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Published at 8th of September 2020 12:04:51 PM
Chapter 609
ER – Chapter 609: Should Not Be Offended

Crack! Bang!

At the lake side, a figure shuttled in and out while thunder arcs were dancing around the figure .

“Just a little more . ”

A thunder arc blasted over as the Monochrome Parasol Lady quickly opened up her parasol . She was sent flying back and had this expression that was reluctant to accept this result .

Within ten meters of the lake, the thunder arcs had power that could severely injure peak-class half-emperors . A slightly closer to the lake, the thunder arcs could easily kill a peak-class half-emperor .

If there was no one else here, the Monochrome Parasol Lady wouldn’t be afraid of suffering severe injuries . But there were plenty of people here and quite a fair number of half-emperors too . If she suffered severe injuries, she would never be able to protect the herb or even her life .

The Monochrome Parasol Lady involuntarily looked towards Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu . She happened to see Li Fuchen harvesting a Wind Thunder Herb with ease .

The Wind Thunder Herb might be within the 10 to 15 meter range of the lake, and wasn’t as difficult to harvest as the Thunder Calamity Herb, but it still wasn’t as easy as how Li Fuchen did it . Even a peak-class half-emperor would have to endure many attacks from the thunder arcs and would be injured . That’s why the Monochrome Parasol Lady wasn’t willing to harvest the Wind Thunder Herb . She focused all her energy on harvesting the Thunder Calamity Herb and if she was able to harvest it and remain unscathed, it wouldn’t be too late to harvest the Wind Thunder Herb .

‘These thunder arcs might be spiritual, but they can only shift and bend for a number of times . If they shift and bend over a certain number of times, their powers would decrease greatly . ’ Looking at the Wind Thunder Herb in his hand, Li Fuchen thought to himself .

With his spiritual awareness, harvesting the Wind Thunder Herb was too easy .

Those thunder arcs might be very fast in his eyes, but it wasn’t beyond his body’s reaction speed . Therefore, as long as he could observe the movement trajectories of the thunder arcs, he would be able to dodge in advance .

‘I wonder if I can utilize the thunder arcs with the Five Thunders incantation?’ Li Fuchen had a sudden thought .

Logically, the Five Thunders incantation could only utilize the thunderbolts in the skies, but it didn’t state that it couldn’t utilize the thunder arcs on the ground .

Li Fuhen didn’t try it immediately as there were plenty of people and it wouldn’t be good to provoke everyone .

“Li Fuchen, if you want the Thunder Calamity Herb, let me harvest it . With my defense, even if I endure a thunder arc attack, I shouldn’t have severe injuries . ” Shangguan Yu said to Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen shook his head and said, “Let me do it . Just be on your guard . ”

He had personally witnessed how the Monochrome Parasol Lady failed to harvest the Thunder Calamity Herb . The speed of the thunder arc was much faster and much more powerful . Shangguan Yu might be able to withstand it once, or even twice, but she would never be able to withstand it the third time .

If Li Fuchen didn’t encounter the Thunder Calamity Herb, he wouldn’t have the idea of getting on . But since he found one, then he naturally had to obtain it .

He suspected that since the Thunder Calamity Herb could strengthen the qi blood source, then it must be able to increase his body’s endurance limits .

After all, one of the human body’s fundamentals was the qi blood source .

The spiritual awareness covered a range of a few dozen meters while Li Fuchen flashed and sprinted to the closest Thunder Calamity Herb at his fastest speed .

Crackle, bang!

Along the way, the thunder arcs were blasting violently and the shocking thunder field was drastically reducing Li Fuchen’s sword energy protection .

This was before he got struck by the thunder arcs . If he got struck by the thunder arcs, his sword energy protection would instantly be blown up into scraps .

13 meters… 10 meters…

Li Fuchen entered the 10 meter range of the lake in an instant . The thunder arcs were violent and fast, the horrific thunder field made Li Fuchen feel traces of pain and sore on his skin . If Li Fuchen’s body refinement wasn’t at the Primary Sea Realm, his hands and legs would probably be soft at this moment and it would be impossible for him to continue .

“Come over . ”

Li Fuchen reached out and formed a large hand with the sword energy before digging out the Thunder Calamity Herb .

Boom, crack!

A thunder arc flitted across the sword energy hand and instantly shattered it . It then flitted towards Li Fuchen before guiding more thunder arcs over .

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Li Fuchen dodged with difficulty . His cultivation was still too low, his body’s reaction was very fast, but his movement speed wasn’t fast enough .

With a spurt of energy, Li Fuchen gathered the sword energy and turned it into a large hand to grab the Thunder Calamity Herb that fell .

In the eyes of everyone, Li Fuchen looked as though he was dancing on a tightrope . At any moment, he was in danger of being smashing into pieces . However, Li Fuchen would always be able to dodge the thunder arc’s sharp edge at the very last moment .

