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Chapter 612
ER – Chapter 612: 2nd Level of Primary Sea Realm

The Rootless Flower’s effects were much stronger than what Li Fuchen imagined and it was different from other herbs . Once the Rootless Flower entered the body, it immediately turned into a flow of qi that blended into the dantian . There wasn’t a need to refine it in a meditative state .

After one day, Li Fuchen felt his dantian was several times stronger . Previously, his dantian was bulging, right now, that bulging feeling had vanished .

“I should be able to break through to the 2nd level of Primary Sea Realm now . ”

With the peak-grade spirit stone, Li Fuchen felt that he didn’t need much effort to break through to the 2nd level of Primary Sea Realm . Unlike others, even without any restriction of the dantian, it was extremely difficult to break through from the 1st level to the 2nd level of Primary Sea Realm . The faster ones would need a few years, while others might need dozens of years or even centuries .

‘I shall break through after returning . ’

The peak-grade spirit was too precious and once it was exposed, even Law Phase Realm emperors would go insane, let alone Primary Sea Realm monarchs . It was obvious that Li Fuchen wouldn’t use the peak-grade spirit stone to cultivate in the open .

Using the high-class wind thunder compass and Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness, the duo exited the Wind Thunder Abyss without any mishaps . They then returned to Fall Thunder City .

At the Fall Thunder City, the duo encountered the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor again, but the latter didn’t make a move .

This was the Fall Thunder City and the city lord might only be a half-emperor and wasn’t a match for the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor, but the city lord’s backer was the Soul Sky Empire . The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor didn’t dare to publicly offend the Soul Sky Empire and forcefully make a move in Fall Thunder City .

Furthermore, with the class 8 protection array, the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor didn’t think he was a match for the Fall Thunder City Lord .

After looking for an inn to reside, Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu started their cultivation in seclusion .

Li Fuchen went into seclusion so that he could break through to the 2nd level of Primary Sea Realm . Shangguan Yu went into seclusion in order to break through her body refinement to the completion level of Primary Sea Realm .

After refining the Thunder Calamity Herb, Shangguan Yu’s qi blood source had strengthened by an unknown amount . As her qi blood source was growing stronger, her qi power would be much easier to cultivate . Once she successfully broke through, even if she had to face the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor, she would have the strength to contest and wouldn’t be oppressed .

The two of them were residing in an inn called the Cloud Arrival Inn . It contained a few hundred courtyards and each courtyard was enveloped in an array .

However, the array was only a quasi-class 6 array . Li Fuchen was worried that the peak-grade spirit stone’s qi presence would leak out, therefore, he used a class 7 concealment array board .

The concealment array board could be used to conceal qi presence . It could produce an isolation with the outside world to a certain extent .  

With everything prepared, Li Fuchen sat down cross-legged and took out the peak-grade spirit stone and started to cultivate .

Boom Boom Boom…

The spirit qi within the peak-grade spirit stone was like a flood from a collapsed dam . It surged into Li Fuchen’s body while a feeling of great dao emerged in Li Fuchen’s heart .

Mid-state of 1st level Primary Sea Realm… later-state… peak-state .

Without much effort, Li Fuchen had increased his cultivation from the initial-state of 1st level Primary Sea Realm to the peak-state .

After reaching the Primary Sea Ream, it was increasingly difficult with every little progression in cultivation .

In normal cases, a 7-star bone frame would need at least five years before advancing by one level . But if the innate perception was slightly inferior, the duration would be extended by several times or even ten times . After all, in martial dao cultivation, even a slight flaw wasn’t going to be tolerated .

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As for the 6-star bone frames, if there wasn’t any chance encounter in this lifetime, the martial artist would basically be stuck at the low-levels of Primary Sea Realm . There were only a few that were able to break through to the mid-levels of Primary Sea Realm .

The sword energy didn’t take long before breaking through the peak-state of 1st level Primary Sea Realm .

As compared to the 1st level of Primary Sea Realm, the sword energy at the 2nd level of Primary Sea Realm was much more pure and forceful . At the same time, the blazing sword dao laws were also more comprehensive .

Initial-state of 2nd level Primary Sea Realm… mid-state…

After reaching the 2nd level of Primary Sea Realm, Li Fuchen’s cultivation continued to increase . He wanted to see how far he could cultivate if he relied on the peak-grade spirit stone .

