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Chapter 589
ER – Chapter 589: Blue Star Monarch

After a discussion, the four decided to head for Soul Sky Empire .

They didn’t head to the Celestial Sky Cult, because they had various tracking secret techniques . If they were to offend a certain authoritative person, it would be bad if the enemy used a tracking secret technique to trace them .

The Soul Sky Empire was four counties away from the East River County . With the four of their speed, if they didn’t use teleportation arrays, they would need at least half a year to reach there .

Along the way, the four of them intentionally avoided cities and towns . Wherever was more desolate, they would go through that place .

Even though the four of them were very cautious, they were still spotted by people .

They had underestimated the power of one million mid-grade spirit stones .

With the South Sun County at the center, people from over twenty counties had already seen the wanted posters . It was inevitable that one would spread to ten and ten would spread to one hundred . With the astronomical reward, even an ordinary person couldn’t help but see the wanted poster . Furthermore, the County Protector had ordered for the wanted posters to be put up in towns and villages too . It was hard for anyone to not see the wanted posters .

One million mid-grade spirit stones were enough to make Primary Sea Realm monarchs to go crazy, let alone those ordinary people with weak cultivation . Once they obtained one million mid-grade spirit stones, they could purchase a luxurious and grand courtyard in a big city and plenty of shops . The rest of the mid-grade spirit stones was enough for them to develop a major clan and generations or even ten generations of descendants wouldn’t have a lack of spirit stones . After all, the lower the cultivation, the lower the demand for spirit stones . A Reincarnation Realm expert would probably use less than a few dozen mid-grade spirit stones in their entire life .

It could be said that an ordinary person’s greatest wish was to live in cities . Only cities provided the best resources and best environments . At the same time, murder was forbidden in the cities, which provided them security and they didn’t have to worry .

Along the way, the four would encounter those weak cultivators, but they weren’t bloodthirsty killers and wouldn’t kill anyone they see .

The one who spotted them was a Reincarnation Realm expert who was harvesting herbs in the wilderness . He had seen Li Fuchen’s group from far away .

The four of them were in disguise, but they were a group of three men and one woman, with the similarity of their qi presence from the posters, they were still exposed .

After obtaining the information, a large group of monarchs went on a pursuit from the nearest city .

Clarity Peace County, the county from the Red Moon Empire that was closest to the Soul Sky Empire .


With Li Fuchen at the front, the four charged towards five monarchs .

It was unknown why a giant net appeared . Li Fuchen and his group were like fish in a net and would be trapped at any moment .

Li Fuchen wielded the Joint-Heaven Sword and severed three monarchs into pieces . The two remaining monarchs had also suffered severe injuries .

After a quick follow up from Lei Donghai and the others, the two didn’t have time to rejoice and had perished .

“This is already the three batch . ” Lei Donghai had an awful expression .

Li Fuchen said, “The four of us are too conspicuous together and will attract suspicion easily . We have to reach the Soul Sky Empire before the encirclement is complete . ”

On the surface, there wasn’t any teleportation array between the Soul Sky Empire and the Red Moon Empire . Therefore, the four would only be truly safe after entering the Soul Sky Empire .

A few hours later, the four encountered another batch of Primary Sea Realm monarchs .

It was a batch of three monarchs, but one of them was a 7th level monarch . It made Lei Donghai and the others had gloomy expressions .

They knew well enough about Li Fuchen’s strength . If they encountered mid-level monarchs, Li Fuchen would certainly be able to kill them, but it would waste a little bit of time . But it was too difficult to kill a high-level monarch and it was basically impossible .

“Haha, don’t think that your disguise can hide from my Blue Star Monarch’s discerning eyes . Are the four of you going to surrender or resist desperately?” The Blue Star Monarch looked at them with calm eyes .

The Blue Star Monarch was a 7th level monarch with a 7-star stars bone frame . His strength was significantly stronger than regular 7th level monarchs . Even if he encountered a 9th level monarch, he would be able to contest .

“The three of them will deal with the two other mid-level monarchs . I will use my spiritual awareness attacks and illusion art attacks to assist . Leave the Blue Star Monarch to me . ”

Before Li Fuchen’s body refinement reached the Primary Sea Realm, he would never be a match for the Blue Star Monarch . But now, he believed that he was able to contest for a little .

“Go . ”

Not wanting to waste time, Li Fuchen charged at the Blue Star Monarch immediately .

The Blue Star Monarch revealed a mocking expression and said to the two other monarchs, “I will leave the three others to the two of you . There shouldn’t be a problem right?”

“Blue Star Monarch doesn’t have to worry . Those three are just at the 1st level of Primary Sea Realm . I alone is enough to deal with them . ” A burly man with aquiline nose replied casually .

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“Do not be careless . ”

After leaving behind a statement, the Blue Star Monarch was suddenly wielding a blue hook sword . With a flash, he charged at Li Fuchen .


The blue hook sword clashed with the Joint-Heaven Sword, while Li Fuchen was sent flying backwards .

“7-star special bone frame?” Li Fuchen’s expression changed .

During the previous encounters, Li Fuchen didn’t encounter any 7th level monarchs, but he encountered a 6th level monarch before .

If it was a regular 7th level monarch, no matter how powerful the monarch was, the strength wouldn’t be far beyond a 6th level monarch . But the Blue Star Monarch’s strength wasn’t just slightly stronger than the 6th level monarch, he was at least twice as powerful .

Only a 7-star special bone frame could explain the powerful strength . After all, special bone frames didn’t just have powerful divine abilities, their qi cultivation strength’s increase in power was also similarly significant .

