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Chapter 579
ER – Chapter 579: Shadow Corpse

Furthermore, Lei Donghai would probably be an extremely formidable existence even among the heaven class masters and 3-star generals .

‘Different grades of bone frames seem to have a huge gap when progressing to the Primary Sea Realm . ’ Li Fuchen frowned .

Let alone the Emperor Sky Continent, even on the Seven Color Continent, 6-star bone frames had chances to progress to the Primary Sea Realm . However, on the Seven Color Continent, the chances of progressing would be 1/10,000 6-star bone frames . On the Emperor Sky Continent, the chances would be 1/1000 6-star bone frames .

It had also caused a huge disparity in strength among the Primary Sea Realm .

Those Primary Sea Realm monarchs with 6-star ordinary bone frames were definitely the weakest . While the extraordinary 6-star bone frames would be slighter stronger .

Subsequently, it was the 6-star special bone frames, 7-star ordinary bone frames, 7-star extraordinary bone frames, and 7-star special bone frames .

Of course, there were plenty of treasures that could alter the attributes of the bone frames, hence, there weren’t plenty of ordinary bone frames . After all, who wouldn’t wish to awaken divine abilities and ordinary bone frames weren’t able to do so .

After removing the ordinary bone frames, the monarchs would be generally sorted into four levels, the 6-star special bone frames, 7-star ordinary bone frames, 7-star extraordinary bone frames, and 7-star special bone frames .

Apart from those with exceptional perception or those who encountered heaven-defying opportunities, it was hard to exceed the four levels .

Lei Donghai had just broken through and there were many things that he had yet to stabilize . Once he stabilized his cultivation, his strength would be even stronger .

After all, Leng Donghai’s thunder hammer bone frame was considered extremely powerful among the special bone frames .

‘If Senior Lei is born in the Emperor Sky Continent, his current strength will probably be stronger!’

The Emperor Sky Continent was an elite mid-class continent, making it easier to comprehend the law powers .

It was why plenty of 7-star extraordinary bone frames possessed the strength of a great master, when they were at the Battle Spirit Realm .

It was something that was hard to imagine on the Seven Color Continent .

In short, for martial artists on the same cultivation realm, it was obvious that the martial artists on the Emperor Sky Continent were superior to those on the Seven Color Continent .

In order to compensate for this difference, the only way was to stay in the Emperor Sky Continent for a long period of time .

Boom Boom Boom…

After killing a peak-class berserk corpse in a single hammer smash, Lei Donghai had a great boost in confidence . As his giant hammer was smashing around violently, large groups of berserk corpses were all blasted into pieces and sent flying .

In just a short moment, all the nearby berserk corpses were wiped out, leaving behind a pile of remains .

Now that Lei Donghai progressed to the Primary Sea Realm, everyone was a little more confident in their survival .

However, this confidence wasn’t enough to support everyone to explore this layer of Latent Shadow Abyss and search for an exit .

No matter how powerful Lei Donghai was, he was still at the 1st level of Primary Sea Realm . He was able to deal with peak-class berserk corpses, but he might not be able to deal with berserk corpse kings . Furthermore, berserk corpse kings also had their own classifications of low-class, mid-class, high-class, and peak-class . Above them were the corpse emperors . In short, even a Law Phase Realm emperor wouldn’t dare to say they could roam around freely in deeper layers of the Latent Shadow Abyss .

Everyone unanimously agreed to continue their cultivation until they couldn’t advance anymore .

‘With the high-grade spirit stones, it shouldn’t be a problem to break through by one level in a short period of time . Furthermore, I still have the peak-grade spirit stone . ’

Li Fuchen believed that his current strength wasn’t too inferior as compared to Chu Wu, but this was still far from enough .

Li Fuchen took out that unfinished high-grade spirit stone and continued to absorb the spirit qi and great dao qi presence within .

Lei Donghai realized that his breakthrough had ‘alerted’ the Latent Shadow Abyss . More berserk corpses were gathering towards their direction . At first, there were only a few peak-class berserk corpses, but now, groups of peak-class berserk corpses were rushing towards them .

