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Chapter 590
ER – Chapter 590: Fire Calamity, Sword Calamity


Right at this moment, the aquiline-nosed man let out a miserable yell too as he had been killed by Lei Donghai and the others .

“This is the moment . ” Li Fuchen released a spiritual awareness attack at the Blue Star Monarch .

The Blue Star Monarch staggered a little .

Before this, he had already executed his spiritual awareness defense secret technique, but when facing Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness attack, he still felt his mind rumbling . A crack appeared on the surface of his true spirit .

Even if his true spirit was extremely powerful, his spiritual awareness defense secret technique’s proficiency wasn’t that high .

Furthermore, anyone would suffer if there was something else inside their mind which didn’t belong to them .

After each spiritual awareness attack blasted at the Blue Star Monarch, it made his mind very chaotic .

Of course, the Blue Star Monarch had the 7-star stars bone frame and was also at the 7th level of Primary Sea Realm . Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness attack still wasn’t able to make him lose his combat strength .

After forcefully gathering his concentration, the Blue Star Monarch’s blue hook sword produced countless hook shadows that shrouded Li Fuchen .

He didn’t expect this move to injure Li Fuchen, he merely hoped to interrupt Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness attack .

But he was disappointed . Even in battle, Li Fuchen was able to accurately execute his spiritual awareness attacks and the attacks to him weren’t an influence at all .

After dozens of spiritual awareness attacks, the Blue Star Monarch’s spiritual awareness defense was already blasted open and he was now using his true spirit to endure .

“Thousand Illusion Eyes, Oblivion . ”

Li Fuchen felt that it was about time and released an illusion attack .

The Blue Star Monarch who was already a little unsteady felt his mind had turned muddled as he sank into a temporary illusion .

“Heaven and Earth Extermination . ”

A shocking sword intent burst out as Li Fuchen slashed at the Blue Star Monarch .

After receiving the stimulation from the sword intent, the Blue Star Monarch was awakened with a shock . He then quickly wielded his blue hook sword to block the attack .

Crackle Crackle… .

With the Blue Star Monarch at the center, the void felt as though it was shattering due to misalignment . At the next moment, streams of blood were flowing out from the Blue Star Monarch’s body .

The Blue Star Monarch’s attack was naturally stronger than Li Fuchen, but in terms of the delicacy of the moves, he was far inferior to Li Fuchen . When facing Li Fuchen’s Absolute Heaven Sword Art, his Blue Star Hook Art wasn’t able to defend flawlessly and sword qi would penetrate through .

“Damn it, what is this sword art?” The Blue Star Monarch was panicking a little .

As of now, Li Fuchen didn’t have the strength to kill him . That sword attack earlier only managed to lightly injure him, but if the battle dragged on, the outcome might be unexpected .

“The special bone frame is indeed formidable . His true spirit is much tougher than I imagine . ”

Li Fuchen devoured the demonic beast spirit of a demonic beast ruler and as his cultivation was rapidly climbing, his spiritual awareness attack already contained a trace of emperor intent . As such, his spiritual awareness attack was much stronger than any Primary Sea Realm monarch .

If one slash couldn’t do it, then he would execute two slashes, or three slashes .

The sword wounds on the Blue Star Monarch were increasing and he was also getting increasingly frenetic .

Right at this moment, Li Fuchen’s expression changed . He transmitted a message to Lei Donghai and the others: “There are monarchs rushing over from the south and east . All of you will head to the west . ”

Primary Sea Realm monarchs were very sensitive to qi waves, even if they were a few tens of thousands of miles away, they could clearly sense the qi waves here . If they were on the Seven Color Monarch, they might even be able to sense it from hundreds of thousands of miles away .

“Junior Li, what about you?” Lei Donghai asked .

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“Don’t bother about me . I think it is time for us to split up . We shall meet again at the Soul Sky Empire’s Gaze Native City that is under the Dragon River Seat . ”

In the Soul Sky Empire, seats were equivalent to the Red Moon Empire’s county . The Soul Sky Empire had 72 seats and were significantly more than the Red Moon Empire’s 48 counties .

“Senior Lei, we aren’t going to be helpful to Junior Li even if we stayed behind . Instead, we will be distracting Junior Li . ” Gu Jiuye was extremely calm as she said to Lei Donghai .

“Alright . ”

Lei Donghai nodded and flashed before flying towards the west . Yuan Long and Gu Jiuye were following closely behind .

After seeing Lei Donghai and the others leave, the Blue Star Monarch already knew what was happening . “If I didn’t guess it wrongly, there must be other monarchs rushing over . Kid, surrender while you have the chance now . Otherwise, when more monarchs come over, you will have to suffer . ”

The Blue Star Monarch was feeling extremely reluctant . If he captured Li Fuchen now, then all the five million mid-grade spirit stones would belong to him . But with more people, it wouldn’t be that easy to take all the five million mid-grade spirit stones himself . In the end, the reward might be split according to contribution .

