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Published at 18th of September 2020 10:16:46 AM
Chapter 616
ER – Chapter 616: Martial Contest

The Black Emperor Guild was different from the Red Rainbow Sect . Once Red Rainbow Sect disciples reached the Primary Sea Realm, they would be immediately promoted as elders .

As for the Black Emperor Guild disciples, as long as they were below the age of 100, they were all disciples .

As an emperor-class faction, the Black Emperor Guild had a few dozen Primary Sea Realm disciples . Even though only a small portion of the Battle Spirit Realm disciples came to the Emperor Sky Continent, there were still around 1000 .

With a huge number of disciples, it was difficult to monitor the progress of each disciple .

Therefore, the Black Emperor Guild would host an annual minor martial contest and a triennial major martial contest .

The minor martial contest was for Battle Spirit Realm disciples, while the major martial contest was for Primary Sea Realm disciples .

Li Fuchen had been at the Black Emperor Guild for a week and it just happened that it was time for the major martial contest .

On the Battle Martial Peak of the Black Emperor Guild, almost everyone was here . When thousands of people were gathered, it was a magnificent sight . Especially when these thousands of people were either Battle Spirit Realm or Primary Sea Realm .

In the audience seats, Li Fuchen was also here .

‘I can make use of this opportunity to observe the strength of the Black Emperor Guild’s prodigy monarchs . ’

Those who reached the Primary Sea Realm before the age of 100 were considered prodigy monarchs . After all, Primary Sea Realm monarchs had a lifespan of 1000 years and the 100-year mark was only 10% of the lifespan . It was equivalent to a 10-year-old child in the world of ordinary people .

On the martial contest stage, the contest had already begun .

According to the rules of the major martial contest, a 1st level monarch could only challenge a 1st level monarch before challenging a 2nd level monarch . If the 2nd level monarch was defeated, then the 1st level monarch could continue challenging a 3rd level monarch .

Therefore, at the beginning of the contest, the matches were all between two individuals of the same level and none of them were challenging people above their cultivation levels yet .

“They are disciples of an emperor-class faction after all, there isn’t a lack of heaven class martial arts and cultivation techniques . ”

Li Fuchen noticed all of the Primary Sea Realm disciples of the Black Emperor Guild had cultivated heaven class martial arts . A minority of them even cultivated heaven class cultivation techniques . It made their strength far beyond ordinary monarchs and it wasn’t appropriate to judge their strength by their cultivation level .

Soon enough, the martial contest reached the climax .

The finest disciples of the Black Emperor Guild, Shangguan Yu and Hu Yuanfeng were up on the stage .

In the past, Shangguan Yu wasn’t a match for Hu Yuanfeng .

Hu Yuanfeng was at the 6th level of Primary Sea Realm and he had cultivated both heaven class martial art and cultivation technique . His strength had already reached the level of peak-class half-emperors . Had his cultivation technique reached the highest rank, he would be able to become a combat emperor easily .

“Junior Yu, be careful . ” Hu Yuanfeng was very confident and assumed that the current Shangguan Yu was still not a match for him .

“Senior Hu, just fight with your full strength . ” Shangguan Yu didn’t really put Hu Yuanfeng in her eyes .

Hu Yuanfeng might be an 8-star bone frame, but in her eyes, he was only an ordinary 8-star bone frame .

There were plenty of 8-star bone frames in the Emperor Sky Continent, however, they were separated into many levels according to their innate talents and perception .

Hu Yuanfeng was considered the weakest while the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor was the strongest .

As for Li Fuchen, Shangguan Yu didn’t know which level he belonged to . She only knew that she had never seen anyone who had innate talents and perception that were comparable with Li Fuchen .

The two of them clashed against each other with their fists .

Hu Yuanfeng executed the Black Emperor Fist, while Shangguan Yu executed her Five Forms Emperor Fist .


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Hu Yuanfeng was sent flying while Shangguan Yu remained in place .

Hu Yuanfeng’s face was flushed red, he forced a smile and said, “After over one year, Junior Yu has improved greatly . Your senior, I will be getting serious now . ”

“Senior Hu, I already told you to fight at full strength . ” After having a little understanding of Hu Yuanfeng’s strength, Shangguan Yu stated with confidence .

Hu Yuanfeng didn’t say anything else and burst out with both his qi and soft water power . He then executed the finishing move of the Black Emperor Fist, World Conquering Fist .

This fist move contained Hu Yuanfeng’s 100% strength . When the fist was executed, the fist force looked like a black river and there was a black figure within the river . It was giving off a feeling that it would dominate the world .

“Champosaurus Kill!”

