had split apart while Hu Yuanfeng looked like an image in the mirror .


Hu Yuanfeng suffered an injury and vomited a mouthful of fresh blood .

This time, it wasn’t just a simple light injury . Li Fuchen’s sword qi had penetrated into Hu Yuanfeng’s body and caused destruction on the inside .

“Senior Hu, thank you for the win . ”

Li Fuchen then executed the Flowing Merciless Edge and sliced at Hu Yuanfeng with the scarlet thread which sent Hu Yuanfeng off the contest stage .

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