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Published at 4th of September 2020 11:01:10 AM
Chapter 602
ER – Chapter 602: Divine Flame Sword Energy Technique

The incantation foundation was much harder to comprehend than Li Fuchen imagined .
(TL note: This foundation is like a book and I am using incantation instead of incantation marks)

For the martial arts dao, it started from the surface and went deeper . The practitioners would only start to comprehend the laws in the later realms .

As for the incantation dao, the practitioner had to immediately comprehend the laws and to comprehend the interconnection between everything .

If the martial arts placed importance on being proficient, then the incantations required to be proficient and extensive .

If the martial arts was meant to stir heaven and earth power, then the incantations were meant to connect heaven and earth power before subtly turning it into one’s own power to use .

It could be said that the incantation dao had an extremely high entry level and those without enough aptitude wouldn’t be able to do it .

For the entire day, Li Fuchen had already read through the foundation of the incantation several times . However, he had only understood 10% or 20% of its contents and couldn’t be considered as a mastery .

Li Fuchen wasn’t in a hurry either as he started to study more in depth .

“The incantation dao is to connect one’s heart with heaven’s heart; to feel the nature of heaven and earth; to take the essence from the sun and moon; for the true spirit to roam the void; to see all living things develop; to see the source of all living things; to see the cycle of life; repeating the cycle; going against karma; forming one’s own incantation…”

The foundation of incantations was extremely profound, but it was fortunate that Li Fuchen’s perception wasn’t ordinary .

“Does my true spirit have to achieve autoscopy?” After putting down the foundation of the incantation, Li Fuchen said to himself .

The Incantation Martial Emperor’s incantation foundation might not be comprehensive, but since he was able to reach the Law Phase Realm, there must be a certain level of understanding .

Li Fuchen relaxed his true spirit and attempted to make his true spirit leave the soul sea .

On the second midnight, Li Fuchen’s true spirit leaped out of his body .

“Such a wonderful feeling . ” Li Fuchen looked down at this body while his emotions contained a trace of novelty .

His true spirit passed through the building and flew up into the high altitudes .

In the sky, the wind was blowing violently and it made Li Fuchen’s true spirit waver . However, Li Fuchen quickly stabilized his true spirit and became rather skilled at it . The violent winds in the sky couldn’t even be considered a breeze and it was rather comfortable .

“He achieved autoscopy with his true spirit so quickly?” The Incantation Martial Emperor’s face flashed with astonishment .

It was extremely hard to achieve autoscopy and in normal situations, the true spirit would only achieve autoscopy state before death . When the Incantation Martial Emperor first achieved autoscopy, it took him nearly one year .

Of course, he started the incantation dao when his cultivation was at the Battle Spirit Realm and his true spirit wasn’t as powerful as Li Fuchen .

Using spiritual awareness to observe things and using the true spirit to observe things gave a completely different feeling .

Spiritual awareness was only able to observe the surface, while the true spirit was able to observe the essence .

On this point, the spirit soul force was very similar to the true spirit .

“The wind is actually a flow of air caused by the changes in temperature . I might have comprehended a portion of the wind dao laws, but I am still not especially knowledgeable about the source of the wind . The wind dao law is only focusing on the wind . It seems like all things in the world are indeed interconnected . If anyone wishes to comprehend the wind dao laws to the extremity, one would need to reach the standard of heaven dao, and had to accept all things like heaven dao . ”

Li Fuchen’s emotions were like a wild horse that was out of control as countless thoughts would be flashing by constantly .

The true spirit observed how the wind was produced and developed .

The true spirit fused into the plants and felt the marvel of the plants’ growth .

The true spirit searched through heaven and earth and found some obscure energy and some gaps in the laws .

Gradually, Li Fuchen’s understanding increased and with the coordination of the incantation foundation, Li Fuchen opened up a path towards the incantation dao .

One week passed by in an instant .

“Wind incantation!” Li Fuchen formed a seal in his hand and yelled out softly .

Subsequently, violent winds blew across in a devastating manner .

