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Chapter 588
ER – Chapter 588: Departure?

As compared to dragon elephant power, the spirit qi within the extreme-grade spirit stone was countless times purer . A small trace of extreme-grade spirit qi had easily transmuted into a large amount of dragon elephant power .


It was unknown how long had passed by before Li Fuchen broke through .  

That’s right, Li Fuchen’s body refinement had progressed to the Primary Sea Realm .

Crack Crack Crack…

Li Fuchen’s body was emitting countless tiny exploding sounds . This was the sound of impurities breaking down in the depths of his body due to the extreme metamorphosis speed .

Impurities were things that would always exist . At the Battle Spirit Realm, those parts that weren’t considered essence but weren’t considered as impurities too, had now turned into impurities . The cultivation of martial dao was a constant process of removing chaff . The so-called extremity might not even exist .

As the impurities in the depths of the body were breaking down, Li Fuchen’s physical body was getting increasingly dense . The density was just applied to the body structure, but also the vitality and strength .

At the same moment, Li Fuchen felt that it was too dense, like extremely tight clothes that were hard to move in .

Li Fuchen understood that his body’s endurance had reached the limits .

A few months ago, he was only at the perfection level of the Reincarnation Realm . Right now, he was already at the initial level of the Primary Sea Realm . In such a short period of time, his body had metamorphosed too quickly and it was so fast that his body didn’t have time to adapt .


Li Fuchen grasped his fist tightly and punched towards the void .

Li Fuchen wasn’t sure if it was an illusion as he felt that the void in front of his fist had bent a little . It was as if this fist had distorted the void .

“Such violent power . ”

Li Fuchen’s eyes burst with radiance as the giant dragon spirit soared from his body .

The giant dragon spirit didn’t roar, but the void within a few miles seemed to have stagnate from the spirit’s pressure . Such a pressure was more than slightly superior to Hun Shan’s nature power . Li Fuchen felt that if he was willing, a regular low-level monarch would be immobilized when enveloped by his qi spirit .

The body refinement dao could only be measured with power .

Li Fuchen’s qi spirit contained an extreme power law that had suppression that was obviously superior to the qi cultivation dao .

After withdrawing the qi spirit, Li Fuchen sized up the extreme-grade spirit stone in his hand .

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Li Fuchen had to absorb spirit qi from more than 20 high-grade spirit stones to increase his qi cultivation from the 7th level Battle Spirit Realm to the peak stage of 9th level Battle Spirit Realm .

It meant that Li Fuchen’s body refinement would need spirit qi from at least a few hundred high-grade spirit stones to progress from the perfection level of Battle Spirit Realm to the initial level of Primary Sea Realm .

It might sound very exaggerating, but it took just a trace of spirit qi from the extreme-grade spirit stone . Li Fuchen reckoned that it was the same as a jar of water losing a spoon of water .

Furthermore, it was a spoon that was used by infants .

A Primary Sea Realm body refinement didn’t just give Li Fuchen a body refinement strength that was comparable to his qi cultivation strength, in terms of pure defense, Li Fuchen was able to resist an all-out attack from a regular low-level monarch .

Even if Li Fuchen used the Red Lotus Sword and executed the Flowing Merciless Edge on himself, it would only leave a wound on the surface of the body and wouldn’t be able to penetrate deep inside .

With such tough defense, Li Fuchen was confident that he could deal with any mid-level monarch . Right now, only high-level monarchs were able to make him feel dangerous .

As for his qi cultivation strength, Li Fuchen didn’t improve as significantly . His qi cultivation only took up a small portion of his overall qi cultivation strength . The Joint-Heaven Sword and the heaven class sword art took up the majority . That’s why when he increased his qi cultivation by two levels, his qi cultivation strength was only increased by 10% .

But with a stronger qi cultivation, Li Fuchen was able to use the Joint-Heaven Sword a little longer and his Wind Thunder Wings were faster and could last longer .

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The Thousands River Pool was a dangerous place and since it was one, there would be people exploring it .

On this day, Li Fuchen was still releasing his spiritual awareness every two hours and doing his best to prevent getting discovered by explorers .

A few thousand miles away, a large group of monarchs appeared in the sky . The leader of the group was actually an 8th level monarch .

The Thousands River Pool was the East River County’s reputable exploration place . The place was filled with resources as the rivers produced medicinal herbs . Someone once found many heaven class medicinal herbs in the depths of the Thousands River Pool . Someone even found a heaven class mid-tier Thousands River Herb . It attracted plenty of monarchs to come and explore . After a certain period of time, there would be a group of monarchs that would explore the place .

Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness was extremely powerful and it was comparable with half-emperors, but his cultivation wasn’t at the Primary Sea Realm and there were still some minor differences . As such, the 8th level monarch immediately sensed that a spiritual awareness had scanned through them . However, by the time the 8th level monarch extended his spiritual awareness to the limits, he didn’t sense anyone .

The 8th level monarch frowned and understood that the owner of the spiritual awareness was probably stronger than him in cultivation, probably a peak level monarch .

“Be careful everyone . ” He alerted everyone while he focused .

A few thousand miles away, Li Fuchen said to Lei Donghai and the others, “There is a large group of monarchs coming over . Let’s go . ”

While speaking, Li Fuchen felt a little helpless . The Emperor Sky Continent might be huge, but there were also plenty of monarchs . It truly wasn’t easy to find a safe place to settle down .

Soon enough, Li Fuchen and the others left .

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On the way, Lei Donghai asked, “Junior Li, why don’t we leave the Red Moon Empire and head for another place?”

The Emperor Sky Continent had a total of seven top-class, emperor-class factions and the Red Moon Empire was one of them .

To the north of the Red Moon Empire was the Celestial Eye Cult . The Celestial Eye Cult Master, the Celestial Eye Emperor was a person with unconventional methods . It was said that he had all sorts of methods to track the enemy . Even if the enemy escaped to the ends of the world, it wouldn’t be a problem for him .

To the west was the Soul Sky Continent and the Soul Emperor was the Emperor Sky Continent’s no . 1 emperor . It was said that his spiritual awareness attacks were able to destroy the true spirits of regular Law Phase Realm emperors . Even the Red Moon Emperor and other emperors were also apprehensive of him and wouldn’t dare to make a foe out of the Soul Emperor .

“That is possible . ” Li Fuchen was also considering the same problem .

To continue cultivating, they would definitely need all sorts of resources . In the Red Moon Empire, they couldn’t stay in the public . A disguise might be able to avoid being recognized, but a simple disguise was only able to deceive regular martial artists, it would never be able to deceive a monarch . Circulating the qi blood to change the appearance and body might allow them to deceive monarchs, but such a disguise wouldn’t be able to maintain for a long period of time . Once there was a battle and if the qi blood wasn’t under control, one’s appearance and body would revert back to normal .

Of course, most importantly, Li Fuchen didn’t wish to be in disguise for his life .

One had to be brave and forge ahead in the martial dao . The mental state must be clear and the sword dao must overcome all obstacles and fear nothing . Why did he have to disguise himself to travel the world? In the end, it might just affect his mental state and turn him into a cowardly person, and he would never be able to reach the pinnacle .

This wasn’t a life that Li Fuchen wanted while Lei Donghai and the others had the same sentiments .

Right now, they had nothing to care about the Red Moon Empire anymore, the best choice was to head to another place .

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