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Chapter 580
ER – Chapter 580: Restrain

Li Fuchen released his spiritual awareness to sense the surrounding environment carefully .

“Be careful, there is another shadow corpse . ”

Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness was at the elite Primary Sea Realm monarch’s level, or even beyond . Without releasing his spiritual awareness, his senses weren’t comparable to Lei Donghai . But once he released his spiritual awareness, Lei Donghai could never hope to catch up .

After sweeping with his spiritual awareness, there were slight waves that came from the void . The waves were extremely concealed and if he didn’t observe carefully, it was impossible to detect it .

Furthermore, there were actually two places where the waves came from . It was obvious that there were two shadow corpses in the vicinity .


Lei Donghai’s face changed abruptly . He had also released his spiritual awareness but he couldn’t detect a single shadow corpse . He was able to see the previous because the shadow corpse had already revealed some traces . Now that he was at the Primary Sea Realm, his raw senses were a little more sensitive .


Li Fuchen reacted very quickly . The moment he discovered the shadow corpses, he slashed twice in a row . Two scarlet threads sliced at the bodies of the shadow corpses .

The shadow corpses had very low defense and were immediately split into two parts . They were like candlesticks that were incinerated by the sword qi .

“They are killed?” Lei Donghai and the others looked at Li Fuchen .

They were only able to see the shadow corpses with their eyes when the shadow corpses were killed .

Li Fuchen said, “These two shadow corpses aren’t high in class . I reckon they are only high-class shadow corpses . ”

The trio had a change of expression after hearing so . High-class shadow corpses were already so difficult to handle, what should they expect from peak-class shadow corpses or even shadow corpse kings?

It was especially shocking for Lei Donghai . Even though he didn’t attack with his full strength because he was afraid of hurting Gu Jiuye earlier, he still used a significant amount of his strength . However, he wasn’t able to kill the shadow corpse and that made him feel startled .

Li Fuchen continued . “The shadow corpse doesn’t have a physical body . To deal with them, a sufficiently strong intent is required . ”

Lei Donghai might be at the 1st level of Primary Sea Realm, but his laws and intents weren’t comparable to Li Fuchen .

“So that is the reason . ” Lei Donghai nodded and felt that this explanation was rather reasonable .

With the physique of the brightness bone frame, Gu Jiuye could remove the shadow power that was left behind on her body by the shadow corpse . If it was someone else, they would need to remove at least a layer of their skin .  

Seeing the situation, Li Fuchen said, “Senior Gu, your brightness intent should be able to restrain the shadow corpses . Once I sense the shadow corpses later, you will immediately burst out with your qi . ”

“Okay . ” Gu Jiuye nodded .

The four of them continued to advance while Li Fuchen maintained his spiritual awareness at a fixed radius of one mile .

This radius would use up the least amount of his spiritual awareness .

“Senior Gu . ” Li Fuchen quickly informed when a few traces of waves could be felt by his spiritual awareness .

Gu Jiuye immediately burst out with resplendent radiance and illuminated the entire place . A few faint shadows appeared in the illumination and there was no place for them to hide . At the same moment, the shadows rapidly disintegrated under the intense brightness intent .

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Just as Li Fuchen mentioned, Gu Jiuye’s brightness intent was indeed able to restrain the shadow corpses and could eliminate them on a large scale .

This was something that even Li Fuchen couldn’t compare with Gu Jiuye .

The first shadow corpse was able to sneak onto Gu Jiuye because she was only supporting her qi protection . The qi protection might contain the technique intent, but her cultivation technique wasn’t a brightness technique, it was a yang attribute technique, therefore, the restraining effects were very mild .

This was the awkward part of having special bone frames .

In this world, it was very rare to find special cultivation techniques that could bring out the greatest potential of special bone frames . Cultivation techniques like brightness technique, darkness technique, sword dao techniques, saber dao techniques, or others .

There were many special bone frames that would need to reach the high levels of Primary Sea Realm or Law Phase Realm before creating their own cultivation technique .

