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Chapter 610
ER – Chapter 610: Combat Emperor

“I didn’t expect the Five Thunders incantation to be so useful in the Wind Thunder Abyss!” It was the first time Shangguan Yu realized the power of incantations . She felt that the thunderbolts earlier were already close to the emperor-class .

Li Fuchen nodded, “But the Thunder Heart Lake’s thunder arcs aren’t within my control . ”

“That is because your Five Thunders incantation’s proficiency isn’t that high . Of course, as compared to your cultivation time, it is already extremely competent . ” Shangguan Yu felt that her innate perception was already rather good, but in comparison to Li Fuchen, she seemed to be inferior .

Due to the Skull Blood Curse, Li Fuchen didn’t dare to immediately consume the Thunder Calamity Herb . He was going to wait until the moment the SKull Blood Curse was removed before he consumed it to help in the breakthrough of his body’s endurance limits .

After wandering around for some days, they didn’t even even see the shadow of the Rootless Flower . Shangguan Yu said, “Why don’t we go deeper?”

Before this, they were only venturing the outer region of the Wind Thunder Abyss’ inner abyss .

The inner abyss was roughly divided into four regions: Outer region, middle region, inner region, and the abyss core .

Peak-class monarchs were able to venture in the outer region, but if they were in the middle-region, they wouldn’t be able to withstand the wind blades and the thunderbolts . It was absolute death . As for the inner region, even half-emperors would die there .

With the duo’s strength, it was already very strenuous for them in the middle region, but they were still able to endure .

“Alright . ”

Li Fuchen decided that it didn’t matter if they obtained the Rootless Flower or not, they would leave the Wind Thunder Abyss in one more week .

After entering the inner abyss’ middle region, the duo could feel an obvious increase in the power of the wind blades and thunderbolts . Whenever a wind blade or a thunderbolt struck at them, their qi power or sword energy would be reduced at a speed that was several times faster than before .

“The wind blades here seem to be stronger than the thunderbolts?” Li Fuchen used his sword to cleave apart a horrific wind blade and asked .

Shangguan Yu replied, “I reckon that we are rather close to the Wind Cave . ”

The Wind Cave was also one of the three dangerous places in the Wind Thunder Abyss, just like the Thunder Heart Lake .

In ancient records, the Thunder Heart Lake was the burial ground of a thunder dao saint, while the Wind Cave was a burial ground of a wind dao saint .

Shangguan Yu was right as they arrived at the Wind Cave half a day later .

The Wind Cave was a gigantic deep cave . Within the cave was an enormous whirlpool of gale . The whirlpool emitted a horrific sound that was like a hurricane . Just hearing it would give off a sensation that the world was going to be destroyed .

It was said that a great emperor once entered the Wind Cave recklessly and never came back out .

Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness extended towards the Wind Cave, but he quickly paid the price .

The wind within the Wind Cave had a devastating power against spiritual awareness . When his spiritual awareness just entered the Wind Cave, it had been ripped to pieces by the gale and it caused a stinging pain to Li Fuchen’s mind .

“Such terrifying wind dao laws . ” Li Fuchen gasped with surprise .

The wind dao laws within the Wind Cave were the most fearsome wind dao laws he had seen . With the wind dao laws around, the rest of the laws had withdrawn and there was nothing but devastation inside . Even spiritual awareness couldn’t exist inside the cave .

“Someone once found the Rootless Flower in the vicinity of the Wind Cave . Let’s look around . ” Shangguan Yu stated .

“Alright . ”

Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness consciously avoided the Wind Cave and scanned around the vicinity .

The Wind Cave wasn’t big and was only a few thousand miles in size . If it was a normal situation, they wouldn’t need a lot of time to go around it . However, the Wind Cave was surrounded with violent winds and the duo had to take each step carefully, making it very difficult to move at high speed .

After one day, the duo exhausted half of their qi power and sword energy before finally walking half of the Wind Cave’s exterior .

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All of a sudden, not far away from the Wind Cave, a small shadow flew out .

Li Fuchen scanned with his spiritual awareness and noticed that the shadow was actually a flower . It was a slightly translucent flower with grey stalk .

