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Chapter 597
ER – Chapter 597: Shangguan Yu

From the young man, Li Fuchen got to know that the Blood Sift Union was a secret organization and had only emerged in the recent decade . Once they appeared, there were countless storms of blood .

During this period of time, there were many Law Phase Realm emperors who worked together and tried to vanquish the Blood Sift Union . However, they were unable to do it .

“Li Fuchen . ” Li Fuchen took down his white mask and introduced himself .

“Shangguan Yu . ” The young man sized up Li Fuchen and noticed that Li Fuchen was as young as him, allowing him to feel even more convinced .

Next up, the two of them started to interrogate the black-masked and white-masked men .

The black-masked man was rather straightforward and had immediately consumed the poison to kill himself . The poison was hidden in the seam of the teeth .

The white-masked man wasn’t as determined as the black-masked man . After all, who would wish to die?

After taking down the white mask, it was a rather ordinary middle-aged man with a pair of ferocious eyes and collapsed nose .

“Have you seen this person?” Li Fuchen’s qi burst out as he sketched Yuan Long’s appearance .

“Yes . ” The middle-aged man replied honestly .

“Tell us everything you know . ” Shangguan Yu said .

The middle-aged man with the collapsed nose shook his head . “Swear that you will spare my life . ”

Shangguan Yu sneered, “You aren’t qualified to negotiate with us . ”

“Then just kill me!” The middle-aged man said bluntly .

Li Fuchen nodded . “I can spare you life, but the things you say must have value . If there isn’t any value, we will still kill you . ”

Just like that, Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu swore that as long as the information was valuable, they would spare his life .

In response, the middle-aged man let out a relaxed breath and started saying everything he knew .

“The Blood Sift Union has one Union Leader and four Vice Union Leaders . The Blood Emperor is one of the Vice Union Leaders . All five leaders are Law Phase Realm Emperors and the Union Leader is the most mysterious among them . It is said that he is a high-level emperor . There were many times when the Blood Sift Union was in crisis, he was the one that resolved it . Apart from the five leaders, the Blood Sift Union has 18 group leaders and 72 deacons, all of them are half-emperors… The five leaders have their respective plans . The Blood Emperor’s plan is to search and capture body refinement monarchs and absorb their qi blood essence to increase his cultivation . During these few decades, he has already progressed by two levels and his status is subtly surpassing the other Vice Union Leaders…”

Before the middle-aged man finished speaking, Li Fuchen asked, “You said that the Blood Emperor requires the qi blood essence from body refinement monarch to cultivate?”

“Yes, but the Blood Emperor wouldn’t extract all the essence blood from the body refinement monarchs . He will be extracting it with an interval and most of the time, he will be extracting the essence blood for concoction . The Blood Imperial Elixir concocted by the Blood Emperor is a heaven class low-tier elixir, there is also the slightly inferior quasi-heaven class elixir, Blood Grand Elixir . I am fortunate enough to be bestowed with a Blood Grand Elixir and it allowed me to break through my bottleneck that I have been stuck in for many years . I directly increased by one level, but it is also because of it, our body will be left with a qi blood imprint from the Blood Emperor . We will not be able to betray him and if we violate the oath, our qi blood will circulate in a reverse direction and we will die with body explosion . Of course, I only consumed one Blood Grand Elixir and wasn’t really affected . If I consumed two elixirs, I will certainly consume poison to kill myself instead . ”

“Such a ruthless method of control . ” Shangguan Yu frowned .

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It was no wonder the Blood Sift Union was able to survive for so many years . Their method of control was too vicious and he believed this middle-aged man didn’t know much and probably didn’t know anything about the core information . Otherwise, he wouldn’t just consume one Blood Grand Elixir and would have been ordered to consume two Blood Grand Elixirs to deepen the qi blood imprint .

“Where is the Blood Emperor residing? Where is the Blood Sift Union’s headquarters?” Even though Shangguan Yu knew that the middle-aged man didn’t know much, he still had to ask .

The middle-aged man shook his head . “Only the leaders know where the Blood Sift Union’s headquarters are . Even the group leaders don’t know where it is . As for the Blood Emperor’s residence, only the blood servants know . But the blood servants will never betray the Blood Emperor . ”

“Are the members of the medicine collection group also blood servants?” Li Fuchen asked .

The middle-aged man nodded . “Yes, the medicine collection group belongs to the Blood Emperor . They consist of group leaders and vice group leaders . They are all blood servants . ”

“How do you contact the medicine collection group?” Li Fuchen asked again .

“After adjusting the communication array in the token, you will be able to contact…”

Before the middle-aged man could finish, his body suddenly turned entirely red .


There was a blood mist explosion as the middle-aged man exploded into smithereens .

Shangguan Yu used his hand to blow the blood mist away and said, “It seems like even if you consume one Blood Grand Elixir, as long as the information that you divulge is too deep, you will also die of qi blood explosion . ”

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“It is fortunate that we found out something . ” Even though the middle-aged man died, Li Fuchen still obtained useful information .

It turned out that the communication array inside the blood-colored token could be adjusted . Right now, he could only transmit messages to nearby blood slaves . After some adjustment, he should be able to transmit messages to blood servants and also members of the medicine collection group .

Li Fuchen felt that it wasn’t possible to transmit messages to the Blood Emperor .

“Did you refine a piece of the blood slave token? How did you do it?” Shangguan Yu was holding onto three pieces of tokens . One of it was a blood servant token that belonged to the black-masked man, while the other two were blood slave tokens from the white-masked men . He had killed those three men, and he actually had one more blood slave token, but he wasn’t able to refine it .

In his opinion, since Li Fuchen could infiltrate the group, he must be able to refine the token .

Li Fuchen didn’t deny and said, “Perhaps it is because my spiritual awareness is much stronger than others . ”

“Then can you help me refine this blood servant token . I can promise to fulfil a request that I can do to the best of my capability . ” Shangguan Yu asked .

Li Fuchen replied, “I can refine the blood servant token for you . As for the request, it doesn’t matter . ”

The enemy of the enemy might not be a friend, but he could strive to be friends with them . Since Shangguan Yu’s target was also the Blood Sift Union, Li Fuchen felt they could collaborate .

Furthermore, if Shangguan Yu wasn’t around, the blood servant alone would be a headache for Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen received the token and extended his spiritual awareness inside .

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The blood servant token was of a higher grade than the blood slave token, therefore, it naturally took more time and was more difficult to refine .

Li Fuchen withdrew his spiritual awareness and said, “Let’s find a place to reside first . I will probably need around three to four days to refine this blood servant token . ”

“Sure . ” Shangguan Yu nodded .

Shangguan Yu already knew that the blood servant token was hard to refine, after all, Shangguan Yu spent half a month and still wasn’t able to refine the blood slave token, let alone the blood servant token .

The duo found an inn at the Beheading Waterhall Town and resided in it .

Li Fuchen found out from Shangguan Yu that he was avenging for a friend, therefore, he was seeking for the Blood Sift Union’s information .

However, Li Fuchen felt that things weren’t that simple .

Three days later, Li Fuchen refined the blood servant token .

The moment the blood servant token was refined, Li Fuchen silently cursed . His spiritual awareness felt an invisible blood light that surged into the sky and pierced through the clouds . At the same moment, Li Fuchen gained a trace of something in his body that didn’t belong to him, it was very obscure .

“I am too careless . ” Li Fuchen had a grave expression .

He had underestimated the countermeasures of a Law Phase Realm emperor . As a significant figure of the Blood Sift Union, the Blood Emperor was much more horrific than Li Fuchen could imagine .

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