Of course, there were also very fortunate people who obtained the special cultivation techniques that were left behind by the predecessors . It would save them plenty of time .

With Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness and Gu Jiuye’s brightness intent, the rest of the journey was very smooth . No matter how many shadow corpses came, they were the same as weak critters in the face of Gu Jiuye’s brightness intent .

“Be careful . It should be a shadow corpse king this time . ” Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness felt a wave that made his heart palpitate .

The dazzling radiance burst out . Gu Jiuye had immediately burst out with her qi that contained the brightness intent as soon as Li Fuchen spoke .

But this time, the illumination didn’t force the shadow corpse king to reveal its body . Instead, there were ‘tss tss tss’ sounds coming from the void .

In the next moment, a giant shadow enveloped Li Fuchen’s group like a net .

“He!” Gu Jiuye let out a deep yell and burst out with a radiance that was several times more intense .

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In the face of this intense radiance, the shadow corpse king gradually faded and let out a miserable shriek .

The brightness power was extracted from the brightness dao laws and it was extremely pure and horrific . It wasn’t exaggerating to say that it was the materialization of the brightness dao laws . This was several times stronger than the qi that contained brightness intent . Even the shadow corpse king couldn’t withstand it .

“Incineration Sword!”

Li Fuchen brandished his sword and produced countless scarlet blisters . The blisters contained heaven class blazing sword intent .

Bang Bang Bang Bang… .

When the blisters exploded, the shadow corpse king rapidly disintegrated .

This was the first king-class existence the four of them had killed in the Latent Shadow Abyss . If it was a berserk corpse king, they would have been exhausted to death and still wouldn’t be able to kill it .

Subsequently, Li Fuchen and Gu Jiuye worked together to eliminate low-class shadow corpse kings .

In fact, they had also eliminated a mid-class shadow corpse king .

In the face of Gu Jiuye’s brightness divine ability and Li Fuchen’s heaven class blazing sword intent, even the mid-class shadow corpse king was injured . As for high-class shadow corpse kings, they wouldn’t appear in such places .

Of course, even though they knew that it wouldn’t be that easy to encounter a high-class shadow corpse king, with the pressure for survival in crisis, they were constantly in a high tension state . Their only thought right now was to look for an exit .

“Not good, a spiritual awareness just scanned over us . ”

On this day, Li Fuchen’s face changed as he informed the others .

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“Spiritual awareness? Could it be a Primary Sea Realm monarch who came here to explore?”

Lei Donghai and the others also had a quick change in expressions .

Primary Sea Realm monarchs weren’t berserk corpse kings or shadow corpse kings .

The berserk corpse kings would be affected by illusion arts, while shadow corpse kings were restrained by the brightness intent . Those were the crucial reasons they had survived until this moment .

However, if they encountered a Primary Sea Realm monarch, all of their natural advantages would be negated .

After extending his spiritual awareness from one mile to dozens of miles, Li Fuchen discovered the owner of the spiritual awareness .

It was a Primary Sea Realm monarch who looked like a savage with dishevelled hair . According to his qi presence, his cultivation would be around the 6th level of Primary Sea Realm .

“Haha, my luck is rather good . Hand over your storage bags and I can spare your lives . ” Wild Beast Monarch grinned as he appeared in front of the four of them .

“We entered the Latent Shadow Abyss by mistake and didn’t obtain any high-grade spirit stones . ” Lei Donghai didn’t think that the enemy would spare their lives if they handed over their storage bags . If he couldn’t even see through this deception, then he didn’t have to venture outside .

“For you to survive until this moment, it means that you have some capability . I don’t wish to waste my time speaking nonsense . It doesn’t matter if you have high-grade spirit stones or not, hand over your storage bags . ” While speaking, the Wild Beast Monarch looked at Gu Jiuye with ravenous eyes and said, “Also, leave this woman behind for me . ”

“Senior Lei, when I execute my spiritual awareness attack later, you will attack him immediately . ” Li Fuchen transmitted a message to Lei Donghai .

“Okay . ” Lei Donghai secretly circulated his qi .

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