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Published at 7th of September 2020 11:40:24 AM
Chapter 607
ER – Chapter 607: Monochrome Parasol Lady

The refinement of the Thunder Calamity Herb required a long time and Li Fuchen was patiently waiting .

“Thunder Calamity Herb?” 

From far away, there was a middle-aged lady holding a big parasol and wearing bright clothes that walked over .

The middle-aged lady’s face had a large dark patch and her eyes were also hiding some dark patches . It made her look like she was neither yin or yang, it looked like she was overcast by a chaotic aura .

If monarchs from the Wind Thunder Seat were here, they would certainly recognize that this woman was the Wind Thunder Seat’s famous Monochrome Parasol Lady . She had the strength of a peak-class half-emperor .

The Monochrome Parasol Lady walked slowly . Those wind blades and thunder dragons that could injure half-emperors were instantly scattered upon contact with the parasol .

“It might have been already refined halfway, but if I obtain her, it is no different from obtaining the Thunder Calamity Herb . I am really lucky today . ” The Monochrome Parasol Lady approached closer .

“Five Thunders incantation . ” Li Fuchen couldn’t be bothered to waste his words on the parasol lady . He formed seals in his hands and there was a sudden thunderfall .

“Incantation huh?”

The Monochrome Parasol Lady’s face flashed with a trace of surprise as she twirled her parasol and scattered the thunderfall into the surroundings .

“Such powerful strength . ”

The Monochrome Parasol Lady was the strongest monarch that Li Fuchen encountered . His Five Thunders incantation in the Wind Thunder Abyss had the strength to even injure high-class half-emperors . However, it was easily neutralized by the parasol lady and it was obvious that she was formidable .

“Mind Wound incantation . ” Forming a seal with both hands, Li Fuchen pressed on his forehead and blasted an illusory incantation wave at the Monochrome Parasol Lady .


The Monochrome Parasol Lady’s eyes turned a little grave as her body burst out with qi prowess to withstand the illusory incantation wave .


There was a qi wave explosion that was invisible . Li Fuchen didn’t move a single step while the Monochrome Parasol Lady’s qi prowess had traces of decline .

“This is an incantation that can hurt the mind?” The Monochrome Parasol Lady immediately understood what was going on .

The human body was overly complicated . The spirit soul, true spirit, spiritual awareness, mind, willpower, mental state, qi blood, qi power, qi, everything was connected at a deep level and it was impossible for them not to affect each other mutually .

If the mind was injured, a person’s condition would decline and other aspects would also be more or less affected . The injury on the mind was always very obscure . It could be getting frightened, the aftermath of an illusion, the overburden of the stamina, not getting enough rest for a long period of time . All these cases would damage the mind, which was also the spirit .

Spiritual awareness attacks might be able to damage the true spirit and indirectly affect the mind, but if the target’s spiritual awareness defense was too tough, then the spiritual awareness attack would be useless . However, attacks that injured the mind were hard to defend against and it was all reliant on one’s spirit .

Unless one was like Li Fuchen who was proficient in the mind incantation and wouldn’t be affected by it .

“The Mind Wound incantation is incredible indeed . ” Li Fuchen knew that he couldn’t do anything to the Monochrome Parasol Lady with his spiritual awareness attack .

His spiritual awareness might be comparable with Law Phase Realm emperors, but the Monochrome Parasol Lady was also a peak-class half-emperor . Li Fuchen gradually found out that if he wanted to utilize his spiritual awareness attacks to the extremity, his cultivation level would have to keep up . Otherwise, his spiritual awareness would purely be good at scouting and it would be inferior when used to attack other’s true spirit .

It could be said that with his current cultivation level, his spiritual awareness attacks weren’t going to be effective against half-emperors, unless he obtained a 7-star spiritual awareness attack secret technique .

That’s why Li Fuchen wasn’t going to waste his energy . To him, the Mind Wound incantation was a very good alternative .

The mind attack was much harder to defend then the spiritual awareness attack . However, it was impossible to launch an attack by just using his own mind . Even if he could do it, the power would be negligible and he might even injure his mind . After all, a mind attack would need to exhaust one’s own mind energy .