Finally, Li Fuchen grabbed the Thunder Calamity Herb and retreated frenziedly .

Crackle, boom!

The devastating thunder arcs were like an irregular giant net that enveloped Li Fuchen .


With a swing of the Joint-Heaven Sword, Heaven and Earth Extermination was executed . The thunder arcs froze for a moment before it continued surging . One of the thunder arcs then struck harshly on Li Fuchen’s chest .

The sword energy protection was like tofu and couldn’t even withstand at all . Immediately after, the pseudo-heaven class artifact armor had also been smashed .


Li Fuchen flew backwards while his chest had a charred mark as he suffered rather serious internal injuries .

Most of the thunder arc’s power had been reduced by the sword move, Heaven and Earth Extermination, otherwise, this attack would have inflicted serious injuries to Li Fuchen and left him dying .

The healing ring on his finger emitted a green halo and quickly mended his injuries . Li Fuchen’s qi power, sword energy, and mortal calamity power were circulated at the same time to neutralize the thunder arc power .

“What a close shave . ” After keeping the Thunder Calamity Herb, Li Fuchen felt a lingering fear .

If Li Fuchen had to harvest another Thunder Calamity Herb, he didn’t know if he could escape unscathed again .

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“He obtained one Thunder Calamity Herb!”

After seeing how Li Fuchen obtained the Thunder Calamity Herb after a daunting experience, everyone looked at Li Fuchen with different eyes . All of them were looking at him covetously, especially those half-emperors who wanted to immediately kill Li Fuchen and plunder the Thunder Calamity Herb .

“Let’s go then . ” Li Fuchen took a glance at everyone before preparing to leave the Thunder Heart Lake .

“How can I let you leave so easily? Hand over the Thunder Calamity Herb before leaving, otherwise, your burial ground shall be in this place . ” A high-class half-emperor obstructed them .

“With the likes of you?” Shangguan Yu released a murderous aura while horrific qi spirit emerged .


A fissure cracked open on the ground while the high-class half-emperor was appalled . He didn’t expect for Shangguan Yu to be this powerful . Just her qi spirit was enough to put so much pressure on him .

“Everyone, are all of you going to watch them leave like this? The Thunder Calamity Herb has boundless medicine effects . Even if we consume a small portion of it, it will be greatly beneficial for our qi blood source and spirit soul . ”

This high-class half-emperor knew he wasn’t a match for Shangguan Yu, therefore, he started enticing others .

“You are courting for death . ” Shangguan Yu blasted a fist and it was none other than the Five Forms Emperor Fist’s Champosaurus Kill .


There was a violent burst of blood . This high-class half-emperor was no match for Shangguan Yu and was instantly injured severely .

“Kill them and split the Thunder Calamity Herb . ”

In fact, there wasn’t a need to entice them, as no one here was planning to let Shangguan Yu and Li Fuchen go .

“Five Thunders incantation . ” Li Fuchen formed a seal with his hands .

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Boom Boom Boom Boom…

It was unknown when dark clouds had gathered in the skies above . Large amounts of thunder arcs were drawn towards the sky from the Thunder Heart Lake, before being transmuted into thunderbolts by the Five Thunder incantation and blasting down .


One of the half-emperors was struck by the thunderbolts and was instantly disintegrated into ashes .

“Not good, he can control the thunder arcs here . ”

Everyone’s scalp was numbed and started to panic .

If it was thunderbolts from the outside world, they didn’t fear it, but the thunderbolts in the Wind Thunder Abyss were too horrific . The thunder arcs at the Thunder Heart Lake were several times more terrifying . As countless thunderbolts descended, they didn’t have the time to seek trouble with Li Fuchen anymore . Everyone wished their parents had even more legs to escape at a faster speed .

The thunderbolts blasted down indifferently and had instantly disintegrated over a dozen peak-class monarchs and half-emperors . Even Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu were also within the range of the thunderbolts .

“Let’s go . ”

Li Fuchen didn’t expect for the Five Thunders incantation to lose control and had even treated him as a target .

As soon as Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu left, the dark clouds vanished as quickly as it gathered . When the thunderbolts were dispersed, they left behind a complete disorder .

The Monochrome Parasol Lady who left the place immediately was filled with lingering fear . She personally witnessed a peak-class half-emperor getting killed . Under the indifferent thunderbolts, the survival of a person wasn’t related to strength, it was dependent on luck . No matter how powerful a person was, how could they withstand the thunder arcs from the Thunder Heart Lake .

“This person is too thorny, it is best not to offend him . ”

The Monochrome Parasol Lady had subconsciously listed Li Fuchen as a person that should not be offended .

Such people had plenty of trump cards and it was unknown what kind of method they would use during a crucial moment . Had she not acted quickly and escaped earlier, she might be a pile of ashes now .

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