Li Fuchen didn’t use the wind dao laws, but the wind was produced just like that . Furthermore, the range was extremely huge and it constantly brought in more wind in the air .

“Cloud incantation!” White clouds gathered in the sky and covered the sunlight .

“Rain incantation!” The white clouds suddenly turned dark and rain started falling .

“Thunder incantation!” 

Bang Boom!

A large number of thunderbolts struck down and it was extremely imposing .

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“Such terrifying innate talents . ” The Incantation Martial Emperor looked through the void and saw this shocking scene .

These fundamental incantation arts could be done within a single thought by him and he didn’t even need to form seals . But to achieve this level within a week was particularly shocking . It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Li Fuchen was a prodigy blessed by heavens .

“Do I have to break the exception and accept him as a personal disciple?” The Incantation Martial Emperor had this flash of thought .

The incantation dao was too difficult and if he was able to teach an incredible disciple, it would be beneficial to his future too .

Perhaps this new disciple might just surpass him in the future and turn back to guide him?

As for the problem about dignity, the Incantation Martial Emperor didn’t care . He only cared about reaching the pinnacle of the incantation dao and not any so-called dignity or reputation .

“Let me continue observing first . ”

There were some who could reach the entry level quickly, but wouldn’t progress as quickly afterwards .

Afterall, to cultivate the incantation dao, apart from innate talent, one was required to calm the mind .

One month later, Li Fuchen understood almost the entire incantation foundation . As for the fundamental incantations, he had already learned all of them . He might not have reached the trance stage for each of the incantations, but he was already rather proficient .

In the pavilion, the Incantation Martial Emperor lamented, “You are the most talented person I have ever seen . However, to become my personal disciple, talent isn’t enough . You need to be fully dedicated . Are you willing to give up the sword dao and concentrate fully on my incantation dao? With my guidance, I assure you that your incantation dao will surpass your sword dao very quickly and there will be no loss to your combat strength . When you battle in the future, your foes will not be able to defend against your attacks . ”

After finishing his statement, the Incantation Martial Emperor looked at Li Fuchen expectantly .

To be honest, he didn’t really support a person to multitask . If Li Fuchen gave up on sword dao, the Incantation Martial Emperor was willing to invest everything to guide Li Fuchen . If Li Fuchen didn’t give up on sword dao, he would only fork out 10% or 20% of his attention .

Li Fuchen said, “Fuchen has to disappoint senior, as Fuchen doesn’t wish to give up on sword dao . ”

From start to end, Li Fuchen believed that the sword dao was the most powerful . This was a dedication that a swordsman must have . As for the body refinement dao and the incantation dao, Li Fuchen only treated them as support .

“It is a pity . ” The Incantation Martial Emperor shook his head .

Without a sincere heart, it was hard to reach the pinnacle in the incantation dao . Perhaps Li Fuchen might be able to surpass the Incantation Martial Emperor on the incantation dao, but it was impossible for Li Fuchen to reach the pinnacle .

“This is an incantation foundation that is made by me . The contents are more profound than the previous incantation foundation . You can study it . ”

No matter what, the Incantation Martial Emperor had already treated Li Fuchen as his nominal disciple .

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The fundamental incantations might only be the basics of incantations, but high-class incantations were developed from the fundamental incantations .

The low-class Storm Summon incantation was made with the Wind incantation and the Rain incantation as basis .

The Five Thunder incantation was based on the Cloud incantation and the Thunder incantation .

The Evil Vanquish incantation was based on the Clear Heart incantation and the Clear Mind incantation .

In short, a firm foundation would produce a higher proficiency .

Of course, apart from the comprehension of the incantation foundation, Li Fuchen didn’t slack on the creation of the 36th rank of the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique .

He only had to meddle around with the incantation foundation while the 36th rank of the cultivation technique was of the utmost importance .

“The cultivation of the incantation dao seems to be rather beneficial for the creation of cultivation techniques . ”

Li Fuchen was pleasantly surprised as it felt slightly easier to create the 36th rank of the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique .

