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Chapter 604
ER – Chapter 604: Meeting Evil King Again

The Wind Thunder Seat was the most chaotic seat in the entire Soul Sky Empire, but it was also the seat with the richest resources .

It had the richest resources not because of the geographic advantage or the concentrated heaven and earth spirit qi in the Wind Thunder Seat, it was because of its close proximity to the Wind Thunder Abyss .  

The Wind Thunder Abyss would have wind and thunder for the entire year . The wind and thunder within the depths of the Wind Thunder Abyss were even able to deal severe injuries or even kill Law Phase Realm emperors . The extreme environment created extreme resources . Within the Wind Thunder Abyss, there were all sorts of rare medicinal herbs like the Wind Thunder Herbs, the Thunder Calamity Herbs, Rootless Flowers, soul herbs, Soul Nurture Wood…

These herbs were all heaven class herbs . As for the earth class herbs, apart from those very rare ones, no one would bother harvesting them .

When one had to risk their lives in the Wind Thunder Abyss, who would be willing to harvest earth class herbs .

In an uninhabited wilderness of the Wind Thunder Seat, Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu appeared on the teleportation platform .

After sweeping through with his spiritual awareness, Li Fuchen quickly found the exit .

Fall Thunder City, the city that was closest to the Wind Thunder Abyss .

A great array was protecting the Fall Thunder City . The skies above the Fall Thunder City would constantly strike down with thunderbolts which would burst out with sparks .

The duo were walking on the main street of Fall Thunder City .

At this moment, the two of them had put on a disguise . Li Fuchen was a determined youth with a slightly tanned skin, while Shangguan Yu disguised herself like the handsome young man previously .

“It is seldom that we will be at the Wind Thunder Seat . If we don’t look for the Thunder Calamity Herb and the Rootless Flower, we will be letting down ourselves . ” Shangguan Yu said .

“Thunder Calamity Herb and Rootless Flower?”

There were too many herbs on the Emperor Sky Continent and there were many that Li Fuchen had never heard of .

“The Thunder Calamity Herb is a body refinement sacred herb . It is able to strengthen the source of qi blood . With a stronger source of qi blood, the body refinement talent will obtain an enhancement . As for the Rootless Flower, it is rather useful for you as it can constantly strengthen your dantian and make it even more flawless . ” Shangguan Yu explained .

“Rootless Flower?” Li Fuchen’s heart was moved . If he had the Rootless Flower, he would be able to reach the 2nd level of Primary Sea Realm instantly .

“Those two herbs must be very difficult to obtain right?” Li Fuchen asked .

Shangguan Yu said, “It is not only difficult . Any heaven class herb that is brought out from the Wind Thunder Abyss will be immediately purchased by someone . Therefore, if you wish to obtain these two herbs, you have to enter the Wind Thunder Abyss yourself . ”

“But to enter the Wind Thunder Abyss, you will need a wind thunder compass . Apart from Law Phase Realm emperors, regular people wouldn’t be able to navigate inside the Wind Thunder Abyss . Of course, you might be able to navigate, but it is still safe to purchase two wind thunder compasses . ” Shangguan Yu continued saying .

Wind thunder compasses were very expensive . A low-class wind thunder compass would need 10 pieces of mid-grade spirit stones . Mid-class wind thunder compasses would need 500 mid-grade spirit stones . High-class wind thunder compasses would need 50,000 mid-grade spirit stones . As for peak-class wind thunder compassess, it wasn’t even sold on the market .

After spending 100,000 mid-grade spirit stones, the duo bought a high-class wind thunder compass each .

When turning across a corner of the street, Li Fuchen suddenly stared blankly right in front of him .

“Li Fuchen, what is wrong?” Shangguan Yu looked over and saw a man with a severed arm .

“Nothing, I saw an acquaintance . ” Li Fuchen revealed a smile .

This man with the severed arm might not be wearing a golden mask, but his vitality presence was something that Li Fuchen was very familiar with .

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This man with the severed arm was actually the Evil King who was once the tyrant of the East Unicorn Continent .

However, the Evil King back then was only at the peak-level of Reincarnation Realm . Right now, the Evil King was already at the 3rd level of Primary Sea Realm . It was unknown how he cultivated . Li Fuchen’s advancement was already considered an insane speed, but the Evil King’s advancement didn’t seem to be inferior at all .

Li Fuchen gave off a very familiar presence to the Evil King too .

“Li Fuchen!” The Evil King said subconsciously .

