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Chapter 591
ER – Chapter 591: Formidable Combat Strength

Boom Boom Boom…

Half of the fireballs and sword qi were rushing at Li Fuchen, but the other half were blasting at the others .

When overcoming a calamity, there must not be anyone by the side . Those in the vicinity would also be treated equally by the heaven dao . Furthermore, the stronger the individual, the stronger the calamity . The fire calamity and the sword calamity experienced by the Blue Star Monarch was far stronger than Li Fuchen’s calamities . After all, the Blue Star Monarch didn’t have to rely on external artifacts and was already formidable . Li Fuchen had to rely on the Joint-Heaven Sword in order to contest with the Blue Star Monarch . The heaven dao wouldn’t consider the Joint-Heaven Sword as part of Li Fuchen’s strength .

The calamity was focused on one’s cultivation and comprehension of law . Li Fuchen had pushed the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique to the 35th rank, his cultivation level was the same as everyone, but his cultivation strength was much stronger . Apart from that, Li Fuchen had also comprehended the heaven class sword intents and his comprehension of laws were even superior to most of the Primary Sea Realm monarchs . Therefore, his fire calamity and sword calamity were extremely terrifying . The first wave of fire calamity was able to severely injure low-level monarchs, the second wave of sword calamity was even able to severely injure the 6th level monarch . Although that 6th-level monarch was a little too careless .

Miserable yells continued as the monarchs were all blasted and slashed to death . The rest of the people retreated frantically and wanted to escape from the range of the calamity .

However, the calamity couldn’t be escaped just like that . Once a person was targeted, they would either die first or wait for Li Fuchen to overcome the calamity .

Li Fuchen didn’t bother about those people . With the calamity, those people were already having a hard time to keep their lives and wouldn’t have the time to disturb him .

Li Fuchen wielded the Joint-Heaven Sword to split the fireballs and scatter the sword qi .

Third wave, fourth wave, fifth wave, sixth wave…

After six waves of calamity, out of the 16 monarchs, only the Blue Star Monarch was still struggling . The rest of the people were either burned to ashes by the fireballs, or slashed to death by the sword qi .

After destroying and absorbing the qi from the six waves of calamity, Li Fuchen’s qi climbed to an extreme stage . The qi with his body was compressed again and again before existing within the body in a different form . This form of qi was no longer the simple qi like before, it was more like the extraordinary power or the special power . It contained the laws, therefore, allowing it to remain inside Li Fuchen’s body peacefully . Otherwise, even with Li Fuchen’s body toughness, he would still explode from the boundless qi .

“Damn it, how powerful is his calamity?” The Blue Star Monarch was covered with wounds .

The Blue Star Monarch was able to resist the first three waves of calamity with ease . By the fourth wave, he was already toiling . On the fifth wave, he had to exert his full strength . At the sixth wave, even if he used his full strength, he still ended up in a pathetic state and was seriously injured .

It was hard to imagine how much more terrifying the last three waves of calamity would be .

To break through to the Primary Sea Realm, one had to overcome nine waves of calamity .

When it was time for the seventh calamity, it was no longer the fireballs and sword qi, it was the blazing flame sword qi .

The blazing flame sword qi was like a world-extinguishing sword that slashed at Li Fuchen and the Blue Star Monarch .


Li Fuchen slashed with his sword to scatter three blazing flame sword qi that were cleaving at him . He then released an absorbing force to absorb all of the scattered blazing flame sword qi .

As for the Blue Star Monarch, he was sent flying by the slash and the wound on his body started burning .

This blazing flame contained powerful blazing flame sword dao laws and it was hard to extinguish .

“This is the Primary Sea Realm?”

Li Fuchen had yet to overcome nine calamities, but he could already feel an intent that could dictate everything in the world .

