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Chapter 592
ER – Chapter 592: Clan of Darkness

The Extinction Saber Monarch had a face of disbelief and shock as blood flowed from his body .

He, the Extinction Saber Monarch, had been living for over two centuries . He had encountered all sorts of prodigies, but he had never seen a 1st level monarch that could instantly kill so many monarchs with a single slash .

Even if a 3-star general progressed to the Primary Sea Realm, it was impossible to achieve this feat . It was a known fact that the wider the range of the sword move, the weaker the lethal power . It wasn’t possible to be as formidable as Li Fuchen .

“Extinction Saber, Hundred Splitting Cleave!”

As one of the top ten monarchs working under the South Sun County Protector, the Extinction Saber Monarch’s strength was superior to regular 8th level monarchs . He might not have cultivated any heaven class martial art, but after so many years, he had also self-created a quasi-heaven class saber move .

When he executed his saber move, a bundle of saber lights appeared in the air . The saber lights then exploded and turned into a storm that enveloped Li Fuchen .

“Such an incredible saber move . ” Li Fuchen’s eyes flashed with astonishment .

From the intensity of the qi presence, the Extinction Saber Monarch was actually inferior to the Blue Star Monarch, as the Blue Star Monarch had the 7-star special bone frame . But in terms of strength, the Blue Star Monarch would never be able to compare with the Extinction Saber Monarch .

Li Fuchen didn’t dare to be careless and brandished his sword . He used the sword move, Heaven and Earth Extermination to seal the Extinction Saber Monarch’s saber move .

Crackle Crackle!

It didn’t matter how the Extinction Saber Monarch attacked, none of his saber moves were able to break through Li Fuchen’s sword moves .

The Heaven and Earth Extermination was a flawless offense move and also a flawless defense move . After all, it contained a trace of void dao law .

However, it was rather impossible for Li Fuchen to defeat the Extinction Saber Monarch with this sword move .

With the possession of a quasi-heaven class saber move, the Extinction Saber Monarch’s strength wasn’t just slighter superior to the Blue Star Monarch .

The Extinction Saber Monarch was injured earlier because he was careless and wasn’t on guard .

However, Li Fuchen didn’t just have this one sword move, he had his spiritual awareness attack .

After shooting out his spiritual awareness attack, the Extinction Saber Monarch’s body froze for a split moment .

It might only be a split moment, but it was enough .

The Extinction Saber Monarch’s body burst out with a large amount of sparks while he vomited a stream of blood .

The sword qi from Heaven and Earth Extermination might have been blocked by the armor, but a small portion of sword qi that contained the void dao laws had penetrated in and damaged the Extinction Saber Monarch’s vitality .

“It should be a quasi-heaven class armor . ”

If it wasn’t a quasi-heaven class armor, it wasn’t possible to defend most of the sword qi . A regular earth class high-tier or earth class peak-tier armor would definitely be destroyed by the sword qi from Heaven and Earth Extermination .

Earlier on, Li Fuchen had already verified it a few times .

“You cannot kill me, I am the subordinate of the County Protector . If you kill me, no one in the world will be able to save you . ”

The Extinction Saber Monarch didn’t wish to die, he was afraid of death .

After over two centuries of cultivation, he had finally reached the 8th level of Primary Sea Realm and was just one step away from the 9th level of Primary Sea Realm . He might still be very far from the Law Phase Realm, but if there was an opportunity, he might be able to progress . By that time, he would be able to dictate the Emperor Sky Continent . In fact, he could leave the Emperor Sky Continent and head for other continents to look for opportunities .

He yearned for the kind of life where he stood high and mighty while the world was his to rule . The precondition was for him to continue living .

He would only have chances if he continued living, otherwise, everything would be done for .

That’s why the Extinction Saber Monarch was very afraid, extremely afraid .

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“You wish to live?” Li Fuchen asked indifferently .

“Of course, as long as you don’t kill me, I can persuade the County Protector to dismiss your wanted status . ” The Extinction Monarch seemed to see a trace of hope as his voice trembled .

How could it be possible to convince the County Protector to dismiss the wanted status? Even if he dared to persuade the County Protector, he wouldn’t be able to do it . Even if he could persuade the County Protector, he wouldn’t do it either .

If he could escape with his life today, there would be a day when he would take revenge for today’s humiliation .

Li Fuchen revealed a mocking smile and executed his Thousand Illusion Eyes and enveloped the Extinction Saber Monarch with illusion qi .


With a swing of his Joint-Heaven Sword, a massive head flew high .

Even until death, the Extinction Saber Monarch didn’t believe that he had died .

Even until death, he couldn’t understand why would Li Fuchen give him hope before sending him to hell .

