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Chapter 565
ER – Chapter 565: End of Auction

“4 million . ”

The first to bid was one of the five major second-rate monarch-class clans in South Sun County, Taishi Clan’s Clan Head Taishi Xiao

Taishi Xiao had the cultivation of 9th leve Primary Sea Realm and was an incredible sword monarch . Within South Sun County, his sword dao cultivation was at least top five or top three . Of course, if he obtained this Heaven Rainbow Sword, his sword dao strength would be standing on the top of the South Sun County and unmatched .

“4 . 5 million . ”

Immediately after, it was the South Sky Sword Sect’s Sect Patriarch, South Sky Sword Monarch .

The South Sky Sword Sect used their sword arts to establish their sect and were more specialized than the Red Rainbow Sect . In terms of sword dao cultivation, within the entire South Sun County, only the South Sky Sword Monarch was able to contest with the Red Rainbow Monarch .

“I, Ouyang Haotian bid 5 million mid-grade spirit stones . ” There was a loud voice that silenced everyone .

Ouyang Haotian, the elder brother of the Red Lake City’s city lord .

The city lord residence was a sharp blade that was suspended above everyone’s heads .

Be it monarch-class sects or second-rate monarch-class clans, they were all considered nothing in the face of the city lord residence . If they really offended the city lord residence, a single order for arrest could make a monarch-class faction vanish like smoke .

After all, the Red Moon Empire was the backer for the city lord residences .

“5 . 5 million . ”

The South Sky Sword Monarch had a slightly cold expression . ‘You wish to use the city lord residence to suppress me? In your dreams!’

He didn’t believe that if he successfully bid this Heaven Rainbow Sword, the Red Lake City’s city lord residence could do anything to him . At most, he would leave the Emperor Sky Continent and search for another continent .

This world didn’t just have the Emperor Sky Continent .

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“6 million . ” Ouyang Haotian’s voice sounded very gloomy .

“6 . 5 million . ” The South Sky Sword Monarch didn’t step back at all .

In order to obtain this Heaven Rainbow Sword, it didn’t matter even if he offended the Red Lake City’s city lord residence .

“7 million . ” Right at this moment, the Red Rainbow Monarch made his bid .

Originally, he could allow the South Sky Sword Monarch to clash with Ouyang Haotian and wait for Ouyang Haotian to give up before he competed with the South Sky Sword Monarch .

However, the Red Rainbow Monarch had his own pride and if he did that, it was the same as telling everyone that he didn’t dare to offend Ouyang Haotian and it wouldn’t be beneficial to his sword dao .

The cultivation of sword dao was filled with obstacles and hardships . Even if there was an overhanging cliff ahead, he would need to cleave a path out .

Ouyang Haotian’s expression was extremely unpleasant . It was fine if it was just the South Sky Sword Monarch who didn’t respect him . Right now, there was another Red Rainbow Monarch .

Ouyang Haotian wasn’t the same as the two others . The two sect patriarchs could spend a huge sum of spirit stones just for the Heaven Rainbow Sword, while he merely wanted to use his status to hopefully pick up something good . After all, he was only at the 6th level of Primary Sea Realm and wasn’t in such an urgent need to obtain the Heaven Rainbow Sword .

Even if he obtained the Heaven Rainbow Sword, he wouldn’t dare to exit the door as he didn’t know if he would be killed and plundered .

“The two of you have great wealth, I, Ouyang Haotian accepts defeat . ” Ouyang Haotian gave up on the bid .

His personal wealth wasn’t as ample as the duo, in fact, not even the Red Lake City Lord would be as wealthy as the duo .

The city lord residence profited limitlessly every year, but most of the profits had to be handed to the higher authority .

In all seriousness, all city lords were merely subordinates for the Red Moon Emperor .

“8 million . ”

Once Ouyang Haotian gave up on the bid, Taishi Xiao emerged again .

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If someone said that he was afraid of Ouyang Haotian, it would be wrong .

He was a solitary person and had nothing to fear, but he had the Taishi Clan behind him .

The Taishi Clan was a native clan and they weren’t like the foreign monarch-class sects which could just leave the continent .

“10 million . ” The Red Rainbow Monarch couldn’t be bothered to increase the bid by 500,000 or 1 million at a time . He immediately made the bid of 10 million .

“12 million . ” The South Sky Sword Monarch immediately followed up with another bid without a trace of hesitation .

Taishi Xiao, who originally wanted to make a bid had suddenly felt disappointed .

As expected, to contest with these monarch-class sects was the same as humiliating himself .

