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Chapter 603
ER – Chapter 603: Incantation Enemy

With some tests, Li Fuchen felt that his combat strength was almost at the level of a half-emperor .

After all, his Divine Flame Sword Energy Technique wasn’t a regular heaven class low-tier cultivation technique, it was a heaven class low-tier blazing sword dao technique . In terms of lethality, it was extremely powerful .

When coordinating with the heaven class low-tier sword art and the heaven class low-tier artifact sword, it could be said that Li Fuchen was armed to the teeth .

Of course, now that his qi had turned into sword energy, his strength wasn’t just significantly stronger, his dantian was gradually strengthening with the nourishment of the sword energy .

Li Fuchen reckoned that after about a year, his dantian should be able to withstand more sword energy and by then, he would be able to advance to the 2nd level of Primary Sea Realm .

If Li Fuchen didn’t have the sword energy, he would probably need around three to four years to advance to the next level, otherwise, his dantian would rupture .

This was an extremely awkward situation .

His astounding perception and all fated opportunities allowed him to advance his levels quickly, but his dantian wasn’t able to keep up .

If he had an 8-star bone frame, his dantian would definitely be much more resilient and wouldn’t have to worry advancing his levels too quickly and being afraid that his dantian wouldn’t be able to withstand it .

It was also fortunate that Li Fuchen had also had sufficient body refinement levels, allowing his dantian to receive some nourishment . Otherwise, he probably wouldn’t even reach the 1st level of Primary Sea Realm .

After creating the 36th rank of the Divine Flame Sword Energy Technique, Li Fuchen placed most of his concentration on the incantations .

He didn’t need to cultivate the incantation dao to the same level as the Incantation Martial Emperor, he only required a deeper understanding . Of course, it would naturally be better for him to cultivate until the Incantation Martial Emperor’s extent . After all, incantations were hidden and treacherous . It was better to be on guard against it .

In just a few short days, Li Fuchen had comprehended almost the entire foundation of incantations that the Incantation Martial Emperor had given him .

This foundation book of incantation didn’t just contain the fundamental incantations, it also had three low-class incantations .

Incantations were different from martial arts, they were classified into five different classes, the fundamental, low-class, mid-class, high-class, and peak-class .

Incantations would become stronger as the practitioner had a better understanding of incantations .

If the Incantation Martial Emperor executed the fundamental Wind incantation, it wouldn’t just be violent winds, it would be countless wind blades . Even if those wind blades weren’t a threat to Law Phase Realm emperors, it would be able to slaughter a massive number of monarchs .

Theoretically, the most fundamental incantations didn’t have any growth limits .

After all, martial arts were meant to stir heaven and earth power .

Incantations made use of heaven and earth power . Since heaven and earth power didn’t have any limits, incantations didn’t have any limits too .

However, even if the incantations didn’t have limits, the cultivators had limits . The amount of heaven and earth power that could be borrowed would depend on the cultivator’s proficiency .

As for low-class incantations, it was already considered extremely precious incantations . The Incantation Martial Emperor was able to use low-class incantations to threaten Law Phase Realm emperors . Especially when ample preparations were done, it could put weaker emperors into a plight .

The mid-class incantations that were superior to the low-class incantations were the Incantation Martial Emperor’s trump cards . According to what the Incantation Martial Emperor said, if he had enough time, he could use a mid-class incantation to kill a mid-level emperor .

As for high-class and peak-class incantations, the Incantation Martial Emperor didn’t have it either . Even the vicious Skull Blood Curse was only considered a slightly formidable mid-class incantation and not a high-class incantation .

The three low-class incantations included in the foundation were the Storm Summon, Five Thunders, and Evil Vanquish incantations .

The Storm Summon incantation was able to change the weather . The higher the proficiency level, the greater the range of the weather change . With a sufficient level of proficiency, it was even possible to make the entire Emperor Sky Continent to have continuous rain and wind for 100 years .

Of course, that level would probably be at the saint realm and it was already hard for regular people to imagine .

