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Chapter 598
ER – Chapter 598: Incantation Mark

After putting the blood servant token to the side, Li Fuchen released his spiritual awareness and started to scan the interior of his body .

After scanning through once, Li Fuchen didn’t notice anything .

He frowned and released his spirit soul force to scan the second time .

During the second scan, Li Fuchen noticed something abnormal . He was circulating his qi blood, but at the chest area, the qi blood was silently circulating in a very ambiguous method .

If it wasn’t for his spirit soul force, Li Fuchen wouldn’t be able to sense this ambiguous circulation method .

Li Fuchen opened up the clothes covering his chest and took a look . It was unknown when there was a brand of a blood skull that appeared on his chest .

“This is a mark?” Li Fuchen had a very unpleasant expression .

If his body was marked with a mark, it was the same as fire in darkness . It was hard not to attract attention .

Li Fuchen took a deep breath and circulated the dragon elephant power and wanted to scatter this group of qi blood that was still circulating .


The qi blood was struck and the blood skull mark vanished . But at the next moment, the blood skull mark appeared on Li Fuchen’s left arm .

Li Fuchen continued to scatter the qi blood and it reappeared on his back .

From start to end, Li Fuchen didn’t know what kind of method was used that caused a portion of his qi blood to circulate automatically . Furthermore, it was a very ambiguous and free method .

Li Fuchen felt that this mark wouldn’t vanish, unless his qi blood dried up .

“Could this be the legendary incantation mark?” Li Fuchen had an increasingly unpleasant expression .

Li Fuchen looked unpleasant after finding out that the blood skull mark wouldn’t disappear, but as the blood skull mark constantly used up the qi blood, it made Li Fuchen’s heart sink .

Right now, this little bit of qi blood consumption wasn’t considered anything, but who knew what would happen in the future .

After informing this matter to Shangguan Yu, he used a deep and apologetic voice and replied, “This is indeed an incantation mark, it is a kind of law . Unless one’s incantation mark proficiency is extremely high, or if one’s cultivation is high enough and didn’t allow laws to enter, it isn’t possible to dispel the incantation mark . Of course, there is another possibility and that is for the user of the incantation mark to dispel the incantation mark . But it would be much harder for the Blood Emperor to dispel the incantation mark than the first two possibilities . ”

“How do I learn the incantation mark?” Li Fuchen had already calmed down .

With astounding perception, as long as he had incantation mark foundation, he believed he would be able to walk on a path to master the incantation mark .

Shangguan Yu shook his head and said, “The incantation mark dao is thousands or tens of thousands of times rarer than the body refinement dao . Without inheritance, it is impossible to learn it . ”

“The cultivation is referring to cultivation realm or law?” Li Fuchen continued asking .

Shangguan Yu said, “To be exact, it is the law . All laws are interlinked and the incantation mark is a kind of law itself . Using other laws to dispel it is possible . However, the precondition was for the comprehension of law to reach an extremely high level and must be even higher than the user of the incantation mark . ”

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“It also means that if my sword intent is powerful enough, I can slash the incantation mark power on my body . ”

“That’s right . ” Shangguan Yu nodded .

“I see . I understand now . ” Li Fuchen was slightly relieved .

If it was just to reach an extremely high proficiency in laws, Li Fuchen was rather confident .

If a heaven class low-tier sword intent couldn’t work, then he would use a heaven class mid-tier sword intent . If the heaven class mid-tier sword intent couldn’t work, then he would use a heaven class high-tier sword intent .

In any case, it would be easier than to reach the Law Phase Realm .

Furthermore, the Blood Emperor was also a Law Phase Realm emperor . Even if Li Fuchen’s cultivation reached the Law Phase Realm, he might not be able to dispel the incantation mark and would only be able to suppress it .

“Apologies, I didn’t think that the Blood Emperor is also proficient in the incantation mark . ” Shangguan Yu apologized .

Li Fuchen said, “I am also careless . Since things are already like this, it isn’t necessary to harp on it . The current problem is that I am already a torch in the darkness . There will be countless Blood Sift Union’s experts coming to pursue me . We better part our ways here . ”

It was already impossible to rescue Yuan Long, at least not for now .

Li Fuchen merely hoped that Yuan Long would be able to withstand a little longer, until he had some measures to rescue him .

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Shangguan Yu said unhappily, “Who do you think I am? You are inflicted with the incantation mark because of me, it means that I have the responsibility to protect you . ”

Li Fuchen replied, “Your strength should already be at the half-emperor level, but what if someone stronger comes? If it is an elite half-emperor, or a combat emperor?”

Below the Law Phase Realm, apart from the half-emperors, there were also the stronger combat emperors .

Combat emperors had yet to reach the Law Phase Realm, but their combat strength were already comparable with Law Phase Realm emperors, that’s why they were addressed as combat emperors .

Shangguan Yu said, “Whether I can protect you is one matter, but having the responsibility to protect you is another matter . Furthermore, I might have a method to help you dispel the incantation mark in advance . ”

“You have a method?” Li Fuchen looked into Shangguan Yu’s eyes .

“If you don’t have other things to do, follow me to the Sky Light Seat . There is a senior proficient in incantation marks over there . ” Shangguan Yu stated .

“Alright . ” Li Fuchen nodded after pondering .

The incantation mark was something he had to dispel no matter what . If he could dispel it earlier, it would naturally be the best .

Subsequently, the duo packed up and headed for the Sky Light Seat .

Along the way, Li Fuchen found out that Shangguan Yu was cultivating a technique called the Black Jade Bone Shine Technique . It was an earth class peak-tier body refinement technique and when cultivated to the extremity, the practitioner could reach the initial level of Law Phase Realm .

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Previously, Li Fuchen had always been proud that he was cultivating the earth class high-tier Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapter . Right now, as compared to the Black Jade Bone Shine Technique, there was definitely a huge gap . The Black Jade Bone Shine Technique could cultivate to the initial level of Law Phase Realm, while the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapter could only cultivate to the completion level of Law Phase Realm .

As for the body refinement art, Black Snake Palm, it was also at the earth class peak-tier . With a completed art, it was much stronger than Li Fuchen’s earth class peak-tier body refinement martial art moves .

However, Shangguan Yu’s Black Snake Palm had yet to reach the trance stage and it was something inferior to Li Fuchen .

“The body refinement dao has an extreme demand on resources, furthermore, it also depended heavily on the body refinement aptitude . I can see that you have put in some work in your body refinement, it is best not to go too deep . ” Shangguan Yu warned Li Fuchen, but he couldn’t see that half of Li Fuchen’s body refinement had already been sealed up by the qi power seal .

Li Fuchen didn’t wish to hide it from Shangguan Yu and said, “Actually, my body refinement is also at the Primary Sea Realm . However, I was worried that the Blood Sift Union might discover me, therefore, I used a qi power seal to lock up my qi blood and qi power . ”

“Your body refinement and qi cultivation are both at the Primary Sea Realm?” Shangguan Yu was shocked .

He already knew that Li Fuchen was only slightly over 30 years old . To reach the Primary Sea Realm for both the body refinement and qi cultivation at this age… What kind of aptitude was required? He had never heard that someone was able to achieve this at Li Fuchen’s age .

“What is your bone frame?” Shangguan Yu asked .

His bone frame was the black jade bone frame that was comparable with the arhat bone frame .

Li Fuchen replied, “Blazing flame bone frame . ”

“Blazing flame bone frame?” Shangguan Yu frowned and couldn’t understand Li Fuchen .

Perhaps, Li Fuchen had some hidden body constitution . In this world, apart from bone frames, there were some bloodlines and body constitutions that were extremely powerful .

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