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Published at 7th of September 2020 11:40:24 AM
Chapter 606
ER – Chapter 606: Contribution of the Five Thunders Incantation

From far away, Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness noticed a thunderbolt-shaped herb .

The herb didn’t look big, but it had a shocking appetite . The thunder dragon that struck down from the skies of the Wind Thunder Abyss had been absorbed completely . This thunder dragon was something that even high-level monarchs wouldn’t dare to confront .

When the thunder dragon was absorbed, the Wind Thunder Abyss’s laws seemed to be enraged . Several thunder dragons crashed down while baring their fangs .

It seemed as though the Thunder Calamity Herb was blasted into scraps .

The Thunder Calamity Herb was surrounded with destructive qi presence but it contained boundless vitality . Before the thunder dragons could get near, they were forcefully split apart and turned into the Thunder Calamity Herb’s nutrients .

After nine consecutive thunder dragons, the Thunder Calamity Herb was now completely matured . A pleasant fragrance spread out, which put all the monarchs in an insane and violent state .

“Get lost . The Thunder Calamity Herb is mine . ”

“Who are you? If you take another step forward, I will kill your entire clan . ”

Monarchs of the chaotic Wind Thunder Seat knew that the Thunder Calamity Herb didn’t just strengthen the qi blood source, it could also temper the spirit soul .

The spirit soul was a powerful fundamental that was comparable with the bone frame .

Having a stronger spirit soul was the same as enhancing one’s aptitude .

Boom Boom Boom…

The Wind Thunder Abyss that was filled with violent winds and tyrannical thunderbolts was now even more chaotic . There were qi forces, divine abilities, and cardinal artifacts flying everywhere . Those slightly weaker Primary Sea Realm monarchs couldn’t even enter the region . All of them would either be sent flying while vomiting blood, or smashed up . The only ones that weren’t affected were those few half-emperors .

Those that could become half-emperors would have cultivated a heaven class martial art or 7-star combat secret technique . Furthermore, they possessed quasi-heaven class weapons and of course, they had to possess the 7-star special bone frames .

Take the Red Rainbow Monarch for example . He cultivated the heaven class low-tier sword art, Red Rainbow Sword Art and a 7-star combat secret technique . Even with his quasi-heaven class artifact sword, the Red Rainbow Sword, he was still only a peak-class monarch . Only After obtaining the heaven class artifact sword, the Heaven Rainbow Sword, did he officially become a half-emperor . Moreover, he was at least a mid-class half-emperor or high-class half-emperor .

If he possessed a 7-star special bone frame, even without the Heaven Rainbow Sword, he would be a half-emperor already .

As for Li Fuchen who was only at the 1st level of Primary Sea Realm, but already had the strength of a half-emperor, it was due to his cultivation technique being a blazing sword dao cultivation technique . It allowed Li Fuchen’s sword energy’s power to be comparable with regular 6th level monarchs . The Red Rainbow Monarch was only an 8th level monarch previously, therefore, their difference wasn’t too significant .

Another factor was due to Li Fuchen’s heaven class sword art, the Absolute Heaven Sword Art . It was far superior to the Red Rainbow Sword Art .

In Li Fuchen’s opinion, the Absolute Heaven Sword Art was definitely a pinnacle heaven class low-tier sword art .

That small effect of void dao laws was something that even heaven class mid-tier sword arts couldn’t compare with .

Apart from those things, Li Fuchen’s Joint-Heaven Sword was definitely stronger than the Heaven Rainbow Sword .

Of course, there was a reason that couldn’t be neglected . The Absolute Heaven Sword Art came from the Joint-Heaven Sword . When both were used in unison, it wasn’t a simple addition of power .

As such, Li Fuchen possessed the strength of a half-emperor .

“Shangguan Yu, go and snatch the Thunder Calamity Herb . I will stall them . ” Li Fuchen said to Shangguan Yu .

The Thunder Calamity Herb might be useful to him, but it was far more useful for Shangguan Yu .

“Alright . ” Shangguan Yu didn’t mince around and flew straight for the Thunder Calamity Herb .

“Courting death!” A half-emperor blasted his fist at Shangguan Yu .

“Black Jade Shade . ”

Shangguan Yu didn’t fight back and immediately burst out with her black jade divine ability . She used the qi power contained within the divine ability patterns to withstand the attack .