This intent could only be controlled by Primary Sea Realm monarchs because a monarch’s qi was fused with cultivation technique intent . It was now like an extraordinary power or a special power . The qi itself was a manifestation of laws, of course, it wasn’t as absurd as the extraordinary power and special power yet .
(TL note: I hope everyone still remembers that extraordinary powers are like blazing flame power from the blazing flame bone frame . Special powers are like stars power from the stars bone frame)

As the qi was gradually transforming, Li Fuchen had an easier time to resist the calamities and it was simply a contrasting difference from the Blue Star Monarch .

Of course, the Joint-Heaven Sword also served as great help .

When the seventh calamity ended, the eighth calamity arrived immediately .

“My life isn’t supposed to end here!!!” The Blue Star Monarch yelled out hysterically and brandished his blue hook sword at the oncoming blazing flame sword qi .


The blazing flame sword qi exploded and enveloped the Blue Star Monarch with countless sparks .

After letting out a miserable yell, the sparks blasted large holes on the Blue Star Monarch, as though small explosions .

Before the eighth wave of calamity had ended, the Blue Star Monarch had already perished thoroughly and turned into a departed spirit by the calamity .

Disregarding the Blue Star Monarch’s death, Li Fuchen wielded his Joint-Heaven Sword to scatter the last blazing flame sword qi .

The sky turned increasingly dark . Within the pitch-black sky, a tip of the sword emerged .

The sword tip wasn’t just burning red, it had a myriad of colors .

Li Fuchen’s eyes contracted, he could feel many different kinds of laws from the sword tip . There were the fire dao laws, the sword dao laws, the wind dao laws, and the void dao laws .

When the four laws fused together, the sword tip emitted a power that was dreadful and filled with the presence of destruction .


When the sword tip shot down, it was revealed to be a war sword, not just a sword qi .

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Li Fuchen soared into the sky and executed the Heaven and Earth Extermination .


Clang Clang!

Clang Clang Clang…

A man and a war sword were constantly clashing . Li Fuchen might be sent flying with each clash, but with his tough physique, he didn’t get injured .

Gradually, the war sword was getting weaker . At the beginning, Li Fuchen had been constantly sent flying, but now, he was already able to contest with the war sword evenly .

After a short moment, Li Fuchen was already suppressing the war sword .


When Li Fuchen brandished his sword, it felt as though a mirror shattered and the shards were enveloping the war sword .


The war sword shattered and turned an extremely pure qi of law that fused into Li Fuchen’s body .

At this moment, Li Fuchen’s qi climbed to the limit . He felt just like the dictator of the world and was overseeing all life .


When the qi presence withdrew, Li Fuchen was reverted back to normal .

Li Fuchen lowered his head and looked at his palm before gently forming a fist .


There was a sound of a tidal wave as a huge volume of fire dao qi surged in . The amount of qi was already comparable with Blue Star Monarch .

Why was he only able to control fire dao qi and not wind dao qi, sword dao qi, or the void dao qi? It was because Li Fuchen’s Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique only contained fire dao laws and sword dao laws .

It wasn’t possible to just control nature power with just the thought . At least, Li Fuchen had yet to reach this extent .

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As for the sword dao qi, it wasn’t a nature power as it existed afterwards . Li Fuchen was only able to create sword dao qi and wasn’t able to create sword dao qi in the air .

Within a few hundred miles, the fire dao qi gathered into a qi sphere that was a few miles wide . The qi sphere had extremely high temperature and pressure . Small traces of dust were directly disintegrated .

“I cannot compress it anymore . ” 

A few miles was already the limit and Li Fuchen wouldn’t be able to control it if it was further compressed .

But at this moment, Li Fuchen had a thought . When the qi sphere was compressed to an extremely small state, could it possibly be thrown out to kill enemies?

It might be possible .

When he loosened his hand, the qi sphere that was a few miles wide had instantly collapsed . A huge amount of fire dao qi surged out and turned everything within a few dozen miles into a wasteland . The power had only reduced after reaching over a few dozen miles .

Li Fuchen’s calamity and his control of the fire dao qi caused a huge commotion . A large number of monarchs were rushing over here .

