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Chapter 605
ER – Chapter 605: Wind Thunder Abyss

The Wind Thunder Abyss had plenty of entrances, but there were only a few relatively safer entrances . The rest of the entrances were unpredictable and one might immediately get attacked by the wind thunder after entering .

There were plenty of people entering the Wind Thunder Abyss . In fact, there were also many Battle Spirit Realm masters who entered the Wind Thunder Abyss .

These Battle Spirit Realm masters were generally active in the outer borders of the Wind Thunder Abyss . The wind thunder compasses in their hands were mostly low-class or mid-class . They couldn’t afford a high-class wind thunder compass .

“Split Thorn Monarch, those two didn’t even blink their eyes when purchasing high-class wind thunder compasses . They must have ample wealth . Slaughtering them will definitely give us a windfall . ”

Behind Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu, there was a group of monarchs that were stalking far at the back .

“No need to hurry . Wait for them to enter the Wind Thunder Abyss before we discuss more . ”

The Wind Thunder Seat might be chaotic, but it wasn’t so chaotic that people would make a move without investigating the target’s background . If Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu had an influential background, after killing the two of them, the group of monarchs would definitely be pursued and severed into pieces .

The Wind Thunder Abyss was enveloped by a layer of natural wind thunder boundary .

This wind thunder boundary was as powerful as a class-8 array . Even a Law Phase Realm emperor wouldn’t be able to enter by tearing the boundary . If things didn’t go well, they might just receive a backlash from the boundary .

In order to enter the Wind Thunder Abyss, one would need to find the gap in the boundary .

There was a gap near the Fall Thunder City which was in a valley . There was an opening that was a few meters in size . The exterior of the opening was the valley, while the interior was the dusky Wind Thunder Abyss . From time to time, violent winds and thunderbolts would escape from the opening . It was fortunate that the violent winds and thunderbolts weren’t so powerful . Even a Battle Spirit Realm master would be able to forcefully enter .

When the duo entered the opening, the group of monarchs followed suit .

“There are people who are seeking death . ” Li Fuchen stated .

“We shall wait for them here!” Shangguan Yu wasn’t a benevolent person and her murderous intent was even more intense than Li Fuchen .

This might be due to her cultivation in the body refinement dao .

The leader of the monarchs was a haggard-looking middle-aged man . His body was emitting an obscure wood dao qi presence . He was obviously a monarch with the greenwood bone frame . Beside him was a skinny man with divine patterns on his forehead .

After entering the opening, the skinny man’s divine patterns lit up as he was planning to search for Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu’s whereabouts .

“Are you guys looking for us?”

On a nearby charred tree, Shangguan Yu and Li Fuchen were each standing on a branch and looking down at the group of monarchs .

“They actually didn’t escape . ” The Split Thorn Monarch grinned while his eyes looked a little grave .

The Split Thorn Monarch wasn’t an ordinary person . With the 7-star greenwood bone frame, he had already cultivated to the 8th level of Primary Sea Realm . Of course, he wouldn’t be considered anything with just a high level of cultivation . His greatest trump was being able to comprehend his greenwood bone frame patterns to near seven segments during a chance encounter . It allowed his divine ability, the Art of Split Thorn to become much stronger than his personal strength . If caught off guard, even a high-level monarch would be instantly pierced by his thorns .

He resided in the Wind Thunder Seat for many years and he had killed 80 if not 100 monarchs . But this time, he actually felt a little unassured .

“Split Thorn Monarch, one of them is 1st level monarch and the other is a sub-completion level body refinement monarch . Even if they are formidable, how can they compare to us?” The skinny man didn’t have a high cultivation level and was only at the 2nd level of Primary Sea Realm . He had the 6-star nimble wind bone frame and awakened a divine ability that wasn’t for combat . It was a support ability, the Wind Eyes . It allowed him to use the wind dao energy to observe remotely . The higher the concentration of the wind dao energy, the more detailed his Wind Eyes’ observation .

This was also why he was able to partner with the Split Thorn Monarch .

There were many moments when an observation of divine ability was better than spiritual awareness .

“Black Snake Drill!”

Shangguan Yu couldn’t be bothered to waste time with these people . She immediately executed her killer move and launched a black snake qi power at the Split Thorn Monarch .

The Split Thorn Monarch was very cautious and didn’t confront the attack directly and had retreated instead .

In the next moment, he was rejoicing in his heart . The black snake qi power burst into countless smaller black snake qi power .

Pfff Pfff Pfff Pfff…

Apart from the Split Thorn Monarch and the skinny man, the rest of the monarchs had their qi protection penetrated by the black snake qi and had their bodies explode .


The skinny man’s scalp was turning numb and he wished he could slap himself twice .

This wasn’t a strength that a sub-completion level body refinement monarch should have . Even completion level body refinement monarchs wouldn’t have such power . It was fortunate that his Wind Eyes allowed him to see the attack trajectory in advance and dodging in time . Despite the case, one of his arms got grazed by the black snake power and was smashed into smithereens .

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“Heaven and Earth Extermination . ”

Li Fuchen stood still on the branch and brandished his Joint-Heaven Sword . The duo were frozen before the place they were standing was like a mirror that shattered .

Blood burst out as the skinny man was sliced into dozens or a hundred pieces, while the Split Thorn Monarch was severely injured and near death .

“Art of Split Thorn . ”

With a burst of greenwood power, the Split Thorn Monarch used his final strength to execute his greenwood divine ability .

If he didn’t succeed with this attack, he would be done for .

Pfff Pfff Pfff Pfff Pfff…

The ground where Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu was standing at, countless black thorns emerged . If it was some regular high-level monarch who didn’t know the Split Thorn Monarch’s divine ability, they might just be pierced through .

