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Chapter 611
ER – Chapter 611: Heaven Wind Incantation

“This is the strength of a combat emperor?”

Seeing that even Shangguan Yu wasn’t a match for the black-robed youth, Li Fuchen understood that the enemy must be a combat emperor . Furthermore, it wasn’t a regular combat emperor, especially the snake blade in his hand . It was probably a heaven class weapon .

The black-robed youth was indeed an unordinary combat emperor and was a mid-class combat emperor . Even among the mid-class combat emperors, he was considered extremely formidable .

If someone well-informed was here, they would immediately recognize that the black-ribed youth was the Soul Sky Empire’s reputable combat emperor, the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor .

The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor was an absolute prodigy . He possessed the 8-star bone frame and he was a 3-star general when he was at the Battle Spirit Realm . He was currently at the 7th level of Primary Sea Realm and was already a mid-class combat emperor .

It was said that he cultivated the heaven class cultivation technique, Black Dragon Breath Technique, the heaven class martial art was the Solitary Blade Art . The snake blade in his hand was also a heaven class weapon called the Ghost Snake Blade . With every aspect at the pinnacle, apart from a few of the extremely insane prodigies, he was basically invincible below the Law Phase Realm .

“I have demanded you two to leave earlier, right now, you wouldn’t even have the chance to do so . ”

The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor let out a ruthless smile and brandished the Ghost Snake Blade . He then sent out a blade light at Shangguan Yu .

“Just a combat emperor . If you wish to fight, then let’s fight . Heaven Wind incantation . ”

Li Fuchen formed the seal with his hands .

Huff Huff Huff…

Countless wind blades emerged in the air before they slashed at the blade lights and at the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor .


The blade lights were shattered .

A single wind blade might not be able to contest with the blade light, but the Heaven Wind incantation created numerous wind blades . With the overwhelming quantity, the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor’s blade lights could only last for an instant .

When facing the wind blades that covered the entire scenery, the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor had an unpleasant expression .

He didn’t care about Li Fuchen’s strength at all . He had only used 30% of strength right earlier on, otherwise, Li Fuchen would already be a corpse .

But he never expected for Li Fuchen to actually be an Incantation Master .

Incantation Masters made use of power from heaven and earth . The stronger the heaven and earth power, the stronger the Incantation Masters . Horrific wind dao laws filled the surroundings of the Wind Cave . The wind dao power that was borrowed was naturally extremely powerful .

“Boundless Solitude!”

In response to the innumerable wind blades, the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor brandished his Ghost Snake Blade and countered with countless blade lights .

Bang Boom!

The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor was only able to neutralize the Heaven Wind incantation but exerting his full strength .

“No wonder he is a combat emperor . ”

Li Fuchen frowned while his figure flickered and dodged many of the uncontrolled wind blades .

The Wind Cave was the same as the Thunder Heart Lake . It allowed his incantation power to increase several times . However, due to his proficiency level, Li Fuchen wasn’t able to control the Heaven Wind incantation fully . It was fortunate that he was still an Incantation Master, therefore, most of the wind blades were still attacking the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor, only the minority of the wind blades were slashing at him .

At this moment, Li Fuchen was extremely grateful to the Incantation Martial Emperor . Had it not been for the Incantation Martial Emperor’s willingness to impart the incantation dao, Li Fuchen wouldn’t be able to do anything against an opponent that was so much stronger than himself .

“Your incantation’s power isn’t bad . It is a pity that you still have to die . Soul Mist . ”

There was a hardly visible ripple that appeared in front of the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor’s forehead . In the next moment, a tide-like spiritual awareness blasted towards Li Fuchen .

The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor revealed a smile and he looked at Li Fuchen as though Li Fuchen was already dead .

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With the 8-star bone frame, his spiritual awareness was extremely robust . With the execution of the 7-star spiritual awareness attack secret technique, Soul Mist, it was enough to severely injure Li Fuchen’s true spirit .