The Five Thunders incantation was an extreme offensive incantation . This incantation was able to summon five kinds of heaven thunders that could blast at enemies frenziedly .

The so-called heaven thunder was also the heaven dao thunder . The higher the proficiency, the stronger the heaven dao thunder .

Finally, it was the Evil Vanquish incantation which was used to eliminate negative effects . If a person was being affected by one’s own inner demons, the Evil Vanquish incantation might just be able to eliminate the inner demon . Also, the Evil Vanquish was also able to eliminate abnormal true spirits and prevent oneself from being possessed .

In short, the Evil Vanquish incantation probably had the highest value among the three low-class incantations, even though it was only a support incantation .

In just three days, Li Fuchen had learned the Storm Summon, Five Thunders, and the Evil Vanquish incantations .

However, these three low-class incantations didn’t have much power . After all, Li Fuchen had just learned them .

“This child’s innate talent is unprecedented . It is truly a pity that he doesn’t cultivate the incantation dao . ”

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The Incantation Martial Emperor didn’t see Li Fuchen’s sword dao cultivation, he was only looking at the progress in Li Fuchen’s incantation dao . That’s why he felt that Li Fuchen should be cultivating the incantation dao .


The Incantation Martial Emperor had a change of expression in the pavilion . He then quickly took out a crystal ball from the storage bag .

Forming a seal with both hands, the Incantation Martial Emperor then cast a mid-class incantation, the Fortune Divination incantation .


An image suddenly appeared in the crystal ball and it was a sinister looking man with colored clothes that was rushing over .

“He actually came out from the Curse Temple?” The Incantation Martial Emperor had an extremely awful expression .

After keeping the crystal ball, the Incantation Martial Emperor called for Shangguan Yu and Li Fuchen .

“An enemy of mine rushing over . I am going out to lie low for the moment . The two of them escape as quickly as possible . ” The Incantation Martial Emperor stated .

Shangguan Yu didn’t understand . “Uncle Fan, isn’t it hard for great emperors to kill you on the Incantation Mountain? What enemy could make you give up Incantation Mountain?”

The Incantation Martial Emperor laughed bitterly and said, “Great emperors are unable to kill me easily because they cannot enter the Incantation Mountain instantly . While I am able to use the teleportation array on the Incantation Mountain to leave . This enemy of mine might not be a great emperor, and is only a mid-level emperor, but his incantation methods are superior to mine . Furthermore, he is most adept at curses . After so many years, his curses are probably more terrifying . ”

The Blood Emperor’s Skull Blood Curse was incredible, but it wasn’t worth mentioning when comparing it with this enemy’s curse . The Incantation Martial Emperor was suspecting that if his enemy was able to walk out of the Curse Temple, then his enemy must have already comprehended a high-class curse .

“Uncle Fan, will you be in danger?” Shangguan Yu sounded worried .

The Incantation Martial Emperor said confidently, “I might not be a match for him in combat, but in terms of divination, there almost no one that is able to surpass me in the Emperor Sky Continent . If I wish to leave, no one will be able to stop me . ”

The Incantation Martial Emperor walked on the path of incantation dao because he obtained an inheritance from a senior . It was a pity that the senior’s inheritance was extremely incomplete . Otherwise, he wouldn’t have to fear this person .

“That’s right . Lass Xiao Yu, your father’s injuries aren’t fully recovered yet . Don’t go seeking trouble for him . Hurry up and return . ” The Incantation Martial Emperor said sternly to Shangguan Yu .

Shangguan Yu didn’t really care . “When all of you were young, didn’t you also venture around . Why don’t you allow me to venture around? Don’t worry, I will be more careful in the future and will not bring trouble to myself . ”

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The Incantation Martial Emperor shook his head and laughed bitterly . Shangguan Yu was too used to being free . Unless he personally sent her back, otherwise, it was basically impossible for her to return on her own accord .

However, she had several life-saving artifacts and as long as she didn’t directly confront a Law Phase Realm emperor, there wouldn’t be much danger .