However, Shangguan Yu and Li Fuchen weren’t just any regular high-level monarchs .

“Black Jade Shade!”

Shangguan Yu’s body burst out with a layer black qi power that enveloped Li Fuchen and her .

Cling Cling Clang Clang!

The black thorns pierced at the black qi power barrier . Apart from making the black qi power barrier shake, they didn’t achieve anything else


A black snake qi power burst the Split Thorn Monarch’s head open .

After keeping the storage bags from this group of monarchs, the duo left silently .

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“This group of people are rather wealthy . They actually have one stalk of the Wind Thunder Herb . ”

Shangguan Yu was holding a green flickering herb in her hand .

The Wind Thunder Herb was a heaven class low-tier medicinal herb . It was able to temper the qi blood and strengthen the qi blood . It might not be comparable with the Thunder Calamity Herb, but it was an extremely precious body refinement herb .

Li Fuchen took a glance at the Wind Thunder Herb and withdrew his gaze . It didn’t matter if it was a herb to increase the body refinement level or the qi cultivation level, it wasn’t really useful to him .

With the extreme grade spirit stone, why would he need these herbs for?

He only bothered about the Rootless Flower .

The Rootless Flower was also a heaven class low-tier herb, but its value was far beyond the Wind Thunder Herb . Be Primary Sea Realm monarchs or Law Phase Realm emperors the dantian was the most difficult part of the body to nourish . It was fine for the earlier phase of cultivation, during the later phase of cultivation, the dantian would restrict a person’s speed of advancement .

Especially at a huge hurdle between the Primary Sea Realm and the Law Phase Realm . Apart from cultivating a heaven class cultivation, the dantian must be strengthened to an extremely tough stage . Otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to withstand the harsh Law Phase Realm qi .

The deeper into the Wind Thunder Abyss, the stronger the violent winds and the thunderbolts .

The concentrated wind blades and berserk thunderbolts gave off a feeling of an apocalypse .

The duo brought out their qi power barrier and sword energy protection, while they walked slowly in the wind blades and thunderbolts . Occasionally, they would bring out the wind thunder compass to look at the direction to prevent being lost in the Wind Thunder Abyss .

“Are these soul herbs?” From a higher ground, Li Fuchen noticed a patch of soul herbs .

Soul herbs were one of the main ingredients for the concoction of soul elixirs . Its grade would be upgraded with each transformation .

The lowest grade of soul herbs were generally earth class low-tier . Mid-grade soul herbs were earth class high-tier . High-grade soul herbs were heaven class low-tier . Special-grade soul herbs were heaven class high-tier .

Soul herbs had the same effects as soul elixirs and could stimulate the spirit soul . During the period with the medicinal effects, it would enhance the perception . The only differences were the stronger medicinal effects and longer duration .

“These are soul herbs indeed . Furthermore, most of them are mid-grade soul herbs . ” Shangguan Yu frowned and said .

“Why? Are these soul herbs different?” Li Fuchen noticed the abnormal expression on Shangguan Yu and couldn’t help asking .

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Shangguan Yu said, “I heard from my father that soul herbs and soul elixirs will make the user addicted . I don’t know if it is true or false . ”


Li Fuchen had never heard of a herb that could make someone addicted .

“That’s right . You might not hear of it before, but addicting herbs do exist . Furthermore, it isn’t just the soul herbs . During the concoction of the soul elixirs, there is also a type of psychotic herbs that is also addictive . After long term consumption, even a Law Phase Realm emperor would find it hard to quit using it . After all, it is an addiction on the spirit soul and not the physical body . ”

Li Fuchen frowned . “Since the soul elixirs are addictive, why would the Soul Sky Empire be propagating the soul elixirs?”

Shangguan Yu sighed and said, “There are plenty of people pursuing the martial dao who aren’t even afraid of losing their lives . How can they be afraid of being addicted? Some of the monarchs might be able to restrain from using the soul elixir at the beginning, but after getting stuck at a realm for a very long time, they will not be able to withstand the temptation to consume the soul elixir to stimulate their spirit soul . ”

Li Fuchen nodded . Shangguan Yu’s explanation was very true . As compared to reaching a higher cultivation level or realm, addiction could only be considered a small flaw .

It didn’t matter if the soul herb could make a person addicted, these soul herbs were still very valuable herbs . A single stalk of mid-grade soul herb had a far higher value than earth class peak-tier herbs . A patch of mid-grade soul herbs were enough to tempt any monarch .

After harvesting the soul herbs, the duo continued traveling .

Unknowingly, the duo arrived at the depths of the Wind Thunder Abyss .

The violent winds and thunderbolts in this place were still unable to break the duo’s qi power barrier and sword energy protection . However, it consumed a lot of their qi power and sword energy .


In the dusky Wind Thunder Abyss, there was a sudden burst of extremely intense radiance . A dragon-shaped thunderbolt descended from the sky and blasted on the land that was far away .

“The Thunder Calamity Herb has matured . ” Shangguan Yu’s eyes lit up as the black halo was emitted, she then traveled at a faster speed .

The Thunder Calamity Herb was able to strengthen the qi power source and it was much more valuable than any qi blood tempering herb . If the Thunder Calamity Elixir could be refined, the effects would be several times higher . It was obvious that body refinement monarchs desired it, but even monarchs who didn’t focus on the body refinement dao also desired them . A stronger qi blood source was something that was all benefits and no demerits for all martial artists .

Swish Swish Swish Swish…

It wasn’t only Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu who were rushing for the location where the dragon thunderbolt struck down, there were dozens of monarchs that were rushing over too . Among them there were plenty of half-emperors .

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