Li Fuchen never expected his true spirit to be injured, therefore, he wouldn’t execute any spiritual awareness defense secret technique .

When the tide-like spiritual awareness surged into his mind and rushed at his true spirit, Li Fuchen could only feel an itch in his true spirit .

“Spiritual awareness attack?” Li Fuchen revealed a strange smile .

In the past, he was the one that threatened other’s true spirit, he never expected the day when others would use spiritual awareness attacks on his true spirit .

“How is it possible? It is ineffective?” The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor’s eyes narrowed while he had a stiff expression .

“He is rather cautious . ” The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor quickly understood .

He assumed that Li Fuchen must have executed a spiritual awareness defense secret technique in advance, otherwise, it was impossible to block the Soul Mist .

“Let’s see how many times you can block it . ”

The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor attacked with the Soul Mist consecutively .

Li Fuchen had an unchanged expression as the enemy’s spiritual awareness attack could only tickle his true spirit .

After executing five Soul Mist consecutively, the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor finally stopped .

“It seems like your spiritual awareness secret technique is also 7-star . ”

It was natural for the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor to believe that Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness defense secret technique to be of the 7-star grade .

If both their spiritual awareness weren’t ridiculously different in strength, it was normal that he wasn’t able to injure Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness .

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Li Fuchen didn’t give any explanations as it wasn’t necessary .

“I, the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor shall give you two some respect . Get lost now . ”

The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor didn’t wish to continue fighting .

Li Fuchen mocked, “It seems like you have yet to defeat me . You are the one who should get lost right?”

“Keke, you truly don’t know your limits . ” The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor was enraged by the humiliation and had this extremely horrifying expression .

He never had such an urge to kill a person and Li Fuchen was the first .

“Heaven Wind incantation . ”

Li Fuchen couldn’t be bothered to talk . His opponent’s strength was indeed extraordinary, but the Wind Cave was here and this wasn’t his opponent’s homeground .

Huff Huff Huff Huff…

Countless wind blades were produced as they slashed at the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor .

Bang Boom!

The two of them were in an intense battle .


There were too many wind blades and the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor was slightly careless and was gashed on his thigh .

“Damn it!”

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The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor worked hard on getting close to Li Fuchen . As long as he could get near, he would be able to kill Li Fuchen in a single move .

It was a pity that everything was in vain . Li Fuchen had been fighting and backing off, while maintaining a certain distance for the whole fight .

With more wounds on his body, the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor was extremely enraged and wished he could slice Li Fuchen into pieces .

‘It would be great if this place was the Thunder Heart Lake . ’

In Li Fuchen’s eyes, the wind blades’ power wasn’t inferior to the thunderbolts’ power . However, the two had completely different characteristics and effects .

The wind blades emphasized on slicing strength and the forces were more condensed, making it easier to defend against .

As for the thunderbolts, they could ignore defenses to a certain extent . In the face of the overwhelming thunder field, there was basically nothing that would conduct the electricity .

If the wind blades were changed into thunderbolts, even if the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor could block the attacks, he would have to suffer plenty of injuries .

Despite the case, even if the threat from the wind blades weren’t as dangerous as the thunderbolts, the firepower wasn’t inferior at all, and the wind blades were more condensed .  

After 15 minutes, the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor felt that his arms were going numb and he wasn’t able to persist anymore .

“I, the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor swear that I will kill you the next time I see you . ” The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor gave Li Fuchen a cold glare before leaving .

“He finally left . ” 

Shangguan Yu who had been waiting with a stern expression finally let out a breath of relief . When facing the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor, she had quite a lot of pressure and she was really afraid that Li Fuchen wasn’t a match .

After getting rid of the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor, Li Fuchen harvested the Rootless Flower with ease .

Li Fuchen looked at the illusory Rootless Flower and thought, ‘I hope that this Rootless Flower’s effects are as powerful as the rumors say . ’

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