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Chapter 587
ER – Chapter 587: 9th Level of Battle Spirit Realm

The Absolute Heaven Sword Art was awe-inspiring and tyrannical . Once a sword move was executed, it gave off a feeling that heaven and earth were going to be exterminated . It only had one sword move and it was called the Heaven and Earth Extermination .

This move was extremely terrifying and it was far superior to the Flowing Merciless Edge and Meteor Fall .

It wasn’t superior in power, but it was able to attack all angles .

What did it mean to attack all angles? It meant that no matter how the enemy defended, the sword move would still be able to strike at you .

Li Fuchen believed that even the Sky Ring Sword Armor wasn’t able to defend against this move as it already contained traces of void dao laws .

All things in this world had small voids within themselves . If a dense piece of steel was magnified by 10,000 or 100,000 times, the void would be extremely huge . The void existed everywhere, hence, the Heaven and Earth Extermination was also everywhere .

Of course, the Heaven and Earth Extermination only contained traces of the void dao laws and it wasn’t able to disregard the enemy’s defense .

In short, if Li Fuchen was able to grasp the Heaven and Earth Extermination earlier, he might have been able to kill Hun Shan in a single move .


After exhaling a forceful breath, the sword intent scattered from Li Fuchen’s body .

“The Absolute Heaven Sword Art is unbelievably powerful . But according to the Sword Spirit, sword patterns are more important . ”

Li Fuchen picked up a piece of branch from the ground and turned his qi into sword patterns before engraving on the branch .

In the next moment, the branch burst out with the Heaven and Earth Extermination’s sharp qi presence . With a gentle swing, the river that was already shattered now had a ravine . It emitted a sword intent that was like a bone-scraping blade and had destroyed everything in the vicinity of the ravine .

“Once the sword pattern proficiency reaches a certain extent, it is actually so terrifying . ” Li Fuchen’s eyes flashed with pleasant surprise .

A Sword Pattern Master always had a supporting role, but when a Sword Pattern Master had control of a heaven class sword pattern, the Sword Pattern Master’s strength would reach a horrifying level . It was equivalent to having a simple heaven class sword move .


When Li Fuchen withdrew his qi, the branch crumbled into dust and drifted into the wind .

A high class sword pattern would require high class materials to support it . Let alone a tree branch, even a regular earth class peak-tier artifact sword wouldn’t be able to support it for a long time .

One month later, Yuan Long broke through and his body refinement had reached the initial level of the Primary Sea Realm .

Body refinement was different from qi cultivation and wasn’t separated by nine levels . There were only initial, sub-completion, completion, and perfection levels .

However, the initial level of the Primary Sea Realm was already Yuan Long’s limits . He was cultivating an earth class mid-tier body refinement technique and it could only allow him to reach the initial level of Primary Sea Realm .

As for Li Fuchen’s earth class high-tier body refinement technique, the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapter, it allowed him to cultivate to the completion level of Primary Sea Realm .

Now that Yuan Long’s body refinement was at the initial level of Primary Sea Realm, his close combat strength was slightly stronger than Lei Donghai . It was mainly due to the tyrannical power of the body refinement techniques . Furthermore, this was just an earth class mid-tier body refinement technique . If Yuan Long was able to obtain an earth class high-tier body refinement technique, his close combat strength would be far stronger than Lei Donghai .

Of course, Lei Donghai might not be a match in close combat, but in a true battle, it was hard to say who was stronger .

One and a half months later, Gu Jiuye had also broken through .

With her brightness bone frame, her speed became extremely fast after the breakthrough . When she flew, she was like a stream of light and her speed was significantly faster than Yuan Long and Lei Donghai .

This was because Gu Jiuye didn’t cultivate a brightness dao cultivation technique . If she was cultivating a brightness dao cultivation technique, Yuan Long and Lei Donghai wouldn’t even need to fight with her . It was possible that they might not even see Gu Jiuye’s shadow and would only be on the receiving end of the attacks .

