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Published at 23rd of September 2020 10:16:47 AM
Chapter 619
ER – Chapter 619: Spiritual Awareness Imprint

The entrance to the Void Grand Canyon was actually in a grand canyon .

The entrance of the hidden domain had yet to open, but there were already thousands of Primary Sea Realm monarchs gathered in the grand canyon .

The Void Grand Canyon was different from the Wind Thunder Abyss . The environment inside might be dangerous, but it wasn’t vile . With luck, regular monarchs were also able to survive, if one’s luck was bad, even a combat emperor would be in danger .

After taking a glance, Li Fuchen noticed plenty of prodigy monarchs and the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor was actually here too .

The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor was very famous even in the entire Emperor Sky Continent . Among the prodigy monarchs, he was one of the top few individuals .

“This Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor is truly an annoying person . ” Shangguan Yu twitched her mouth .

“It doesn’t matter . If he dares to come, we shall teach him how to behave properly . ”

Li Fuchen wasn’t concerned . He didn’t spend this period of time doing nothing, be it his sword dao or his incantation dao, both were now having a stronger foundation . Li Fuchen might still not be a match for the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor in a solo fight, but if Li Fuchen worked together with Shangguan Yu, he was confident that he could make the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor suffer an unforgettable loss .

The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor had also noticed Li Fuchen, he frowned and revealed a murderous intent in his eyes .

However, the murderous intent quickly vanished, he understood that he wasn’t able to deal with both Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu, unless they were separated .

“Poison Rain, do me a favor . ” The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor transmitted a message to a black-armored lady who had a chilly qi presence of a snake .

The black-armored lady asked, “What is in for me?”

“A stalk of Heaven Essence Herb . ” The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor gritted his teeth and stated .

The heaven class low-tier Heaven Essence Herb was a miraculous herb that could increase the cultivation . Those below the high-level of Primary Sea Realm could directly increase their cultivation by one level after consuming one stalk . As for those high-level monarchs who were stuck at the bottleneck, they would immediately break through upon consumption . There were no side effects and it contained the heaven essence laws, which was most suitable for the human body .

If the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor didn’t have two Heaven Essence Herb, he would never be willing to give one away .

“Alright . ” The black-armored lady agreed .

After reaching the heaven class, herbs didn’t have a fixed price .

Herbs at the same heaven class low-tier quality would have drastically different prices . Some of the precious heaven class low-tier herbs might have prices that were a few times, or even ten times more expensive than other herbs of the same grade . It was mainly dependent on the effects .

The Heaven Essence Herb was definitely one of the more valuable heaven class low-tier herbs . Its price was normally five times more than ordinary heaven class low-tier herbs .

With a Heaven Essence Herb, she would be able to save several years of hard work .

“Leave an imprint on their bodies first . ” The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor said to the black-armored lady .

The black-armored lady had the title of Poison Rain Combat Empress and was a famous combat emperor in the Soul Sky Empire . Her combat strength might only be a low-class combat emperor, but the difficulty to deal with her was no less than the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor .
(TL note: I will indicate gender in titles, but for levels and strength levels, it will put it as combat emperor etc . )

The Poison Rain Combat Empress cultivated the poison dao qi and her qi contained deadly poison . No one below the Law Phase Realm would dare to be inflicted by her poison .

Apart from her poison dao abilities, the Poison Rain Combat Empress was also adept at tracking . She was able to put down spiritual awareness imprints on people stealthily .

The Poison Rain Combat Empress nodded and didn’t even look at Li Fuchen or Shangguan Yu .

Her tracking secret technique was considered a spiritual awareness secret technique . Before executing the secret technique, she must not look at her targets, otherwise, they might be aware .

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From her forehead, two invisible light spots floated out . They blended into the wind and flew towards Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu .

Without any sound or presence, the light spots landed on Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu .

“Done . ” The Poison Rain Combat Empress said to the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor .

“They shouldn’t notice right?” The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor was rather worried .

