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Chapter 578
ER – Chapter 578: Lei Donghai’s Breakthrough

Looking at the black whirlpool ahead, the four of them hesitated slightly but still entered .

After going through a spinning world, the four of them arrived in a place where violent winds were howling .

This place was extremely dusky . The wind was black and when it blew across the body, it felt like slashes from countless blades . Apart from Yuan Long, the three others, including Li Fuchen, had blood wounds on their bodies . Especially Lei Donghai and Gu Jiuye who were caught off guard, resulting in a few bone-deep wounds on their bodies .

Without a choice, the trio immediately circulated their technique intent and put up qi protection .

“We have arrived at a deeper layer of the Latent Shadow Abyss . ” Li Fuchen let out a sigh and didn’t look great .

Lower layers of Latent Shadow Abyss had a restriction on Primary Sea Realm monarchs and the environments weren’t as harsh . Higher layers of Latent Shadow Abyss were simply nightmares for Battle Spirit Realm masters . Putting everything aside, just the black wind was enough to exhaust any amount of qi after a certain period of time . It was basically impossible to stay in this place for a long time .

“We are truly downright unlucky . What should we do now?” Lei Donghai couldn’t help but turn to look at Li Fuchen . Yuan Long and Gu Jiuye had also looked at Li Fuchen .

Unknowingly, Li Fuchen had already become this team’s leader . Be it his strength or charisma, everyone was convinced .

Li Fuchen said, “Senior Lei, if you are to break through now, how confident are you?”

Lei Donghai hesitated and said, “Around 70% to 80% . Mainly because I don’t know the actual effects of the high-grade spirit stones . Perhaps it might be more, but it might be lesser too . ”

Li Fuchen said, “This place is still considered safe . Why don’t we cultivate here first and strive to increase our strength . ”

“Okay, let’s do so . ” Lei Donghai nodded .

He felt that his strength was too weak . He couldn’t even protect himself in the lower layers of the Latent Shadow Abyss, let alone being in the higher layers of the Latent Shadow Abyss .

If his cultivation could break through to the Primary Sea Realm, everything would be different . Even if he couldn’t guarantee his own life, he would still have the strength to fight back .

Just like that, the four of them searched for a relatively safe place to begin their cultivation .

“Let me increase my cultivation to the 6th level of Battle Spirit Realm first . ”

After so many days, Li Fuchen had already stabilized at the 5th level of Battle Spirit Realm . Right now, he still had a Spirit Ascension Elixir that was enough for him to reach the 6th level of Battle Spirit Realm .

After circulating the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique for nine times, Li Fuchen consumed the Spirit Ascension Elixir .


If the qi within Li Fuchen’s body was a bundle of flames, then the Spirit Ascension Elixir was like oil that splashed on the flames, making it burn several times stronger .

5th level of Battle Spirit Realm, middle stage… later stage… peak stage .

Li Fuchen’s cultivation was advancing step by step and in just less than one hour, he had advanced from the initial stage of 5th level Battle Spirit Realm, to the peak stage .

At this moment, only half of the Spirit Ascension Elixir’s medicinal effects had been used up . The rest of the medicinal effects would certainly be enough for Li Fuchen to reach the 6th level of Battle Spirit Realm .

“Too slow . ”

Li Fuchen took out a high-grade spirit stone and started to absorb the spirit qi within .

Spirit qi that contained the great dao qi presence had entered his body . Li Fuchen’s cultivation was able to break through to the 6th level of Battle Spirit Realm without any obstructions . He then immediately advanced for the middle stage of 6th level Battle Spirit Realm .

Two hours later, Li Fuchen’s cultivation stagnated at the peak stage of 6th level Battle Spirit Realm .

At this moment, the high-grade spirit stone’s spirit qi had been completely absorbed .

“The high-grade spirit stone is truly incredible . ” Li Fuchen was amazed .

If he didn’t use the high-grade spirit stone, the Spirit Ascension Elixir would only be able to increase his cultivation to the middle stage of 6th level Battle Spirit Realm .

The high-grade spirit stones might only have spirit qi that was a few hundred times more than mid-grade spirit stones, but the purity was much higher and was at least five times purer than mid-grade spirit stones .

After absorbing the spirit qi within the mid-grade spirit stones, there was a need to further purify the qi . However, there wasn’t a need to do so when absorbing spirit qi from the high-grade spirit stones .

Li Fuchen reckoned that the effects from the high-grade spirit stone was at least equivalent to 5000 mid-grade spirit stones .

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The great dao qi presence in the high-grade spirit stone had yet to be calculated in .

The great dao qi presence might not be able to increase cultivation directly, it was able to improve Li Fuchen’s cultivation mental state .

Li Fuchen opened his eyes to look at Lei Donghai and the others .

The trio absorbed high-grade spirit stones at a much higher rate than Li Fuchen . Especially Lei Donghai who had already completely absorbed several high-grade spirit stones . At the same time, there was a trace of dictating heaven and earth qi presence that was gradually spreading out .

“Is he about to break through?” Li Fuchen carefully observed the changes on Lei Donghai .

Primary Sea Realm martial artists were called monarchs for a reason .

When the cultivation reached the Primary Sea Realm, it wasn’t just the cultivation that would have a qualitative change, the mental state would also have a qualitative change . If the cultivation realms before the Primary Sea Realm were mortal mental states, then after reaching the Primary Sea Realm, one would have a trace of mental state that dictated heaven and earth .

With the mental state that dicated heaven and earth, Primary Sea Realm monarchs were able to control a portion of the nature power and use it to suppress foes .

As high-grade spirit stones were completely absorbed one after the other, Lei Donghai’s dictating qi presence was getting stronger .