Similar to Lei Donghai, when Yuan Long and Gu Jiuye broke through to the Primary Sea Realm, Li Fuchen gave them a large quantity of subpar-grade heaven stones and a few low-grade heaven stones .

The subpar-grade heaven stones might not be very effective for Primary Sea Realm monarchs, but the trio had just broken through and were stabilizing the foundation of their laws . Subpar-grade heaven stones were able to aid them in perfecting the foundation of their laws .

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It would be too late to improve their law foundation with the low-grade heaven stones after stabilizing it .

Of course, the effects would be much better to use low-grade heaven stones to stabilize and perfect the law foundation . A single low-grade heaven stone would normally be equivalent to a few dozen subpar-grade heaven stones or even more . After all, the lower the grade of the heaven stones, the lower the level of the law powers within . There were times when quantity would be useless .

However, Li Fuchen didn’t have a lot of low-grade heaven stones and he was still a fugitive which prevented him from entering any city . As such, he wouldn’t be able to enter any stone gambling den . Everytime a low-grade heaven stone was used up, it would be one less .

Li Fuchen wasn’t idling when Yuan Long and Gu Jiuye had breakthroughs . He had made use of the high-grade spirit stones to increase his body refinement to the perfection level of the Battle Spirit Realm . His body refinement strength was already comparable with monarch-class masters .

“High-grade spirit stones are truly incredible . It can be completely transmuted into qi blood and qi power, but the consumption level is a little high . ”

To increase his body refinement from the completion level to the perfection level of the Battle Spirit Realm, Li Fuchen used dozens of high-grade spirit stones . Such a consumption rate was more than ten times of qi cultivation . Of course, this was mainly because Li Fuchen was cultivating an earth class high-tier body refinement technique . If it was an earth class mid-tier body refinement technique, he reckoned that 20 high-grade spirit stones would be enough .

Despite the case, the requirement for resources for the body refinement was still making Li Fuchen speechless . He was still at the Battle Spirit Realm right now, once he reached the Primary Sea Realm, how many high-grade spirit stones would he need to increase his body refinement level?

“In comparison, it seems to be a little more worth it to increase my body refinement level with elixirs . As for the elixirs’ impurities, I can just use the Mortal Calamity power to eliminate them . ” Li Fuchen said to himself .

He only had a total of over 5000 high-grade spirit stones and it was best for him to use them sparingly .

The Thousands River Pool had plenty of demonic beasts, but most of them were class 6 demonic beasts . However, the four of them stayed in this place for a long time and still encountered a class 7 low-tier demonic beast king .

A class 7 low-tier demonic beast king was able to contest and even defeat a group of three to five low-level monarchs .

For a long time now, martial artists were able to have the absolute advantage against demonic beasts and demons due to their cultivation techniques and martial arts . But after reaching the demonic beast king and demon king level, if martial artists wanted to contest, the class of the cultivation technique and martial art was much higher .

Since ancient times, the emergence and transformations of cultivation techniques and martial arts were closely related to the demonic beasts and demons .

In order to contest with demonic beasts and demons, human experts would have to rack their minds to create horrific cultivation techniques and martial arts . It could be said that the strength of demonic beasts and demons were on par with the strength cultivation techniques and martial arts that appeared in human history .

If they weren’t powerful enough, humans wouldn’t be able to rule over continents, apart from the ocean .

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This class 7 low-tier demonic beast king was a Blood Crystal Electric Eel . It could emit blood-colored lightning and its power was even stronger than Lei Donghai’s thunder hammer power . The range of attack was extremely huge as the blood-colored lightnings would cover a radius of a few miles . It looked just like a blood-colored ball of lightning .

Lei Donghai, Gu Jiuye, and Yuan Long were in a bitter battle for a long time and still weren’t able to eliminate the Blood Crystal Electric Eel .

At the crucial moment, Li Fuchen executed the Heaven and Earth Extermination to slice the Blood Crystal Electric Eel into dozens of pieces .

