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Published at 14th of September 2020 10:50:11 AM
Chapter 614
ER – Chapter 614: Repelling Ghost Dragon

In the outskirts of the Fall Thunder City, Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu weren’t in a hurry to leave . They were waiting for the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor to appear .

Of course, they knew that with their speed, it was impossible to get rid of the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor .

After over a dozen breaths, an illusory figure appeared and it was rather close to the duo .

“The two of you are rather sensible and know that you are unable to escape from my hands . ”

The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor was very confident . There were less than ten individuals below the Law Phase Realm who were faster than him . Therefore, even if the duo escaped, he was certain he could catch up to them within a very short period of time .

“Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor, stop your nonsense and fight with me again . ”

Shangguan Yu’s strength had improved greatly and she was just lacking for someone to hone her skills . The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor was definitely the best whetstone .

“Courting death . ” The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor brandished his snake blade and shot out a distorted blade light .


This time, the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor wasn’t able to penetrate Shangguan Yu’s qi power .

With significant advancement in body refinement, she was also at the combat emperor’s level, but she was a low-class combat emperor while the foe was a mid-class combat emperor .

“No wonder you dare to exit the city, it is because of your significant growth in strength . ”

The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor was rather surprised, but his surprised expression immediately turned into a sneer .

So what if her strength improved greatly, she would only be able to endure a few more attacks .

“Mind Wound incantation . ” From far away, Li Fuchen formed the seal with both his hands and executed the Mind Wound incantation .

A severe qi presence was shot at the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor .

The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor felt his mind was ripped a little and the spirit in his eyes had dimmed .

“You dare hurt my mind!” The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor roared out and charged at Li Fuchen .

“Stay right here!” Shangguan Yu did her best to stall the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor .

“I want the two of you to die a miserable death!”

The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor exerted his full strength to attack Shangguan Yu frenziedly . In just a few blinks of the eye, Shangguan Yu’s body had several new wounds .

“Mind Wound incantation . ”

This time, Li Fuchen took a longer time to prepare . He shot out a severe qi presence that was like an arrow which penetrated the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor’s mind . It made the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor’s attack delay a little and he was sent flying by Shangguan Yu’s fist .

The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor had a twisted expression and his intent to kill Li Fuchen was simply bursting through the clouds .

He had never felt such an urge to kill a person .  

Li Fuchen didn’t care what his enemy was thinking and after he released the previous Mind Wound incantation, he was already preparing the next attack .

The Mind Wound incantation used one’s own mind as a guide to gather indescribably qi presence in the world to attack the enemy . Li Fuchen named this indescribable qi presence as mind energy .

The mind energy might be called energy, but it was impossible to detect it in normal situations . Only by achieving autoscopy, one would then be able to sense the existence of mind energy . Such energy was extremely scarce, but extremely effective . Li Fuchen realized that everytime he executed the Mind Wound incantation, it would exhaust his mind a little, but he would also be replenished by some mind energy . Over time, his mind was tempered and gradually strengthened .

Li Fuchen surmised that the mind energy was a kind of high grade energy . If the human body was equivalent to the ordinary heaven and earth energy, then the human’s spirit soul would be the mind energy .

Apart from that, the human body was probably producing mind energy too .

The advancement in qi cultivation, body refinement, mental state, spirit soul, would also strengthen the mind . The mind was essentially the mind energy .

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Li Fuchen suspected that the spirit soul, true spirit, and spiritual awareness were actually related to the mind energy, or perhaps an embodiment of the mind energy .

In this world, all things should be made up of energy . It was the same for the rocks, plants, void, and also humans .

The only thing Li Fuchen couldn’t understand was the laws .

Without laws, the energies would most likely be in chaos .

The laws were like an order that allowed everything to revolve in an orderly manner .

When facing Li Fuchen’s Mind Wound incantation, the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor felt that he was becoming increasingly exhausted . It was as if he had already fought for ten consecutive days . He wished he could take a nap right now to replenish his energy .