Li Fuchen was shocked, but the Blue Star Monarch was even more shocked .

His attack was extremely tyrannical but it didn’t inflict severe injuries to Li Fuchen?

“Heaven class artifact sword and Primary Sea Realm body refinement . ”

How could the Blue Star Monarch be a foolish person if he had cultivated until this realm . He instantly understood why Li Fuchen was unscathed after enduring an attack from him .

In his opinion, Li Fuchen must be a person of astounding talents . Purely in terms of qi cultivation strength, Li Fuchen was at least a 3-star general . With the addition of a heaven class artifact sword and the body refinement at the Primary Sea Realm, Li Fuchen was indeed able to resist the Blue Star Monarch’s attack .

The Blue Star Monarch’s heart was burning fervently as he sized up Li Fuchen’s Joint-Heaven Sword . This time, he wouldn’t just obtain five million mid-grade spirit stones, he was also able to obtain a heaven class artifact sword . He must seize this opportunity .

After knowing that Li Fuchen wasn’t going to be injured easily, the Blue Star Monarch didn’t hold back and executed his Blue Star Hook Art with full strength .

Swish Swish Swish Swish Swish…

The entire sky was filled with flickering blue hook shadows . Those hook shadows were vicious and tyrannical . When some of the hook shadows landed on the ground, it crystalized the ground before exploding .

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“Flowing Merciless Edge . ”

When facing the Blue Star Monarch who was attacking with his full strength, Li Fuchen held back from using the Absolute Heaven Sword Art . Instead, he used the Flowing Merciless Edge to contest with the enemy . The Absolute Heaven Sword Art would only have great effects when executed during crucial moments . It wasn’t the right moment yet .

Bang Bang Bang Bang…

The blue hook shadows exploded beside Li Fuchen and blasted him away .

If Li Fuchen didn’t cultivate the earth class high-tier body refinement technique and was an earth class mid-tier body refinement technique instead, he would be nearly dying with severe injuries .

On the other side, Lei Donghai, Yuan Long, and Gu Jiuye were in an intense fight with the aquiline-nosed burly man and a bald middle-aged man .

Just as the both parties were about to burst out with their attacks, two spiritual awareness attacks suddenly entered the minds of the aquiline-nosed man and the bald man .

After Li Fuchen’s cultivation reached the peak stage of 9th level Battle Spirit Realm, his spiritual awareness attacks were far stronger than before . Li Fuchen didn’t know how much stronger it was as there was no one that was qualified for him to execute his spiritual awareness attacks before this .

The aquiline-nosed man and the bald man yelled out miserably . The qi they had just gathered were instantly scattered and even their qi protection was getting unstable .

“Thunder Divine Hammer . ”

“Arhat True Effigy . ”

“Sword of Brightness . ”

Lei Donghai and the others knew that they must not miss out on this opportunity and launched their attacks on the duo with full strength .

Like broken sacks, the duo flew back while vomiting fresh blood .

“Damn it, they have a spiritual awareness martial artist among them . ” The bald man roared .

Spiritual awareness martial artists were one of the most terrifying martial artists and were similar to illusion martial artists . There wasn’t a need to use cultivation levels to judge their strength .

“Die!” Lei Donghai and the others pursued and attacked frenziedly .

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“Blue Star Monarch, save us!”

The aquiline-nosed man was extremely terrified . He still had all of his strength but he couldn’t even utilize 10% of them . How was he going to fight?

The Blue Star Monarch frowned and yelled out, “Hurry up and stop . Otherwise, when I seize this kid, all of you will wish that you are dead . ”

Lei Donghai and the others didn’t bother about them . What a joke, who was the Blue Star Monarch to them, why did they have to listen to him .

Seeing how Lei Donghai and the others ignored him, the Blue Star Monarch was furious . “Good, very good . Since you are so stubborn, I shall make sure all of you suffer later on . ”

While speaking, he had also disregarded the lives of the aquiline-nosed man and the bald man . To him, Li Fuchen was the most important . If he could capture Li Fuchen, his life could be much easier .

“Thousand Hooks and Cuts!”

The Blue Star Monarch executed his finishing move, since he wasn’t afraid that Li Fuchen might die . With Li Fuchen’s strength, this finishing move would only severely injure Li Fuchen .

In fact, the Blue Star Monarch had overestimated himself .

During the six months from the East River County to the Clarity Peace County, Li Fuchen might have spent most of the time traveling, but the rest of the time had been used to create the 35th rank of the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique . His effort wasn’t in vain as Li Fuchen had created the 35th rank of the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique half a month ago . Furthermore, the current Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique wasn’t just pure fire dao technique, it was fused with Li Fuchen’s sword dao comprehension .

It wasn’t exaggerating to say that the current Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique was already considered a blazing flame sword dao technique . It was much stronger than the simple fire dao technique .

If the Blue Star Monarch didn’t have the 7-star special bone frame, even if Li Fuchen couldn’t defeat his opponent, he wouldn’t be suppressed so thoroughly .

After getting blasted off again, Li Fuchen was still unscathed, his qi blood merely flared up a little .

At this moment, the bald man had already been beaten to death by Lei Donghai and the others . The aquiline-nosed man was now struggling on the whilst of death’s door .

“Bastards, Stars Kill!”

The Blue Star Monarch was enraged . He burst out with stars power and sent a starlight cross slash at Li Fuchen .


Finally, Li Fuchen vomited a mouthful of blood .

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