Lei Donghai and the others looked at each other with dismay . This Blood Crystal Electric Eel was comparable to Hun Shan, but couldn’t even withstand a single sword move from Li Fuchen . How much did Li Fuchen’s strength improve during this period of time?

After receiving the stimulation, the trio continue their seclusion . They weren’t able to create heaven class martial arts or heaven class cultivation techniques, but they could continue to comprehend the bone frame patterns . They could strive to push their divine abilities’ power to a higher level .

“It is time to study the extreme-grade spirit stone . ”

Li Fuchen took out a dazzling and resplendent spirit stone from his wrist protector’s spatial zone . It had a qi presence that was like a blackhole .

“Even though it is also a spirit stone, when comparing extreme-grade spirit stones to high-grade spirit stones, it is simply a difference between gold and mud . ”

High-grade spirit stones were already very valuable, but extreme-grade spirit stones were millions of times more precious and it was impossible to be compared .

While holding the extreme-grade spirit stone, Li Fuchen attempted to absorb the spirit qi from within .

As though riding a rocket, Li Fuchen’s cultivation instantly increased from the initial stage of 7th level Battle Spirit Realm to the middle stage . It then climbed to the later stage, then the peak stage .


Li Fuchen broke through from the 7th level of Battle Spirit Realm to the 8th level of Battle Spirit Realm .

Middle stage of 8th level Battle Spirit Realm… Later stage… Peak stage…

9th level of Battle Spirit Realm .

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When Li Fuchen stopped absorbing the spirit qi, his cultivation had already stabilized at the peak stage of 9th level Battle Spirit Realm .

At this moment, he didn’t feel any discomfort . Be it his qi purity or his mental state, they were all very stable .

“The extreme-grade spirit stone is truly tremendous!” Li Fuchen was shocked .

The spirit qi inside the extreme-grade spirit stone was unimaginably pure . It was countless times purer than Li Fuchen’s qi . A trace of spirit qi was able to transmute into a large quantity of qi . Furthermore, the heaven and earth laws contained within the extreme-grade spirit stone was able to nourish his mental state .

What was most tremendous was that the amount of spirit qi within the extreme-grade spirit stone didn’t change even after Li Fuchen advanced by two levels . Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness was extremely sensitive and even if the amount of spirit qi decreased by a hint, he would be able to sense it .

If he couldn’t feel it, it meant that there was an overwhelming amount of spirit qi within the extreme-grade spirit stone .

It was the same as a large river losing a bowl of water . Who would be able to see the difference?

Li Fuchen didn’t dare to allow his qi cultivation to continue breaking through, at least not now .

The breakthrough to the Primary Sea Realm was a huge matter . Li Fuchen didn’t wish to break through carelessly . Furthermore, he could feel that if his qi was stronger and his foundation was deeper, he would have a larger potential after breaking through to the Primary Sea Realm . He wasn’t like others, as he was only slightly above 30 years old . It was now the prime time for cultivation, while the others were trying to step into the Primary Sea Realm to catch up with the ending phase of the cultation’s prime time .

In fact, even until 50 years old, it was still the prime time for cultivation . Furthermore, Li Fuchen wouldn’t need that much time . He would need a few months or half a year to accumulate a deep foundation .

Since Li Fuchen couldn’t continue to break through with his qi cultivation, he placed his attention on body refinement .

He didn’t pay too much attention to accumulating a foundation for his body refinement . As long as his body didn’t have impurities, he could break through anytime he wanted . He didn’t have to worry that he wouldn’t be able to control an overly powerful strength . Li Fuchen’s spirit soul was extremely powerful and his mental state wasn’t weak either .

The only thing to worry was his ability to endure .

The human body’s metamorphosis required a certain process . If the metamorphosis was too huge, the body might just break down .

It was the same as allowing an insect to possess the power of a regular human . If the body’s metamorphosis couldn’t keep up, the insect would ultimately explode into smithereens .

Li Fuchen revolved his dragon elephant power and continued to absorb the spirit qi from the extreme-grade spirit stone .

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