The barrier made with the black jade qi power shook a little . It caused Shangguan Yu’s advancement to veer off greatly .

“Your opponent is me . ” Li Fuchen executed his Heaven and Earth Extermination at the half-emperor

“Get lost . ”

Another half-emperor joined the fray and wanted to send Li Fuchen flying .

However, Li Fuchen was most fond of group battles . His Heaven and Earth Extermination had an immense attack range and each point of attack was the strongest point . There was basically no weakness and two half-emperors could only put on more pressure on him . It was still impossible to suppress Li Fuchen within a short period of time .

Three half-emperors, four half-emperors…

A total of four half-emperors were working together to attack Li Fuchen . Had it been some other regular half-emperors, that half-emperor would have been sent flying while vomiting blood . They might even be at near death with severe injuries .

However, Li Fuchen was still holding on .

With Primary Sea Realm body refinement, he was much tougher than regular half-emperors .

The Thunder Calamity Herb’s qi presence vanished as Shangguan Yu had harvested it .

“Damn kid, die!” A high-class half-emperor, an old man with phoenix eyes yelled out .

He was strongest among the four half-emperors and his spear thrust at Li Fuchen while it emitted a feeling that it could penetrate everything .

This thrust had a speed and power that had reached the limits . It was much stronger when compared with Li Fuchen’s Meteor Fall . In an instant, Li Fuchen felt that the time surrounding him had slowed down and only that spear was maintaining its speed .

“Five Forms Emperor Fist, Champosaurus Kill!”

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At the crucial moment, Shangguan Yu burst out with the heaven class body refinement fist art, the Five Forms Emperor Fist .

When the fist was executed, the void was suppressed and the flow of time reverted to normal . The fist then clashed with the spear .

Boom, Rumble!

Violent forces exploded . Shangguan Yu and Li Fuchen were sent flying, which they made use of the momentum to escape .


The four half-emperors weren’t willing to accept this outcome and went on a pursuit .

In fact, with Shangguan Yu and Li Fuchen’s strength, they were able to contest with the four half-emperors .

Both of them were body refinement monarchs and had tough defenses . In situations where both sides were injured, body refinement monarchs would only become better during combat . They wouldn’t lose their combat strength within a short period of time while the half-emperors would go into a vicious cycle and become weaker as the battle continued .

However, this was the Wind Thunder Abyss and there were plenty of experts . These four half-emperors weren’t terrifying, but if more arrived, the duo would be in danger .

As the pursuit continued, the two parties arrived at the inner abyss of the Wind Thunder Abyss .

The Wind Thunder Abyss was split into the inner abyss and outer abyss . Outer abyss was generally where Battle Spirit Realm masters and Primary Sea Realm monarchs explored . The inner abyss was where half-emperors and Law Phase Realm emperors explored . This place’s danger was ten times more than the outer abyss .

Boom, Crackle!

A thunder dragon blasted down and struck at a half-emperor at the back .

That half-emperor screamed miserably and his entire body was charred, resulting in serious injuries .

After consuming an elixir, the injured half-emperor increased his speed to catch up with the group .

Woosh Woosh…

There was a mournful air piercing sound as a deep green wind blade sliced across another half-emperor’s shoulder .

Crackle .

The qi protection was ripped through and the half-emperor’s shoulder was drenched in blood . Even his bones were fractured .

“Damn it, what is this wind blade . How can it be so powerful?”

The fracture of bones wasn’t considered a serious injury for a half-emperor . The half-emperor merely took out a bottle and opened it before pouring a golden lotion on the wounds .

The golden lotion was extremely mystical . When it touched the bones, it quickly mended the bones and when it touched the flesh, it quickly closed up the wound .

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In just a short moment, the wound was already gone on appearance .

Of course, there were still some effects . A half-emperor’s bones might be extremely tough, but for it to fully recover, it still required quite a bit of time .

Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu had also encountered plenty of wind blades and thunder dragons .

Li Fuchen used his astounding spiritual awareness to dodge them in advance, while Shangguan Yu had been using her Black Jade Shade to withstand them .

‘Escaping like this isn’t a solution . ’ Li Fuchen frowned .

The Wind Thunder Abyss’s inner abyss was extremely dangerous and Li Fuchen didn’t want himself to fall into a predicament .