“This is the Fortune Divination incantation token that I personally created . After you refine it, if there is a crack on it, it means you have to be careful . If it is shattered instantly, head home immediately . ” Shangguan Yu passed a jade token to Shangguan Yu .

The Fortune Divination incantation was extremely hard to comprehend and he had only achieved some level of proficiency on it during the recent years . He was barely able to carve it on the jade token, but it was extremely strenuous to carve the Fortune Divination incantation . With his ability, he was only able to produce one Fortune Divination incantation token during the past few years .

While speaking, the Incantation Martial Emperor turned to look at Li Fuchen . “Li Fuchen, you innate talent is the best I have ever seen in my life . I was originally planning to give you more guidance . Now that my enemy is here, it is unknown when we will meet again . This is an incantation jade scroll that I recorded myself . There are some low-class incantations and a few mid-class incantations in it . You should study it well . ”

The Incantation Martial Emperor handed a jade scroll to Li Fuchen .

This jade scroll was recorded with 80% of his incantations . Only those trump incantations weren’t recorded inside .

“Thank you, senior . ” Li Fuchen was very grateful as he received the jade scroll respectfully .

“Alright, hurry up and leave . My teleportation array can teleport you to the Wind Thunder Seat . That place is close to the Wind Thunder Abyss and there are a mix of different people there . The qi intent there is very chaotic . Li Fuchen, your Skull Blood Curse is restrained by my Clear Heart Demon Lock and along with the chaotic qi intent, you don’t have to worry exposing your identity within a short period of time . But after a certain period of time, you will still be exposed . You two better be careful . ” The Incantation Martial Emperor activated the teleportation array and said to the duo .

Shangguan Yu stood on the teleportation array and asked, “Uncle Fan, aren’t you leaving through the teleportation array?”

The Incantation Martial Emperor said, “I plan to leave the Soul Sky Empire . I might even leave the Emperor Sky Continent . ”

His enemy was far more terrifying than the duo could imagine . He would rather a great emperor was chasing after him . After all, a great emperor might be powerful, but it wasn’t that easy to find him .


A dazzling radiance rushed into the sky before Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu vanished .

After tearing down the teleportation array, the Incantation Martial Emperor took out the spatial crystal from within and formed an incantation which branded the Incantation Mountain . In the next moment, his figure vanished without a trace .

A few days later, the color-clothed man arrived at the Incantation Mountain .

“He left?”

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The color-clothed man had a mysterious and sinister qi presence . It was as though countless malicious spirits were flying around him and it would freeze other’s spirit souls .

“Demonic Five Thunders incantation!”

When the color-clothed man formed a seal with two hands, black clouds gathered in the skies above . A demonic god image appeared above the black clouds . Subsequently, the demonic god image spat out countless thunderbolts on the Incantation Mountain .

Bang Boom!

The incantation array was shaking violently .

“Demonic Soul Extraction incantation!” The color-clothed man formed another seal before grabbing at the Incantation Mountain with his right hand .


The Incantation Mountain looked as though it had lost its spirit as the incantation array declined in power . Soon enough, the array was smashed into pieces by the Demonic Five Thunders incantation .

Right at this moment, a gold-armored heavenly god image appeared above the Incantation Mountain .

The gold-armored heavenly god was tens of thousands of feet tall as it cleaved at the color-clothed man .

“Substitute incantation!” The color-clothed man had a change of expression as he quickly formed a seal .


A class 6 demonic beast which didn’t know what was happening had been cleaved and had disintegrated . The color-clothed man appeared in a faraway place .

“You actually comprehended the Gold-Armored Mountain God incantation . I truly must not underestimate you . ”

The Gold-Armored Mountain God incantation would exhibit the greatest power when used on mountains . This Incantation Mountain was a marvel mountain and when complimented by the Gold-Armored Mountain God incantation, the power was enough to instantly kill several mid-level emperors .

The Incantation Mountain started crumbling and the devastating qi presence destroyed all signs of the Incantation Martial Emperor’s existence .

The color-clothed man sneered and grabbed a streak of qi presence . This qi presence was left behind by the Incantation Martial Emperor .

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