After smashing the last peak-class berserk corpse in his sight, Lei Donghai suddenly lifted his head . In his vision, there was a black thunderbolt that flew over rapidly at a speed that wasn’t inferior to him .

“It is a berserk corpse king!” Lei Donghai’s eyes were filled with restraining fear and also battle intent .


Wielding his Mystic Heavy Hammer, Lei Donghai and the berserk corpse king started a brutal battle .

Clang Clang Clang…

In terms of combat strength, the berserk corpse king was inferior to Lei Donghai . Apart from physical strength, the berserk corpse king’s combat skills were very crude and would only be using the limited variation of moves .

However, the berserk corpse king’s defense was too tough . Lei Donghai hammered with his full strength and still wasn’t able to injure the berserk corpse king . At best, he was only able to send his opponent flying .

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He was able to deal with one berserk corpse king, but if another came, he would be in a tough spot .

As soon as Lei Donghai thought about it, there was another black thunderbolt that flew over from far away .

After gritting his teeth, Lei Donghai intercepted the berserk corpse king .

Fighting two berserk corpse kings alone was truly taxing for Lei Donghai .

The berserk corpse kings could attack him without any reservations, but Lei Donghai couldn’t do the same . Once he got struck by the berserk corpse kings even once, he would definitely be injured .

Limits of 6th level Battle Spirit Realm… 

Initial state of 7th level Battle Spirit Realm .

After using two high-grade spirit stones, Li Fuchen’s cultivation finally entered the 7th level of Battle Spirit Realm .

When Li Fuchen opened his eyes, he saw Lei Donghai locked in an intense battle with two berserk corpse kings .

With a gaze from his eyes, Li Fuchen sent out his illusion art’s qi presence .

Immediately after, the two berserk corpse kings staggered and their overall strength had declined greatly .

Boom Boom!

With two consecutive hammer strikes, Lei Donghai sent the two berserk corpse kings flying to a remote place .

“Junior Li, you are awake?” Lei Donghai panted for a moment and said in a relaxed tone .

“It seems like we need to change a place to cultivate . ” Li Fuchen took a glance at the berserk corpses that were rushing over endlessly and said .

Lei Donghai responded, “Perhaps, a stronger cultivation will attract the attention of berserk corpses easily!”

The qi contained within the Primary Sea Realm monarchs was too forceful and when they were inside the Latent Shadow Abyss, they were just like giant torches .

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Li Fuchen nodded . “Let’s hold on for a moment . ”

Even though it wasn’t possible for Yuan Long and Gu Jiuye to break through to the Primary Sea Realm within a short period of time, as long as there was a trace of hope, Li Fuchen didn’t wish to give up .

With Li Fuchen’s assistance, Lei Donghai had a much easier time dealing with berserk corpse kings . He would need just a single hammer strike to send them flying as they were just like stationary targets .

But as the number of berserk corpse kings increased, Lei Donghai still felt the pressure . Similarly for Li Fuchen, he was also feeling quite a bit of pressure .

Spiritual awareness and mental energy was required to execute the Thousand Illusion Eyes .

His spiritual awareness might be powerful and his mental energy might be extremely abundant, but it wasn’t possible for him to execute it without any rest .


From far away, there was a ferocious and ruthless roar . The shockwaves from the roar had flared up Li Fuchen’s qi blood, making him dizzy .

“Mid-class berserk corpse king!” Li Fuchen’s expression changed .

The mid-class berserk corpse king was faster than the two-headed berserk corpse king . In just a blink of the eye, the berserk corpse king arrived in front of them .

“Thousand Illusion Eyes, Oblivion . ”

Li Fuchen used the Thousand Illusion Eyes on the berserk corpse king . The mid-class berserk corpse king shook its head and it seemed like the impact was roughly the same as a regular low-class berserk corpse king . It wasn’t as significant as it was towards the two-headed berserk corpse king .


In response to Lei Donghai’s sudden hammer strike, the mid-class berserk corpse king raised its right arm to block . It merely took a few steps back, while Lei Donghai’s arms were numbed and he was overwhelmed with shock .

