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Chapter 566
ER – Chapter 566: Youth Gathering

Just as Li Fuchen expected, after the auction ended, the South Sun City was in quite a bit of an unrest .

Those Battle Spirit Realm masters or even Primary Sea Realm monarchs would either disguise themselves, hide themselves or try to sneak out of the South Sun City and return to their territory . However, there were only a rare few who were able to leave successfully . Most of them were discovered and there were intense battles that erupted outside the city .

The battle that attracted the most attention was Red Rainbow Monarch .

As soon as Red Rainbow Monarch and Three-Eyed Saber Monarch left South Sun City, over a dozen high-level monarchs had surrounded them .

Originally, it was assumed that this would be an intense and close battle, but the outcome was shocking .

The Red Rainbow Monarch fought against ten monarchs . He killed three and injured seven .

The Three-Eyed Saber Monarch fought against four monarchs and injured all four of them .

Those were 14 high-level monarchs and not just nobodies . Even half-emperors would have a hard time to deal with them .

The Red Rainbow Monarch and the Three-Eyed Saber Monarch’s strengths were truly fearful .

After this battle, everyone understood that there was probably no one in South Sun County that could make the duo stay .

Even the South Sun County Protector was merely a half-emperor .

Everything was unrelated to Li Fuchen . After disguising himself and concealing his qi presence, Li Fuchen left the auction hall and entered a restaurant . When he came out of the restaurant, he had reverted back to his original looks and he had also revealed his qi presence .

When walking on the main street, Li Fuchen let out a faint smile .

As expected, the spiritual awarenesses that were observing him earlier had all vanished .

“What is going on? Is he still not coming out?” The Golden Spear Monarch had been waiting outside the restaurant .

No one knew that the Golden Spear Monarch had two identities . On the surface, he was the Golden Spear Monarch, but in the dark, he was the Blood Hand Thief .

As the Golden Spear Monarch, he was only a regular 4th level monarch .

But as the Blood Hand Thief, he had even killed a 6th level monarch before .

“I should have followed inside too . ”

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Golden Spear Monarch endured patiently and waited at an opposite restaurant . From time to time he would glance at the restaurant that Li Fuchen entered .

There were plenty of people who targeted Li Fuchen but most of the people had a bad feeling . It was already half a day and Li Fuchen had yet to emerge .

After returning to the inn, Li Fuchen started to refine the Red Lotus Sword, Red Lotus Armor, and the Wind Thunder Wings .

The Red Lotus Sword contained a blazing sword intent and it was a kind of fire sword dao . Once Li Fuchen refined it successfully, scarlet lotus flowers started to bloom and they were emitting enchanting and murderous qi presences .

“This is indeed a 2-star earth class peak-tier artifact sword . ”

While wielding the Red Lotus Sword, Li Fuchen brandished it casually with the Flowing Merciless Edge . Even the void seemed like it was getting sliced apart while the courtyard’s array was emitting a cracking sound . Li Fuchen didn’t even release any sword qi and it was merely a casual swing .

Subsequently, Li Fuchen started to refine the Red Lotus Armor and Wind Thunder Wings .

After refining the Red Lotus Armor, Li Fuchen realized that when the Red Lotus Sword and Red Lotus Armor were together, his offense and defense would increase . Whenever he brandished the sword, the Red Lotus Armor would assist the Red Lotus Sword to condense qi . Everytime he poured his qi into the armor, the Red Lotus Sword would also help the Red Lotus Armor to condense the qi .

Li Fuchen estimated that when the two equipment were put together, it was the same as him increasing his cultivation by one level .

It didn’t look like a lot, but it was very significant .

After all, this was a complimentary addition of strength .

Finally, he refined the Wind Thunder Wings .

The Wind Thunder Wings contained the wind thunder laws and intent . Once he poured his qi inside, it would activate the wind thunder intent and allow himself to have a burst of speed .