When facing Hu Yuanfeng’s finishing move, Shangguan Yu didn’t dare to be complacent . She executed her fist which looked like an image of a champosaurus baring its fangs and showing its sinister expression .

The Five Forms Emperor Fist was using the divine aura of five ancient mythical beasts as the fist intents . Every move was extremely tyrannical and ferocious .


The black river was blasted open and Hu Yuanfeng was sent flying again . But for this time, he wasn’t able to suppress the flaring qi blood and vomited a mouthful of blood .

The difference between a peak-class half-emperor and a low-class combat emperor was extreme . If the two individuals clashed directly, a few moves were enough to settle the fight .

“Senior Hu, thank you for the win . ” Shangguan Yu cupped her fist .

Hu Yuanfeng didn’t have the face to stay on the contest stage and flew off with an awful expression .

“After over a year, Senior Yu has improved so much . ”

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“Senior Hu has the strength of a peak-class half-emperor, but Senior Yu’s strength is probably at the combat emperor’s level . ”

On the audience seats, everyone started their heated discussions .

On a mountain peak that wasn’t far from the Battle Martial Peak, there was a silver-haired elder standing on a palace hall . The violent winds were howling, but they couldn’t move his silver hair .

“This Lass Yu’s innate talents and perception are top-notch . I didn’t expect her fate to be as profound too . ”

As a Law Phase Realm emperor, how could he not see that Shangguan Yu’s qi blood source was much stronger than before .

There were merely a few things that could strengthen the qi blood source and the Thunder Calamity Herb was one of them .

The Thunder Calamity Herb might be a heaven class low-tier herb, but it was very difficult to obtain, even for Law Phase Realm emperors .

The Wind Shadow Abyss was a place that Law Phase Realm emperors would never enter . Those who entered would either get lost or die inside .

It was rumored that the Wind Shadow Abyss contained an emperor-class danger .

It was fine if no Law Phase Realm emperors entered . Once a Law Phase Realm emperor entered, they would need to face the emperor-class danger .

It was why there was a very scarce supply of Thunder Calamity Herbs in the Emperor Sky Continent . Those who obtained it would either keep it carefully or use it themselves .

The silver-haired elder quickly turned his eyes onto Li Fuchen . His lips moved slightly as he transmitted a message to the elder that was overseeing the major martial contest .

The elder nodded and transmitted a message to a 3rd level Primary Sea Realm disciple that was below the stage .

Immediately after, that disciple jumped onto the contest stage and said loudly to Li Fuchen, “Li Fuchen, I am Zhu Zichang, I wonder if I can get some pointers from you . Of course, if you are afraid, then it doesn’t matter . ”

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Li Fuchen was surprised . “I am not a disciple of the Black Emperor Guild, I don’t think it is appropriate right?”

The elder overseeing the major martial contest laughed and said, “Li Fuchen, you are the disciple of the Incantation Martial Emperor . Incantation Martial Emperor has been on great terms with the Black Emperor Guild for a long time . To a certain extent, you can also be considered as half a disciple of the Black Emperor Guild . It isn’t inappropriate for you to have a spar in the martial contest . ”

Since the Black Emperor Guild’s elder said it like this, Li Fuchen knew that if he didn’t participate, he would be disrespecting the Black Emperor Guild .

With a flash, Li Fuchen landed on the contest stage and said, “Please give me some pointers . ”


Zhu Zichang didn’t waste any time as a spear appeared in his hand . The spear spun vigorously before suddenly thrusting at Li Fuchen .

This spear was like a stunning thunderbolt and also a divine dragon that emerged from the sea . It gave off a feeling that it could split the skies and overturn the sea .

This was the Black Emperor Guild’s heaven class low-tier Thunder Dragon Spear Art .

When facing Zhu Zichang’s thunderous spear thrust, Li Fuchen drew the Red Lotus Sword . With a spin, he dodged Zhu Zichang’s spear and subsequently, his Red Lotus Sword was placed on Zhu Zichang’s throat .

“Thanks for the win . ” Li Fuchen said indifferently .

Zhu Zichang’s face switched between red and white before he got off from the contest stage .

Just as Li Fuchen thought that it was over, a 5th level Primary Sea Realm disciple came up .

“Lü Tian . ”

This disciple called Lü Tian had extremely powerful qi prowess as he obviously cultivated a heaven class cultivation technique .

“Li Fuchen be careful . Senior Lü Tian has cultivated the heaven class low-tier cultivation technique, Nine Revolution Tyrant Sky Technique . His qi is completely blended and contains the tyrant intent . ” Shangguan Yu warned Li Fuchen .

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