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Chapter 582
ER – Chapter 582: Red Rainbow Sect’s Disaster

There was nothing left in the canyon . Li Fuchen and his group arrived at the black whirlpool successfully .

Without any hesitation, the four of them entered the black whirlpool .

One month later, the four of them returned to the nearby vicinity of the South Mountain City’s Purple Mist Mountain .

The four of them obtained great rewards this time . Yuan Long and Gu Jiuye each obtain 100 high-grade spirit stones . Lei Donghai used up 18 high-grade spirit stones and still had 102 left, he had also stepped into the Primary Sea Realm . Li Fuchen’s rewards were the greatest . He obtained more than 5000 high-grade spirit stones and one peak-grade spirit stone . Even a Law Phase Realm emperor might not be as wealthy as Li Fuchen . After all, a single peak-grade spirit stone was already equivalent to a Law Phase Realm emperor’s personal wealth . On those stronger Law Phase Realm emperors like the Red Moon Emperor would have wealth that could overwhelm Li Fuchen .

Therefore, cultivation in seclusion was the most important for the four of them right now, instead, of roaming around .

“Something seems wrong . ”

Lei Donghai was very sensitive to qi waves . Without using spiritual awareness, Li Fuchen was far inferior to Lei Donghai . Li Fuchen also had a subtle feeling of suppression and he couldn’t help but release his spiritual awareness .

On the Emperor Sky Continent, Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness was able to release up to around 10,000 miles and they were less than 10,000 miles from the Purple Mist Mountain .

Scanning with his spiritual awareness, Li Fuchen saw a battlefield, a considerably large battlefield .

One of the parties was naturally the Red Rainbow Sect .

Currently, the Red Rainbow Sect was holed up inside the Purple Mist Mountain’s protection array and making use of the array to fight with the enemies .

The enemies were in great numbers and all of them were Primary Sea Realm monarchs . Li Fuchen took a rough glance and could see at least 1000 monarchs . On the other side, the Purple Mist Mountain only had 200 over monarchs .

Over at the Red Rainbow Sect’s side, the strongest individual was the Red Rainbow Monarch .

The Red Rainbow Monarch was wielding the Heaven Rainbow Sword . Each slash would produce a red rainbow sword qi that was a few miles long .

However, he was facing three opponents .  

One of them was a purple-haired man in purple armor . His entire body was revolving with purple mist and when he waved his hand, more purple mist were produced and transformed into purple mist ferocious beasts that charged at the Red Rainbow Monarch .

There was an old woman who was around 70 years old . She was holding a snake-headed walking stick and when she swung her walking stick, a sky-filled with snake-shaped qi forces would attack at Red Rainbow Monarch’s flaws .

The last person was wielding a large saber and when he brandished the large saber, there were horrific saber forces that split the ground violently .

None of these three individuals were inferior to the Red Rainbow Monarch . The three of them worked together and had utterly suppressed the Red Rainbow Monarch .

Had it not been for the mountain’s protection array, the Red Rainbow Monarch might have already been defeated .

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“Three half-emperors?” Li Fuchen had an awful expression .

The Red Rainbow Monarch was already a top-notch monarch . After obtaining the Heaven Rainbow Sword, his strength wasn’t inferior to any half-emperors . However, it was still barely enough to contest with three half-emperors .

“Red Rainbow Monarch, as a member of the Seven Star Union, not only did you not contribute to the Seven Star Union, instead, you kept the heaven stone to yourself . How should you be punished?” The purple-haired middle-aged man yelled out .

“Red Rainbow Monarch, hand over the heaven stone and the Heaven Rainbow Sword as compensation . The union can then forget about your sins . ” The old woman with the snake-headed walking stick sneered .

“Red Rainbow Monarch, don’t let greed blind you . You must hand over the heaven stone and Heaven Rainbow Sword . ”

That half-emperor saber wielder was superior to the purple-haired man and 70-years-old woman . The horrific saber forces were causing the protection array to shiver non stop .

The Red Rainbow Monarch said in an angry tone, “The Seven Star Union is just a bunch of bandits . I, Red Rainbow Monarch, must be blind to join this union . ”

The Red Moon Empire had many dangerous places and one of them was called the Departed Spirit Mine . It was once a heaven stone mining area and for some unknown reason, the entire Departed Spirit Mine was suddenly enveloped by a boundary . It was filled with powerful and fearsome departed spirits . Some of the departed spirits even had the strength to kill Law Phase Realm emperors .