‘I wonder if I can use the Five Thunders incantation to initiate the thunderbolts of the Wind Thunder Abyss?’

Li Fuchen’s hands started forming the Five Thunders incantation’s seal .

Dark clouds gathered in the skies of the Wind Thunder Abyss and there was a patch of darkness .

Rumble, Bang!

An astonishing thunderfall blasted behind the duo .

“It is effective!” Li Fuchen’s eyes lit up .

Li Fuchen felt that his Five Thunders incantation was like a lightning rod that would gather the thunderbolts of the Wind Thunder Abyss .

The thunderfall buried the four half-emperors that were chasing behind .

By the time these four half-emperors emerged from the thunderfall, their bodies were charred and they suffered serious injuries .

“It seems like my Five Thunders incantation isn’t proficient enough . If the Incantation Martial Emperor is here, his Five Thunders incantation will probably kill those low-level emperors . ”

The power of incantations wasn’t fixed .

Some incantations would generate more power with a longer preparation time .

Some incantations would need to make use of the natural environment .

The Wind Thunder Abyss’ thunderbolts were already fearsome, therefore, it was naturally formidable when using the Five Thunders incantation . If they were in the outside world, Li Fuchen’s Five Thunders incantation would probably be like a light drizzle to half-emperors and wouldn’t be worth mentioning .

Since the Five Thunders incantation was useful, Li Fuchen naturally wasn’t going to let the four half-emperors have an easy time . Waves of thunderfall had been brought down .

“Damn it . ”

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The four half-emperors might have plenty of precious recovery elixirs, but they couldn’t continue rushing through multiple thunder falls . Without a choice, the four of them had to stop the pursuit while having extremely sullen expressions .

“You are actually able to use the Five Thunders incantation to this extent . No wonder Uncle Fan has such high regards for you . ” Shangguan Yu praised .

She had also studied the incantations for a period of time, but was only able to learn the fundamental incantations . She wasn’t like Li Fuchen who was able to learn the low-class, Five Thunders incantation within such a short period of time . Furthermore, his proficiency was rather high and was actually able to initiate the thunderbolts of the Wind Thunder Abyss .

The Wind Thunder Abyss’ thunderbolts were extremely violent and to initiate it was already a difficult task .

Li Fuchen said, “As compared to the Senior Incantation Martial Emperor, I am still lacking too much . ”

Shangguan Yu rolled her eyes and said, “if you are already comparable with Uncle Fan now, then what are we still doing here? Being overly modest is considered arrogance . ”

Li Fuchen chuckled .

After throwing off the four half-emperors, the duo found a place to rest .

“Why don’t I protect you while you consume the Thunder Calamity Herb?” Li Fuchen suggested .

The stronger Shangguan Yu was, the safer they were in the Wind Thunder Abyss . This was going to be very beneficial for their search for the Rootless Flower and other precious resources .

Shangguan Yu found it was a waste . “If this herb can be concocted into the Thunder Calamity Elixir, the effects will be several times better . What a pity . ”

While speaking, she sat down cross-legged and took a bite at half the Thunder Calamity Herb .

Crackle, Boom!

There were electric arcs and traces of black qi emitted from Shangguan Yu’s body .

The impurities within the body were quickly vanished under the effects of the Thunder Calamity Herb .

Soon enough, Shangguan Yu consumed the rest of the Thunder Calamity Herb and her body was soaked in thunderbolts . She looked just like a Thunder War Goddess .

“Her qi blood is strengthening?” Li Fuchen sized up Shangguan Yu .

The qi blood was the root, while the qi power was the fruit .

The qi blood could be transmuted into qi power, but if the qi power was transmuted into qi blood, there would be a huge decline . It could only be used for recuperation . In order to replenish the deficit of qi blood, it was impossible within a short period of time .

If a person’s qi blood was emptied and was only left with qi power, then the qi power must be transmuted into qi blood . It wouldn’t result in death, but to reach full recovery, it would need a very long process .

The Thunder Calamity Herb could strengthen the source of qi blood . In other words, it was increasing the upper limits of Shangguan Yu’s qi blood and qi power .

As compared to other body refinement monarchs, Shangguan Yu’s upper limits were far superior . This was also why the Thunder Calamity Herb was sought after .

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