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Chapter 596
ER – Chapter 596: Blood Sift Union

At midnight, no one else arrived . The shadow leader said, “There are a total of five of us . The other blood slave is monitoring the target . Right now, report to me of your recent activities . ”

A 6th level Primary Sea Realm shadow shook his head and said, “In recent years, the great medicines are getting harder to find . One year ago, I found a great medicine that is suspected to be using a qi power seal to lower his qi blood wave . It is a pity that he escaped . ”

The shadow leader then turned to look at a shadow who was at the 5th level of Primary Sea Realm .

The shadow grinned and said, “Lord Blood Servant, over one month ago, I just captured an initial level great medicine and the medicine collection group has already taken the captive . I reckon that the medicine collection group will deliver the great medicine to the Blood Emperor after a short moment . ”

“Not bad . ” The shadow leader nodded .

As a blood servant, his status was one rank higher than the blood slaves . If the blood slaves contributed, it meant that he contributed too, and when rewards were given, he would receive some as well .

“A month ago? Initial level great medicine? Blood Emperor?”

Li Fuchen was guessing if they were talking about Yuan Long .

The ‘great medicine’ should be a code word of this organization and it should mean body refinement monarch . Initial level great medicine would naturally mean an initial level body refinement monarch .

Li Fuchen was frowning because this dark faction really had a Law Phase Realm emperor backing them .

He didn’t think that the Blood Emperor was a half-emperor, as a half-emperor wouldn’t be able to make so many people work for him in such an unswerving manner .

‘It seems I have to consider it at length . ’

Li Fuchen might want to rescue Senior Yuan Long, but he knew clearly that it was extremely difficult to rescue Senior Yuan Long from the hands of a Law Phase Realm emperor . Let alone the fact that Li Fuchen was still at the 1st level of Primary Sea Realm, even if he was at the mid-levels, it would still be hopeless . Unless he was able to reach the high-levels of Primary Sea Realm and if the Blood Emperor was a weak Law Phase Realm emperor, then there would be a trace of hope .

“What about you?” Finally, the shadow leader looked at Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen said, “It has been many years since I caught any great medicine . ”

The shadow leader looked at Li Fuchen with suspicion . “Why are you only at the 1st level of Primary Sea Realm?”

In response, the two other shadows were looking at Li Fuchen and the atmosphere immediately turned ice cold .

The blood slaves under the Blood Emperor were minimally at the 4th level of Primary Sea Realm and there wasn’t any exception .

Li Fuchen said calmly, “I am injured and I am originally at the 6th level of Primary Sea Realm . ”

Li Fuchen circulated the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique while he spoke and emitted a powerful qi presence .

From the intensity of the qi presence, it wasn’t weaker than regular 4th level monarchs .

“I see . ”

The trio weren’t suspicious .

Firstly, Li Fuchen’s qi presence wasn’t something a 1st level monarch should have .

Secondly, they were extremely confident of the blood-colored token . There was a restriction deep inside the blood-colored token that was personally put in by the Blood Emperor . Not even a half-emperor would be able to refine it .

In other words, if Li Fuchen could refine the restriction deep inside the token, he wouldn’t even need to fear them or need to explain anything to them .

As such, the trip instantly dismissed their suspicions .

At the first glimmer of light, the shadow leader’s blood-colored token vibrated .

He then poured his qi into the token .

“Lord Blood Servant, the target has exited through the east of the town . ”

The shadow leader waved his hand after keeping the blood-colored token . “Let’s go . ”

While speaking, he was like a giant bat that flashed and vanished into the darkness that wasn’t fully illuminated yet .

Just like rocks, the four of them hid in ambush a few thousand miles outside of the town .

As the darkness slowly faded, there was a bright color of the dawn sky that was at the horizon .

Li Fuchen looked at the trio . The shadow leader was wearing a black mask, while the two others were wearing white masks .

Of course, Li Fuchen was also wearing a white mask .

This white mask was found inside the Blood Beam Monarch’s storage bag . Li Fuchen guessed it must be used when the blood slaves were meeting with each other . After all, no one wanted to expose their appearance and if a spy entered their organization, they would be easily exposed .

After ten minutes, Li Fuchen’s expression changed slightly .

His spiritual awareness which was fanned out had sensed someone coming .

Concentrating his spiritual awareness, Li Fuchen saw the person .

It was a charming and graceful young man . Had it not been for his straight brows and sharp nose, Li Fuchen would suspect if it was a lady in disguise as a man .

This person was very young and from his body’s qi presence, he seemed to be much younger and his qi blood wave was indeed very intense . If Li Fuchen was 239, then the young man’s qi blood wave was at least 1000 .

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“He should be cultivating an earth class high-tier body refinement technique!” Li Fuchen said to himself .

If the black-masked man knew that Li Fuchen had released his spiritual awareness, he would probably kill Li Fuchen . After all, if the spiritual awareness was sent out, the target would definitely know that he was being ambushed .

Of course, that was the outcome Li Fuchen wanted as he wasn’t planning to really ambush the young man .

“Friend, you are being ambushed . There are three in front of you, one 7th level monarch, one 6th level monarch, and one 5th level monarch . There is another one stalking you from behind . There are a total of four . ”

Li Fuchen’s voice used his spiritual awareness as a medium to transmit into the young man’s ear .

The charming young man frowned a little and remained calm and collected .