“Mind Lost incantation . ”

Li Fuchen was able to sense the condition of the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor’s mind . After seeing that his mind had declined to a certain point, Li Fuchen didn’t hesitate to execute the Mind Lost incantation .

With the guidance of the Mind Wound incantation, the mind energy in heaven and earth branded an illusion realm into the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor’s mind .

“Not good . ”

The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor bit his tongue to forcefully awaken himself .

“Five Forms Emperor Fist, Cyan Luan Dance!”
(TL note: The Cyan Luan is a mythical bird that is compared with the Phoenix)

A cyan large bird’s image burst out from Shangguan Yu’s fist . It soared with its extended wings and smashed into the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor’s body .


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The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor was injured as he vomited a mouthful of fresh blood .

There was an extremely huge difference between mid-class combat emperors and low-class combat emperors . However, he was still injured and the main culprit was obviously Li Fuchen .

If Li Fuchen was alone, the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor could crush him easily . But with Shangguan Yu restraining him, he wasn’t able to approach Li Fuchen .

Unless, the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor had a method to instantly get near Li Fuchen .

“It doesn’t matter . I have to risk receiving severe injuries to kill this person . ”

The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor gritted his teeth while his body suddenly burst out with dazzling red light . Subsequently, the red light dissipated and when he reappeared, he was already in front of Li Fuchen .

“Die then!” The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor slashed his snake blade at Li Fuchen .

“Not good . ” Shangguan Yu was appalled as she immediately blasted a fist at the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor’s back .

She never expected for the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor to suddenly increase his speed by several times .

Li Fuchen was already on guard against the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor . He didn’t believe that a mid-class combat emperor wouldn’t have any methods to turn the tide .

That’s why when the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor had a burst of speed, Li Fuchen wasn’t surprised at all .

In Li Fuchen’s opinion, it should be a formidable speed secret technique and it was at least 7-star . However, from the looks of the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor, there was a certain price to pay .

The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor had indeed paid some price . The speed secret technique that he executed was the 7-star secret technique, Blood Sun .

Everytime the Blood Sun was activated, it would consume a large amount of qi blood . However, this secret technique wasn’t a body refinement secret technique and wasn’t as effective when used by body refinement martial artists . Only qi cultivation martial artists could bring out the most of its effects, but the qi cultivation martial artist’s qi blood wasn’t as robust as body refinement martial artists .

The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor slashed at Li Fuchen with his snake blade while looking at Li Fuchen as a dead person .

He didn’t believe Li Fuchen could dodge this attack and he didn’t believe that Li Fuchen could endure this attack .

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Li Fuchen’s expression remained unchanged as he said softly, “Phantom Substitute incantation . ”


The snake blade cleaved at Li Fuchen and split him into two .

However, the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor’s face looked gloomy . As the attack didn’t feel like his blade had struck at a person .

Just as expected, Li Fuchen who was split into two had dissipated as it was just a phantom .

The Phantom Substitute incantation could form a phantom out of nowhere to endure a fatal attack from the enemy .

Back then, the Incantation Martial Emperor had dodged countless crises by using the Phantom Substitute incantation .

Of course, the Phantom Substitute incantation sounds incredible, but it was actually just a fraction of the Substitute incantation .

The pure Substitute incantation was a mid-class incantation, while the Phantom Substitute incantation was just a low-class incantation .

The Substitute incantation could substitute anything in the vicinity . It could substitute rocks, wooden blocks, demonic beasts, or even humans . If a person that was originally safe suddenly switched places with the incantation user to receive the fatal attack . That kind of astonishment and unwillingness to accept one’s fate would certainly be terrible .


The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor wasn’t able to land an attack on Li Fuchen, but Shangguan Yu’s fist had landed firmly on the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor’s back .

“I, the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor swears that I will let the two of you know the feeling of despair . ”

The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor used the force from the fist to escape forward and quickly vanished .

Li Fuchen raised his brows . This was already the second time the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor had issued threats, but he didn’t feel any deterrence at all .

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