Only incantations were able to activate powerful mind attacks .

The so-called Mind Wound incantation was to use one’s mind to guide the qi presence in heaven and earth to attack the enemy . This type of qi presence was very bizarre and was within the void . Only incantations could capture it .

Perhaps it was due to his powerful spirit soul, Li Fuchen’s talent in cultivating the Mind Wound incantation was much better than the other incantations .

“It seems like I cannot underestimate you . ”

The Monochrome Parasol Lady twisted the parasol in her right hand and twirled the parasol with rapid speed . Streaks of parasol blade lights were slicing at Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen didn’t dodge . Shangguan Yu was behind him and if he dodged, the parasol blade lights would injure Shangguan Yu .

The first to be sliced open was the Sky Ring Sword Armor, then it was the sword energy protection .


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Li Fuchen opened his mouth and vomited fresh blood . Even the pseudo-heaven class artifact armor on his body appeared with a dent .

“Go . ”

Li Fuchen continued forming the Mind Wound incantation . He used more of his mind energy to gather the scatter qi presence in heaven and earth to blast at the Monochrome Parasol Lady .

The Monochrome Parasol Lady grunted and her eyes turned dark .

Right now, she was feeling a trace of fatigue and this was an outrageous thing .

At her current cultivation realm, even if she fought for three days and nights, it was impossible for her to feel fatigue .

“Your bizarre incantations are indeed formidable . It is a pity that you still have to die . Nine Nether Ghost Claw . ”

The Monochrome Parasol Lady opened her right hand and formed a claw . Dark radiance gathered onto her claw before she attacked Li Fuchen .

This claw attack made Li Fuchen’s body feel the chills . This claw art actually contained a spiritual attack, but it wasn’t intentional and was part of the claw art . If Li Fuchen was any other half-emperor, he would have died under this claw attack or be in a severe injury .

“Mystic Yang Heaven Thunder incantation!”

Li Fuchen disregarded everything . He had been multitasking from the beginning as he silently formed a mental incantation . The so-called mental incantation was to form the seal in one’s heart, but it required a much longer time . The Mystic Yang Heaven Thunder incantation was the strongest low-class incantation and it was based on the Thunder incantation and the Five Thunders incantation . Li Fuchen had learned it at the Fall Thunder City and this was the first time he executed it .


In the sky above the Wind Thunder Abyss, the dark clouds suddenly shivered and in the next moment, a magmlike heaven thunder was burst down .

Before this, Li Fuchen had already been struck by the Nine Nether Ghost Claw and vomited an extremely cold blood .

The Monochrome Parasol Lady didn’t pay attention to Li Fuchen’s condition as she was focusing on the Mystic Yang Heaven Thunder .

The Mystic Yang Heaven Thunder couldn’t really be considered as a thunderbolt, it was more like fiery thunder . The Monochrome Parasol Lady had a feeling if she was slightly careless, she would certainly be injured .

She brandished the parasol in her hands as giant parasol images rushed into the sky to block the Mystic Yang Heaven Thunder .

Rumble, Bang!

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The Mystic Yang Heaven Thunder broke each layer of parasol image with unstoppable force .

The Mystic Yang Heaven Thunder incantation had spent a lot of Li Fuchen’s effort and time . It belonged to the type of incantation that had immense power with a longer preparation time . It contained the mystic yang properties and it wasn’t something the Five Thunders incantation could compare with .

Ultimately, the weakened Mystic Yang Heaven Thunder blasted on the Monochrome Parasol Lady’s parasol .

The ground under her feet had sunk in as she was blasted into the ground . The ground was then turned into a huge pool of magma and thunder .


Mud and rocks were spraying out as the magma and thunder were scattered . The Monochrome Parasol Lady then held her parasol and slowly emerged .

“Is this still not enough?”

Li Fuchen shook his head . After from the slightly pale expression, the parasol lady didn’t receive any damage . If he didn’t guess wrongly, her parasol probably wasn’t a simple pseudo-heaven class weapon .