At this moment, Yuan Long and Gu Jiuye had awakened from their cultivation state . Similar to Li Fuchen, they were carefully observing the changes in Lei Donghai’s body . They were already close to the Primary Sea Realm and observing the birth of a Primary Sea Realm monarch was rather beneficial to them .

After absorbing 18 high-grade spirit stones, Lei Donghai’s dictating qi presence had reached a limit . Li Fuchen could gradually feel that the chaotic laws in the Latent Shadow Abyss were slightly tamed by the dictating qi presence .

Li Fuchen reckoned that the qi presence should be the fusion of cultivation and the comprehension of laws with the help of the mental state . It was able to resist or control a portion of the laws in the Latent Shadow Abyss .


Thunderous clouds gathered above them and thick thunderbolts struck down on Lei Donghai .

When a Battle Spirit Realm master progressed to the Primary Sea Realm, they would have to withstand a calamity that was related to the laws they comprehended .

Lei Donghai comprehended the thunder dao laws, therefore, he had to withstand the thunder dao calamity .

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After a few rounds of thunderbolt, the thunderous clouds in the sky had turned into a funnel .


A giant thunder hammer suddenly flew out and smashed on Lei Donghai’s body .

Lei Donghai didn’t just comprehend the thunder dao laws, he had also comprehended the hammer dao laws .

The hammer dao laws might not be one of the natural laws, but it was still within the great dao . During the calamity, the great dao would materialize the hammer dao laws and smash on Lei Donghai .

Fresh blood oozed out from Lei Donghai’s mouth . He then stood up and wielded the giant hammer to repel the thunder hammer .  

Boom Boom Boom Boom…

A battle against heaven and earth had unfolded in front of the trio, allowing them to have comprehension towards the path of martial dao .

Finally, the final thunder hammer crumbled and turned into pure qi which fused into Lei Donghai’s body, allowing Lei Donghai to break through .

Just like a lake expanding into the sea, Lei Donghai’s qi presence constantly increased . All of the thunder dao qi within dozens of miles were all involuntarily gathered . Li Fuchen and the others felt an intense pressure .

“Such immense pressure . ” Yuan Long had a change of expression .

Gu Jiuye said “When a lake expands to a certain extent, it could also affect the weather . The sea is the dictator of the weather and would constantly affect the weather . The amount of qi in the Primary Sea Realm is extraordinary and is at least several tens of times of ours . With the mental state of a monarch, the control of nature power would be easy and everything within a certain radius would be the monarch’s favorable field . Before reaching the Primary Sea Realm, martial artists would be affected by heaven and earth . After reaching the Primary Sea Realm, martial artists would start to affect heaven and earth . ”

Li Fuchen nodded in agreement . Primary Sea Realm monarch’s qi was simply overwhelming . When the qi were extremely concentrated, it would naturally affect heaven and earth, therefore, it was easy to control a portion of the nature power .

When the qi presence climbed to a limit, an invisible suction was created . In the next moment, most of the qi presence vanished and blended into Lei Donghai’s body .

Lei Donghai laughed heartily, “I have finally entered the Primary Sea Realm . I feel that I can even grasp my own fate . ”

Lei Donghai naturally knew that even a Primary Sea Realm monarch wouldn’t be able to control their own fate . But the surge of power was so excessive that it created an illusion . The excitement of breakthrough had made his emotions stirred up .

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Yuan Long said with envy, “Lei Donghai, congratulations . You should be the first person in the Red Rainbow Sect’s youth generation to step into Primary Sea Realm . Your future is limitless . ”

Yuan Long might be speaking like this, but he was extremely envious and wished he could break through immediately . With enough high-grade spirit stones, he believed that he didn’t need a lot of time to break through to the Primary Sea Realm, at most half a year .

“Senior Lei, I wonder what level of strength do you have now?” Li Fuchen was rather interested in Lei Donghai’s current strength .

Lei Donghai might have just broken through and was only at the 1st level of Primary Sea Realm, but he was a formidable great master . Now that he broke through, he wouldn’t just be a regular low-level monarch . In terms of mental state and bone frame, regular monarchs wouldn’t be comparable with him . Putting aside everything else, Li Fuchen felt that Lei Donghai’s qi quantity was far more than the Earth Fire Monarch he had encountered previously . Li Fuchen reckoned that the higher the bone frame’s star grade, the stronger the mental state, the more qi a body could store .

Therefore, Lei Donghai’s strength must be far superior to the Earth Fire Monarch . As for the level of strength, Lei Donghai wasn’t sure either .

Gu Jiuye said, “Senior Lei, there is a peak-class berserk corpse there . You can test your strength . ”

Lei Donghai’s breakthrough had a huge commotion and it attracted a lot of berserk corpses . There was a peak-class berserk corpse among the herd and it was charging at the front .

“Alright . ”

Lei Donghai flashed like a thunderbolt and appeared in front of the peak-class berserk corpse in an instant .

“Such speed . ”

Li Fuchen’s eyes contracted . Lei Donghai’s current speed was much faster than Li Fuchen and it was even faster than berserk corpse kings . It was almost the same speed as that two-headed berserk corpse king .


When Lei Donghai swung the giant hammer, his arm vanished before suddenly bursting out with thunderous power .

Subsequently, the peak-class berserk corpse’s head was smashed apart and its body turned into char .

A single hammer smash to kill a peak-class berserk corpse .

This level of strength was definitely at the level of a heaven class master, which was also the 3-star general .

Even Chu Wu, who was one of the northern top five generals, and Lin Shou who had pseudo-heaven class cardinal artifacts weren’t able to deal severe damage to peak-class berserk corpses, while Lei Donghai was actually able to kill them in a single hammer . Li Fuchen naturally wouldn’t believe it if someone told him that Lei Donghai wasn’t at the level of a heaven class master or 3-star general .

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