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Chapter 593
ER – Chapter 593: Dragon Divine Claw

After Li Fuchen’s qi cultivation reached the Primary Sea Realm, he had yet to have a good sense of his own body’s condition .

First was his spiritual awareness .

Previously, Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness could only extend by over 10,000 miles . Right now, it was able to reach out until 50,000 miles and was around three times further .

A regular monarch’s spiritual awareness could only release their spiritual awareness to at most 1000 miles in the Emperor Sky Continent, sometimes lesser than 1000 miles . Some of the elite monarchs had spiritual awareness that could reach out a few thousand miles, only those with powerful true spirit could reach 10,000 miles with their spiritual awareness . There were some elite monarchs with excellent spirit soul aptitude that could reach up to 20,000 miles or 30,000 miles with their spiritual awareness .

Spiritual awareness was something that would have a greater disparity as the cultivation level increased . The difference between 6-star bone frame and 7-star bone frame was huge, the difference between 7-star extraordinary bone frame and 7-star special bone frame wasn’t small too . There was another huge difference between the 7-star special bone frame and 8-star bone frame .

Take Lei Donghai, Gu Jiuye, and Yuan Long for example . Their spiritual awareness could extend out by around 2000 miles and was already better than regular monarchs .

In fact, during the Battle Spirit Realm, the difference wouldn’t be that obvious . After reaching the Primary Sea Realm, the difference between each individual’s spiritual awareness would have an increasing gap . It would reach an extent where it would be impossible to cover the difference .

If Li Fuchen didn’t devour a monarch’s true spirit essence and a demonic beast ruler’s demonic beast spirit essence, his spiritual awareness would only be able to reach a maximum limit of 10,000 miles .

“A spiritual awareness range of 50,000 miles should be rather incredible even among the Law Phase Realm emperors . ”

Li Fuchen let out a breath and withdrew his spiritual awareness .

Apart from his spiritual awareness, Li Fuchen’s perception had also improved greatly . His perception was already insanely good previously, right now, it was most definitely one level higher and had reached a whole different spectrum .

He could obviously feel it when he comprehended the law power within the mid-grade heaven stone .

“Progressing to the Primary Sea Realm in advance isn’t bad . At least, I am able to create the 36th rank of the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique earlier . ” Li Fuchen said to himself .

After taking a short rest in the town, before it was daybreak on the next day, Li Fuchen departed and made haste for the Dragon River Seat’s Native Gaze City .

Apart from the land allocation, the Soul Sky Empire and the Red Moon Empire didn’t have much differences . However, Li Fuchen realized that the Soul Sky Empire was trending with a kind of soul elixir and it was separated into four grades . Low-grade soul elixir, mid-grade soul elixir, high-grade soul elixir, and special-grade soul elixir .

The effects of the soul elixirs were very simple, it was to stimulate the spirit soul and to improve one’s perception temporarily .

Li Fuchen consumed a low-grade soul elixir and realized that it did have an effect on his spirit soul . However, he wasn’t able to feel the difference in his perception and it was possible that his perception was already too great and the low-grade soul elixir didn’t have an effect .

As Li Fuchen was making haste, the South Sun County Protector, Lin Tianyang had contacted the Clan of Darkness .

In the main hall of the County Protector Residence…

There was a black-robed man standing in the center of the hall and Lin Tianyang was standing in the host seat .

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“30 million mid-grade spirit stones, non-negotiable . ” The black-robed man’s voice was very illusory .

“30 million mid-grade spirit stones? How can it be that expensive? Even if I want to capture a half-emperor, it wouldn’t need this many mid-grade spirit stones right?” Lin Tianyang had a change of expression and couldn’t help but say out loudly .

He was able to accept the price of 10 or 20 million mid-grade spirit stones, but he wasn’t really able to accept the price of 30 million mid-grade spirit stones .

Most importantly, he felt that it wasn’t worth it .

“According to the Clan of Darkness’s intelligence, he is worth this price . I believe you have also realized that when he first appeared in the South Sun City, he was only at the 5th level of Battle Spirit Realm . Right now, he is already at the 1st level of Primary Sea Realm . Such a top-notch prodigy contains too many uncertainties . Of course, if it was an assassination, it wouldn’t require that many mid-grade spirit stones, and would only need 15 million mid-grade spirit stones . ”

Assassination was much easier than capturing .

