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Chapter 577
ER – Chapter 577: Peak-Grade Spirit Stone

Just as Lei Donghai and the others mentioned, the valley was filled with berserk corpses and there was a patch of black mass .

Almost instantaneously, Li Fuchen noticed the berserk corpse king in the middle of the berserk corpse herd .
(TL note: I remove the capitalization for berserk corpse king)

This berserk corpse king was different from the one Li Fuchen encountered previously . It didn’t just have two heads instead of one, its flesh wings looked more gruesome and ferocious .


The flesh wings flapped violently while the berserk corpse king charged at Li Fuchen .

“The speed is faster than the previous berserk corpse king by nearly 50% . ” Li Fuchen was surprised .

Li Fuchen didn’t know that two-headed berserk corpses were the fusion of two berserk corpses and they were absolute experts among the berserk corpses of the same class . Therefore, it was naturally for the two-headed berserk corpse king to be superior to regular berserk corpse kings . Even a mid-level monarch might not be a match for the two-headed berserk corpse king .

“Thousand Illusion Eyes, Oblivion . ”

Li Fuchen immediately executed his illusion art and released layers of illusion qi presence to envelop the two-headed berserk corpse king .

The two-headed berserk corpse king looked as though he was drunk . It wasn’t just the speed that was drastically reduced, the flight trajectory started to veer off trakce . It looked as if the berserk corpse king might collapse from air at any moment .

“Huh? The resistance to illusion art is even worse than regular berserk corpse kings . ” Li Fuchen’s face revealed a trace of delight .

“It seems like the two-headed berserk corpse king has a spirit wisdom that is better than regular berserk corpse kings . Therefore, they are easily restrained by illusion arts . ”

Li Fuchen felt that this was the only reasonable explanation .

Since the two-headed berserk corpse king was restrained by the illusion art, Li Fuchen had nothing to fear . His Wind Thunder Wings flashed and he flew across the valley before gliding into one of the caves .

Intense great dao qi presence was released from this cave .

“Flowing Merciless Edge . ”

After entering the cave, Li Fuchen drew his Red Lotus Sword and slashed once to split several low-class berserk corpses into pieces . The remaining sword qi then sliced onto the mid-class berserk corpses at the back . They instantly swelled up and exploded, emitting a radiant red light .

Li Fuchen pushed through and quickly arrived at the deepest part of the cave .


A peak-class berserk corpse lunged at him .

High-class berserk corpses had the strength of great masters, while peak-class berserk corpses had the strength of monarch-class masters . Even though the peak-class berserk corpse wasn’t a match for Li Fuchen, Li Fuchen still required a lot of effort to eliminate this peak-class berserk corpse .

Clang Clang Clang…

A thread of sword qi slashed on the body of the peak-class berserk corpse . It looked like a small blade scoring on steel and could only leave a shallow mark while bursting with sparks .

“I just have to ignore him . ” Li Fuchen passed through the peak-class berserk corpse and arrived in front of a stalactite .

On this giant stalactite, it was embedded with high-grade spirit stones . Just the outer surface had up to a thousand high-grade spirit stones . Li Fuchen couldn’t even see the number of high-grade spirit stones on the inside . His spiritual awareness was able to pass through material but it couldn’t pass through the great dao qi presence .

Li Fuchen released his spirit soul force to see inside the stalactite .

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“So many high-grade spirit stones . ” Li Fuchen’s face revealed a smile .

The interior had at least 3000 high-grade spirit stones . No wonder it was able to emit such intense great dao qi presence .

“No wait, there is also a peak-grade spirit stone?”

All of a sudden, Li Fuchen’s attention was focused on a single spirit stone that was inside the stalactite .

It was a spirit stone that was extremely dazzling and it was also an extremely abstruse spirit stone .

There seemed to be a blackhole in this area that was engulfing a massive amount of great dao qi presence before spitting it out again .

Li Fuchen’s eyes burst out with radiance as he severed the stalactite . With a swing of his hand, the stalactite vanished and entered his wrist protector’s spatial zone .


Two peak-class berserk corpses attacked from the left and right .

“Sky Ring Sword Armor!”