The first group that rushed over had over 20 individuals . At first, this group didn’t have that many people, they were slowly gathered during the journey over .

After seeing Li Fuchen, this group of people were overjoyed . They might have 20 over members, but if they split five million mid-grade spirit stones evenly, each of them would still get around 200,000 mid-grade spirit stones and it wasn’t a small sum .


Led by a 7th level monarch, all of the monarchs charged at Li Fuchen .

“Heaven and Earth Extermination . ”

Li Fuchen walked slowly in the air and drew his Joint-Heaven Sword from the sheathe and swung it .


It felt as though the void had shattered . 20 over monarchs were frozen in place and in the next moment, everyone, including the 7th level monarch was split into pieces .

Heaven and Earth Extermination contained the void dao laws . It might be executed in a huge range, but each point of attack was the strongest point and it would be able to disregard defenses to a certain extent . The difference between more enemies and less enemies didn’t really matter to Li Fuchen, unless the number was several times more .

After keeping their storage bags, Li Fuchen rushed towards the west .

Along the way, Li Fuchen encountered a few groups of monarchs, but no one was able to resist a single sword slash from Li Fuchen . All of them were dead without exception .

Now that Li Fuchen’s qi cultivation reached the Primary Sea Realm, his strength had increased drastically .

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He was just like a monster whose strength had reached the pinnacle at all aspects .

Be it the comprehension of laws or his spiritual awareness, all of them had reached the limits of the Primary Sea Realm or even beyond . The Joint-Heaven Sword was a heaven class artifact sword .

Even though his qi cultivation was the weakest, it wasn’t something an ordinary 1st level monarch could compare with . After his Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique was pushed to the 35th rank and had been fused with his sword dao laws, it allowed his cultivation strength to reach at least 3rd or 4th level of Primary Sea Realm .

Red Soul City, the city in Clarity Peace County that was the closest to the Soul Sky Empire .

In a wilderness that was ten thousand miles outside of the Red Soul City, Li Fuchen was obstructed by another group of monarchs .

“You are truly incredible to escape all the way here . But it shall end here . ”

The leader was a monarch wearing armor and had a sinister qi presence .

Li Fuchen sized up the opponent and when judging from the qi presence, Li Fuchen knew he was at least at the 8th level of Primary Sea Realm and was one level higher than the Blue Star Monarch .

“Extinction Saber Monarch, why waste your saliva on him . I, Dongguo Yishan, am willing to capture him for you . ” A 5th level monarch by the side spoke .

Dongguo Yishan was a renowned monarch from the South Mountain City’s Dongguo Clan . His strength was even stronger than the Clan Head, Dongguo Zhan . The Extinction Saber Monarch was one of the top ten monarchs under the South Sun County Protector, Lin Tianyang . Dongguo Yishan had followed the Extinction Saber Monarch this time, not to obtain the five million mid-grade spirit stones, but to contribute for the County Protector, Lin Tianyang and allow Lin Tianyang to have an impression of the Dongguo Clan .

“Alright . Remember, don’t kill him . ” The Extinction Saber Monarch nodded .

He still didn’t know of Li Fuchen’s strength and believed that Dongguo Yishan was enough to capture Li Fuchen .

“Idiot . ” Li Fuchen took an indifferent glance at Dongguo Yishan .

“Such an uneducated child . I, Dongguo Yishan shall give you a humiliating lesson . ”

Dongguo Yishan grasped the air with both his hands and put them together .

In the next moment, countless heaven and earth qi surged over and was going to surround Li Fuchen .

“I don’t have time to waste, so just die . ” Li Fuchen drew his Joint-Heaven Sword and brandished it .

The surging heaven and earth qi lost their momentum and scattered . In an instant, apart from the Extinction Saber Monarch, the rest of the monarchs were all split into pieces .


Half a head flew in the air as Dongguo Yishan died with remaining grievance .

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