All these monarch-class sects might have their headquarters in ordinary mid-class continents and their resources were far inferior to a top-notch, mid-class continent like the Emperor Sky Continent, perhaps not even a thousandth of the Emperor Sky Continent . However, 10% of resources from an ordinary mid-class continent was at least equivalent to a city in the Emperor Sky City . A city’s resources would be at least 80 million mid-grade spirit stones if not 100 million mid-grade spirit stones . Furthermore, as time elapsed, the amount of resources that were produced would continue to increase at least until they deplete .

“15 million . ” The Red Rainbow Monarch had sharp eyes .

“16 million . ” The South Sky Sword Monarch’s eyes had also turned sharp but it was already close to his limit .

“18 million . ” The Red Rainbow Monarch burst out with faint sword intent .

He didn’t do it intentionally as it was an involuntary behavior .

“19 million . ” Inside South Sky Sword Monarch’s supreme private room, the array was circulating in a sluggish manner and there were subtle cracking sounds .

This was the sign that the array was about to collapse .

The isolation array was only used to isolate spiritual awareness, therefore, it was rather fragile .

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It might be a class 7 array, but when a peak-level Primary Sea Realm sword monarch unleashed his sword intent, the array wouldn’t be able to withstand it .

“19 million!” Everyone was flabbergasted .

Most of the people here couldn’t even bring out a few thousand mid-grade spirit stones, but the duo could bring out 10 or 20 million mid-grade spirit stones . It was truly infuriating and frustrating to compare with others .

’19 million!’ Like the others, Li Fuchen was also flabbergasted .

Originally, he thought that 500,000 mid-grade spirit stones was already a huge sum and he could already compare with regular Primary Sea Realm monarchs .

However, he finally knew that a true, elite Primary Sea Realm monarch possessed a number of mid-grade spirit stones that he would never be able to imagine . Even if he sold all of his heaven stones, he couldn’t possibly accumulate so many mid-grade spirit stones .

Of course, with enough time, his spirit stones wouldn’t be lesser than any Primary Sea Realm monarch .

After all, with his spirit soul force, all stone gambling dens were large stacks of spirit stones in his eyes .

“Sect Patriarch, the other party should be reaching his limits . ” The Three-Eyed Saber Monarch said .

Red Rainbow Monarch nodded and immediately made another bid . “21 million . ”


The supreme private cracked and revealed the South Sky Sword Monarch’s figure .

“Good . ”

After saying a ‘good’, the South Sky Sword Monarch left .

He did have the intention to take the Heaven Rainbow Sword by force, but his rationality told him there would be severe consequences if he had done so .

Firstly, the Purple Sun Merchant Guild wasn’t a regular merchant guild as the guildmaster was a Law Phase Realm emperor . There might not be any Law Phase Realm emperors at the auction hall, but there were elite Primary Sea Realm monarchs and it might be possible for a half-emperor to oversee the place .

Taking the Heaven Rainbow Sword by force was the same as slapping the face of the Purple Sun Merchant Guild .

Secondly, he was competing with the Red Rainbow Monarch who wasn’t inferior to him in strength . If he dared to make a move, the Red Rainbow Monarch would definitely interfere .

As the South Sky Sword Monarch left, no one else competed with the Red Rainbow Monarch for the Heaven Rainbow Sword .

“21 million going once, 21 million going two, sold . Congratulations to Red Rainbow Monarch . ”

Luo Qiong revealed a smile as he was very satisfied with the price that the Heaven Rainbow Sword was sold at .

Before the auction started, he assumed that the Heaven Rainbow Sword would only be auctioned off at a price of 10 million at most . It seemed like he had underestimated these monarch-class sects .

“Here are 21 million mid-grade spirit stones, the Heaven Rainbow Sword belongs to me . ”

The supreme private room door opened and Red Rainbow Monarch tossed out a storage bag . He then extended his other hand to draw the Heaven Rainbow Sword over .

Luo Qiong opened the storage bag and looked before nodding . “The number of spirit stones are correct . The Heaven Rainbow Sword belongs to you . ”

Just like that, the auction ended abruptly after an intense bidding war . The ultimate winner was definitely the Red Rainbow Monarch .

But there were some who believed that the winner was the Purple Sun Merchant Guild .

After all, during this auction, there were plenty of items that were overpriced . The finale item, the Heaven Rainbow Sword had been overpriced by around 10 million mid-grade spirit stones .

“The auction has ended, but the influence from the auction had yet to end!” Li Fuchen used his spiritual awareness to scan plenty of expressions .

All 126 auction items were very precious . Those people who didn’t have enough wealth weren’t willing to accept the outcome and definitely wouldn’t let this matter go . For a long period of time, the South Sun City probably would have countless unrest .

After opening the private room, the disguised Li Fuchen walked out and swiftly left the auction hall .

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