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Chapter 615
ER – Chapter 615: Black Emperor Guild

The Soul Sky Empire was huge, the size of the territory was ranked no . 1 among the seven major emperor-class factions . It was three times bigger than the Red Moon Empire, therefore, just the southern part of the empire was already equivalent to the Red Moon Empire .

In the southern part of the Soul Sky Empire there were around 1000 monarch-class factions and 10 emperor-class factions .

The Black Emperor Guild was ranked no . 2 among the 10 emperor-class factions and were considered an extremely powerful emperor-class faction .

The Black Emperor Mountains was a mountain range with immense and grand qi prowess .

Within this mountain range, there were thousands of Black Emperor Guild members and there were Law Phase Realm emperors, Primary Sea Realm monarchs, and Battle Spirit Realm masters .

As compared to the Red Rainbow Sect, the Black Emperor Guild’s foundation was several times stronger, it was why there were around ten times as many members that came to the Emperor Sky Continent .

In front of the Black Emperor Mountains’ array…

Shangguan Yu and Li Fuchen stopped here .

“This is the Black Emperor Guild, my father is the Black Emperor Guild Patriarch and also the current Black Emperor . ” Shangguan Yu stated .

Every patriarch of the Black Emperor Guild would be given the title of Black Emperor . Her father was already the ninth generation .

“If I follow you inside, wouldn’t it be inappropriate?”

Li Fuchen heard of the Black Emperor Guild .

This was an extremely powerful emperor-class faction . They had a total of three Law Phase Realm emperors and around a thousand monarchs . The Guild Patriarch, the Black Emperor was a sub-completion body refinement emperor . His strength was comparable with high-level emperors . Among the emperors of the Emperor Sky Continent, the Black Emperor was considered a reputable figure .

Shangguan Yu said, “What is inappropriate? You are Uncle Fan’s nominal disciple and are actually considered half a personal disciple . Who will dare to make things difficult for you?

“Let’s go!”

Shangguan Yu took out a token and led Li Fuchen into the Black Emperor Mountains .

The Black Emperor Mountains had plenty of mountain peaks and each peak had ample spirit qi . It might not be comparable with marvel mountain, but they were much more concentrated than famed mountains . There were a few of the main peaks that had spirit qi that were only slightly inferior to marvel mountains .

One of the main peaks was the Black Cloud Peak and the duo landed there .

“Senior Shangguan . ”

“Senior Yu . ”

On the Black Cloud Peak, there were plenty of Black Emperor Guild disciples and many of them were at the Primary Sea Realm . When these disciples saw Shangguan Yu, they were all greeting respectfully or intimately .

“Senior Yu, you have ventured outside for one year and three months this time . You have broken your record . ” A yellow-dressed petite beauty pulled on Shangguan Yu’s jade-like hands and winked as she said .

Shangguan Yu patted on the back of the yellow-dressed beauty’s head and said, “It has been more than a year and you have yet to step into the Primary Sea Realm . You are truly slow-witted . ”

“Senior Yu, you are an 8-star bone frame, I am only a 7-star bone frame, it is normal for me to be a little slow-witted . ” The yellow-dressed beauty acted as though it was normal .

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Shangguan Yu was in a good mood as she laughed and pointed at Li Fuchen to introduce him, “This is Li Fuchen, my good friend . ”

Everyone sized up Li Fuchen with curiosity in response, as Shangguan Yu only treated a few individuals as good friends . In the entire Black Emperor Guild, there were only less than five disciples that could become friends with Shangguan Yu . As for good friends, there was only the yellow-dressed beauty, Lu Xiaodie .
(TL note: Yes she has the same given name as Li Xiaodie – Li Fuchen’s younger godsister)

“Hello, I am Lu Xiaodie . ” The yellow-dressed beauty, Lu Xiaodie took the initiative to greet Li Fuchen .

Seeing the situation, the rest of the people had also greeted Li Fuchen .

“Junior Yu, you are back!” A green-sleeved youth just got the news and immediately rushed over .

“Senior Hu . ” Shangguan Yu nodded .

Shangguan Yu’s neutral attitude was a little unnatural to the green-sleeved youth . He took a glance at Li Fuchen and couldn’t help narrow his eyes . If Li Fuchen was only at the Battle Spirit Realm, he wouldn’t bother, but Li Fuchen was at the 3rd level of Primary Sea Realm and it developed a sense of threat .

“Junior Yu, is this person your friend?” The green-sleeved youth asked .

Shangguan Yu had no choice but to introduce . “Li Fuchen, this is Senior Hu Yuanfeng . His grandfather is the guild’s Supreme Elder . Senior Hu, this is my friend, Li Fuchen . ”

“Greetings to Senior Hu . ” Li Fuchen greeted politely .

