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Chapter 567
ER – Chapter 567: Tao Hai

“Sure!” After consideration, Li Fuchen agreed .

He felt that he was about to progress to the 5th level of Battle Spirit Realm soon and if he could obtain a Spirit Ascension Elixir, he might be able to progress to the 6th level of Battle Spirit Realm within another month or two . To others, advancing by one level in cultivation didn’t mean much, but to Li Fuchen, an advancement in one level meant a lot .

One level of cultivation didn’t just give him a small improvement in strength, it allowed him to have a more delicate control over his spiritual awareness .

His spiritual awareness might be comparable with elite monarchs, but in terms of control, he was still inferior .

Apart from that, his spiritual awareness’ limits were probably beyond elite monarchs, but due his cultivation level, he wasn’t able to utilize it fully .

The gathering was going to be held after three days . After returning to the inn, Li Fuchen started to study the human body information that was within his mind .

If those human body books were fundamental knowledge, then the jade scroll’s human body information were advanced knowledge . It involved the changes of yin and yang, the circulation of the five elements, the heavenly stems and earthly branches, it even involved the qi blood circulation .

If Li Fuchen was just a person with ordinary perception, he might not have any comprehension within a short period of time . However, Li Fuchen was a person with exceptional perception and not even regular Law Phase Realm emperors might be able to surpass him in terms of perception .

After a slight study on these knowledges, Li Fuchen felt as though he opened a door to a new world and was completely immersed in it .

One day later, Li Fuchen awakened from the wonderful state of mind .

“The human body is much more complicated than I imagined . According to the description above, the human body is actually considered a small world that contained and allowed everything . ”

No one knew what Li Fuchen comprehended from within .

Li Fuchen merely knew that this jade scroll had an immeasurable value . Let alone 10,000 low-grade spirit stones, even if it was 10 billion low-grade spirit stones, it was still worth it .

It wasn’t because of the contents on the jade scroll that was very valuable . Even if it was very valuable, Li FUchen wasn’t going to purchase it for the price of 10,000 low-grade spirit stones .

It was because the contents of the jade scroll had opened up Li Fuchen’s perspective and allowed him to have a clearer understanding of his own body . He had a feeling that body refinement level that had been stuck for a very long time, would probably have a breakthrough within one month at most .

On the second day, Li Fuchen started to blend the knowledge of the human body together with the fire dao laws and the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique .

In order to create the 34th rank of the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique, the human body understanding must be sufficient, while the fire dao law comprehension must be deep enough .

After a brief two days, Li Fuchen had first signs of development .

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South Sun Garden .

South Sun County’s largest garden .

This garden took up the space of a hundred miles and it was planted with all sorts of flowers .

Among the flowers, there were plenty that were precious earth class flowers .

The South Sun Garden allowed anyone to enter, with a fixed entry fee of spirit stones .

However, the core garden within the South Sun Garden was a place that only a few individuals could enter .

For the gathering that was held at the core garden, only the son of the County Protector and a few individuals were able to enter .

Guided by Qi Junjun, Li Fuchen arrived at the South Sun Garden .

Looking at the sea of flowers, Li Fuchen praised, “No wonder this place is the no . 1 garden of the South Sun County . ”

The South Sun Garden had a very unique appeal and the heaven and earth qi was abnormally concentrated . When inside of this sea of flowers, one would seemingly forget about all worries and everything unhappy .  

Boom .

Once the mental state entered a wonderful state, Li Fuchen broke through .

There weren’t any signs when Li Fuchen broke through to the 5th level of Battle Spirit Realm .

Actually, it couldn’t be considered as no signs at all . Li Fuchen arrived in the Emperor Sky Continent for a long time . Since he broke through to the 4th level of Battle Spirit Realm, it was already half a year .

According to the concentration of laws on the Emperor Sky Continent, according to his perception, even if he didn’t break through now, he would break through soon enough .

“He actually broke through his cultivation level . ” 

Even though Qi Junjun viewed Li Fuchen highly, his innate potential still shocked her .

Someone who could break through at any time and place couldn’t be viewed normally .

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When she arrived at the South Sun Garden, she also had some feelings, but it was definitely unlike Li Fuchen who broke through just like that .

“Brother Junyan, who is that?”

Just as Li Fuchen was breaking through, a group of people arrived at the South Sun Garden and one of them was actually Dongguo Junyan .

As one of the top ten youth experts from the South Mountain City, Dongguo Junyan was naturally qualified to join the gathering .

“Brother Tao Hai, that person is Li Fuchen and has the strength of a great master, it is best not to offend him . I think that Qi Junjun is only normal friends with him . ” Those who didn’t know Dongguo Junyan’s character would think that he was a person that didn’t wish to stir trouble . However, those who knew him would know that Dongguo Junyan might be flattering Li Fuchen, but was actually guiding trouble towards Li Fuchen . Who didn’t know that Tao Hai had been wooing Qi Junjun and he was the Tao Clan’s no . 1 youth expert with the strength of a great master, while the clan was also one of the five major second-rate monarch-class clans .  


Just as expected, Tao Hai grunted and walked towards Qi Junjun and Li Fuchen .

How could he not know that Dongguo Junyan was instigating?

But he didn’t mind, what he minded was the intimate relationship between Qi Junjun and Li Fuchen . Furthermore, he was also a great master and didn’t have to fear Li Fuchen .

“Junjun, it has been a long time . I wonder who is this? Is he your friend?” When Tao Hai was greeting Qi Junjun, he released an obscure intent at Li Fuchen to interrupt his breakthrough .