Lin Tianyang frowned in response .

It was true . Li Fuchen’s cultivation progress was too fast and he didn’t need much time to accumulate his foundation .

He assumed that Li Fuchen should have obtained some kind of artifact that allowed him to advance his cultivation so quickly . Of course, he was definitely a prodigy of the top class and wasn’t inferior to any 3-star general .

However, 30 million mid-grade spirit stones was too expensive . Lin Tianyang had never considered killing Li Fuchen as he didn’t feel it was worth it to spend 15 million mid-grade spirit stones to kill a person, after all, his spirit stones didn’t come freely .

“Alright, 30 million mid-grade spirit stones then . But you have to guarantee that you will capture him and bring him back . ”

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After a slight consideration, Lin Tianyang made his decision .

The black-robed man shook his head . “No one is able to guarantee such a task . I can only say that the Clan of Darkness has the highest success rate . Apart from that, your 30 million mid-grade spirit stones aren’t spent in vain . According to the Clan of Darkness’s rules, if you spend a total of 30 million mid-grade spirit stones, you can become a 3-star VIP of the Clan of Darkness . You can take a look at the different privileges for different classes of VIP . ”

The black-robed man tossed a small book to Lin Tianyang .

Lin Tianyang took a glance and had an indeterminate expression .

The VIP privileges provided by the Clan of Darkness were indeed very attractive . Apart from discounts, there were other services like intelligence and counter assassination .

“I hope that the Clan of Darkness will be worthy of the price of 30 million mid-grade spirit stones . ” Lin Tianyang let out a turbid breath and said slowly .

30 million mid-grade spirit stones might be a pinch for Lin Tianyang, but it wasn’t difficult for him to earn it back . Otherwise, wouldn’t he be the County Protector for nothing?

The body had an endurance limit for body refinement, there was also the dantian and meridians’ endurance limits for qi cultivation .

Due to the drastic speed in increasing the qi cultivation, the dantian wasn’t nourished enough . As the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique had also been pushed to the 35th rank, Li Fuchen’s qi was far more than monarchs of the same level . It made Li Fuchen’s dantian saturated and was even overloaded . It was temporarily impossible for him to continue increasing his cultivation .

During the journey, Li Fuchen had been constantly purifying his qi and compressing his dantian .

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Li Fuchen had also conveniently started creating an earth class peak-tier body refinement art .

Li Fuchen had already created plenty of heaven class sword moves and also cultivated the heaven class low-tier sword art, the Absolute Heaven Sword Art . He had already reached his limit .

If it was improved further, then it would be heaven class mid-tier martial arts .

Heaven class martial arts had had a huge gap between each tier . Heaven class mid-tier martial arts were things that even Law Phase Realm emperors yearned for .

Regular Law Phase Realm emperors would generally be cultivation heaven class low-tier cultivation techniques and martial arts . Only elite Law Phase Realm emperors possessed heaven class mid-tier martial arts or cultivation techniques . It would depend on each individual’s luck if they were able to create it themselves or to inherit it from a predecessor .

For an emperor-class individual like the Red Moon Empire, it was said that he possessed a heaven class high-tier martial art . It was rumored that a lift of his hand would contain the power to destroy heaven and earth .

With Li Fuchen’s cultivation and perception, creating an earth class peak-tier body refinement art wasn’t as difficult as imagined . In less than two months, Li Fuchen created two earth class peak-tier body refinement moves .

It was the Dragon Divine Claw which was based on the Nine Dragons Claw, and the Wind Thunder Jolt that was based on the Wind Cloud Tyrant Body .

The Dragon Divine Claw was able to condense a golden dragon claw spirit that could rip the enemy’s defense and body . This move contained only one type of force dao law, that was the rip dao law .

As for the Wind Thunder Jolt, it was an enhanced version of the Wind Cloud Tyrant Body’s Wind Cloud Jolt . It contained an extreme jolt dao law and due to the excessively powerful jolt dao law, it was able to create thunderbolts in the air and carry out multiple damage to the enemy .

Even though these two moves were still incomparable to the heaven class sword art, they were still very formidable . Li Fuchen could use either one of these moves to deal with regular mid-level monarchs .

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