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Chapter 594
ER – Chapter 594: Yuan Long Has Been Captured

A few days later, Li Fuchen arrived in a city . This city was called the Cold Thunder City . Just like the Red Moon Empire’s city, the Cold Thunder City also had a stone gambling den .

Subconsciously, Li Fuchen entered the stone gambling den and was planning to try his luck to see if he could encounter any high-grade heaven stone .

Mid-grade heaven stones were already very helpful to him, high-grade heaven stones would definitely allow his law comprehension to reach an unprecedented height .

Li Fuchen didn’t progress to the Primary Sea Realm, he would only be able to visit the ninth floor of the stone gambling den and wouldn’t be allowed to enter the tenth floor .

Right now, Li Fuchen was already a Primary Sea Realm monarch and didn’t have any obstructions when visiting the tenth floor .

“So many monarchs . ”

Li Fuchen took a glance and noticed there were over 30 monarchs on the tenth floor . There was even a high-level monarch .

When Li Fuchen entered the tenth floor, he had also attracted the attention of the monarchs . When they noticed that Li Fuchen was a young man, they were all gasping with surprise .

They were certain that Li Fuchen was young and from his body’s qi presence, he was no more than 50 years old or even younger .

Monarchs that were below the age of 50 were considered top-notch prodigies in any place .

“I didn’t think that a prodigy monarch would appear in the Cold Thunder City . I wonder which faction is he from?”

After taking a quick glance, everyone withdrew their line of sight .

Prodigy monarchs might be rare, but it was only rare in the Cold Thunder City . In the entire Soul Sky Empire, there were plenty of prodigy monarchs and the best among the prodigy monarchs would progress to the Primary Sea Realm around the age of 30 .

“Such an intense qi blood wave!”

A monarch with short eyebrows withdrew his line of sight but was still silently observing Li Fuchen .

Silently, the monarch took out a long crystal with a marked scale from his storage bag .

There was a red color that was constantly rising within the crystal .

“A qi blood wave of 239 . Hehe, if I can capture him and offer him to the Blood Emperor, I will certainly obtain a huge reward . ”

The Blood Emperor’s requirement was body refinement martial artist with a qi blood wave of at least 100 . It was obvious that this prodigy monarch was already far beyond the requirement . ”

Li Fuchen realized that the tenth floor had a lot of heaven stones, but there were only a few mid-grade heaven stones . After glancing through all the heaven stone ores, he only found four pieces of mid-grade heaven stones .

After spending 40,000 mid-grade spirit stones, Li Fuchen bought 24 pieces of heaven stone ores .

There were four mid-grade heaven stones and twenty pieces of low-grade heaven stones .

Furthermore, the smallest low-grade heaven stone was at least the size of a skull . Li Fuchen couldn’t even be bothered to buy the small heaven stones .

After leaving the stone gambling den, Li Fuchen continued his journey .

“With my 6th level of Primary Sea Realm cultivation and the Blood Sift Net given by the Blood Emperor, there shouldn’t be any problem in capturing him . ” The monarch with the short eyebrows chased over quickly .

In a wilderness that was a few thousand miles away from the Cold Thunder City…

“Who are you?” Li Fuchen turned around .

“Young friend, I am Blood Beam Monarch and I wish to make friends with you . ” The Blood Beam Monarch was hiding a blood-colored metal ball in his hand as he calmly approached Li Fuchen .

“Make friends?” Li Fuchen sized up the other party .

“That’s right, I, the Blood Beam Monarch admires a prodigy monarch like this young friend . ” The Blood Beam Monarch had a refined smile but he was feeling rather nervous . Prodigy monarchs were all extremely formidable and couldn’t be viewed with regular logic . He didn’t think he had to be afraid of Li Fuchen, but if he wanted to capture Li Fuchen alive, he would need to be within a range of 100 meters . Otherwise, his Blood Sift Net wouldn’t be able to capture Li Fuchen with certainty . ”

“When venturing outside, it is indeed better to make more friends . ” Li Fuchen nodded and looked as though he had accepted .

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The Blood Beam Monarch sneered . All of these prodigy monarchs were accustomed to being arrogant and liked to be flattered by others . Even though they looked like they were easily approached .

200 meters, 150 meters, 100 meters .

Right at this moment, the Blood Beam Monarch’s eyes burst out with radiance and was about to toss out the Blood Sift Net in his hand .

“I already know that you don’t have good intentions . ” Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness attack struck at the Blood Beam Monarch and interrupted his actions .

Immediately after, Li Fuchen formed a claw in his right hand and clawed at the enemy .

“Dragon Divine Claw!”