When a martial artist was breaking through, a full concentration was required . If the breakthrough was forcefully interrupted, a minor consequence would be the loss of the chance to breakthrough, while serious consequence would be the qi going rampant, resulting in severe injuries . In more serious cases, one might even go overboard and become obsessed .


The sound of an explosion echoed in the air . Li Fuchen’s body appeared with a layer of sword intent that blocked Tao Hai’s obscure intent .

Li Fuchen opened his eyes to look at Tao Hai, “What is the meaning of this?”

Tao Hai mocked and said, “You can think whatever the meaning it is . ”

At the same time, Tao Hai was rather astonished at the speed of Li Fuchen’s breakthrough . Furthermore, it seemed to be very steady and stable, it didn’t feel like a breakthrough of cultivation level .

“It seems like you are intentionally targeting me . ”

Li Fuchen was able to block Tao Hai’s intent easily because of his firm cultivation foundation . His spiritual awareness was also tough enough and had complete control when breaking through a cultivation level . If it was anyone else, that moment would definitely cause qi to go berserk and it would certainly result in severe injuries .

After all, the opposition wasn’t just interrupting his breakthrough, it was the use of intent to launch a sneak assault .

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“So what if I target you?” Tao Hai’s mocking expression was getting increasingly obvious .

His purpose was to infuriate Li Fuchen and make Li Fuchen attack first . He wasn’t just going to smash Li Fuchen onto the ground, he was also going to punish Li Fuchen for his crimes . Attacking another person in the South Sun Garden was the same as provoking the son of the County Protector and violating the rules of South Sun City .

“Li Fuchen, don’t fall in his scheme . ” Qi Junjun immediately transmitted a message to Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen nodded silently .

How could he not know of Tao Hai’s intention? But Li Fuchen wasn’t going to accept things without fighting back .

Li Fuchen condensed his spiritual awareness and launched a Thorn of Spiritual Awareness towards Tao Hai .


Tao Hai’s mocking expression turned still and he let out a miserable yell .

Tao Hai’s true spirit was indeed tough and so was his spiritual awareness . But when caught off guard, it was definitely impossible for him to resist Li Fuchen’s Thorn of Spiritual Awareness .

If he was prepared and executed a spiritual awareness defense secret technique in advance, Li Fuchen’s Thorn of Spiritual Awareness would only make him suffer a little .

After all, he possessed the 7-star bone frame and was also a great master . In terms of true spirit toughness, he wasn’t inferior to regular low-level Primary Sea Realm monarchs .

Of course, he wasn’t on guard and Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness attack was actually overwhelming . This was already a spiritual awareness attack that was beyond the Battle Spirit Realm and was at least mid-level Primary Sea Realm .

“You dare injure me?!” Tao Hai shrieked .

“I injure you? Which eye did you see?” Li Fuchen sneered .

“You are courting death, Sea Splitting Saber!”

Tao Hai was infuriated . It was indeed impossible to see spiritual awareness attacks as it could only be felt . However, among everyone else here, he was the only person who suffered the attack and it was impossible to find a witness .

With a long and narrow battle saber, Tao Hai cleaved at Li Fuchen .

Originally, Li Fuchen was able to dodge this saber, but Qi Junjun was beside him and if he dodged, Qi Junjun would surely be severely injured .

Li Fuchen drew the Flaming Snake Sword and slashed to repel Tao Hai’s saber qi . The powerful force made Tao Hai take three steps back .

Li Fuchen didn’t wish to create trouble in South Sun City, even if Tao Hai made a move first . As such, he only used half of his strength .

“Giant Whale Split!

However, Tao Hai didn’t have any intention to hold back as he used a stronger saber move to cleave at Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen’s eyes turned cold as he brandished his Flaming Snake Sword .

“Stop right there . ”

A figure suddenly appeared above Li Fuchen and dove down like a vicious dragon with his spear .

It was obvious that the spear-wielder was biased . It was Tao Hai who made the move first, but he was addressing Li Fuchen .

With the strength of a monarch-class master, Li Fuchen didn’t have any fear when facing two great masters . He slashed with his sword and blocked both attacks from the spear-wielder and Tao Hai .

“Such strength!” The spear-wielder’s eyes contracted .

Using the force to retreat and land, the spear-wielder yelled out, “This is the South Sun City, you must be really audacious to make a move here . Brother Tao Hai, the two of us will work together to hand this person to the County Young Lord to judge him . ”

This man was eight feet in height and had a fierce expression . From the looks of it, it seemed like he had deep ties with Tao Hai, otherwise, he wouldn’t interfere .

Qi Junjun said, “Wang Daochang, Tao Hai is the one that made the move first . Don’t you change the facts . ”

Wang Daochang was a youth expert from the Wang Clan which was also one of the five major second-rate monarch-class clans in the South Sun County .

The Tao and Wang Clans were large clans with great businesses, they were also related by alliance marriages . Tao Hai’s lineage and Wang Daochang’s lineage were the lineages that were connected by marriage . Therefore, the duo had quite a good relationship .

Wang Daochang snorted and said, “I didn’t see Brother Tao Hai making a move, but I saw him make a move . Qi Junjun, this matter is unrelated with you, it is best for you to not be involved . ”

The Qi Clan might only be a third-rate monarch-class clan, but they were connected by marriage with the Abundant Grain City’s city lord residence . Therefore, Wang Daochang didn’t dare to excoriate her, moreover, she was also a beauty .

Just as the two sides were about to make their moves…

“The County Young Lord has arrived . ”

A high-pitched voice echoed . All the young elites that were attracted by this battle had diverted their attention towards the source of the voice .

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