In the small courtyard, there was wind and thunder . Li Fuchen moved instantaneously across dozens of meters in just a single thought .

“With these Wind Thunder Wings, my speed should be comparable with regular low-level monarchs . ”

Primary Sea Realm monarchs weren’t just for show, their qi were several times more refined than Battle Spirit Realm masters . Furthermore, Primary Sea Realm monarchs were able to control the nature power and that should be able to increase their speed by quite a bit . If Li Fuchen wanted to rely on the Wind Thunder Wings to surpass low-level monarchs in speed, it was still rather unrealistic .

Of course, this was mainly due to Li Fuchen’s low cultivation level as he was merely at the 4th level of Battle Spirit Realm .

If his cultivation could reach the higher levels of Battle Spirit Realm, he believed that his speed wouldn’t be inferior to regular low-level monarchs .

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“Mysteries can be comprehended from secret techniques, earth class peak-tier martial arts can produce heaven class sword moves . Rationally, cultivation contents of higher class techniques could be comprehended from cultivation techniques . ”

After feeling that everything was reaching the limits, while he had also comprehended the second layer of seal on the Joint-Heaven Sword to 98%, Li Fuchen started to put his efforts on the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique .

The Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique was an earth class peak-tier technique and had a total of 33 ranks .

Logically, the 33rd rank was already the highest rank .

But Li Fuchen knew clearly that higher grades of cultivation techniques were derived from lower grades of cultivation techniques .

During the initial developmental stage of humans, there was probably the most fundamental yellow class low-tier cultivation techniques and it was slowly transformed into higher grade of cultivation techniques .

It was able to transform into higher grades of cultivation techniques because humans pursued higher levels in the martial dao world and cultivation techniques were the most important aspect .

If a martial artist cultivated an earth class low-tier cultivation technique, the martial artist would be able to progress from Reincarnation Realm to the Battle Spirit Realm .

If a martial artist cultivated earth class high-tier cultivation technique, the martial artist would be able to progress from the Battle Spirit Realm to the Primary Sea Realm .

Only by cultivating a heaven class low-tier cultivation technique would a martial artist be able to progress from the Primary Sea Realm to the Law Phase Realm .

Each increase in cultivation realms had a gradual increase in requirement for cultivation techniques .

Heaven class low-tier cultivation techniques were nowhere to be found . Li Fuchen only knew that Law Phase Realm emperors would surely have heaven class low-tier cultivation techniques . But whoever that dared to ask for it would probably be extinguished once they opened their mouths .

Since the heaven class low-tier techniques were nowhere to be found then Li Fuchen could only derive it by himself .

He believed that since he was able to create heaven class low-tier sword moves, then it was very possible for him to derive another rank of the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique .

Deriving a cultivation technique was of a much higher difficulty than to create a martial art’s move .

After all, a cultivation technique didn’t simply increase one’s strength, it must be able to support the martial artist to increase the cultivation level .

A cultivation technique that couldn’t increase the cultivation level could be considered as an useless technique .

Deriving a cultivation technique wasn’t going to happen overnight . Li Fuchen felt that his perception was competent enough, but his understanding towards the human body was still lacking .

The so-called understanding of the human body wasn’t just to scan with spiritual awareness . One had to know the function of each acupoint on the body, the function of each meridian, how the acupoints and the meridians worked together . There were too many things and it had almost countless variations .

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After leaving the inn, Li Fuchen headed for the antique street .

Every city had its own antique street and it was filled with miscellaneous goods stalls and they sold everything . This item might not be useful to you, but it might be very important to others .

This was also the significance for having miscellaneous goods stalls .

Li Fuchen came to the antique street at the western part of South Sun City . This antique street was over a few dozen miles and there were hundreds, close to a thousand miscellaneous goods stalls . The antique street was different from Li Fuchen’s imagination as it was rather lively and he could see a few Primary Sea Realm monarchs .

After seeing a rather stylish miscellaneous goods stall, Li Fuchen enquired, “Are there any books that are related to the human body?”

