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Chapter 608
ER – Chapter 608: Thunder Heart Lake

The Rootless Flower was the rarest heaven class low-tier herb . The name might state it was rootless, but it wasn’t the case . It just didn’t need to take root in the soil to absorb nutrients .

The Rootless Flower was generally floating in midair while its roots extract the void power to gradually grow .

However, it wasn’t easy to find a Rootless Flower as they would move around with their own will . It was unlike other herbs which would generally remain on the ground .

Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu were roaming around the outer area of the inner abyss . If they went a little deeper, the wind blades and thunderbolts would cause their qi power and sword energy to drop significantly .

During this period of time, the duo had encountered plenty of half-emperors too .

The Wind Thunder Seat was a place with a mix of good people and scumbags . The number of monarchs in this place was several times or even ten times more than other seats . As such, there were plenty of half-emperors too . At least 20% of the active half-emperors in the Soul Sky Empire were here in the Wind Thunder Seat .

It was unknown how many days had gone by .

On this day, Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness noticed a bizarre scene .

“There is a thunder lake over there . ” Li Fuchen said to Shangguan Yu .

“Thunder lake? I heard that the Thunder Heart Lake is one of the three most dangerous places in the Wind Thunder Abyss . That place has plenty of Thunder Calamity Herbs and Wind Thunder Herbs . The soul herbs and Soul Nurture Wood also grows at the lakeside . ” Shangguan Yu’s eyes lit up .

There wasn’t a need to talk about the Thunder Calamity Herb, Wind Thunder Herb, and the soul herb . They had already seen those three herbs, but they had yet to see the Soul Nurture Wood .

It was said that the Soul Nurture Wood could nourish the spirit soul and transform the spirit soul . But it was unknown if it was true .

“Soul Nurture Wood?” Li Fuchen was slightly moved .

He knew of the Soul Nurture Wood’s effects too . He suspected if the Soul Nurture Wood was similar to the golden amulet which could transform the spirit soul .

Of course, it wasn’t certain if the Soul Nurture Wood could transform the spirit soul for even once . It was impossible to compare it with the golden amulet .

Soon enough, the duo arrived at the vicinity of the Thunder Heart Lake .

The Thunder Heart Lake was rather big and the duo could only see the edge of the Thunder Heart Lake . Most of the lake was covered by a thick layer of mist that it was impossible to see clearly .

Even though it was the edge of the Thunder Heart Lake, Li Fuchen could roughly estimate it to be a few dozen miles wide .

The Thunder Heart Lake was just as the name described .

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The surface of the lake was filled with thunder arcs and there would be waves of thunder surges .

These thunder arcs didn’t come from the sky and it was said to come from the depths of the Thunder Heart Lake . Hence, the reason it was called Thunder Heart Lake .

“The Thunder Heart Lake’s thunder arcs were extremely powerful . Even a peak-class half-emperor would be in danger within the range of 10 meters of the lake . Law Phase Realm emperors wouldn’t be able to endure it when going as close as 3 meters . When within the range of 1 meter, even a low-level emperor would die if the thunder arc struck them . ” Shangguan Yu explained .

“Then what if we touch the lake water?” Li Fuchen asked .

Shangguan Yu said, “It is said that in the entire Emperor Sky Continent, only great emperors are able to touch the lake water . Furthermore, they can only touch the lake water at the edge . Of course, the precondition is that they didn’t encounter the thunder surge . If it was that thunder surge earlier, even low-level emperors would die if they were within 10 meters . ”

“If it is so dangerous, didn’t it mean that only saints can access the secrets of the Thunder Heart Lake?” Li Fuchen couldn’t understand .

The Emperor Sky Continent was only a mid-class continent . Even if it was a top-notch mid-class continent, it shouldn’t have such dangerous places as it wasn’t logical .

