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Published at 8th of August 2020 10:23:45 AM
Chapter 581
ER – Chapter 581: Cloud Emperor

“Senior Lei, do it . ” The instant Li Fuchen released his Avian King Thorn, he transmitted a message to Lei Donghai .


There was a flash of thunder as Lei Donghai appeared on the right side of the Wild Beast Monarch and smashed ruthlessly on the Wild Beast Monarch .

There was a beast’s roar accompanied by the devastating thunder . At the crucial moment, Wild Beast Monarch raised his left arm to block Lei Donghai’s hammer .

However, Lei Donghai was a 7-star thunder hammer bone frame after all and the violent hammer strike still sent the Wild Beast Monarch flying .

“Don’t stop . ” Li Fuchen continued to release the Avian King Thorn consecutively .

Boom Boom Boom…

Lei Donghai’s giant hammer had actually produced afterimagnes from all the swinging .

“Bastards . ” The Wild Beast Monarch was extremely sullen .

He merely required a blink of the eye to send Lei Donghai flying, however, Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness attack was too fast . Every time, it would make him dizzy for at least the time of one breath . That one breath was enough for Lei Donghai to attack as he pleased .

“Don’t give me any chance . Otherwise, I will make sure that all of you will wish for death . ” The Wild Beast Monarch roared angrily in his heart .

He was waiting for the moment Li Fuchen stopped his spiritual awareness attacks .

5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes .

Li Fuchen’s massive amount of spiritual awareness had shocked the Wild Beast Monarch .

Not even a high-level monarch would be able to consecutively execute spiritual awareness attacks for 15 minutes right?


Finally, Wild Beast Monarch was distracted for a moment and vomited a mouthful of fresh blood after getting smashed by Lei Donghai .

It was a vicious cycle and Wild Beast Monarch’s condition would get worse along with his injuries .

“This won’t do, I will die . ” The Wild Beast Monarch was afraid and he had the intention to retreat .

But Li Fuchen wouldn’t allow him to escape so easily . He launched waves after waves of spiritual awareness attacks on the Wild Beast Monarch’s true spirit .

“Consider it as my Wild Beast Monarch’s defeat . I will leave immediately . ” Wild Beast Monarch used his tenacious willpower to speak a complete sentence .

“Senior Lei, don’t listen to him . ” Li Fuchen sneered .

Putting aside the fact that the Wild Beast Monarch might be reserving most of his strength, even if his combat strength had declined greatly, he was still a 6th level Primary Sea Realm monarch . He definitely had plenty of other trumps and Li Fuchen didn’t wish for anything unexpected to happen .

30 minutes later…

The Wild Beast Monarch’s injuries were rather severe and the fear in his heart was getting increasingly intense .

“Do not force me, if you force me to desperate straits, I will make sure all of us die together!” The Wild Beast Monarch yelled out in a threat .

“Alright, I can stop the spiritual awareness attacks . I hope that you will keep to your words . ”

Li Fuchen stopped his spiritual awareness attacks abruptly, but immediately after, he executed the Thousand Illusion Eyes .

The Wild Beast King’s eyes turned sluggish before showing emptiness .

“Thunder Divine Hammer . ” Lei Donghai burst out with thunder hammer power and smashed the thunder hammer on the Wild Beast Monarch’s body .


The Wild Beast Monarch flew like a broken sack . At least seven of his ribs were broken and his innards were ruptured .

“You tricked me!” The Wild Beast Monarch roared with rage .

Li Fuchen said, “I only said I will stop the spiritual awareness attacks, I didn’t say I will stop illusion art attacks . ”

Li Fuchen knew clearly that if he immediately executed illusion art attacks, it might not work . However, after the enemy’s true spirit was damaged and after giving the enemy a little sense of hope, the illusion art would easily succeed, even if the enemy was a 6th level monarch .

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Just as Li Fuchen wanted to continue using his spiritual awareness attacks, his face suddenly changed . “Senior Lei, let’s go quickly . ”

Lei Donghai didn’t hesitate and rushed towards Li Fuchen with lightning speed .

Yuan Long and Gu Jiuye were also very trusting of Li Fuchen and had rapidly retreated .

A few breaths after the four of them left, a giant shadow enveloped the Wild Beast Monarch .

After a few roars, there was an abrupt silence .

Dozens of miles away…

“Junior Li, was that a high-class shadow corpse king?” Lei Donghai asked .