The peak-grade spirit stone’s spirit qi was extremely pure and was much purer than his sword energy . There wasn’t a need to even refine it as Li Fuchen just had to transmute it into the sword energy . Apart from that, the peak-grade spirit stone contained the great dao presence and it was also improving his cultivation mental state, therefore, there wouldn’t be a problem of his mental state not being able to keep up .

Later-state of 2nd level Primary Sea Realm… Peak-state of 2nd level Primary Sea Realm .

A short moment later, Li Fuchen’s cultivation reached the peak-state of 2nd level Primary Sea Realm .

“Such terrifying effects!”

Even though Li Fuchen knew that peak-grade spirit stones were something highly sought for by Law Phase Realm emperors and even great emperors, Li Fuchen was still very shocked .

With the peak-grade spirit stone, his cultivation didn’t have any signs of bottleneck .

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Before obtaining the peak-grade spirit stone, Li Fuchen’s cultivation was just at the 7th level of Battle Spirit Realm . But now, he was already at the peak-state of 2nd level Primary Sea Realm . This amount of progress had saved him several years of bitter cultivation .

“Chance encounter, this is a chance encounter . ” Li Fuchen lamented .

It was indeed different with chance encounters .

If a person with regular aptitude had a sufficiently powerful chance encounter, that person might immediately become a ruler of a territory .

If a person with great aptitude didn’t have any chance encounter, that person’s outcome might only be mediocre .

To explain chance encounters in detail, it was actually destiny .

Destiny was unfathomable . No matter how formidable a person was, in the face of destiny, everyone was insignificant, it wasn’t an exception for saints .

“Let’s stop at the peak-state of 2nd level Primary Sea Realm first . If I advance by too many levels at once, it will be inappropriate and will easily attract suspicions . ”

The Primary Sea Realm was the Battle Spirit Realm . It was already very exaggerating to increase by two levels in the Battle Spirit Realm within a short period of time . If Li Fuchen was to break through from the 1st level to the 3rd level of Primary Sea Realm within such a short time, it was definitely abnormal . It was fine if no one noticed, but if someone noticed, it would certainly be a big problem .

Li Fuchen didn’t feel it was a pity even if he could increase his cultivation level . For the next period of time, he had placed all of his attention onto the incantation dao .

The incantation dao was indeed powerful, it was actually overwhelmingly powerful .

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If his Five Thunders incantation and Heaven Wind incantation were slightly more proficient, he wouldn’t have to fear anyone in the Wind Thunder Abyss, apart from Law Phase Realm emperors .

In other words, in specific environments, the incantation dao was able to increase his strength by several times . It was something that other martial daos couldn’t do .

Therefore, Li Fuchen felt he should pay more attention to the incantation dao and strive to learn all the low-class incantations . Afterwards, he would be able to study on mid-class incantations .

Time passed by…

Shangguan Yu had yet to exit seclusion, but Li Fuchen had already learned almost all of the low-class incantations .

The Incantation Martial Emperor imparted a total of 23 low-class incantations to Li Fuchen . Previously, Li Fuchen had only learned the Five Thunders incantation, Mystic Yang Heaven Thunder incantation, Storm Summon incantation, Heaven Wind incantation, Mind Wound incantation, Evil Vanquish incantation… As for the rest of the low-class incantations, he didn’t have time to learn them yet . Now that he had ample time, he naturally learned all of those low-class incantations with ease . But to be proficient in them, it was rather difficult . Li Fuchen might have exceptional perception, his foundation in the incantation dao was still rather shallow and he required more time to accumulate .

“Golden Light Barrier incantation!”

In the courtyard, Li Fuchen’s body radiated with golden light as a golden barrier appeared outside of Li Fuchen’s body .

The Golden Light Barrier incantation was a low-class barrier incantation .

It could even borrow the gold dao energy to strengthen the user . In places where the gold dao energy was extremely concentrated, the Golden Light Barrier incantation would be extremely terrifying . Even if the enemy was much stronger than the user, it was impossible to break the barrier incantation .

“By learning more incantations, I will be able to perform outstandingly in various environments . ”

This was Li Fuchen’s understanding towards incantations .

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