“Low-class berserk corpse king’s spirit wisdom isn’t high, therefore, the influence of the illusion art isn’t too significant . The two-headed berserk corpse king has a high spirit wisdom and is easily affected by illusion arts . Mid-class berserk corpse king might have the superiority in class, and it has a similar if not superior spirit wisdom as compared to the two-headed berserk corpse king, but the influence of the illusion arts has been reduced . ” Li Fuchen finally figured out the traits of the berserk corpses .

In theory, the higher the spirit wisdom of the berserk corpse, the easier it was for the illusion arts to affect them . However, the Latent Shadow Abyss wasn’t that simple and the superiority in classes were still exhibited . Li Fuchen reckoned that his illusion art might not even work on a high-class berserk corpse king .

“We have to leave immediately . ” Li Fuchen said with a grave expression .

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Lei Donghai nodded and woke up Yuan Long and Gu Jiuye .

When the duo saw the situation ahead, they immediately understood the severity of the situation and had immediately evacuated .

The evacuation process naturally wasn’t smooth sailing . The four of them went through a lot of trouble before getting rid of the mid-class berserk corpse king’s pursuit . Among them, Li Fuchen contributed the most . His Thousand Illusion Eyes didn’t require his eyesight as a medium anymore, he could already use his spiritual awareness as his medium . Of course, the distance couldn’t be too far away . The further the distance, the weaker the spiritual awareness and it would naturally mean the weaker the illusion art’s qi presence . It wouldn’t be enough for the mid-class berserk corpse king to go into an illusion zone .

If it was some other illusion martial artist, the illusion art wouldn’t be as effective as Li Fuchen . Even if the illusion art was more effective, the range of the spiritual awareness wouldn’t be as far as Li Fuchen, and they wouldn’t be able to get rid of the mid-class berserk corpse king .

“Do you guys notice that there are less berserk corpses?” Gu Jiuye asked .

During the evacuation process, there were waves after waves of berserk corpses . However, it was unknown when the berserk corpses started to decrease . It had been more than half a day and they weren’t even able to see a single berserk corpse . The surrounding environment became very stifling .

Li Fuchen said, “In the shallow layers of the Latent Shadow Abyss, there are mostly berserk corpses . But in the deeper layers of the Latent Shadow Abyss, shadow corpses will appear . I’m afraid that we have probably arrived at the shadow corpses’ territory . ”

During the great battle of the two saints, it was rumored that one of them was proficient in shadow dao laws, while the other was proficient in the berserk dao laws . The shadow dao laws would normally affect the environment, while the berserk dao laws would cause the martial artists’ corpses to mutate . However, nothing was absolute . The shadow dao laws were also able to invade the corpse and even a living person’s rationality . They could gradually transform the martial artists’ corpses or transform living martial artists into incorporeal shadow corpses .

“Junior Gu, be careful . ” Lei Donghai’s eyes contracted as he suddenly swung his hammer at Gu Jiuye’s back .

The Latent Shadow Abyss was extremely dusky, but there was still light . Shadow came long with light and Gu Jiuye’s shadow suddenly wriggled and turned into a humanoid shadow . It was gradually integrating into Gu Jiuye’s body . During that moment, Gu Jiuye didn’t react at all, she couldn’t even feel a thing .


There was a burst of thunder and because Gu Jiuye was caught off guard, she was sent flying by the remaining qi forces .

Everyone noticed that Gu Jiuye’s shadow didn’t vanish and it was still stuck on her back .

Gu Jiuye felt her scalp going numb . She burst out with the brightness power and turned herself into a lustrous little sun . It finally removed the shadow from her back .


Gu Jiuye vomited a mouthful of fresh blood and felt her back was extremely cold . Even her meridians were nearly frozen . Had it not been for Lei Donghai’s timely response, the consequences would be severe .

“This is a shadow corpse?”

Li Fuchen had an awful expression . With his senses, he couldn’t even detect when the shadow corpse appeared . Of course, this was mainly because he didn’t release his spiritual awareness .

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