Li Fuchen nodded .


The trio took a deep cold breath while observing a moment of silence for the Wild Beast Monarch .

Let alone the fact that Wild Beast Monarch was severely injured . Even if he wasn’t injured, it would be death for him to encounter a high-class shadow corpse king .

After all, he didn’t have any methods to restrain shadow corpses .

As days passed by, the four still couldn’t find any exit . It was fortunate that they were rather lucky . Apart from the incident with Wild Beast Monarch, they didn’t encounter any other high-class shadow corpse king .

Unknowingly, the four of them arrived outside a canyon .

On the previous layer of the Latent Shadow Abyss, the four of them had also found an exit at a canyon . However, that exit was actually an entrance to this layer of the Latent Shadow Abyss .

“Junior Li, is there any exit?” Lei Donghai asked .

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Li Fuchen constantly extended his spiritual awareness for a few hundred miles before stopping .

Li Fuchen replied with a complicated expression, “There is indeed an exit . ”

“Really?” Yuan Long revealed a surprised expression .

He was already fed up with the recent days .

Lei Donghai had progressed to the Primary Sea Realm and became their no . 1 combatant .

Gu Jiuye had the brightness intent that could restrain the shadow corpses .

Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness was comparable to Primary Sea Realm monarchs .

He was the only one that didn’t have any use and it made him very depressed .

After seeing Li Fuchen’s strange expression, Gu Jiuye asked, “Are there a lot of shadow corpses?”

Li Fuchen nodded . “The canyon has hundreds of shadow corpses and plenty of shadow corpse kings too . If we charge in recklessly, I reckon that we have a 90% chance of dying or even 100% . ”

As long as there was a single high-class shadow corpse king, they would already be wiped out . Li Fuchen didn’t wish to take this risk .

“Since that is the case, let’s not take the risk . ” Taking a deep breath, Lei Donghai said in a slow pace .

Just as the four of them were preparing to leave, Li Fuchen suddenly stopped . Not far away, a figure walked over slowly . Gradually, the figure became clearer .

It was a genial middle-aged man who was wearing white-clothes and was bare-footed .

The middle-aged man had a pale face and no beard . There wasn’t a speck of dust on his body and he gave off a very clean and neat impression .

Li Fuchen could see that the type of clean wasn’t just on his appearance, it was also on his aura .

If Li Fuchen could feel that the aura was clean, it meant that the middle-aged man’s cultivation was extremely pure and much purer than Primary Sea Realm monarchs . Every portion of power in his body was the best of the essence and didn’t contain a trace of impurity .

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Of course, this world didn’t exist with anything that was absolute . Only Li Fuchen felt that there wasn’t any trace of impurity .

Perhaps when Li Fuchen reached the Primary Sea Realm or beyond, he would be able to see a trace of something .

“Young fellows, you are very lucky . From what I know, this layer of Latent Shadow Abyss only has two exits . The other exit has an extremely harsh environment and you will never make it there . ” The genial middle-aged man smiled and said .

“I wonder who is this elder?” The four of them quickly cupped their fists and bowed with respect .

Even if they were foolish, they would know that this person was a truly influential figure .

“Cloud Emperor . ”

When the voice reached everyone’s ears, the Cloud Emperor had already arrived in front of them .

He then reached out his right hand and gently pushed at the front .

At the next moment, a boundless sea of clouds appeared from the void . The sea of clouds surged and developed an indescribable might out of nowhere and felt as though it was going to destroy the world .


The sea of clouds swept its way into the canyon .

Immediately after, Cloud Emperor vanished without a trace and left behind a single statement . “Young fellows, to meet all of you is a fate by itself . Since we are brought together by fate, it doesn’t matter if I give all of you a change to survive . I hope that we will have another fateful meeting next time . ”

“The shadow corpses have all vanished . ” After forcefully letting out a breath, Li Fuchen said with astonishment .

It took just a single palm strike to exterminate all the shadow corpses in the canyon . Such a feat could only be accomplished by Law Phase Realm emperors . A half-emperor would never be able to do the same .

“The heavens will never sever all paths . ”

Lei Donghai and the others were astonished and excited too .

They were astonished because they encountered a Law Phase Realm emperor who made a move . They were excited because they could leave the Latent Shadow Abyss .

At this moment, they were fascinated by one’s destiny .

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