Li Fuchen, leave the rest to me . ”

It was unknown when Shangguan Yu had already stood up .

Right now, the Thunder Calamity Herb’s qiu presence had yet to fully disperse from her body, but it was already almost refined . The qi blood source within her body wasn’t just stronger by 10% or 20% . Even her qi blood and qi power were significantly improved . Even if she wasn’t at the complete level, she wasn’t too far away .

With a close combat strength of a high-class half-emperor originally, her qi prowess was now evenly matched with the Monochrome Parasol Lady and she was now having a high battle intent .

“Black Snake Drill . ” Shangguan Yu immediately probed with an attack .

The Monochrome Parasol Lady’s parasol twisted and repelled the Black Snake Drill and the smaller black snake qi power that exploded from within .

“Five Forms Emperor Fist, Champosaurus Kill!”

Shangguan Yu waved her fist and a champosaurus image suppressed the void before smashing at the Monochrome Parasol Lady .

The Monochrome Parasol Lady didn’t dare to be careless and started to fight at full strength .

Li Fuchen backed off to the side and used his spiritual awareness to observe the changes in the surrounding while paying attention to the intense battle between Shangguan Yu and the Monochrome Parasol Lady .

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Shangguan Yu’s strength was obviously comparable with peak-class half-emperors . Furthermore, Li Fuce noticed that Shangguan Yu was borrowing qi blood waves that were produced in battle to gradually refine the remaining Thunder Calamity Herb’s medicinal effects . By making use of combat to refine the Thunder Calamity Herbs might be strenuous, but it would allow her body’s qi blood foundation to be extremely firm .

The Monochrome Parasol Lady obviously noticed this point too and frowned .

“Thousand Pivot Steps!”

The Monochrome Parasol Lady twirled and suddenly vanished . When she reappeared, she was already behind Shangguan Yu and it was unknown when her parasol was closed up . The tip of the parasol was extremely sharp and it was obviously tempered with poison . It was being thrust at Shangguan Yu’s back .

Shangguan Yu used a backhand swing to hammer the parasol tip away . The giant force nearly sent the Monochrome Parasol Lady flying .

One had to pay the price to go into close combat with a body refinement monarch . The Monochrome Parasol Lady had not crossed moves with an evenly matched body refinement monarch before, therefore, she immediately fell into a disadvantage .

The two of them were peak-class half-emperors and it was impossible to decide the outcome within a short period of time . The occasional upper hand wasn’t enough to turn into an absolute advantage .

“Mind Wound incantation . ” With enough preparation time, Li Fuchen used his mind as a guide to activate the Mind Wound incantation .

The Monochrome Parasol Lady grunted and stared at Li Fuchen with dark eyes .

She wasn’t afraid if she was fighting Shangguan Yu alone, but with Li Fuchen at the side, she was bound to be defeated, unless she was able to eliminate Li Fuchen first .

However, her instincts told her that Li Fuchen’s strength might not be comparable with Shangguan Yu, but he was harder to deal with than Shangguan Yu . The difficulty to kill Li Fuchen was certainly going to be ridiculously high .

The time passed by slowly and there was a sense of danger that emerged in the Monochrome Parasol Lady’s heart . She quickly opened up her parasol to block a sword light .

This sword light was executed by Li Fuchen and it was the Meteor Fall .

“The Thunder Calamity Herb is yours . ” The Monochrome Parasol Lady didn’t wish to continue fighting . She turned around and drifted away .

“Li Fuchen, are you okay?” Shangguan Yu looked at Li Fuchen .

“I am fine, it is just some minor injuries . ”

The Monochrome Parasol Lady’s Nine Nether Ghost Claw was tyrannical and vicious, but Li Fuchen wasn’t going to suffer like that . He circulated bother his qi power and sword energy and had already eliminated most of the claw force . The remaining claw force had been vanquished by the mortal calamity power and leaving nothing behind .

“Great . Let’s go and look for the Rootless Flower then!” Shangguan Yu knew that Li Fuchen had plenty of trump cards and she wasn’t really that worried .

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