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Published at 14th of September 2020 10:46:44 AM
Chapter 613
ER – Chapter 613: Accumulation

Three days later, Shangguan Yu came out of seclusion .

After being in seclusion for close to a month, Shangguan Yu still didn’t break through to the completion level of Primary Sea Realm for her body refinement . However, according to what she said, her body refinement wasn’t different from the completion level of Primary Sea Realm .

The Thunder Calamity Herb had strengthened her qi blood source . It allowed her qi blood and qi power to be enhanced with rapid progress . After accumulating her foundation for another one month, her body refinement was already comparable with completion level body refinement monarch . Furthermore, she was a completion level body refinement monarch that had cultivated an earth class peak-tier body refinement technique .

“With my current strength, it is still a little tough to deal with the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor . ” Shangguan Yu pondered a little and stated .

Li Fuchen replied, “It doesn’t matter . I didn’t spend this one month in vain too . I believe that my Mind Wound incantation is much stronger than before . ”

The Mind Wound incantation was used to attack the mind and it was much more obscure and harder to defend than spiritual awareness attacks .

If Shangguan Yu was able to restrain the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor a little, Li Fuchen was confident he could weaken the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor as the battle extended .

Apart from the Mind Wound incantation, Li Fuchen had also cultivated a low-class incantation, the Mind Lost incantation . It was also an incantation that targeted the mind, but its main function was to make the opponent distracted .

If the Mind Wound incantation was equivalent to the Thorn of Spiritual Awareness, then the Mind Lost incantation was equivalent to the Thousand Illusion Eyes .

Li Fuchen realized he didn’t require a lot of effort to cultivate the mind incantations due to his formidable spirit soul . It was the same back when he cultivated the Thorn of Spiritual Awareness and Thousand Illusion Eyes .

“Use the Mind Wound incantation to attack me . If you can injure my mind, it means you can also injure the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor’s mind . ” Shangguan Yu said .

As a sub-completion level body refinement monarch, her mind definitely wouldn’t be weaker than the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor . After all, the strength of the mind was directly related to the strength of qi blood .

“Alright . ”

Li Fuchen formed the seal quickly and immediately after, an indescribable qi presence gathered towards Li Fuchen . Shangguan Yu couldn’t see the indescribable qi presence, but she could feel a trace of pressure on her mind .

After forming the seal, a severe qi presence suddenly blasted at Shangguan Yu .

As compared to before, Li Fuchen Mind Wound incantation improved significantly . Previously, it was only a qi presence wave, this time, it was a severe presence .

Shangguan Yu instantly felt her mind getting sliced and her spirits immediately withered a little .

“Such a severe mind attack . ”

Shangguan Yu reckoned that if she received ten of the Mind Wound incantations, her overall condition would decline greatly .

“Li Fuchen, you are really a prodigy in the incantation dao . Perhaps, you should focus on the incantation dao just as Uncle Fan said . ”

Li Fuchen’s qi cultivation strength might be powerful, but it was due to the many years of accumulation . In comparison, Li Fuchen had only cultivated the incantation dao for a short period of time .

In response, Li Fuchen said, “My sword dao might not be weaker than my incantation dao . However, the sword dao required accumulation to be formidable . ”

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The incantation dao made use of heaven and earth power, therefore, it was extremely powerful once a certain proficiency was achieved . But during the later stages, Li Fuchen didn’t believe the sword dao would be weaker than the incantation dao . Legends foretold that once the sword dao reached the saint’s realm, a single sword strike could break all laws and nothing could corrupt it . No matter how incredible the incantations were, they wouldn’t be able to come near the cultivator .


Shangguan Yu didn’t dispute anymore . At the later stages, the sword dao was indeed fearsome and formidable . It was one of the most aggressive dao among the many martial daos .

The duo might have the strength to contest with the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor, the duo didn’t leave the Fall Thunder City yet .

At this current stage, Li Fuchen was still accumulating his incantation dao’s foundation . Since they could cultivate at any place, it was rather good to cultivate in the Fall Thunder City too .

Days passed by… The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor was still very patient and didn’t leave Fall Thunder City yet . He had already decided that he must kill Li Fuchen .

Unconsciously, another three months had passed by .