That’s why he was hoping that Li Fuchen would give up his resistance, although the possibility was minute .

“In your dreams, Heaven and Earth Extermination . ”

After releasing an illusion attack, Li Fuchen immediately executed the Absolute Heaven Sword Art . The Wind Thunder Wings flapped on his back as he flew away with rapid speed .

“It isn’t that easy to escape!”

While the Blue Star Monarch’s body was flowing with blood, he gritted his teeth and went on a relentless pursuit . With his speed, he would need a few breaths to catch up with Li Fuchen .

But just as he increased his speed, a spiritual awareness attack entered his mind and it was quickly followed up with an illusion attack .

Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness was extremely powerful and he could use his spiritual awareness as a medium to release his illusion attacks .

“Damn it . ”

Without the ability to accelerate, the Blue Star Monarch naturally couldn’t catch up to Li Fuchen . But he wasn’t foolish too as he instantly executed the unique ability that Primary Sea Realm monarchs possessed… nature power .

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With his cultivation of 7th level of Primary Sea Realm, his control of nature power was far more fearsome than Hun Shan . Heaven and earth qi were surging towards the Blue Star Monarch like a tsunami .

Li Fuchen who was trying to escape felt like he was a fish swimming against the current . After using ten times his strength, he was still slower than his regular traveling speed .

“Haha, this person is Li Fuchen . Catch him and split the reward . ”

Finally, the monarchs from the south had arrived and there were nine of them . Subsequently, the monarchs from the east had also arrived and there were six of them .

Due to the battle, Li Fuchen’s original appearance had already been reverted and he was easily recognized .

Li Fuchen’s heart sank to the bottom . He simply stopped running and turned around with a calm expression .

“Not going to escape?” The Blue Star Monarch sneered . “Even if you try to escape now, you wouldn’t be able to do it . ”

There were 16 monarchs and one of them was a 7th level monarch, five were mid-level monarchs and ten were low-level monarchs . This group of monarchs was already enough to kill a formidable high-level monarch .

Li Fuchen scanned around and said indifferently, “Escape? Why do I have to escape? I think you are the ones that should escape . ”

“You are a dead person that refuses to admit your fate . Don’t waste your time speaking to him, capture him now to prevent any mishaps later . ”

A mid-level monarch with a fiery temper immediately made his move and attacked Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen revealed a cold smile and said to himself, “I wonder how powerful is my calamity . ”

Li Fuchen took out a large amount of high-grade spirit stones and scattered it around . Subsequently, the high-grade spirit stones turned into dust and surged into his body like liquid spirit qi .


Without any bottleneck, Li Fuchen broke through . The horrifying qi presence was like a volcano eruption and surged into the sky . Just the qi presence was enough to neutralize the mid-level monarch’s attack .

Huff Huff Huff…

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The sky turned dark as huge fireballs descended from the sky . The fireballs didn’t look gigantic, but the fire dao laws contained within made everyone apprehensive . They had a feeling that if they got struck by the fireballs, they would suffer severe injuries at minimum .

“This is the fire calamity . He is about to progress to the Primary Sea Realm . ” Someone exclaimed .

“He actually dares to progress to the Primary Sea Realm in front of us . He really doesn’t know how to write the word, ‘death’!”

There were some who thought nothing of it and assumed that the fireballs were just strong in appearance .


One of the fireballs landed on the low-level monarch . Even though the person tried to resist, it was of no use . He immediately suffered severe injuries as his body was fuming with flames . Even his seven apertures were spitting flames .

“Save me!”

The person yelled out mournfully .

Sss . Everyone took a deep cold breath . What kind of fire calamity would contain such power?

“See how I extinguish this fireball!”

A 6th level monarch brandished his weapon to cleave the fireball . But before he could rejoice, a sword qi appeared out of nowhere and skimmed across is body .

Pfff . The thigh of the person was severed while blood spurted violently .

“Such a horrific sword calamity!” Even the Blue Star Monarch was fearful .

In fact, Li Fuchen could have progressed to the Primary Sea Realm long ago . But he didn’t wish to break through so early as he wanted to create the 36th rank of the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique before breaking through . By then, he would have done everything he could and would have greatly enhanced his innate potential .

However, there wasn’t anything perfect in this world . Right now, he didn’t have a choice but to break through . If he didn’t do so, he would have to die .

Li Fuchen might be breaking through in advance, but he didn’t regret it . It was fine to break through a little earlier as he would only lose out on a little innate potential . With the golden amulet and the constantly evolving spirit soul, who else could have a great innate potential than him?

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