The golden dragon claw spirit was really like a giant dragon’s claw that clawed at the Blood Beam Monarch .


The Blood Beam Monarch’s qi protection was ripped out and his artifact armor was left with deep marks . His entire body was smashed into the ground .


Li Fuchen continued to claw at the ground, causing the Blood Beam Monarch to be in a bloodied mess .

“Young friend, do not be overbearing, why did you attack me suddenly?!” The Blood Beam Monarch was appalled of death and used his final bit of strength to yell out .

“You still don’t admit your mistake even at death’s door . ”

Li Fuchen’s body surged with the golden dragon claw spirit and clawed again .


There were several ravines in the ground and the Blood Beam Monarch who was inside the ravine had been crushed into a pulp of blood and was thoroughly dead .

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Li Fuchen extended his hand and vacuumed the Blood Beam Monarch’s Blood Sift Net and storage bag over .

The Blood Beam Monarch’s artifact armor might be a great armor and was at least a 2-star earth class armor, but it was already ruined by Li Fuchen’s claw attack . A substantial amount of mid-grade spirit stones would be required to repair it and Li Fuchen couldn’t be bothered to take it .

After obtaining the Blood Sift Net, Li Fuchen’s expression changed .

This Blood Sift Net was able to suppress the qi blood . When Li Fuchen held it, he felt the qi blood in his palms becoming sluggish . Once it burst out, it would probably be able to capture a body refinement monarch with ease .

“It should be a body refinement cardinal artifact . ”

Li Fuchen could imagine the consequences if he was captured by the net . He might be walking on the path of dual cultivation, and wouldn’t lose much of his combat strength after getting his qi blood restrained . But the qi blood was basically the roots of a human and if it was restrained, the qi cultivation strength would suffer a huge decline and it was hard to say how much qi he would be left with .

Li Fuchen opened up the Blood Beam Monarch’s storage bag and noticed over 300,000 mid-grade spirit stones . Apart from those, there was a blood-colored token .

This blood-colored token was engraved with the word, ‘blood’ on the front and a skull on the back .

After extending his spiritual awareness deep inside, Li Fuchen realized there was a communication array .

This was a communication token .

There were different classes of communication tokens .

The East Unicorn Continent had low-class communication tokens, but the communication distance was very short . Furthermore, most of them could only be used after the token was crushed . Li Fuchen reckoned that this blood-colored token should be a mid-class or high-class communication token . As the communication array inside was very complicated and was at least a class 6 array .

After thinking for a moment, Li Fuchen didn’t get rid of the blood-colored token . He felt that the Blood Beam Monarch didn’t target him just for his wealth, after all, it was impossible for the Blood Beam Monarch to know how much wealth he had .

After keeping the blood-colored token, Li Fuchen continued making haste .

It didn’t matter if the Blood Beam Monarch had a scheme . He was dead and everything had vanished like the smoke .

Over a month later, Li Fuchen arrived at the Dragon River Seat’s Gaze Native City .

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“Senior Gu, I have arrived at the Gaze Native City and shall be waiting for all of you at the Pine Tree Inn . ”

Li Fuchen also had a communication token and so did Lei Donghai and the others . However, they only possessed low-class communication tokens and the communication distance wasn’t far . After all, communication tokens were considered strategic items and the outside world only circulated low-class communication tokens . However, as compared to the communication tokens in the East Unicorn Continent, the Emperor Sky Continent’s communication tokens had communication functions that could last more than once .  

Half a day later, a black-robed Gu Jiuye arrived at the Pine Tree Inn .

Inside a private room…

“Senior Gu, where is Senior Lei and Senior Yuan?”

Li Fuchen’s heart thumped when he didn’t see Lei Donghai and Yuan Long .

Gu Jiuye gave an agonized expression and said, “Senior Yuan Long has been captured . Me and Senior Lei had to split up and escape . I am the only one that successfully arrived at the Gaze Native City . ”

Gu Jiuye explained the situation of their journey to Li Fuchen .

After listening to the entire situation, Li Fuchen was in silence .

Yuan Long didn’t get captured in the Red Moon Empire but in the Soul Sky Empire . The person who captured him was a 5th level monarch and had immediately used the Blood Sift Net to capture Yuan Long .

Li Fuchen took out the Blood Sift Net from his storage bag and asked Gu Jiuye, “Senior Gu, did the person use this kind of net?”

“Yes . ”

Gu Jiuye immediately recognized the Blood Sift Net and felt curious, “Junior Li, how did you get it?”

Li Fuchen explained the situation of his journey to Gu Jiuye too .

Gu Jiuye said, “Could it be that this batch of people is from a dark faction? Their objective is to capture body refinement monarchs?”

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