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Chapter 599
ER – Chapter 599: The Great Pursuit

In the vast, boundless, and brown wilderness, two figures were speeding across it like streams of light .

Li Fuchen noticed that every two hours, the blood skull mark on his body would suddenly lit up . Once it lit up, his qi blood would be consumed at an increased rate of 100 times . At the same moment, an ambiguous wave would be emitted .

With the first experience, whenever the blood skull mark lit up, Li Fuchen would activate his spirit soul ability and did his best to hide the incantation mark’s wave .

He wasn’t able to hide everything, but it was better than nothing .

This wilderness was an area that was a few tens of thousands of miles and was the biggest wilderness in the Dragon River Seat . When the duo was traveling across it, they saw plenty of people that were in combat .

When they were about to exit the wilderness, Li Fuchen said, “We have been surrounded, we can break out from this direction . ” Li Fuchen changed his direction suddenly and said to Shangguan Yu .

Shangguan Yu didn’t doubt him . During the past few days, he had already noticed how powerful Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness was . It wasn’t exaggerating to say that even a half-emperor’s spiritual awareness might not be as powerful as Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness .

After rushing through several hundreds of miles, Li Fuchen changed another direction .

If one could see from the limitless skies above, one would see that the duo were surrounded with black figures . Each time Li Fuchen chose a new direction, it would be the gap between the group of shadows .

However, as the encirclement got smaller, the gaps were also smaller .

“There are only three of them in this direction, one of them is at the 8th level of Primary Sea Realm . ” Li Fuchen stated .

“Leave it to me . ” Shangguan Yu revealed a confident expression .

Soon enough, the two parties met .

The opposition consisted of one black-masked man and two white-masked men .

They didn’t waste any time and immediately got into combat .

“Black Snake Palm!”

Shangguan Yu’s Black Snake Palm was extremely overbearing . He executed two palm strikes and sent one black snake qi power into each of the white-masked men with rapid speed .

Bang Bang!

There were two blood mist explosions .

“Earth class peak-tier qi power?” The black-masked man was appalled and retreated frantically .

“Heaven and Earth Extermination . ” Li Fuchen’s sword locked onto the void where the enemy was at .

The sword art that contained void dao laws was too powerful . Even if he couldn’t hurt the enemy, he could freeze the enemy for a split moment .

This split moment had given Shangguan Yu an opportunity .

“Black Snake Drill!”

Shangguan Yu raised his right hand and with a twist, a massive black snake qi power burst out and it was ten times bigger than before . The void seemingly had slight loss of stability and was distorted by the black snake qi power .


The speed of the black snake qi power was too fast and it felt as though it took just an instant . The black-masked man didn’t have time to dodge and could only raise his long saber to cleave at the black snake qi power . However, he could only utilize around 30% of his full strength on this last minute move .


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The long saber distorted and broke while the black-masked man vomited fresh blood and his body was blasted with countless blood pits .

Shangguan Yu’s Black Snake Drill turned into countless black snakes after bursting apart, the snakes then lunged at the black-masked man .

If it was like before, Shangguan Yu would definitely use the Grand Binding Rope to tie up the black-masked man . But now, he only wanted to break out and had used this Black Snake Palm’s move to blast the enemy .


Shangguan Yu’s body had a black halo and his speed was faster than Li Fuchen .

Soon after the duo left, a group of masked men appeared .

“This person is extremely powerful and is at least a mid-class half-emperor . ”

“Hmph, even if he is a mid-class half-emperor, don’t even think about escaping . ”

For the next few days, the duo didn’t encounter any more enemies . It was obvious that a certain amount of time was required to form another encirclement .

Shangguan Yu said, “As long as we can reach the Dragon River Seat’s main city, we can use the teleportation array and teleport to the Sky Light Seat’s main city . ”

The construction of teleportation arrays required spatial crystals and the number of spatial crystals determined the number of teleportation arrays .

If one had the wealth of the Red Moon Emperor or the Soul Emperor, it wouldn’t be a problem to construct a teleportation array in each city . The materials to construct teleportation arrays might be precious, but it was only in regards to monarchs .

The duo moved at an extreme speed but would have the occasional rest .

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Traveling at full speed consumed a lot of qi and qi power . They had to maintain themselves in their best conditions to deal with abrupt incidents .

When there was still less than half the journey left to reach the Dragon River Seat’s main city, the duo were obstructed again .

This time, they were obstructed by five individuals . Three of them were high-level monarchs and two of them were mid-level monarchs .

Furthermore, the two mid-level monarchs were 6th level monarchs and not just 4th or 5th level .

When the battle erupted, Shangguan Yu used his overwhelming strength to fight against three and all three were high-level monarchs .

Li Fuchen would have to deal with two 6th level monarchs alone .

These two 6th level monarchs were formidable and not the regular 6th level monarchs . From their moves, Li Fuchen was certain that they cultivated heaven class martial arts . However, their proficiencies weren’t high and weren’t able to utilize the quintessence of the heaven class martial arts .

After executing two spiritual awareness attacks, Li Fuchen took advantage of the split moment when they were frozen and engulfed them with the sword move, Heaven and Earth Extermination .

Pfff Pfff!

Apart from the parts where their bodies were protected by the artifact armor, the rest of the body parts were severed, including their heads .


One of the high-level monarchs that was locked in combat with Shangguan Yu had eyes that contracted as he couldn’t believe what he saw .

The Blood Sift Union’s mid-level monarchs might have a huge gap of strength from the high-level monarchs . It was because the mid-level monarchs would only cultivate the heaven class martial arts for a short period of time and their proficiency wasn’t high . High-level monarchs had been cultivating the heaven class martial arts for a much longer time and were able to utilize the quintessence of the heaven class martial arts . Their strengths were basically comparable with low-class half-emperors .

However, heaven class martial arts were still heaven class martial arts . With a certain level of proficiency, it allowed for powerful bursts of strength .

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It wasn’t exaggerating to say that the mid-level monarchs of the Blood Sift Union were comparable with high-level monarchs on the outside . Furthermore, Li Fuchen was merely a low-level monarch and he was actually able to kill two of their mid-level monarchs in such a short period of time . If the high-level monarch didn’t see it personally, he would never believe this matter .

Shangguan Yu’s strength was very formidable and he was almost a mid-class half-emperor . With his tough defense, even mid-class half-emperors weren’t able to hurt him easily .

However, these three high-level monarchs weren’t normal .

The strongest among the three was probably a high-class half-emperor while the other two were a low-class half-emperor and a mid-class half-emperor .

If it was another monarch who was also a mid-class half-emperor like Shangguan Yu but didn’t cultivate the body refinement as their main path, the monarch would already be dead a long time ago .

“Brother Shangguan, later on, kill that weakest monarch first . ” Li Fuchen transmitted a message to Shangguan Yu .

“Okay . ”

Shangguan Yu knew that Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness attack was incredible, but he had never witnessed it first hand .

“Not good . ”

That low-class half-emperor with the black-mask suddenly felt a splitting pain in his head while his body was frozen for a moment .

It was a very short moment of freeze . If Shangguan Yu was a low-class half-emperor, it wouldn’t be a threat to the black-masked man .

However, Shangguan Yu was a mid-class half-emperor and also a body refinement monarch . When the Black Snake Palm was executed, a streak of black snake qi power destroyed his body .

“Damn it!”

The high-class half-emperor with the black mask was enraged . He said to the other black-masked man, “I will deal with this person, you go and kill that kid . ”

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