Li Fuchen continued to transmit the message . “Be careful of their Blood Sift Net . This kind of net is able to restrain qi blood . ”

After finishing, Li Fuchen stopped speaking . He believed that the young man would make the correct decision .

500 miles… 100 miles… 10 miles… 3 miles…

“Do it!”

The black-masked man immediately appeared and threw the blood-colored sphere at the charming young man like a blood-colored lightning .

At almost the same moment, the two other white-masked men had also thrown their blood-colored sphere .

A few miles behind the charming young man was another blood-colored sphere that was flying over .

At this moment, the blood-colored spheres were coming in all directions, with the exception of Li Fuchen’s blood-colored sphere .

The black-masked man looked at Li Fuchen with astonishment . When he saw Li Fuchen’s actions, his eyes burst out with biting cold intent .

Li Fuchen did throw out the Blood Sift Net, but his target was one of the white-masked men .

Due to the distance between the target, before the charming young man could have any commotion, Li Fuchen’s blood-colored sphere had also turned into a blood net and wrapped up that 5th level Primary Sea Realm white-masked man .

The blood net tightened and wrapped that white-masked man into a blood-colored ball and was immobilized .

“Hmph, I have been waiting for you people . ”

Seeing the blood-colored spheres coming in all directions, the charming young man raised his brows and moved rapidly with a flash to dodge all of the spheres easily .

“Black Snake Palm!”

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The young man executed a palm strike which was a black qi power that looked like a black snake . With an almost invisible speed, it entered the body of another white-masked man .


There was a blood mist explosion as the white-masked man was instantly blasted into smithereens .

“Not good, this is earth class peak-tier qi power!” The black-masked man had an extremely awful expression within his mask .

Earth class peak-tier qi power naturally came from earth class peak-tier body refinement technique, furthermore, the young man’s body refinement was at the sub-completion level of Primary Sea Realm . This strength was already comparable with top-notch monarchs and even half-emperors .


The black-masked man didn’t even need to consider and immediately turned back to escape .

The white-masked man before the charming young man had also started to run .

“Stay . ” Li Fuchen obstructed the black-masked man .

“You are courting death . ”

The black-masked man’s body was revealing a murderous aura . If it wasn’t for Li Fuchen, the Blood Sift Net would be able to capture the target . With four layers of Blood Sift Net stacking together, earth class peak-tier qi power would amount to nothing .

A black pitchfork appeared and the black-masked man thrust it at Li Fuchen .

Tss Tss Tss…

The pitchfork transformed in midair and turned into a forked water snake

The forked water snake was covered with scales that were vivid and lifelike . It was also emitting a qi presence that could destroy everything .

Heaven class martial art .

Li Fuchen was certain that the black-masked man was using a heaven class martial art . It might not be at the trance stage, and was inferior to Li Fuchen, but when executed with the cultivation of the 7th level of Primary Sea Realm, it was devastating and could slaughter all living things .

Li Fuchen rejoiced that he wasn’t exposed earlier, otherwise, he wouldn’t be a match .

Li Fuchen didn’t confront this move . Instead, he launched a spiritual awareness attack and dodged the attack .

“Spiritual awareness attack!” The black-masked man glared at Li Fuchen and was preparing to continue his escape .

“I already asked you to stay . ”

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When Li Fuchen drew his sword, it was as though the void had turned into a shatter mirror . The black-masked man had froze for an instant before blood sprayed out from his body .


The black-masked man was enraged, his black pitchfork was brandished in a frenzy and a forked water snake lunged at Li Fuchen, this time the size was ten times bigger .

“I can’t dodge it?”

Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness might have sensed it in advance, but his physical speed couldn’t keep up .

The charming young man eliminated the white-masked man behind him and came over to Li Fuchen in time . He executed a palm strike with his right hand and blasted out a huge black snake that tangled with the forked water snake .

Bang Boom!

The forked water snake was crushed by the black snake like tofu . The black snake that dimmed a little continued to lunge at the black-masked man .


The black-masked man thrust the pitchfork at the black snake .


Vomiting a mouthful of fresh blood, the black-masked man flew backwards .

The charming young man was too powerful . He didn’t just cultivate an earth class peak-tier body refinement technique, he had also cultivated an earth class peak-tier body refinement art . With two factors combined, he could already contest with half-emperors, let alone this black-masked man .


After striking the black-masked man with his palm, the young man’s left hand shook a little before a silver rope flew over and tied up the black-masked man tightly .

After doing everything, the charming young man turned around and asked Li Fuchen in a cold voice, “Who are you? What is your relationship with these people?”

Li Fuchen said, “My friend has been captured by them . I infiltrated their group a few hours ago . ”

The young man was extremely powerful, even if Li Fuchen didn’t inform him, the Blood Sift Net might not be able to capture him easily .

“Your friend has been captured? Then how did you infiltrate them? From what I know, the Blood Sift Guild has a very tight security, it isn’t that easy to sneak in . ” The young man continued to ask .

Li Fuchen said, “If it is hard to infiltrate, it doesn’t mean it cannot be infiltrated . You said this organization is called the Blood Sift Union? Do you have information on them?”

“I don’t know much about the Blood Sift Union, I only know that one of their Union Leaders is called the Blood Emperor . Apart from the Blood Emperor, there are several other Union Leaders . ” The charming young man was slightly relaxed . Seeing Li Fuchen’s reaction, he felt that Li Fuchen couldn’t be a member of the Blood Sift Union . This was a discerning ability that he should have .

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