The stall keeper said, “Of course there are . On that bookshelf over there, there are a few human body explanation books . Each book will cost 50 low-grade spirit stones . ”

The things in the miscellaneous goods stalls weren’t expensive, but of course, it was only for formidable martial artists . To Reincarnation Realm experts, these were still rather expensive .

“I will take all of them . ”

Li Fuchen couldn’t be bothered to haggle for the price and simply took those books .

Once Li Fuchen left, the stall keeper put up more human body books onto the shelf again .

The stall keeper had made many copies of such human body books and he wasn’t worried that others might do the same .

Firstly, such human body books were existent in all miscellaneous goods stalls . The only difference was which stall had a more comprehensive collection .

Secondly, people who purchase such books couldn’t be bothered to copy the books and sell them, as it was too much of a hassle and they couldn’t really earn much spirit stones .

The motto of miscellaneous goods stalls wasn’t to be specialized, it was to be comprehensive and had to sell all sorts of things .

After visiting dozens of miscellaneous goods stalls, Li Fuchen was disappointed as he realized that the human body books from these stalls were roughly the same . Some were a little more shrewd to change the sequence of explanations, but the contents were the same .

Fortunately, these human body books were a little useful for Li Fuchen as he could only understand the functions of some acupoints and meridians after reading .

After a short moment, Li Fuchen arrived at the largest miscellaneous goods stall on the antique street .

It might be addressed as a miscellaneous goods stall, but it was more like a miscellaneous goods building .

This miscellaneous goods building had a total of five floors and the higher the floor, the higher the value of the goods . Li Fuchen even saw a few heaven class weapon shards on the first floor’s display cabinets . It was obvious that they were used to attract customers .

“I want human body books and it is best that they are different from other stalls . ” Li Fuchen entered and immediately made his intention known .

“Follow me . ” The stall keeper didn’t waste any time and brought Li Fuchen to the fourth floor of the miscellaneous goods building .

The goods on this floor were already considered extremely valuable .

The stall keeper took out a jade scroll and said, “This contains information on the human body but you will need to refine the jade scroll and use your spiritual awareness to enter in order to receive the information . This will cost 10,000 low-grade spirit stones, do you want it?”

“Yes . ”

Li Fuchen wasn’t worried that the contents of the jade scroll were useless as the other party could trick him once, but they couldn’t trick him the second time . At most, he would only lose out on 10,000 low-grade spirit stones .

After purchasing the jade scroll, Li Fuchen immediately refined it and looked inside with his spiritual awareness .

‘As expected, you get what you paid for!’

As a large amount of information entered his mind, Li Fuchen revealed a pleased expression .

“Li Fuchen, you are here too?”

Right at this moment, there was a pleasant voice that echoed beside his ear .

After the transfer of information was completed, Li Fuchen turned around . “It is actually Young Lady Qi . ”

It was none other than Qi Junjun, but that eminent middle-aged man wasn’t with her .

“You have also participated in the auction right? It is a pity that I didn’t see you . ”

There were numerous people at the auction hall and it was normal that Qi Junjun didn’t see Li Fuchen .

“That is true . ” Li Fuchen didn’t deny .

The duo conversed for a moment and Qi Junun suddenly said, “That’s right, Li Fuchen, the County Protector’s son will be hosting a gathering at the South Sun Garden, three days later . Most of the youth elites from the South Sun County will be attending the gathering . It is said that the County Protector’s son will be offering a few Spirit Ascension Elixirs as rewards . Why don’t you attend it together with me?”

“Spirit Ascension Elixirs!” Li Fuchen raised his brows .

Spirit Ascension Elixirs were earth class high-tier elixirs and were one of the hardest earth class high-tier elixirs to concoct . This elixir was able to increase the cultivation level of the Battle Spirit Realm master flawlessly . Normally, only the most competent Concoction Grandmasters would be able to concoct them .

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