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Chapter 595
ER – Chapter 595: Infiltration

Li Fuchen didn’t know the objective of those people, he only knew that he had to find Lei Donghai and rescue Yuan Long . This was his responsibility .

Finding Lei Donghai was comparatively easier, but rescuing Yuan Long wouldn’t be that easy . He had to consider it at length .

After all, he still didn’t know who the enemy was, what their faction was and where they were located .

After spending some mid-grade spirit stones, Li Fuchen bought a courtyard in the Gaze Native City . Gu Jiuye was too weak and Li Fuchen planned to let her stay here and wait for Lei Donghai, while he went out to seek for information and clues .

After asking around, Li Fuchen found out that two body refinement monarchs had gone missing during the recent decade . The entire Dragon River Seat had more missing body refinement monarchs and it reached a total of 12 .

The ratio of body refinement martial artists to qi cultivation martial artists was very low . In every 100 monarchs, there might not even be a single body refinement monarch . It was hard not to notice 12 missing body refinement monarchs within a single decade .

“Behind these incidents, there must be a dark faction capturing body refinement monarchs . ” Li Fuchen frowned .

Body refinement martial artists were normally known as human-shaped medicines . In terms of body essence, a body refinement monarch wasn’t inferior to heaven class mid-tier herbs . However, the law power contained was much lesser .

Since ancient times, the low number of body refinement martial artists were firstly due to resources and secondly due to these incidents .

Once body refinement martial artists cultivated to a certain realm, they would be targeted . It resulted in people not willing to risk walking on the path of body refinement . If lesser people walked on the path of body refinement, there would be much lesser true experts . Without enough true experts, there would naturally be lesser people passing down their inheritance .

Putting aside the others, it was obvious after seeing the scarcity of body refinement techniques and martial arts .

Inside the courtyard’s room, Li Fuchen took out a long crystal and the marked scale was showing 239 .

Previously, he didn’t know why he was targeted, but now he knew . These people were judging the qi blood waves from the qi blood crystal . Even if a body refinement martial artist could conceal his strength, it was useless in front of this qi blood crystal .

“It seems like I have to seal up my qi blood and qi power . ”

Back then, at the Seven Color Continent’s South Forest Martial Institution, his qi blood and qi power was sealed by the Assistant Dean . However, the Assistance Dean’s qi power seal would be ineffective against his current body refinement level . He had to learn a higher level of qi power seal .

Of course, he could also create one .

For the next period of time, Li Fuchen started to create a qi power seal .

He didn’t plan to become a prey for others, even if his strength was formidable, there would be a day where he would fail due to miscalculation and meet with unexpected problems .

The qi power seal should be a type of secret technique and its function was to seal the qi blood and qi power, stopping them from circulating . Since the qi blood and qi power couldn’t be circulated, it wouldn’t be leaked out .

In fact, Li Fuchen could also use his spirit soul ability to conceal his qi blood and qi power . However, he could only use his spirit soul ability occasionally . It was impossible for it to conceal his qi blood and qi power for a long period of time .

By taking reference to the structure of the Assistant Dean’s qi power seal, Li Fuchen was innovating a new seal .

After half a month, Li Fuchen finally created a 6-star qi power seal .

However, the 6-star qi power seal was still unable to seal his Primary Sea Realm’s qi blood and qi power . A 7-star qi power seal was required in order to do so .

“My qi blood wave has dropped to 168 . ”

Li Fuchen took out the qi blood crystal and saw that the marked scale was now at 168 .

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After thinking about it, Li Fuchen continued to immerse himself in perfecting the qi power seal . No matter what, he had to lower his qi blood wave to below 100 .

He had a premonition that it was a crucial difference to have a qi blood wave of more than 100 or less than 100 .

6-star low-tier… 6-star mid-tier… 6-star high-tier .

Strictly speaking, secret techniques weren’t further separated and only had different star grades . However, Li Fuchen was creating his own secret technique, thus, he could judge it as he wished .