“I am filled with hatred . I curse that you will never ascend to the pinnacle and will always be pursued by enemies, until you die without burial grounds…” While gritting his teeth, the Extinction Saber Monarch screamed out hysterically . One breath later, the Extinction Saber Monarch’s voice had ended abruptly .

“How does a person with such a weak willpower cultivate to the 8th level of Primary Sea Realm?” Li Fuchen shook his head and extended his hand to vacuum the storage bag over .

Li Fuchen gave his opponent hope to loosen his guard, it would then allow his Thousand Illusion Eyes to be effective . But the opponent was too afraid of death and sank deep into the illusion, allowing the sword qi to behead him easily .

Two days later, Li Fuchen left the borders of the Red Moon Empire and arrived at the Soul Sky Empire .

At this moment, the failure of Li Fuchen’s pursuit that was carried by numerous monarchs had thoroughly spread out .

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It had caused a huge commotion .

In rough estimate, close to 100 monarchs had died in Li Fuchen’s hands . Even a first-rate monarch-class clan  had around 100 or 200 monarchs . It was the same as Li Fuchen wiping out half a first-rate monarch-class clan or two to three second-rate monarch-class clans . Such combat strength had frightened plenty of monarchs that didn’t encounter Li Fuchen, but they were also rejoicing at the same time . They were glad that they didn’t encounter Li Fuchen, if not, they might already become a departed soul under Li Fuchen’s sword .

In South Sun City’s County Protector Residence…

The County Protector, Lin Tianyang had a gloomy face .

Just a mere Li Fuchen actually created such a huge commotion and it was something he had never expected .

However, he didn’t believe that Li Fuchen had the strength to eliminate high-level monarchs . There must be someone assisting him .

The Extinction Saber Monarch’s strength wasn’t ordinary, even the County Protector wouldn’t be able to kill the former so easily . Furthermore, the Extinction Saber Lord had plenty of monarchs around him .

Lin Tianyang felt pain in his heart whenever he thought that the Extinction Saber Monarch had perished .

It was too difficult to nurture a high-level monarch . The entire South Sun County had more than 2000 monarchs, but there were less than 50 high-level monarchs . Each death would mean one lesser . As the County Protector, he had plenty of tasks that he had to delegate and the vacancy left behind by a high-level monarch was something that no regular person could fill .

Of course, Lin Tianyang actually cared more about his reputation . Li Fuchen’s actions were the same as slapping his face and it was something that he wouldn’t accept .

“Damn Li Fuchen . You better not return to the Red Moon Empire forever . ”

Lin Tianyang wasn’t a fool, if Li Fuchen appeared in the Clarity Peace County, he must surely be headed for the Soul Sky Empire .  

“County Protector, even if he is headed for the Soul Sky Empire, we can still capture him and bring him back . ” On the side, the County Protector’s housekeeper said carefully .

Lin Tianyang used stern eyes to look at his housekeeper and asked, “What is your plan?”

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With his son, Lin Shou missing, his subordinate killed, and the problem with his reputation, Lin Tianyang longed to capture Li Fuchen .

The housekeeper said, “County Protector, we can invite the people from the Clan of Darkness to help us capture Li Fuchen . ”

“Clan of Darkness!” Lin Tianyang’s eyes lit up .

The Clan of Darkness was the most fearsome and mysterious dark faction in the Emperor Sky Empire . It was said that the leader of the Clan of Darkness was comparable to the Red Moon Emperor and was the dictator in the dark .

“However, it is a little expensive to hire experts from the Clan of Darkness . ” The housekeeper said with concern .

“It doesn’t matter, even if it costs 10 or 20 million mid-grade spirit stones, I am willing to pay for it . ”

As the County Protector, the number of mid-grade spirit stones he had were countered in hundreds of millions . Otherwise, he wouldn’t issue such a sky-high reward .

In an inn located at the Soul Sky Empire’s town, Li Fuchen was sorting through his spoils of war .  

“These monarchs are all rather wealthy . 85 monarchs give me a total of 15 million mid-grade spirit stones . If I count in those valuable items, the total will be above 30 million mid-grade spirit stones . ”

Primary Sea Realm monarchs were too wealthy . Even a low-level monarch had at least a few tens of thousands of mid-grade spirit stones . Mid-level monarchs would have around 100 thousand to a few hundred thousand mid-grade spirit stones . As for the Blue Star Monarch and the Extinction Saber Monarch, they had more than one million mid-grade spirit stones each . The Blue Star Monarch had 1 . 2 million mid-grade spirit stones while the Extinction Saber Monarch had 1 . 5 million mid-grade spirit stones .

Li Fuchen was a little speechless when he thought about how he struggled to exchange his heaven stones for mid-grade spirit stones and they were below the market rate .

“I have finally arrived at the Soul Sky Empire . I wonder how Senior Lei and the others are?”

Li Fuchen felt a little worried, but his intuition told him that the trio should have left the Red Moon Empire too .

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