The others might not see through Li Fuchen’s disguise easily, but the Evil King was able to do it .

Li Fuchen had given him too deep of an impression .

“Evil King, or should I call you Evil Monarch? It has been a long time . The current you is rather fitting for your title . ” Li Fuchen laughed and said .
(TL note: Evil King shall now be known as Evil Monarch)

After seeing each other again, Li Fuchen had already dismissed his thoughts of battle .

The Evil Monarch said, “Don’t make fun of me . In this Emperor Sky Continent, what am I considered as a 3rd level monarch?”

If the Evil Monarch was still on the East Unicorn Continent, he would have the ambition to conquer the continent . But now, his ambitions and aspirations were all gone and it was replaced by the pursuit of martial dao .

There was a saying, ‘There is always a higher mountain, a stronger person, and a bigger world . ’ The Evil Monarch felt that he was truly childish and ridiculous back then .

It was fortunate that the heavens blessed him . After coming to the Emperor Sky Continent, the Evil Monarch obtained an evil dao inheritance from a senior and even the senior’s entire wealth . With a large amount of precious resources, the Evil Monarch advanced at a rapid speed . Right now, his dantian wasn’t able to keep up with his cultivation realm . This time, he was planning to explore the Wind Thunder Abyss to search for the Rootless Flower and didn’t expect to encounter Li Fuchen .

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After seeing that Li Fuchen had also become a Primary Sea Realm monarch, the Evil Monarch didn’t dare to underestimate him .

Back then, Li Fuchen’s cultivation level was much lower than him, but was still able to sever his arm . Right now, the two of them were only different by two levels . The gap in cultivation was nearly negligible .

Of course, the Evil Monarch didn’t think that it would be the same as back then .

Back then, the Evil Monarch was defeated by Li Fuchen because his cultivation technique and martial arts were all inferior . Right now, be it his cultivation technique or martial arts, they were all top-notch . He believed that even if he couldn’t defeat Li Fuchen, it would also be very difficult for Li Fuchen to defeat him .

After all, even his bone frame had been upgraded to 7-star .

“It seems like you are doing well . ”

Li Fuchen guessed that the Evil Monarch should have obtained some incredible inheritance .

Otherwise, with the Evil Monarch’s innate talent, it was impossible to achieve his current state .

“Same to you . ”

“That’s right, where is the Blood Ancestor?”

If Li Fuchen encountered the Blood Ancestor again, he would still have the intent to kill .

The Blood Ancestor had massacred millions of lives in the East Unicorn Continent . If Li Fuchen didn’t kill the Blood Ancestor, he would be letting down the grieving souls of those that died miserably .

The Evil Monarch said, “His cultivation method is overly bloodthirsty and has been killed by others a few years ago . ”

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The Evil Monarch was willing to walk together with the Blood Ancestor on the East Unicorn Continent . But after arriving at the Emperor Sky Continent, the Evil Monarch felt that the Blood Ancestor was just a disaster and would bring him trouble sooner or later . Therefore, the duo split up soon after the arrival . Just as expected, a few months later, the Evil Monarch found out that the Blood Ancestor had been eliminated by others .

“It is better for him to die . ” Li Fuchen felt satisfaction .

After letting out a breath, Li Fuchen said, “Apart from me, have you encountered the others?”

The Evil Monarch shook his head . “You are the first . Perhaps the Emperor Sky Continent is too huge and everyone is scattered . ”

The East Unicorn Continent was already considered big, but the Emperor Sky Continent was 10,000 times bigger . Furthermore, the law suppression in the Emperor Sky Continent was several tens of times or even a hundred times stronger . Let alone a few hundred to a thousand individuals teleporting over . Even if the entire continent’s population teleported over, it would be like pouring mud into the ocean . It was truly not easy to find a familiar person .

Li Fuchen nodded . It was true that the Emperor Sky Continent was too big .

“I still have something to do and shall not talk longer . ” The Evil Monarch stated .

“Take care . ” Li Fuchen watched as the Evil Monarch left .

“Who was that person?” Shangguan Yu had also felt something different about the Evil Monarch .

Li Fuchen said, “He was once an all-powerful person . We might encounter him again in the future . ”

After seeing the Evil Monarch, Li Fuchen felt that fate was truly unfathomable .

But when he thought about it, the Evil Monarch was once the strongest of a continent and his qi fate should be far superior to a regular person .

There were times when a person’s qi fate was as important as innate talent .

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