“Rootless Flower!” Li Fuchen’s eyes lit up .

The Rootless Flower was grey and slightly translucent, just as described in the heaven class herb compendium .

“It is indeed the Rootless Flower . ”

Shangguan Yu’s spiritual awareness had also noticed the Rootless Flower . After flying out the Wind Cave, the Rootless Flower’s movement speed was slower .

“The Rootless Flower must be harvested with the hand . Qi isn’t able to touch its body . ” Shangguan Yu informed .

“Understood . ”

Li Fuchen naturally knew of the Rootless Flower’s characteristics .

This flower was rare because it contained the void dao laws and the dantian also contained the void dao laws .

Li Fuchen soared into the sky and reached out to grab the Rootless Flower .

“Let go!”

Right at this moment, a distorted blade light slashed at Li Fuchen .

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Li Fuchen had an intuition that if he was struck by this blade light, he would definitely die .

“Peak-class half-emperor? No, it should be a combat emperor . ” In an instant, Li Fuchen’s mind flashed with plenty of thoughts .

Combat emperors weren’t necessarily able to contest with Law Phase Realm emperors, only peak-class combat emperors had such strength .

Those who could become combat emperors didn’t just cultivate heaven class martial arts, they also cultivate heaven class cultivation technique . Such people were destined to enter the Law Phase Realm .


Shangguan Yu sent a fist at the blade light, but the blade light was much tougher than Shangguan Yu thought . It might have shattered, but the shattered blade lights were still flying towards Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen gave up on the Rootless Flower and drew his Joint-Heaven Sword to execute the Heaven and Earth Extermination .

Bang, boom!

Pff Pff Pff Pff…

Heaven and Earth Extermination was blasted through and Li Fuchen’s body was riddled with dozens of blood wounds . He was sent flying and had vomited a streak of blood .

“Who are you?” Shangguan Yu stared at the black-robed youth who wasn’t far away .

“Get lost before I am enraged!” The black-robed youth disregarded Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu while saying indifferently .

“With the likes of you?” Shangguan Yu’s body burst out with qi spirit .

After refining the Thunder Calamity Herb, her qi power had been constantly increasing and she believed that she could contest with a low-class combat emperor .

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“If your body refinement is at completion level, I might be apprehensive, but you are still far from that standard . ”

The black-robed youth brandished a serpent blade and thrust at Shangguan Yu’s face with a twisting blade light .

“Five Forms Emperor Fist, Champosaurus Kill!” Shangguan Yu blasted a fist . A champosaurus image that confronted the blade light .


It was obvious that the black-robed youth exerted more strength this time as the champosaurus image was instantly penetrated . The remaining blade light then gashed Shangguan Yu’s shoulder . The wound was constantly expanding and Shangguan Yu had to use her qi power to suppress the wound .

“His strength is at least a mid-class combat emperor?” Shangguan Yu’s expression turned dark .

A combat emperor was already considered a true emperor, and they only required a little more time before progressing the Law Phase Realm .

The strength difference between combat emperors was far bigger than the difference between half-emperors .

The higher the class of the combat emperor, the closer to being a Law Phase Realm emperor .

If a low-class combat emperor cultivated heaven class martial martial art and heaven class cultivation technique, then a mid-class combat emperor would have cultivated both the martial art and technique to the highest stage and rank . As for high-class combat emperors, they must possess heaven class weapons .

As for the peak-class combat emperors who were able to contest with the weakest Law Phase Realm emperor, they would need a high grade of divine ability .

After all, even if a combat emperor cultivated heaven class cultivation technique and martial art, it was the same for Law Phase Realm emperors . However, Law Phase Realm emperors’ qi was several dozens of times stronger than combat emperors’ qi . It wasn’t even in the same realm .

Of course, apart from cultivation technique, martial art, and weapons, the bone frame was very important .

Even if the Red Rainbow Monarch created a heaven class cultivation technique, his strength would only be a low-level combat emperor at best . As his bone frame was only the 7-star blazing flame bone frame . It was inferior to 7-star special bone frames, let alone 8-star extraordinary bone frames and 8-star special bone frames .

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