The Poison Rain Combat Empress said confidently, “Who would bother when the wind blows across their body or when dust falls on their body?”

The Poison Rain Combat Empress didn’t know that when the light spot landed on Li Fuchen, he had already felt something wrong .

After scanning his body with his spiritual awareness, Li Fuchen didn’t find anything . But after scanning with his spirit soul force, Li Fuchen noticed a light spot on his body .

At the same time, Shangguan Yu also had the light spot on her body .

“This is a spiritual awareness imprint?”

Li Fuchen’s expression didn’t change but there was a commotion in his heart .

The enemy’s spiritual awareness secret technique was obviously brilliant and even his spiritual awareness couldn’t detect it . If he didn’t have the spirit soul force, it was very possible that he would end up in a miserable conclusion .

Li Fuchen didn’t dispel the light spot immediately, he didn’t even tell Shangguan Yu, to prevent alerting the enemy .

Li Fuchen was preparing to do something after entering the Void Grand Canyon .

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Soon enough, the Void Grand Canyon opened .

Within the void, there was a large crevice and it was a spatial crevice . Even if a Law Phase Realm emperors tried to barge in forcefully, they would be ripped apart by the spatial crevice . Only those wielding the void keys wouldn’t be injured by the spatial crevice .

“Go, let’s enter!”

Everyone with the void keys were swiftly diving into the large crevice .

Along with the flow, Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu had also entered the large crevice .

Inside the crevice was a spatial storm that was like a thick paste . Those who had the void keys would have a bubble around their body as they drifted towards the other end of the crevice .

A short moment later, everyone arrived at the Void Grand Canyon’s hidden domain .

Due to the unpredictability of the void dao power, everyone was scattered . Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu were close to each other when they entered, therefore, they didn’t get separated .

Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu landed on a slanted piece of land .

“This is the Void Grand Canyon’s hidden domain?”

On the slanted land, there wasn’t any end at the other side of the horizon and it was truly a terrifying sight .

Shangguan Yu said, “The Void Grand Canyon has disordered spatial awareness, that’s why there are things which defies common sense . Like this slanted land we are on or water that flows into the air . There are some places that can even disrupt our sense of direction . You might be walking forward, but the body is moving backwards, towards the left or the right . ”

“That is rather mystical . ”

Li Fuchen couldn’t imagine how powerful the saint proficient in void dao laws was . If Li Fuchen was to contest with the saint, he would probably die in a miserable manner .

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“That’s right, we have spiritual awareness imprints on our bodies . ” Li Fuchen said to Shangguan Yu .

“Spiritual awareness imprints?” Shangguan Yu quickly scanned her body with her spiritual awareness .

Li Fuchen shook his head and said, “It is useless, the spiritual awareness imprint is very obscure . Initially, when I used the wrong method to scan, I couldn’t find it too . Afterwards, I adjusted my spiritual awareness activity and found it . ”

“Are you able to adjust your spiritual awareness activity?” Shangguan Yu looked at Li Fuchen with astonishment .

The adjustment of spiritual awareness activity was something that only Law Phase Realm emperors could do . Some of the people proficient in tracking secret techniques were also able to do it, but Li Fuchen had done it without any guidance .

“After attempting a few times, I was able to do it . ”

Li Fuchen felt that it wasn’t possible that his spiritual awareness couldn’t scan the light spot, therefore, he continued trying . Finally, he realized that if the spiritual awareness was active enough, it would be able to see even more obscure items, like the light spot .

“I cannot compete with you . Are you able to remove the spiritual awareness imprints?” Shangguan Yu asked .

Li Fuchen said, “Let me try . ”

While speaking, Li Fuchen released his spiritual awareness and flushed the light spot .

The light spot didn’t move . It was as though water was crashing into the rocks and there was hardly any damage .

“It seems like the composition of this spiritual awareness imprint is very unique . ” Li Fuchen said to himself .

The quality of anything was determined by the composition . The reason steel was harder than wood was due to the difference in composition .

This light spot seemed very small, but its composition on the interior must be extremely complicated .

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