However, riches were found in danger . Even though the Departed Spirit Mine was extremely dangerous, there were still countless Primary Sea Realm monarchs who went inside to explore and search for heaven stones .

Not long ago, after the Red Rainbow Monarch obtained the Heaven Rainbow Sword, he entered the Departed Spirit Mine along with a few half-emperors of the Seven Star Union . The Red Rainbow Monarch was rather lucky to discover a high-grade spirit stone that was the size of a skull . According to the original agreement, those who discovered heaven stones alone would be able to keep it as their personal belongings . However, the half-emperors coveted the Red Rainbow Monarch’s high-grade spirit stone and disregarded the agreement . They pursued the Red Rainbow Monarch all the way back to the Purple Mist Mountain . The half-emperors then called for the members of the Seven Star Union and sieged the Red Rainbow Sect, resulting in this current situation .

“Those who slander the Seven Star Union shall be punished with death . Kill!” The 70-year-old woman said in an awe-inspiring tone .

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“Sect Patriarch, the array isn’t going to hold on much longer, we better retreat now!” The Three-Eyed Saber Monarch said to the Red Rainbow Monarch .

The Red Rainbow Monarch had a complicated expression . If they retreated now, it was unknown when they would return to the Emperor Sky Continent again . Furthermore, the Red Rainbow Monarch still had other monarchs and disciples stranded outside . If they left, those people would become rootless duckweeds .

The Three-Eyed Saber Monarch knew what the Red Rainbow Monarch was thinking . “Sect Patriarch, with this high-grade spirit stone, you will definitely be able to create a heaven class cultivation technique . By then, you will be able to step into the Law Phase Realm . As for the people stranded outside, they will definitely conceal their identity and wouldn’t be in much danger . ”

If they didn’t retreat, they would have to face death . If they retreated, there was a chance for them to make a comeback .

“Retreat . ”

The Red Rainbow Monarch was the patriarch of the sect and had to think of the majority .

“Retreat!” The Three-Eyed Saber Monarch yelled out .

“Hurry up and destroy the array!”

The three half-emperors who led the group of monarchs were rather anxious, when they realized that the Red Rainbow Sect was evacuating from the Emperor Sky Continent . They didn’t expect for the Red Rainbow Monarch to willingly abandon on the Emperor Sky Continent . If they knew this would happen, they would have waited for their Union Leader before attacking the Purple Mist Mountain .

Of course, it was also mainly due to their miscalculation of the array’s toughness . It was actually able to resist the attacks from at least 1000 Primary Sea Realm monarchs for such a long time . A regular class-7 high-tier array would only be able to block it for a few breaths of time .

When the teleportation radiance lit up, everyone left the Emperor Sky Continent through the teleportation array, including the Red Rainbow Monarch .

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The mountain’s protection array collapsed and the three half-emperors rushed to the teleportation array .

It activated and enveloped the trio in dazzling radiance .

In the next moment, the radiance scattered and the trio didn’t teleport over .

“Damn it, they destroyed the other end of the teleportation array . ” The purple-haired man said with anger .

“Hateful!” The half-emperor saber wielder brandished his saber and cleaved the entire Purple Mist Mountain into two .

A few thousand miles away, Li Fuchen retrieved his spiritual awareness .

“From now on, the Red Rainbow Sect doesn’t exist in the Emperor Sky Continent . It is best for us to hide our identities as the disciples of the Red Rainbow Sect . ” Li Fuchen informed everyone of the scene he had witnessed .

Lei Donghai and the others stay silent before saying with an agonized expression, “The Emperor Sky Continent is a place filled with experts . Our strength isn’t enough to do anything . It is fortunate that our rewards this time aren’t bad . Junior Li, for the current moment, it is better for us to find a safe place to cultivate . We will make a decision after observing the circumstances . ”

“That is the only thing we can do . ” Li Fuchen nodded in agreement, so did Yuan Long and Gu Jiuye .

The four of them didn’t stay in the South Mountain City as it was a sketchy place . They didn’t have the strength to protect themselves for now and it was best to leave this place as far as possible .

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