Li Fuchen didn’t continue fighting zealously . He covered his body with a layer of sword qi and when he passed through in between the two peak-class berserk corpses, they were both sent flying .

Soon enough, Li Fuchen exited the cave and soared into the sky with his Wind Thunder Wings .

The two-headed berserk corpse king attacked Li Fuchen again, but it was a pity that the two-headed berserk corpse king was helpless against Li Fuchen’s illusion art .

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“Junior Li . ”

Dozens of miles away, Lei Donghai and the others saw Li Fuchen flying over rapidly .


Li Fuchen decreased his speed slightly but didn’t stop .

One hour later, the four of them were very far away from the valley .

Li Fuchen took out 300 high-grade spirit stones and split it into three portions . “The rewards in the valley are great . This is what I promised everyone earlier . ”

Only Li Fuchen would be willing to part with 300 high-grade spirit stones at once .

The trio didn’t know how many high-grade spirit stones Li Fuchen obtained . They reckoned that if Li Fuchen could spare out 60 high-grade spirit stones and give each of them 20 pieces, they would already be ecstatic . After all, the trio didn’t do anything and merely led the way .

However, Li Fuchen couldn’t do that as he received too much this time . Putting aside the peak-grade spirit stone, even if he didn’t obtain the peak-grade spirit stone, he ought to give them 100 high-grade spirit stones each as he obtained over 4000 high-grade spirit stones .

Of course, it was pale into insignificance to compare 4000 high-grade spirit stones with one peak-grade spirit stone . It was totally incomparable .

It was said that during a top-notch auction in Emperor Sky Continent, someone put a peak-grade spirit stone on the auction . It was purchased by the Red Moon Emperor for 4 million high-grade spirit stones . If 4 million high-grade spirit stones were exchanged into resources, it was enough for many prodigies with potential to progress to the Law Phase Realm .

“So much? Junior Li, this is too much!”

Lei Donghai was rather astonished to receive another 100 high-grade spirit stones .

He assumed that Li Fuchen would only give them ten or twenty high-grade spirit stones and it was impossible to be this much .

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After all, the trio were only leading the way . Even if Li Fuchen received a lot of rewards, it wasn’t really related to them as they merely led the way, and a little fee of gratitude would be enough .

Yuan Long and Gu Jiuye were surprised and delighted . They didn’t care how many high-grade spirit stones Li Fuchen obtained, they only cared how much high-grade spirit stones Li Fuchen was willing to share with them .

With Lei Donghai as an example, their bottom line was 20 high-grade spirit stones . After all, Li Fuchen had casually given 20 high-grade spirit stones to Lei Donghai as a gift and it meant that Li Fuchen was a generous person .

Right now, they finally knew how generous Li Fuchen was . 300 high-grade spirit stones was something that most Primary Sea Realm monarchs wouldn’t have .

“Junior Li, thanks . ” Yuan Long received his high-grade spirit stones and thanked Li Fuchen with gratitude .

Originally, Yuan Long believed he would need at least three years to break through to the Primary Sea Realm . Now that he had 100 high-grade spirit stones, he would only need half a year .

Li Fuchen said, “Without the three seniors to lead the way, it isn’t possible for me to obtain so many high-grade spirit stones . All of you deserve it . ”

In fact, Li Fuchen felt that it was fine to give them 200 or 300 high-grade spirit stones each .

However, he knew clearly that if he gave 100 high-grade spirit stones, the trio wouldn’t think too much . If he gave them a few hundred high-grade spirit stones each, the trio would certainly let their imaginations run wild . If Li Fuchen was in their shoes, he would also guess the number of high-grade spirit stones they obtained . Was it ten thousand, tens of thousands, or an even more shocking number?

Including Li Fuchen, the four of them felt that they had received enough rewards for this trip and wanted to leave the Latent Shadow Abyss .

They couldn’t do anything as the Latent Shadow Abyss was massive and they couldn’t find the route that they arrived from . They had no choice but to find another exit .

It was fortunate that Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness was formidable enough for him to always sense dangers in advance and avoid them .

Li Fuchen wasn’t afraid of the dangers, but it was unknown if Lei Donghai and the others were able to make it out alive .

Several days later, the four of them finally found an exit in a ravine .

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