Hu Yuanfeng’s age should be much older than Shangguan Yu but his cultivation was also much higher . He was already at the 6th level of Primary Sea Realm and only one level lower than the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor .

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Hu Yuanfeng laughed and said, “It is Junior Li’s first time at the Black Emperor Guild and he isn’t familiar with this place . Junior Yu, why don’t I bring him for a tour . ”

“Senior Hu doesn’t have to go through the trouble . Li Fuchen, come, let’s go to my Black Jade Peak!”

Shangguan Yu had the 8-star bone frame and was also the Guild Patriarch’s daughter, therefore, she had her own mountain peak . This was something that other Primary Sea Realm monarchs couldn’t compare with her .

Hu Yuanfeng had a gloomy expression as he watched Shangguan Yu and Li Fuchen left .

Black Jade Peak…

“Li Fuchen, stay here for now, I will go and see my father . ”

After Li Fuchen was brought to the Black Jade Peak, Shangguan Yu’s figure flashed as she flew to a nearby main peak .

“The void has traces of the array . It should be a class 8 array . ”

The Black Emperor Mountains were massive and a class 7 array wouldn’t be able to cover the entire place, only class 8 arrays were able to do so . Furthermore, a class 7 array wouldn’t be able to remain invisible in Li Fuchen’s eyes, but Li Fuchen could only see traces of the class 8 array and it was hard to use his spiritual awareness to find the flaws .

After looking for a cliff in the Black Jade Peak where he could cultivate, Li Fuchen took out the jade scroll that the Incantation Martial Emperor gave him and continued to study the incantation dao .

After the battle with the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor, Li Fuchen saw the overall picture and understood the power of the incantation dao .

Perhaps the incantation dao might not be as aggressive and ferocious as the sword dao in a direct confrontation, where the sword could break all laws, but the incantation dao was definitely the most comprehensive . It encompassed nearly everything, there were attack incantations, defense incantations, substitution incantations, mind incantations, curses, incantation array, even enhancement incantations that could enhance a person’s strength, like a body refinement martial artist . Li Fuchen felt that if his incantation dao’s proficiency could go further, he should be able to handle any situation with just the incantation dao .

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Of course, it didn’t matter how fearsome the incantation dao was, Li Fuchen would never give up on the sword dao .

He had a vague feeling that being comprehensive was mediocre .

The incantation dao embodied too many aspects and in this world, there was nothing that was flawless and perfect .

At the current juncture, his idea was to study more of the incantation dao and think of a method to eliminate the Skull Blood Curse on his body .

Shangguan Yu only returned during evening time . When she returned, she immediately brought Li Fuchen to the Black Emperor Guild’s meal hall .

Having a meal at the Black Emperor Guild’s meal hall required spirit stones, even the Guild Patriarch had to pay .

However, the dishes in the Black Emperor Guild were indeed delicious . It wasn’t inferior to any restaurant and after eating the meal, Shangguan Yu brought Li Fuchen back to the Black Jade Peak again .

After several days, Li Fuchen’s proficiency on the incantation dao was getting better . He was planning to start the cultivation on those mid-class incantations .

The mid-class incantations were far superior to low-class incantations . According to what the Incantation Martial Emperor said, in ordinary environments, low-class incantations could exhibit power that was between earth class peak-tier martial arts and heaven class low-tier martial arts . The power exhibited from mid-class incantations were equivalent to heaven class mid-tier martial arts, while high-class incantations were comparable to heaven class high-tier martial arts . As for the legendary peak-class incantations, they could already contact with the innate essence of living things and were as powerful as heaven class peak-tier martial arts . It was something that even regular saints couldn’t reach .

Once a person was able to grasp even a hint of the peak-class incantation, instantly killing a Law Phase Realm emperor was as simple as drinking water and having a meal .

Of course, the incantation dao was extremely profound and it was hard to learn and master . It didn’t mean that if the practitioner obtained a high-class or peak-class incantation, the practitioner would be invincible . The practitioner would need to have a certain level of proficiency, otherwise, even if the practitioner had a peak-class incantation, they wouldn’t be able to withstand the pressure from the finger of a Law Phase Realm emperor .

Of course, it didn’t mean that fundamental and low-class incantations were useless in the future .

The incantations didn’t have a limit and the amount of heaven and earth power that could be borrowed was up to the practitioner . If the practitioner was capable, they could use fundamental incantations to borrow unlimited heaven and earth power . They would then be invincible and could soar through the entire world .

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