Shangguan Yu said, “You don’t say . In ancient records, the formation of the Wind Thunder Abyss is indeed related to saints . However, different ancient records have different sayings . There is one that said there is a thunder dao demon overlord’s heart in the depths of the Thunder Heart Lake . There is another one that said that a thunder dao saint is hibernating in the depths of the Thunder Heart Lake . The thunder arcs from the Thunder Heart Lake are actually connected with the thunderbolts of the Wind Thunder Abyss . There is also a saying that the formation of the Wind Thunder Abyss is actually a battlefield of a wind dao saint and a thunder dao saint, and the two saints perished in this place . ”

“Are saints so powerful?” Li Fuchen was astonished .

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If a thunder dao demon overlord’s heart was able to form the Thunder Heart Lake, then how powerful must the thunder dao demon overlord be? A single thought from the demon overlord might already be able to kill a great emperor .

Li Fuchen involuntarily thought of the Latent Shadow Abyss .

The Latent Shadow Abyss was also a product of a battle between saints . However, Li Fuchen felt that the two saints that created the Latent Shadow Abyss were probably stronger than the saints that created the Wind Shadow Abyss . After all, the Latent Shadow Abyss had plenty of layers and each layer had its own laws .

“Saints are naturally formidable . Law Phase Realm emperors have a lifespan of 2000 years, while saints have a lifespan of 10,000 years . After reaching the saint’s realm, one wouldn’t just be able to venture across the endless ocean and continents, one would even be able to leave this world to explore the world beyond the skies . A flip of their hands could cause rain, they could rip open spatial zones, a single step would allow them to travel 10 million miles . In short, saints are the strongest people in this world . As for a stronger realm beyond saints… it is still unheard of . ” Shangguan Yu’s eyes had a vision of the future as she said slowly .

The range of a few dozen miles wasn’t very big, but it wasn’t small either . When Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu arrived by the side of the Thunder Heart Lake, there were already dozens of monarchs gathered here and the Monochrome Parasol Lady was also here .

The Monochrome Parasol Lady had also noticed Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu .

However, she didn’t go looking for trouble with them .

Firstly, she wasn’t a match for Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu when they worked together .

Secondly, Shangguan Yu had already refined the Thunder Calamity Herb completely . Even if she could obtain Shangguan Yu’s blood essence, the effects would be far inferior to consuming a Thunder Calamity Herb directly .

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Thirdly, a portion of the Thunder Heart Lake’s mist had actually scattered . It was a known fact that the mist of the Thunder Heart Lake would only scatter once every few dozen years . If she missed out on this chance, she might have to wait another few dozen years again .

Right now, her target was the Thunder Calamity Herb by the lakeside . If she could find a good opportunity and harvest one Thunder Calamity Herb, everyone would be worth it .

Similar to the Monochrome Parasol Lady, everyone was staring at the precious herbs by the lakeside .

According to each person’s strength, everyone’s target was different . Some of them were looking at the Wind Thunder Herb, some were looking at the Thunder Calamity Herb, some were looking at the high-grade soul herb . As for the Soul Nurture Wood, they were mostly floating on the lake and no one dared to even think about it .

“So many herbs . ” Li Fuchen’s eyes narrowed .

The Thunder Calamity Herb was something that rarely appeared in the outside world, but there were five to six stalks here . However, most of them were grown within the 10 meter range of the Thunder Heart Lake, making it hard to harvest . Within the 10 meter to 15 meter range, there were plenty of Wind Thunder Herb . As for the high-grade soul herb, there were only three stalks and they were all grown within 3 meters of the lake . Those were places where only Law Phase Realm emperors could reach . Those below the Law Phase Realm would definitely die upon entry .

Li Fuchen saw a bald man who was a peak-class monarch using a qi hand to harvest the Wind Thunder Herb . Subsequently, a horrific thunder arc was guided out and the bald man was instantly dismembered by the thunder arc, resulting in miserable death .

Shangguan Yu said, “The Thunder Heart Lake’s thunder arc is very spiritual . No matter where you are, as long as your qi entered its attack range, the thunder arc would extend out like a vine to blast you . Therefore, it is impossible to harvest the herbs with the qi hand . One has to use one’s own strength to endure and find an opportunity to harvest the herbs . ”

“This Thunder Heart Lake is rather peculiar . ”

While looking at most of the Thunder Heart Lake that was sealed up in the mist, Li Fuchen had a feeling as though this Thunder Heart Lake had life .

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