Li Fuchen had broken through to the 3rd level of Primary Sea Realm .

To break through by two levels within four months might be rather exaggerating, but it wasn’t beyond reasoning . Those who were monitoring him would assume that Li Fuchen obtained something good in the Wind Thunder Abyss .

But the breakthrough of two levels was already the limit . If he broke through by another level, it would be hard not to attract any suspicion . After all, even Shangguan Yu wasn’t able to understand how Li Fuchen broke through by two levels within four months .

It was fortunate that Shangguan Yu didn’t ask . Everyone had their own secrets and chance encounters . Perhaps, Li Fuchen had been stuck at the 1st level of Primary Sea Realm due to his dantian . Now that the problem with the dantian was solved, his cultivation had a sudden and rapid advancement .

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Of course, after reaching the 3rd level of Primary Sea Realm, even if Li Fuchen wanted to continue breaking through, it was impossible . His dantian had reached the limit again .

Actually, if Li Fuchen cultivated an earth class peak-tier cultivation technique and not a blazing sword dao cultivation technique, his dantian’s limit should be at the 8th or even the 9th level of Primary Sea Realm . However, he was cultivating the heaven class blazing sword dao cultivation technique and the sword energy was too tyrannical and severe .

“A single Rootless Flower can only provide so much?” Li Fuchen frowned .

Li Fuchen didn’t plan to break through to the 4th level of Primary Sea Realm now, but he wasn’t able to do so because of his dantian and it was rather frustrating to him .

Li Fuchen purchased a rather high-class herb compendium in Fall Thunder City . Li Fuchen flipped through and found out that Rootless Flowers were classified by their number of years .

The longer the years, the stronger the void dao laws contained within the Rootless Flower .

The Rootless Flower that he obtained was only a 100-year grade and it was only useful for Primary Sea Realm monarchs . If he could obtain a 1000-year grade Rootless Flower, it would also be useful for the Law Phase Realm emperors . As for the legendary 10,000-year grade Rootless Flower, it was said that it could transform the dantian and contained all sorts of mysterious attributes .

The high-class compendium was certainly worthy of its grade . Apart from the detailed descriptions of herbs, it also annotated the place where the herbs were produced .

There were two main places where the Rootless Flowers were produced in the Emperor Sky Continent . The Wind Thunder Abyss wasn’t one of the main places, therefore, there had never been 1000-year Rootless Flowers that appeared . The Rootless Flowers would normally reach a few centuries old and if no one harvested it, it would wither by itself . It was impossible for it to continue growing . There were only two places that could grow the Rootless Flowers, due to the special environment, therefore, 1000-year Rootless Flowers would appear there .

The two main places were the Void Grand Canyon and the Emptiness Island .

The Void Grand Canyon was similar to the Latent Shadow Abyss and the Wind Thunder Abyss . It was suspected to be a battlefield left behind by the saints .

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As for the Emptiness Island, the records said that it was a residence that belonged to a saint . Afterwards, that saint vanished and the Emptiness Island was left on the Emperor Sky Continent .

“This Emperor Sky Continent seems to be rather complicated . There are plenty of battlefields and abandoned places left by the saints . ”

Things that were involved with saints were extremely terrifying but also contained great opportunities .

Li Fuchen involuntarily thought of the East Unicorn Continent .

Before the East Unicorn Continent’s willpower awakened, the East Unicorn Continent was also filled with battlefields left behind by masters and monarchs . It was probable that before the continent willpower was awakened, there must be incredible treasures that even saints would contest for!

As luck would have it, the Void Grand Canyon was also in the Soul Sky Empire, but it was at the southern side and it was rather far from this place .

“You are heading for the Void Grand Canyon?” Shangguan Yu responded with wide eyes after finding out Li Fuchen’s intention .

“What’s wrong?” Li Fuchen was curious .

Shangguan Yu said, “My home is in the southern side of the Soul Sky Empire . ”

Before Li Fuchen could speak, Shangguan Yu said, “So be it . I shall return then . I don’t know how long I have been venturing outside and I wonder if father’s injuries have recovered a little . ”

“Then let’s go together!” Li Fuchen knew that Shangguan Yu’s father was a Law Phase Realm emperor and had suffered severe injuries during a battle, and had since been recuperating .

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