He understood that the incantation dao was to understand the interconnection and development of all things . As for the creation of the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique, it was the link between the fire dao, sword dao, and his body . Now that he had the basics of the incantation dao, he naturally had a better coordination of the fusion between the fire dao, sword dao, and his body . It felt as though there was a layer of lubricating oil .

As more sword dao laws were fused into the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique, Li Fuchen’s qi became sharper and more concise .

Unconsciously, another month had passed by .


On this day, a fire pillar burst into the sky .

This fire pillar was extremely concise and from the overall appearance, it looked like an unsheathed sharp sword . It seemed like it could piece through the heavens and rip through the universe .

“He actually created a sword dao cultivation technique?” The Incantation Martial Emperor admitted that he had underestimated Li Fuchen .

To be able to create a unique cultivation technique when he was at the low-level of Primary Sea Realm . This level of perception was definitely one of the very best in the history of the Emperor Sky Continent . There was basically no one better, apart from the continent’s no . 1 emperor, the Soul Emperor .

Of course, it was based on the Emperor Sky Continent’s history since establishment, the Incantation Martial Emperor didn’t know more about the longer history .

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“No wonder he is unwilling to give up the sword dao . ” The Incantation Martial Emperor let out a bitter laugh .

When the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique reached the 36th rank, Li Fuchen’s qi volume had expanded by several times .

Originally, even if Li Fuchen created the 36th rank of the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique, it was impossible for his qi volume to increase by several times .

The main reason was the large amount of sword dao laws that were fused into the divine flame red rainbow qi . It was more concise and a trace of the current qi was equivalent to a bundle of his previous qi . As such, the dantian which remained the same size could naturally contain more qi .

After all, could water be the same as lava?

“I finally succeeded!” Li Fuchen revealed a delighted expression .

Right now, he was still at the 1st level of Primary Sea Realm, but he had reached the peak state of the 1st level .

But the intensity of his cultivation and the strength of his qi was comparable with regular 6th level monarchs .

A trace of qi was probably able to suppress a regular 1st level monarch .

“After fusing in a huge amount of sword dao laws, it isn’t suitable to continue calling it the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique . Why don’t I name it Divine Flame Sword Energy Technique . The qi produced by it shall be called sword energy . ”

The divine flame sword energy wasn’t just extremely concise, it also contained the fire dao and sword dao laws, making it horrifyingly lethal .

It was no wonder they said that martial art proficiency was required when the martial artist progressed in the cultivation realm .

Right now, earth class peak-tier sword art couldn’t increase Li Fuchen’s strength anymore . Even if it could increase the strength, it would be just insignificant .

After all, the sword energy within Li Fuchen’s body contained the law intent and it was already comparable with an earth class peak-tier’s intent .

When the sword energy was shot out, it was equivalent to the execution of an earth class peak-tier sword move .

However, only Li Fuchen could achieve such exaggerating things . If it was some other 1st level monarch, executing an earth class peak-tier sword art would have quite a significant increase in their strength .

It was a known fact that most Primary Sea Realm monarchs wouldn’t have the chance to cultivate heaven class martial arts . Their main attacks would be based on earth class peak-tier martial arts .

“Heaven class cultivation techniques’ law intent are much weaker than heaven class martial art intent . The cultivation technique is mainly for one’s own body to transform . It is useless to blindly pursue a stronger law . ” Li Fuchen thought to himself .

After creating the 36th rank of the Divine Flame Sword Energy Technique, Li Fuchen’s mind at ease .

In his opinion, the 36th rank of the Divine Flame Sword Energy Technique might not be comparable with the mystics of a heaven class low-tier cultivation technique, but in terms of power, the former was definitely stronger . Right now, he was only at the 1st level of Primary Sea Realm and was still far from reaching the 9th level of Primary Sea Realm or even the peak level . By then, his Divine Flame Sword Energy Technique might have the 37th rank or the 38th rank . He didn’t have to worry that the Divine Flame Sword Energy Technique couldn’t help him progress to the Law Phase Realm .

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