When the qi power seal reached the 6-star high-tier, Li Fuchen’s qi blood wave was finally lowered to 98 .

From this moment, it wasn’t that easy to further improve the qi power seal .

Only Li Fuchen was able to create a 6-star high-tier qi power seal by taking reference to a 5-star qi power seal within a short span of two weeks . If it was any other top-notch monarchs, it was impossible for them to do the same .


Within the storage bag, there was a vibration .

Li Fuchen opened up the storage bag and noticed that the blood-colored token was vibrating .

Li Fuchen poured his qi in .  

“All nearby blood slaves are to listen to the orders . Head to the Beheading Waterfall Town’s Soul Break Forest . A sub-completion body refinement monarch has appeared in that place . ”

A horse and deep voice echoed from the token .

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“Blood slave? Sub-completion body refinement monarch?” Li Fuchen was startled .

The Blood Beam Monarch was a 6th level monarch and was actually a blood slave . It meant that the speaker in the token had a higher status, but it was unknown who was it .

As for the sub-completion body refinement monarchs, they were people that regular mid-level monarchs couldn’t deal with .

Generally speaking, those who could reach the sub-completion level of the Primary Sea Realm in body refinement, their body refinement technique must be of the earth class high-tier . It also meant that this person’s body refinement strength was probably above Li Fuchen’s body refinement strength . If that person was cultivating an earth class peak-tier body refinement art, that person would be able to kill regular mid-level monarchs like killing critters . Even regular high-level monarchs would be killed .

“Go? Or not?” Li Fuchen raised his brows .

“Go, I have to go . If I don’t, I will not be able to find any clues . ”

Li Fuchen took a deep breath and prepared to head for the Soul Break Forest near the Beheading Waterfall Town .

The Beheading Waterfall Town was located within the boundary of the Dragon River Seat’s Linked Tassel City . It was a large town that had over a million population .

The Soul Break Forest was a famous and dangerous location near the Beheading Waterhall Town . It was said that plenty of monarchs had gone missing in the Soul Break Forest .

Deep in the night, there were plenty of shadows in the Soul Break Forest .

On a big tree, there were three black shadows standing there .

The leader of the group had a bizarre qi presence with a trace of illusion .

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There was a slight sound and another black shadow appeared on the big tree .

“Where is your token?” The shadow leader asked the shadow that just arrived .

The shadow that just arrived waved his token and there was a blood-colored light that flashed by .

The shadow leader nodded and didn’t say anything else .

Li Fuchen silently rejoiced . It was fortunate that he had a method to refine the blood-colored token . Otherwise, he would have been exposed already .

It turned out that the blood-colored token could also be used without refining it, but Li Fuchen noticed a refining restriction in the deepest part of the blood-colored token .

The refining restriction was extremely brilliant and Li Fuchen reckoned that apart from him, even a top-notch monarch wouldn’t be able to refine it .

Li Fuchen wasn’t certain at first, but now he was very certain . This dark faction definitely had a Law Phase Realm emperor as their backer . Otherwise, how could a refining restriction be so brilliant? After all, restrictions and arrays were different as restrictions required an extremely high cultivation requirement . The stronger the cultivation realm, the stronger the restriction that could be set up .

Without the need to worry that his identity might be exposed, Li Fuchen now had the chance to observe the three shadows .

Among the trio, the shadow leader had the highest cultivation and was at the 7th level of Primary Sea Realm . Li Fuchen could feel traces of danger from the shadow leader and his strength was probably more than the Extinction Saber Monarch and probably many more hidden trumps .

As for the two other shadows, one of them was at the 6th level of Primary Sea Realm and the other was at the 5th level of Primary Sea Realm . Their qi presences were much stronger than regular mid-level monarchs and weren’t inferior to the Blood Beam Monarch .

Li Fuchen didn’t wish to alert them and was preparing to act according to circumstances .

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